YouTuber Home Studio and Office Tour

– What is up, guys? Welcome to another video. So this is our home office tour. – Yay.
– Our YouTuber home office, podcasters. If you’re new here, if
you’re not familiar, we have a couple of YouTube channels. – We do. – We have our family vlogging channel, “Fathering Autism”, we have
a child with severe autism. But her name’s Abbie, and
that’s what really matters. Abs, say hi!
– That girl, right there. – She’s over there. And Priscilla’s channel’s called
“Pots, Pans and Priscilla”. – Yeah.
– She has a cooking channel. So she does a lot of
her work in the office, even though she does, of
course, the show in the kitchen. – That’s right. – And then we have a podcast. – We do, it’s called “From AM To PM”. – Mm-hmm, I’m AM, she’s PM. – I am.
– Yep. – And we talk about just being
parents and working together and marriage stuff and–
– Lots of marriage stuff. – Whatever topics you guys
want us to talk about, we talk about. – And then we do live
streaming as well, so– – Yup.
– Here is the office. Okay we’ll start right over
here, this is our merch shelf. – Yup.
– There’s no mech in it. We just moved in, so we
gotta get merch on order, get all that back in stock again. Which, by the time you’re watching this, the merch is back in stock, so
if you’ve been waiting on it, link’s down in the video description. Some memorabilia up here, that we’ve got. You know, just stuff from over the years, and trophies of Abbie’s,
and stuff like that. – They just make us smile. – [Asa] Yeah, things to
make us smile, exactly. – We’ve got a sweet puppy down here, who needs attention.
– Our office buddy. – So here we have Asa’s, I don’t know, your things that represent you. – [Asa] Sure. – It’s super cute, I love it. – [Asa] Don’t forget to
hit that thumbs up button. – That’s right. Yeah, I mean, this is all
things that represent Asa. – [Asa] Shorty Award. – 100,000.
– 100,000 subs. Super proud of those things. – So this is Asa’s desk,
and it is a standing desk. Because you get tired of sitting. – [Asa] I do. And it’s healthier, you know? – It is, it is. – [Asa] Yeah, I do all
my editing right here, I do everything. – This is where the magic happens. – [Asa] Magic? Yeah? – Then we have our podcasts
and live streaming. Love this, this is a new setup for us. And so, I can’t wait to really get into the
podcast thing again. We had started it, and then stopped it, and we’re gonna start it up again. – Right.
– So I’m excited. – [Asa] We really wanted to
take it seriously this time, so. – Yeah, so I’m excited about that. And then this is my desk, like Asa said, I’ll do my work part of “Pots, Pans and Priscilla”. I also do some of my work, LimeLife. I’m a beauty guide, and so if I ever need to get
on the computer for anything, I do a lot of my training with my girls, because I have 35 girls on my team now. So I do all of that from here. So yeah, all of your merch
that you buy, from Storenvy, all gets shipped out right from here. – [Asa] Yep. And then these are the
things that represent me. I don’t know, it’s so
different than Asa’s side. – [Asa] I think it’s cool
that we have our own little… – It is.
– [Asa] You know. – It kinda defines each of us. I love this area because
we have the French doors, that we can shut if we ever need to. We do work with Nova
Southeastern University, and so we’re guest lecturers, so sometimes we want it
to be more professional. Obviously we’re a family channel, and so we don’t mind the kids being here, that’s one of the lucky perks of our job, is that our kids are with us. But you know, we do have to
be professional sometimes, and so we have that
option now to have that. Then the best part is that
we’re right off the pool, so we can just walk right
out and go to the pool when we need a break. – [Asa] I don’t know
if that’ll ever happen. – I don’t either.
– [Asa] But sure. – But it’s a good thought. – It is, yeah. My favorite part of it is that it’s on the first level of our house. At our old house it was
on the second story, I felt like I was always
upstairs, away from the action. Now it’s like, you know, Abigail, she’s sitting there,
you know, listening to music, or whatever, she’ll come
over and talk to me, you know, tap on my shoulder,
and sign what she wants. I love the green right
outside the windows. The only green we had in the old office were these fake plants. – Yeah, we only had one
window in the old office, so I am really loving all
this natural lighting. I mean, it just makes
you in a better mood. – It does. – It just makes your day brighter. – Yes.
– So, literally and figuratively. – Office B-roll? Do we need some of that?
– Yeah? – Okay, sure. (bright funky music) (bright funky music) (bright funky music) Shazam! So that’s our office tour
guys, I hope you liked it. We love it. – Yeah. – Personally I don’t care if you like it. We love it, it fits us perfectly. – It’s just the best. I mean, it just makes me happy. I like being in here. – If you’re a YouTuber yourself,
if you have any questions about gear that you saw in
the video, whatever, you know, hit me up, I’d be glad to help you out, let you know what we think, what I think works best, for our setup. But yeah, thanks for watching.
– Thank you guys so much. See you next time, bye.
– Bye. (Asa making whooshing sounds) – Flying through the (whispers) (Asa making whooshing sounds) (Asa whistling) (Asa murmuring) Turn.

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