[YTP] AOC and Democrats Support Green Great Depression

From the air we breate, to the jobs that employ us, to the neighborhoods we live in, to the economy we operate within Donald Trump defines our existence. Every reason. So what are we talking about when we talk about a Green New Deal? To eliminate cars and manufacturing and job creation and sending Donald Trump to the Moon. Markey:We have acted on this scale before
AOC: It is comprehensive, it is thoughtful AOC: It is compassionate, and it is extremely economically strategic as well. So… Do you want me to-
Markey: Silent! We can deliver the highest blue-collar tax increase in recorded history. The erosion of the earning power of workers by 80 percent by the year 2050. Democrats invented the light of the sun. I say today, that it is time for us to be bold once again. Markey: We have the technology to do it.
AOC: I’m so excited by that! This is a big day for activists all over the country! Today is a big day! Today is a big day! Today is a big day! Day is a really good day. And today I think is a really big day. A really good, good day. For families, who have seen their living rooms being flooded in, with the waves of… flooded in with with the… with the waves being flooded in of- with the waves of uh really good day Markey: CORTEZ! CORTEZ!
AOC: flooded in with the- with the waves Markey: ALEXANDRIA OCASIO CORTEZ!
AOC: with the waves of rising… rising sea levels SIlence! You know, I don’t consider that to be a dismissive term, I think it’s a great term. Markey: Today marks the dawn of a new era
AOC: Today is a big day! of climate action. A Green Great Depression. for America. This is the new climate democracy. Of the impossible, by the consistently wrong, For the erosion of our democracy by Big Brother and dark green financing. Markey: the interrelationship-
AOC: And what I sense at least in portions of the country is that people grow frustrated because they don’t feel like AOC: we’re being ambitious enough-
Markey: Cortez! AOC- ambitious enough, and people are frustrated by half-measures
Markey: Cortez! Markey: CORTEZ! This is a, uh, a uh resolution that does not have individual prescriptions in it. AOC: What?
Markey: So it is silent. The resolution is silent. We should choose to assert ourselves as a global leader AOC: and transitioning to 100% renewable energy and charting that path.
Markey: Again, the resolution deals with principles. The resolution is silent! AOC: That means that we are not going to
Markey: Cortez! AOC: peg ourselves-
Markey: CORTEZ!! Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is through talking! AOC: What? I will not allow our caucus to be divided up by silly notions AOC: of whatever narrative
Senator Wyden: This is garbage! As the Senior Democrat on the Committee that writes tax policy in the Senate Wyden: I am hear today, to throw these dirty people into the garbage can. And put my Committee front and center! Markey: We’re gonna have to fight, okay?
Wyden: Garbage! Fuck off! AOC: There are a few issues where they truly believe
Wyden: Relic of yesteryear!
Markey: What are you talking about? AOC: in expressing interest in coming together.
Wyden: Garbage! And I am front and center!
Markey: Climate denier. AOC: We have different solutions and different
Markey: Cortez! AOC: mechanisms, different cars we gotta drive to get there
Markey: CORTEZ! Again, the Green New Deal will eliminate cars! The answer isn’t, “this is why it’s not in here,” AOC: the answer is, that is part of the solution too.
Markey: Okay, um. Yeah, fuck you all. Wow, I am so excited to be here. Markey: SILENCE!

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  1. Damn I missed doing this! I came back because Senator Ed Markey would stand by my bedside every night and say, "Lord Jake… Lord Jake…. LORD JAKE!" And it worked.

  2. dont even follow politics anymore. too busy drinking so i wont even remember what i hear aboit it in oassing. but god damn was this upload a rreat

  3. god my little tsundere commie gf is so cute. I just want her boot on my face. no more glass ceilings. just glass floors so i can look up her skirt

  4. You've returned finally. I've been waiting for this moment.
    Btw thanks for subscribing to me, I've been subscribed to you for over a year.

  5. More phony shit from the democrats they are even having trouble making up lies for this bull shit green nonsence

  6. Glad your back Lord Jake… Hey Guys check out my channel for other great stuff – this is my latest work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq_cxLmwHas

  7. This is hilarious 😂 because it’s so accurate.

    It’s also very frightening 😧 because it’s so accurate.

  8. 3:26 – funny hearing them using their own 'in'-sults against each other. You could create a whole back-and-forth of this sort of stuff:
    "Trickle-Down Economist!"
    "Fox News Reporter!"
    "Big Oil Shill!"
    "Bill O'Reilly!"
    "Donald Trump!" [Everyone gasps]

  9. I was actually wondering if I could get a prescription deal to get some of that good day.

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