Youtubers that PROMOTE Eating Disorders

Social media is a powerful force. It has the amazing power to bring people from all around the world together Information shared on YouTube can be incredibly helpful But it can also be extremely harmful Millions of people develop eating disorders every year and in spite of the recent growth an eating disorder awareness. Things are only getting worse 50% of girls between the age of 13 and 15 believe that they are overweight 40% of nine-year-olds have attempted to diet and 80% of thirteen-year-old girls have all admitted to some form of dieting an Aged woman should be the happiest and the most free people are literally killing themselves just to lose weight So where is all this coming from? From an extremely young age children’s minds are filled with unrealistic images of perfection They see people they admire and become desperate to emulate their behavior We live in a culture obsessed with dieting and weight loss It’s no wonder we will have such a healthy body image disorders Calorie restriction is at the heart of anorexia becomes a problem of excessive calories If you drink this, you will not feel hungry and it did help me eat less Basically, you’re not supposed to exceed 500 calories a day you look like cut its calories by 50% of not more than 500 calories and you’re gonna see you know your way and your fat really start dropping quickly an apple for breakfast one of the strategies of Why you eat less throughout the day you have two meals? I like to order appetizers as my meal. If I’m craving something. I’ll either work out. I’ll start painting my nails or something. I Survive are like an apple within those four days because I didn’t feel hungry I didn’t finish the Apple by the way, you’re not actually hungry for breakfast. I’m like three days later. I can feel hungry So I skipped lunch after that in dinner time I start eating like a little more Slowly after you eat less and less your stomach’s I shrink and you don’t need as much to fill it up So moms are not out there. You need to give this to children so go to sleep and don’t think about food the United Nations says that if 20% of an adult population cannot access at least 2,100 calories they will declare a famine in that nation a 9 to 13 year old girl needs about 1,400 to 2200 calories a day So these youtubers are all promoting self starvation this mentality of trying to starve yourself in order to lose weight is incredibly destructive The reason why this concept is so popular is because it gives quick short-term results We’ve all been conditioned to believe that weight loss can be achieved in three days or in a 12-week program And it’s just not right? Oh, I would say those aren’t healthy diets, right if you have to stop your hey I would like another piece of that but I can’t because I’m gonna get fat I would say you’re not gonna help you diet then The truth is these stupid starvation fats are incredibly unhealthy and not sustainable long term So yeah, you might lose 20 pounds in a month But eventually you’ll crash and binge and gain even more weight than before and the destructive cycle continues And what happens with these fad diets is why they make me feel worse as well is that you try and do them? Okay, you try and do them for a couple of months So you might maintain it for a couple of months, but then you find it increasingly difficult You’re like fuck this is so because you’re starving yourself And you eventually binge out big time like crazy You can’t get enough food and you’re like stuffing it stuffing its stuffing it and then you know what you feel worse than ever you feel so Disgusted in yourself. I’ve been there before a million times and that is not loving yourself That’s not really being loving is it and then you blame yourself? You’re like, I’m so undisciplined. I’m sorry hopeless Why can’t I see to this diet? It’s not your fault You need to understand that it is not your fault Okay, no one can stick to these starvation diets And these calorie restrictive diets rely heavily on appetite suppressants. I take 125 IU per day now That’s how much I inject and I experienced no hunger green tea cayenne pepper Vinegar, eaten up coffee and tea in any quantity And so why did was I start drinking this day three comma days and I felt no hunger, whatever these disgusting youtubers say The human body does need to eat I just really hurts me when people promote these starvation and are Xing 12 the Pinocchio day diets It’s not enough eating disorders out there now like telling people they should eat more than 1200 calories a day Dang, this is what I do. Don’t you do it too but it’s not it’s like come on they’re people gonna copy us just wrong and The only way to get through life is by taking a lot of harmful drugs to trick the body into not feeling hungry So yeah All these diets recommend a shit ton of stimulants like caffeine as well as there’s a weight loss drugs and injections The good news is that most people can’t afford these expensive appetite suppressing drugs and injections The bad news is that people are still going to starve themselves and attempt to lose weight And this mentality is abundant in the fad dieting world But it’s the way that some youtubers promote this obsessive self starvation. That really angers me Well the healthy way of doing it is of course eating the right food Being on time. Don’t crash diet bla bla bla bla Controlling what you eat and allowing yourself to eat whatever you want just in moderation it is definitely safe Otherwise, I would not be doing it myself. You’re not starving yourself. No, this diet is safe. No, it’s fucking not Work for me, so you Know it doesn’t hurt to share it right, you know, so you have to be very very strict on this I’d take a picture of everything you leave write down Everything you eat during my bikini competition I wrote down every chicken breast every egg white every scoop of protein powder and when I eat it, seriously in line You really