You Can’t Be Autistic Because. . . You Wear Makeup – #YouCantBeAutisticBecause

alright guys I recently started a new video series – You Can’t Be Autistic Because and this series talks about all of the silly reasons that autistic people hear when you know they come out they say “hey, I’m autistic” someone will respond to them “you can’t be on autistic because . . . ” so this you guys have been sharing some of your comments with me and one of them just kinda stood out and so if you have comments or reasons people told you that you can’t be autistic go ahead and put those in the comments below I will be reading those and maybe I will pick some and do some that are common with you guys on future videos but this one was just kind of silly and I thought it’d be really quick easy one to chat about and so this week’s You Can’t Be Autistic video is because you wear makeup . . . . [crickets chirping. . . ] yes yes okay. . . . . . I almost could just like sit here and not say anything with my makeup on and just anyway okay we’re gonna talk about this one seriously sorry guys so there are a few reasons that people would say that they think autistic people don’t wear makeup I’m just gonna start with one that might be a practical explanation – sensory issues makeup can be really uncomfortable for people who have sensitive skin and skin sensory issues I personally have very sensitive skin and my skin is prone to breaking out and my skin is just very tender and delicate and soft and I use like like organic natural powder makeup I have like a lightweight powder foundation it’s Physicians Formula it doesn’t irritate my skin it’s taken me a while to find the products that really work for me but I do wear makeup I’ve been wearing makeup I think I discovered the power of eyeliner at a very young age and it’s like I – it’s fun to me. It’s theatrical I started you know actually no I started wearing makeup in elementary school but it was like eyeliner on my cheeks the draw cat whiskers and the cat nose and then eventually it was face paints and I would like paint these like elaborate masks on my face and just like when I became older it was socially acceptable to paint yourself with makeup people would ridicule you if you went to school with face paint and I don’t think your teachers would actually let you go to school with face paint I would have tried it I probably would have tried if I could have gotten away with it but for me you know makeup is like a fun artistic thing that I enjoy doing I know lots of autistic people who wear makeup yes autistic people can wear makeup someone has also said those autistic people lack the social awareness to put on makeup but I’m just not even gonna touch that one like – Oh No! Yes, autistic people can wear makeup. I enjoy makeup and it was actually and again something I was really really interested in in my teens because it was just fun I had all these Fun colors and I was really goth for a while I was like a goth kid so I wore a black lipstick and black nail polish lots of thick eyeliner and had bright wild colors in my hair and I also my mom is hair stylist so I also grew up in hair salon so I was exposed to make up that way so I was exposed to makeup and I’ve been around makeup pretty much my entire life and so I am an autistic person who wears and enjoys makeup so we’re out there we exist I could think of a few others off the top of my head. A shout out to the auties who wear makeup! if you like this video give me a thumbs up give me a comment do you wear makeup I know some of you said you cannot stand makeup for sensory issues so let’s also say there are auties out there who don’t and cannot wear makeup but there are auties who do just like ne – just like neurotypicals anyway guys if you like this video give me a thumbs up I will do another one like it in the future and I will talk to you guys next week

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