Won’t Hug Grandma

– Good morning. So, it’s dark outside, that’s fun. I’m headed to Isaiah’s
school to help with the PTA. Today is the biggest
football game of the year. It’s the Brain Brawl, and it is Paxon against Stanton, which are the two smart
schools in the county. And the PTA gives donuts
to every student today, it’s part of the morale boost. They have a pep rally, it’s kind of like a homecoming part two because they have spirit week all week. So yeah, it is 7:00. It’s just now 7:00 and I’m headed to the school to help handout a thousand, 1200 donuts. So I am posted at the bus rider’s zone. I’ve got all my donuts here,
bags and bags of donuts. And, yeah, We’re gonna
make some kids smile. It’s super fun. They’re like, “Oh my gosh,
my morning has been made.” So yes, I’m good with that. All right, guys, Krispy Kreme for the win. So many kids got off their
buses and they were like, “Oh my goodness, this
started my day so good.” So I love that. If your school is trying
to think of something to do for the students, it’s super easy. 125 dozen donuts. Put’s a smile on people’s faces. Came home, got my girl ready for school. Are you ready?
– Yeah. – It’s a Friday, happy Friday. All right here we go, guys, we are off. Your Uber has arrived, ma’am. I’m your Uber. I even have snacks for the ride. – [Asa] Of what? – Yeah, it’s a special Uber. You ready? I’m pretty sure this
is like XL Black Uber. You’re going on that side. All right, girlfriend, you ready? Ready to start your day off amazing? You good? Get your backpack. There’s a smile. Finally, a smile. (Abbie laughing) – You’ve just been killin’ it today. – Trying, I’m struggling now. – (lightly chuckles) She
even brought me Dunkin. Look at that. Well, you didn’t bring me Krispy Kreme, but you brought me Dunkin’. – That was too much, I
didn’t have Krispy Kreme. That was too much to do
before having coffee. (laughs) – You’re just like a vlogging, donut-delivering machine this morning. (Priscilla laughing) I’ve gotten a little bit
done around the house here. Just getting some stuff picked up. My parents are proud of us,
they’ve been proud of us since the beginning, but I want them to be proud, I want ’em like, “Wow, your
house is so pretty and clean.” It’s not clean all the time. But we’re gonna fake
it, you know how it is when company comes. – [Priscilla] I mean it’s
pretty much always picked up. – It’s always picked up, yeah. It’s always clean-ish. – Clean-ish. It’s kinda lived in. – Lived in, that’s a good word for it. Stuff like this, like that’s… – Hey, buddy. – [Asa] That’s lived in right? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Asa] Everybody’s shoes
everywhere, no one can seem, like why did this load not get folded when Isaiah pulled it out? I don’t know, I don’t know. – Better fold it now. – [Asa] Everyday life. – Every single day.
– Not like we’re gonna get to sit down and fold laundry. – [Asa] Where’s your friend this morning? Have you seen her? – [Priscilla] No. – [Asa] Is she in the room? – I wanted to bring her down though. – Okay.
– I want her to come down during the day. – [Asa] Yeah, good luck with that. And not be up in the middle of the night keeping Isaiah awake. This is the perfect time of the season to have this door open. When Abbie’s not here, during the day we can have this open. Maverick can walk in and out and it’s like perfect temperature. (Asa laughing) – You just bring it in here and you hope that you don’t drop anything, but you always drop stuff. – [Asa] You dropped a lot. – Yeah. And you have to go back, pick it all up. (kitten meowing) – [Asa] (laughs) Hi. Oh, big stretch. Here you go. – There she is. – She is, she woke up. Mavie, you coming in? Gotta close the door. – Oh my God. (Asa laughing) – Yeah, relationship update,
Maverick loves the kitten. Loves it. Wagging his tail, always
wants to play with her, stuff like that. – [Priscilla] Every
time she hops, he hops. – Yeah.