really need to do that who will be surprised and how much food you consume that you don’t even think about Stop making people feel guilty for fucking eating All these people are doing is teaching people to eat food and subconsciously viewers as young as 11 establish a lifelong negative relationship with food You cannot truly love yourself at the same time. You’re abusing your body with self-salvation It’s even more disturbing because of how fake all these youtubers are Hey everyone, hey guys with all of it. And today I’m going to share with you one of my baby secret on how I lost 20 pounds within a month. Hey guys, ECG chika appears so kind and genuine You know, it hurts me it fucking hurts me because these people don’t give a fuck about you If you didn’t even essaouira, they just like it buy my book sale. I don’t always Love hugs. It’s just fucked up. So the small amount of food that they do recommend is absolute shit Chicken breast fresh white fish lobster crab or shrimp tap a cup of tuna three ounces of any meat of your choice Ice cream one hard-boiled egg and half a cup of cottage cheese with eggs meat and fish lots of meat lots of eggs lots of cholesterol lots of saturated fat I mean, oh these quick fix kind of high-protein diets. You may lose water weight initially, but that’s just due to you losing a lot of water out of your muscles your muscles atrophy because muscles about 80% water so when you stop having carbohydrates you Dehydrate the body the water is sucked down the muscles the muscles start to atrophy and you just kind of shrink like a prune It’s not a lot of fat loss. It’s a lot of water loss, which is only temporary High-protein diets have been proven by people like dr. T Colin Campbell to promote diseases like cancer osteoporosis and kidney and liver issues Animal protein is far too acidic for the human body High-protein foods are also extremely fiber deficient He’s getting so much animal protein. Does he? Hot you’d be constipated on that in crab and shrimp for lunch Eggs for breakfast and Chicken a little bit less. It’s like this is not healthy carbs for me are the devil Let’s cut out those carbs and make this totally guilt free Okay. So T Colin Campbell has devoted a whole book to the whole low-carb bullshit. And dr Michael Greger has also written a book exposing the whole Atkins crap every cell in our body runs off simple sugars not enough simple sugars and glucose to the brain or cause it to be extremely emotionally unstable and very lethargic Okay, so high fat diets have been associated with all kinds of diseases like heart disease diabetes and obesity Animal products from refined oils are extremely high in fat and I do not recommend them if you want sustainable long-term health If you want to burn fat Casey says eat more facts Don’t eat carbohydrates to the carbohydrates are turned into fat and fat is turned into muscle according to Casey Don’t eat more fat if you want to get what but what what the fuck do they call it batch? AC doesn’t have a clue these kinds of diets also promote food it’s really high in cholesterol like eggs and meat and they might get away with it now but in the long term They will get heart attacks Our bodies make all the cholesterol. We need whatever you say the optimal amount of dietary cholesterol is zero So what we see these calorie restrictive diets are going to lead to severe bitumen and mineral deficiencies but when you’re just eating food that has little to no nutritional benefits whatsoever like And yeah You’re gonna get very ill long term And the really sad thing is when you look at how much all this bad advice is actually affecting people, especially young girls And what do these youtubers have to say to young girls planning starving themselves Yes How fucking irresponsible When I look at the comments section of these videos I see thousands of confused to press Desperate people who have been brainwashed to believe that losing weight will somehow make them feel happier And these people will do almost anything to reach that goal But none of them will ever really get there because no one can sustain these starvation diets and the ones that don’t give up Or they’ll end up in hospital These videos are a core of b13 mental health and many other diseases. It might sound overdramatic, but it is true What do I recommend them The way I say if you’re struggling with weight issues Why not choose a lifestyle where you can eat unlimited quantities of food and feel happy healthy and energized every single day Hey fruits and veggies. They are the key to long-term weight loss health But it’s not all about weight loss a number on the scales is not going to make you happy happiness comes from within We need to focus on overall health both physical and mental and that’s the reason why I recommend veganism. I Know so many people have cured their eating disorders with veganism and it’s really amazing to see Let’s start creating a positive relationship with food Let’s stop the restriction and start the abundance At the same time they say the animals the planet and society itself Who wouldn’t want to do that? You And I understand that there are some people who will never feel happy unless their self harming themselves with starvation and deprivation But it’s not healthy and these people need real help When you have millions of desperate vulnerable followers when you have people as young as 12 who see was a role model I don’t care what you say. You have a fucking responsibility not to poison people’s minds with obsessive unrealistic eating habits There’s absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior These examples are not isolated cases Thousands of extremely harmful videos are uploaded every day And what kind of world are we going to create? How will our young people ever grow up to love themselves We can overcome eating disorders, but these videos need to stop I’ve seen far too many people’s lives destroyed by eating disorders, and it’s not right