(Priscilla laughing) – [Priscilla] But it freaks her out. – Constantly wants to
play, but she does not. She’s not a fan of Maverick. Look, he just wants to play. Say, “I just wanna play, cat.” Well, that went well. Had a meeting with folks
from Legal Health Awards. I’m on a panel there to talk to businesses and companies
and stuff like that about collaborating with
creators in the health and wellness industries. So, super excited about that. That’s the type of business collaborations that I really wanna do. So we’re just kind of figuring everything out right now, everything that we’re gonna talk about, so we’re prepared for the panel. It’s unedited. The vlogs are edited. The panels are unedited. So it’s always stressful. It’s nice to know ahead
of time what to expect. Look at this. – What’s that? – [Asa] That’s from the wall. – That’s your daughter. – [Asa] That’s your daughter. This wall right here, I might
need to put up a handrail. It looks so much better now. But she just drags her hand down it when she goes down the stairs. She does that on the up stairs too, but there’s that texture wallpaper so it doesn’t matter as much. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – Okay, good, everything’s clean. So my parents will be
proud of me now. (laughs) Hey, have you ever
noticed that Abbie’s room, when the gates closed, it looks like when you go on
a tour at the Biltmore House or a museum or whatever? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – When they have the little
gate in front of the rooms so you can’t go in, but
you can look in there? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – That’s what it reminds me of. And here’s the room where
Abigail Maass slept. You made it home just in time to see Nana and Papa get here. – Yeah, they’re gonna be here soon. Good job. – Are you so excited?
– Hi. Where’s your shirt? – [Priscilla] She looks good. – [Ashley] Yeah, we don’t know. – [Asa] She has a different shirt on. Man. – [Priscilla] Did she chew on it? – [Asa] Yep. She’s chewing on our shirt. She does that sometimes. My afternoon was okay. (laughs) Very busy today, better day today though. So they actually stopped doing
home notes for some time. When was that, ‘Cil,
a couple of years ago? – [Priscilla] Last year, yeah. – Last year they stop doing home notes. And we’re like, eh, ’cause
it’s an important part for children that are nonverbal. We can’t ask her how her day was, and when you’re picking
her up from school, you don’t have a lot of time
to talk to the teachers. So you kind of want to
know how was her morning, how was your afternoon? With working on potty
training, how is that going? Everything, so that we know what to expect when she gets home too, it’s important. For you teachers out there, thorough home notes are so helpful. I know it’s a lot of work, I know it is. But, it’s so helpful. Oh, they’re here. Come in, you can’t go bum-rushing people. Go.
– Go. – He’s like, “But I
love your stepdad, dad.” – Go.
Go lay down. He’s a dog guy, he loves you to death. – Hi. – [Nana] Hi. – We’re so excited.
– We’re so excited. You have an apple tree. – Yeah?
– Oh. – We have an apple tree?
– We have an apple tree. – [Asa] Yay, we have an apple tree! – Woo hoo! (laughs) – It has an apple on it. – [Priscilla] We can
make pie or something. – [Papa] Apple pie. – [Asa] Or eat one apple. – [Nana] Yeah, (Asa laughing)
– That too. – I think it’s an apple tree, it looks just like an apple tree. – Hi!
– Hey! – [Papa] *Told her she would
have trouble with that. – She’s so cute.
– How are you? – [Asa] Hi, mom. – Hey.
– Well, you’re looking good. – Thanks, you too. – Thanks. – [Priscilla] Come on in.
– Hey, man. – [Nana] Hey, Maverick. – [Priscilla] I like your shoes. – [Asa] I told him, I said,
your favorite guy is here. – [Papa] ‘Sup, son? – [Nana] Your favorite guy. Where’s the girls? – [Papa] Beautiful house, love it. – [Asa] Thank you. – [Priscilla] Thank you. – [Asa] She’s in there. – [Nana] Abigail. – [Ashley] Hello. – Hello. – Can you give hugs? – Hello. How are you?
– Come give grandma a hug. – [Nana] Lemme put my stuff down, hi. – [Papa] Hey Abb. – You say hi?