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  1. normally I don't like to write comments but this time I kinda want to share my story. I'd be happy if anyone wants to read it, even if this comment is insolently long.

    I had anorexia for not really a long time in comparison to others. I wasn't always chubby but when I came to puberty I gained weight, on one hand because of growth, on the other because I ate tons of sweets. my mother says, it's because my brain is very active my body has learned that sweets are quick energy. idk if that's true but yeah. and eventually I got unhappy with my body, also because of puberty. so I did some research on losing weight and I discovered the whole "restrict calories then you'll lose weight suppress your appetite there's no other way"-method. so I did this. I felt bad when I ate over 1000 calories, it got less and less, at one point I ate nothing for four days. and I felt great because I was strong and I was so skinny and everyone around me was "so fat". well, I spent almost a year at a clinic. and when I was at home again I was still a little underweight and started to struggle again, just when I discovered the starch solution by mcdougall. I went vegan overnight for very selfish reasons, because I wanted to eat as much as I could. guess what, I started binging. I freed myself from the 80/10/10 ratio and ate how I wanted, I freed myself from the whole foods style and ate what I wanted. but vegan. roughly said: I lost over 40lbs over a year, I stood at the hospital for a year, then I binged for a year and my weight is higher than ever and I'm everything other than happy but I can't start restricting again because of my knowledge and experience. that's good I guess.

    sorry for any mistakes, I'm not english. and thanks for reading if anyone did, it feels good to have it written down.

  2. Listen, not everyone develops an eating disorder because of society. I'm 13 and I starve myself so I can have control over my eating. You should think about all points in this subject not just one or two.

  3. I could never be vegan because I enjoy eating all sorts of things. I would feel way too restricted on just a plant and fruit based lifestyle, which would throw me into serious ED behavior. Also I know myself, my body would not being able to cope well on that kind of diet, especially for my fitness lifestyle. This is in no way hate on vegans or saying being vegan is bad. But I just think it's not for everyone.

  4. It’s so smart what they are doing: the meat and dairy gets you to buy all their shit-products, the dietary-industry gets their part of you money because you’re not happy with how you look, and ultimately the Pharma-industry gets their $ out of you because you get sick eventually!!
    Fucking geniuses
    Be SMARTER than money-hungry bitches 😂
    Be healthy and happy and fit and as much of a GOOD PERSON as possible
    Go vegan 🌱

  5. I'm 30. I starved myself for more than a decade to be thin. I tried intermittent fasting, no carb diet and many massacre things. All of them worked for first 3-4 months and then i started to binge eating. I'm 88 days vegan (1st couple of weeks ate eggs) and exercise twice a week. Never in my life i felt healthier, happy, productive, energetic. I started losing weight slowly but surely after adopting vegan diet. So far i lost 8 pounds, but my body looks much slimmer and everybody noticing it. Though my prime intention for vegan diet was ethics, not losing weight. Thanks to you and all the vegan activists. You are not only saving animals, you're saving the planet. You're saving us "homo sapiens" too

  6. Being vegan is more better than diet, you eat healthier and feel relaxed than before. Those unuseful tip videos don't do anything, but when I heard about veganism, I tried it and it really REALLY works!!!