– Come gimme a hug. Gimme a hug. – [Asa] Say “Hi, Papa.” So excited. – Oh my goodness. Come here. – [Asa] Can Nana have a hug? Can you give her a hug though?
– Get a hug? – [Both] No? You have to give me a hug. (Asa chuckles) I came all the way down here for a hug. Where’s my hug? – [Priscilla] You better give Nana a hug. – [Both Parents] She needs a break. – And a bath.
(dad chuckles) – [Asa] Here, look. Stand
up, Come here, stand up. Ready, look, give Nana a hug. Go ahead. Aww, there we go. [Crowd] Awww. – [Priscilla] Now give Papa a hug. – He got one already.
– I got one already. Good job, thank you. Thanks for giving hugs. – Thank you, It’s so good to see you. – [Priscilla] Look at her face
– Oh my goodness. – [Priscilla] and side eyes. Do what?
– That side eye
– I know. I mean she like snarled almost. – All right, You guys have
already gotten a house tour, so we’re gonna give them a house tour. – I love this.
– [Asa] Do you love it? – I do love it.
– Okay. It’s not complete yet. – And it’s so quaint.
– Our Amazon order hasn’t arrived yet, We gotta couple more things
we have to add in here. – It’s so quaint.
– Yeah. – And we have the couch. The famous couch. – Yeah.
– We do. And it’s so comfortable. – Well, oh my goodness. How many people have slept on this– – Oh, they love it.
– So now if I get in trouble, I’ll still sleep well.
– That’s right. Exactly. – What does that lead to? The Garage. – [Asa] Garage, yeah. – Aww, welcome nana and papa. Look, get our pictures. (papa laughs) Come here, papa. Hold this. – [Papa] How precious is that? (Priscilla laughs) – Is this like a bed and breakfast?
– Yeah. It’s a bed and breakfast.
– Exactly. – A little bed and breakfast
welcome nana and papa. – Oh let me take my glasses off so we get, – Okay.
– all right. – And is this something that we have to pay for or? (laughs)
– Ready? One, two, three. Aww, so cute. How cute is that, right?
– How sweet is that? I love it. – Aww, that was your idea, I know it was. – Actually, your son saw it. – [Asa] I saw it and I’m
like we gotta get that. – He was like, how fun would this be? – [Asa] And then we had to
save the rest of the letters so that we can put grandma
and grandpa on it next week, because Lily– Now, the person that named
you is here to see you, isn’t that exciting? – Aww. Oh, come here.
– Be careful. She freaks out with Maverick. – Hi.
– [Priscilla] She got me yesterday with Maverick around. – Bye. – [Asa] Bye sweet girl.
– [Nana] Bye, Abbie. – [Asa] Love you. Have fun. – [Nana] Bye. – [Asa] She’s like “Bye,
Bye guys, bye, bye.” Okay. This is the biggest
game of the year for us. The one that really matters. It’s called the Brain Bowl
because Isaiah’s school and Stanton are basically
the two highest schools in the area as far as academics goes. They’re both academically gifted schools, but they’re also both nationally ranked. You know, they’re our rivals for sure. (crowd excitement noises) Brain Bowl 2019. Run it back, run it back. (crowd cheering and clapping) (marching band playing) – You get that whole thing? Yeah. That’s a good start, that’s a good start. Isaiah’s getting ready to go out. He hasn’t played yet. – [Priscilla] Well he snapped the– – [Asa] Oh that’s right. Yeah. (cheerleaders chanting) There he is. – [Male Crowd] Good kick. – [Female Crowd] Get it. (crowd cheering excitedly) (Asa Cheers) – [Male Crowd] Good job 58, good job 58! – [Priscilla] You see him walkin’ off? – Aw yeah, yeah I got it.