  7. I really don’t like that you swear so much. I’m vegan and I love your videos but you and so many others that swear on their veganism videos give all of us vegans bad rap. It doesn’t have to be so aggressive.

  8. I have anorexia nervosa. Right now I’m recovering and its SO HARD. These types of videos telling you to restrict etc ARE exactly what started my obsession with being skinny and starving myself. I dont wish this on my worst enemy. Anorexia is not a diet gon wrong or a Joke. My mental health was ruined and so was my physical health. So please stop defending what these people ARE doing😑

  9. I want to thank you. This video saved me from a minor eating disorder I had three years ago when I was twelve until I turned thirteen. If it weren't for amazing people like you, I would have been worse, which is terrifying to think about today. Thank you so much. 🙂

  10. Great video, beside the music in the background (a bit too dramatic) but I understand it's a serious topic . Also fck "keto diets" they're ony good if ones wish for liver/kidney faliure

  11. I really like being vegan because I eat allot hahaha, like three pieces of fruit a day or more (usually more😂), and then for lunch and dinner like all veggies, lots of beans, rice, pasta, broccoli, dumplings, just so much! I love my food!!! It's so sad that these people put there boddies through this. I eat so much! And yet since going vegan i have lost 6kgs, however that's not why I went vegan, it's a cool bonus! 😄 They just need to realise that the awnser is already there, veganism. Save the planet, save the animals and look after your body. ❤️✌️🌱

  12. im paying for it i was anorexic as a teen I didn't get pregnant and have a baby till 31 I have arthrius and i didn't grow I am 5ft2 medium build and I starved my way yo 76 pounds my mom and granny did an intrervrnyion on me they saved me

  13. I know you haven't posted in several months, but I would have liked to see you link these videos in the description. I would have liked to watch the videos in entirety for myself to truly see the full context.

  14. I saw i was gaining weight and i knew nothing about calories or dieting. I was one of those skinny girla who ate whatever they wanted and lost weight by breathing. Then all of a sudden everything in my body became thicker. So the worst thing i did was download a calorie counting app. There was a point where i counted my vitamins as calories. I looked up the calorie difference between microwaved pasta and freshly cooked pasta. I measuree things meticulously and all of a sudden, a voice i never had in my head kept calling me fat. I would go to the mirror and pinch my fat obsessively and when i went out to eat and saw that i was almost 1200 calories over my usual restrictive calorie intake, i cried at the bathroom of an outback and i got worse. I started fainting because i was starving myself. And thats only 3 weeks into that mindset. It was like a switch went off in my head. Food was pleasure one day and the next food was terrifying and a nightmare. It was crazy how i was able to switch gears so quickly. Luckily i was able to stop myself before i developed a fully blown disorder. I felt right then i was slipping into one and if i didnt stop myself, i would become anorexic. What stopped me was that i lost 6 pouds in 2 weeks. I was shocked. I didnt know much about dieting, but i knew six pounds in 2 weeks was insane. I uninstalled the app. Not keeping track of my calories was torture for the first fee days. Even now, i get the urge to look up the calorie intake of food.

    This is dangerous. You think at first that you wont end up that way because you can control yourself. You think you can avoid it, but this restrictive dieting and number crunching will make you switch gears fast. I got out super early. Get out as soon as you can. Now i eat healthy, but i eat when im hungry. And i eat normal portions.

  15. I never knew YouTubers promoted this stuff until I started watching Freelee… it's awful. Powerful video – new sub right here!!

  16. I feel that rightful rage, it is right to point out their wrongheaded doses of misleading to the little girls. Humble suggestion: try to focus more on the positive stuff to make your channel grow better tho. Cuz this needs to be seen. Your voice needs to be heard

  17. I know this is a serious video, but all of your videos are dam serious, so I will just say it now.
    Nice hair bro, I really like the "I don't give a shit "style!

  18. I don't see those channels as being irresponsible or heartless people. I think they are thinking those lifestyle because they think it helps them. I see those diet youtubers and good doctors as victims of corrupt doctors paid by animal torture. They are also trick to think these lifestyles are health. It is not good to say harsh words to them it is better to gentky guide them to plant life.

    For me I have always been plant eating , like Lizhi, Yangmei, Longan, Pitaya, Durian, Goji. I eat grain like jasmine rice and noodles and many vegetables. I eat Orange, Mangos, Banana, Strawberry, Blackberry, Coconut, many variety Apples. Sometimes I eat Hosui. The fruits and dance/Yoga training keep me good health.

    I don't understand the thinking of eating certain foods to gain more wieght or not eating foods to lose wieght. Starving to lose wieght that is using one idea to lose wieght. That method will never work to good health. I eat many varieties fruit and vegetables. I dont have to much one food. I never think to stop eating Durian because it is fat fruit and afraid getting fat. It is because I don't eat Durian all the time, I eat many fruit. I think eating Durian I will eat Durian. I don't want Durian I will eat different fruits, I will not starve my mind. I eat these fruits and grains because I want to eat them and they taste delicious.

  19. I’m 15 in 2 days and unfortunately last year I feel like I was on the verge of developing a full blown eating disorder due to things like these I thought it was okay to “starve” myself. People like these weight loss YouTubers inspired that and my organs were shutting down because I was eating less than 900 calories a day and counting every thing I was eating. Due to this I still have problems with my eating including not even wanting to eat a ton of sweets and feeling really guilty. I want to grow up and become vegan so that I can develop a healthy relationship with my food. I’m still struggling to this day. But thanks to YouTubers like you I understand what I done was wrong. These YouTubers need to realize what they are drilling into these young girls heads. It’s not healthy.

  20. I recently became a vegan. I do admit that I've struggled with an eating disorder for awhile. I've starved myself on many occasions to lose weight. Now I've been eating a shit ton of whole plant based foods, and I've been losing weight and I feel amazing. I do still struggle with starving myself from time to time, but overall a vegan diet has worked wonders in the short time I've been on it.

  21. note: being plus size, curvy or having a big (beautiful) figure is great as long as you’re healthy. i just went vegan three days ago, i made some vegan french fries among with some tofu dishes as my main meals along with fruit, veggies, and water and my portions were large and made me feel full, but i already lost so much weight?? veganism is great so far for me. also, being plus size or a curvier, having a large body type doesn’t mean that you are unhealthy. you don’t need to lose weight at all if you’re healthy but if you’re looking for a different type of figure, veganism is good. you don’t need to starve and i hope that people who suffer from these disorders recover from it and seek a healthier lifestyle. also, yes along with the vegan lifestyle (i began it due to my love for animals but found its very beneficial for your health) i have been exercising but the amount of vegetation i’ve eating has really seen to give me more energy, it seems.

  22. My brother went on the high animal protein diet and lost weight. He also ended up in hospital with kidney stones and a necrotic pancreas

  23. It makes me feel horrible yet proud that I developed a Ed. It made me feel horrible because I was destroying my body. But it made me proud that I discovered the truth behind society and chose to ignore these 'diets'. I chose a vegan diet because it was the right thing to do for me and for the earth.

  24. when I am really focused on losing weight (which does not happen very often) i pretty much starve myself until I get to the weight I want, then after some time i start gaining weight and I keep going up and down,. I know it's wrong, I know it's messed up and would not make a video recommending it. So yeah these girls can do whatever crazy diets they want but they shouldnt try to promote them, they sound so crazy

  25. Surely being healthy is not starving yourself and restricting ridiculous amounts of calories? If you want to lose weight then that’s fine, but why are you losing weight by restricting calories that much? Also, surely being healthy is more important than what you look like? I’m pretty sure that restricting these amounts of calories will make you weak and unfit. Surely you wanna be strong and healthy. Not look ‘good’ and be truly unhealthy and weak

  26. What's worse is the calorie lower limit shown are actually too low as well. Truthfully, adult women should be consuming a few hundred calories more. 2300-2500 calories are actually what is needed for optimal health. The way that those calorie limits were decided on was a survey of men and women and they reported as their calorie intake. Of course, people are going to self-report as eating less than what they actually eat. It's a fundamentally flawed way to recommend calorie intake.
    I'm recovering from an ED that I had before going vegan. I'm still vegan after nearly six months in recovery and I am proving that you can lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, and everything with a vegan diet. After years of restricting and overexercising, I am finally eating as much as I want without counting calories or exercising. I feel better than ever now that I don't hold myself to these ridiculous standards portrayed on youtube and other media outlets. There's also nothing wrong with being in a higher BMI category. The lowest mortality rate group is the one that is considered "overweight". Wherever your body naturally falls when you don't restrict, just let your body do its thing and not try to fit your body into a rigid ideal.
    Cheers for the video.

  27. I truly thought that this was actually about the ED’s, not promoting people to go vegan. I have nothing against going vegan, I’m vegetarian myself and trying to slowly transition my diet into a vegan diet, but you shouldn’t be promoting it like this.

  28. This is such a beautifully put together video, and spreads a message lots more people need to know. I truly and sincerely want to say Thank You. Thank you for showing the truth.

  29. Before people listen to utubers on anything please ask them what's their education background usually you will get no response
    Great job on the video….

  30. I used to follow some of what these girls are saying In their videos, because I had an eating disorder. I then developed bullimia and when I wasn’t starving on 0-500 cals I was binging on junk food. I now have issues with my body image and even though I’m at a healthy weight now, I fucking hate my body because I think I’m too big. And I’m just so sick of this I want to eat food without feeling like I’m sinning. I’m so tired of being hungry and hurting my body. I’m so tired I don’t know what to do. I’m so tired of having hormonal issues and having no energy. I’m so tired of counting calories to lose weight. I’m going fucking insane jfc

  31. This is all true but no one ever talks about the other side. I’m 13 and extremely skinny,but I don’t have an eating disorder. My goal is to gain weight because I believe that I’m too skinny. I looked for many alternative ways to gain weight fast but my doctor turned down all of them. Mostly because I wanted to use Apetamin or other things that are not approved by the FDA. I was upset! I am really skinny and want to gain weight but everyone seems to think that because I’m skinny, the things people say don’t affect me. But they do. I have been skinny all my life, but I live in a generation where everyone has to look the Same or their not pretty enough. Or I have to be a good “healthy looking” weight. But I am healthy. And I’m also sick of family members and friends asking me if I’m eating enough. It makes me want to cry, because I do eat. I have a fast metabolism, and that’s not a bad thing. But I dont like people telling me to eat a burger! Because believe me when I say I eat ALOT!!!!

  32. No one should listen to these women. I’m vegan and eat 1600-1800 calories a day and stay in shape. Thank you!

  33. "low number on the scale wont make you happy, happiness comes from within" <3

    I've struggled with bulemia since i was 9, recovered, got hugely fat and unhealthy and un happy, and i regret to say, I fall under every sign and symptom of anorexia right now at 23 years old. it's half about my belief that body reflects health and i want to be healthy, and half, this is the one thing in my life i feel i have complete control over, this to me is the one battle i can fight head on. im not healthy though. my skin is wretchedly dry, my hair too. I'm weak, and overweight for my height and sex, and its NOT muscle0ok its fat. now the battle i must fight is against my own beliefs, my wrong, unhelpful, unhealthy, and CONTAGIOUS beliefs.
    I hope everyone, anyone like me, watches this video and is held up to the mirror like I was. not our fucked up inner funhouse mirror, a realistic one, a truthful one. and dont the truth hurt

  34. i’d watch these videos when i was like 12, and honestly it fucked up my mental health. i would constantly compare my ‘diet’ to these types of people and regret everything i ate. it also formed my body dysmorphia, and i saw my self as extremely over weight (which i wan not) as i compared my body to these people, who were skinnier than me. which lead me to believe that if i ate less then i’d look like them. it’s just so sad to think that many other [young] people are following these extremely UNhealthy diets:((

  35. What thw actual crap??
    You basically just cut what the youtubers were saying and made it seem like they are encouraging these behaviours!!
    They were NOT!!

  36. The video was nice but would appreciate it if you didnt refer to veganism. Eating disorders have nothing to do with veganism and there are many of us that have tried it but didnt seem to work out. For example, I just cant be vegan. Im 15 and Im not the one that cooks and keeping up with school, friends, family plus cooking is quite hard. My whole family was also really negative when I went vegan (it was about 20 days)and everyone thought I had anorexia again or that I quit meat to get slim or sth. I also loved meat, seafood and eggs and hated having to eat two cups of legumes a day to get my protein, as I was lifting weights. I also gained a lot of fat without seeing a change in my weight; I lost a lots of muscle. I thought it was so unfair that my nutrition was on point, my workouts were better and I was still losing muscle, instead of gaining! I also didnt feel that bad for the animals when I started eating meat or dairy and eggs. So I thought, why am I vegan anymore? Everything sucks, my food is boring, I have lost muscle, everyone is negative and all these non-vegan foods are fucking delicious. And thats how I became an omnivore again and it feels so good.

  37. this is not even true… whole food, healthy fat, good protein and less garbage carbs are absolutely good for you… the junk in boxes, processed carbs .. those do not have nutritional value and humans did not live on those until very very recently… eating all that soy is not so good for ya… eating enough calories, good high nutritional value, not overloads of fiber and dark greens, those can actually damage your organs. its a balance, its whole foods, good quality stuff. humans were meant to have a varied diet off the land, its just a biological fact

  38. I have anorexia and rn am in a really bad relapse and I love this video you made. Very well said and expressed. I hate to see young kids hate their bodies and hate food the way I do and only at 11 and 12. I wouldn’t wish my everyday and my torturous habits and ways on anyone.I think this was a very important topic and the way you addressed it was beautiful and mature but very addressing. Much respect man

  39. It’s always been easier to say that “oh most diets, 90% of diets are bad for you(example)” when you’re already skinny. I don’t see any overweight or heavier people saying these things. So who am I to believe? I just wish everything was balanced.

  40. if you stop calling it a diet and a call it a lifestyle you'll achieve the change, its all about wording as our brain creates images upon hearing the word

  41. i fucking hate food i eat once aday ( always humane foods as i have a heart plus brain cells ) and fill up on drugs to cover up my pain. i feel tired all day and i feel broken. just waiting to die any time now. wish me luck

  42. Hahaha…I remember watching this years ago. How is it going for ya 4 years after regurgitating Vegan Propaganda?? Is Dr. Greger not the shrimp-looking doc??? Now I wonder why anybody parrot what he says.
    I see you haven't uploaded in 4 months. Still vegan??
    Or are you going to be making a "no longer vegan" video next???

    And btw, Casey was right. Durianrider was wrong (and apparently is going mental according to the grapevine….excess sugars does that to ya). You lose weight by eating high-quality fats and cutting down the carbs #meatheals.

  43. Thank you for this. These youtuber's words are just poison… they give you tricks to not feel guilt anymore but they make you feel guilty to just EAT in all of their videos… this is the worst. Hell is made of good intentions… It reminds me of narcissistic perverts who destroy people's self esteem and, when this people reach the ground, pretend to try to help them…
    The worst is that (I hope) these youtubers do not seems to be aware of what they do… They just care about how they look… the appearance and nothing more… I think this is the big problem…appearances takes too much importance. An importance they don't deserve…

  44. I'm a little late but thank you soo much, I've been struggling with anorexia and bulimia for years and I'm trying to recover but it's very difficult. Your video inspires and motivates me 🙂

  45. I restricted and purged for a little over a month and lost 13 pounds then I couldn’t sustain it and two months of uncontrolled daily binging ensued and it was awful. I also just from that one month of restricting and fasting I damaged my digestives tract and now I’m struggling with extreme bloating and constipation and I’m in and out of doctors offices trying to feel better and get back to normal.

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