– That’s my boy. – [Papa] Gotta send that to Sean. – [Asa] He’s been with
trying for that all season. – [Nana] That is so wonderful. – I might lose my mind over this game. – I know. – I’m doin’ a lot of yellin’. – There’s 5:56 left in this quarter. Second quarter, We’re down by four. We’re a little stressed. – [Asa] You all right, mom? – No, I’m not, I’m pretty stressed. – [Asa] It’s getting real critical here. We need to get in the end zone. We are down by 11. – [Female Bystander] What is that? (crowd excitement) – [Asa] Daggonit (referee blows whistle) (marching bands plays) – [Male In Crowd] Tackle,
tackle, tackle, Hit him. (crowd cheers excitedly) (crowd cheers loudly) – [Asa] Down by four. Only six minutes. Get him, get him, get him, get him. That’s the ball game. (crowd cheering excitedly) – [Nana] Aww. – [Priscilla] I love Ashley’s stance. Look at Nana. (laughs) You got it Nana. – [Asa] This guy was
next. You ready picture? – [Priscilla] Okay. Put your leg up. (crowd laughs) – [Asa] It’s like this. – [Nana] Don’t breathe. Oh there’s papa, get in there Papa. – [Isaiah] Hey Papa. Good to see you. – [Priscilla] You wanna
get in there with them? – [Nana] Yeah. Such a tough loss tonight, guys. Such a tough loss tonight, but I’m glad I got to see my boy play. He did so good. So the tackle, if you missed it, number 58 running down the
field getting that tackle, He’s been trying for that tackle all year ’cause he plays offense so he never gets to tackle anybody. So he got it. He’s super stoked, I’m so proud of him. All right, so here we go. Here is the little mini fridge and the little coffee setup there and the little mini coffeemaker and look. We got a suitcase rack thing. ‘Cause, ’cause why not, right? So you know people always
comment all the time, like “What if YouTube goes under? “What are you guys going to do?” You know what I’m talking about,
‘Cilla, about this comment? – [Priscilla] Bed & breakfast. – Airbnb – There you go, you’re all set.
– Airbnb? you’re all set.
– Full bed and breakfast. You get pots, pans and
Priscilla cooking for you for breakfast in the morning.
– Ooh! – Nice room with a pool. – I’m telling you. – This is luxury living here, you guys.
– This is high class. – I’m telling you, this will fetch some high rates.
– As long as they can come in and watch the baseball game.
– Yeah ’cause all you get is Netflix out there, you don’t get any real TV. (laughs) Ya’ll stop. Leave her alone, she doesn’t
like you buddy, I’m sorry. You gotta give her time. – She’ll get used to you.
– Maybe a little space. Maybe you should give her some space. – He’s like “She’s had lots of space.” – No, No space, Just
gonna follow her around? – Yeah. He’s like– – [Asa] I’m glad you’re
in a good mood though. – [Isaiah] Thank you. – [Asa] Right after
the game, you were not. – No, That was not fun time. – [Asa] Yeah. Did you have fun with your friends? – Yeah.
– [Asa] Good. – [Asa] Tomorrow we’re gonna
hang out with my parents and whole family day,
hanging out ’round the pool. Just relaxing and just
enjoying their company. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. We’re gonna put that
little girl in the pool. Get her swimming.
(kitten meows) Would you be quiet, I’m
trying to vlog up here. – [Asa] What are you, get off the counter. No, no, no. No, you’re not a counter cat. Nope, furniture’s okay, not counters. Don’t, don’t do it. Watch out. Paper towel. Pssst. Pssst. Pssst Aargh, it’s a paper
towel, Aargh, run away. You’re not scared. There you go.
– Should do it. – [ Isaiah] Get outta here. – All right guys,
– Human: 1– come hang out with us tomorrow for our family day. That’ll be fun. See you then, bye.
– Bye guys. (TV off air sounds) – [Asa] Air conditioner’s
a little bit loud. (air conditioner humming loudly) Fixed it.

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  1. I’m sorry so many of you are offended by the “smart school” comment. These two schools are the academically advanced schools in the district. They don’t offer regularly academic tracks. You have to meet certain criteria to even apply. This is why this game is called the brain bowl. The joke in the city Is that these schools are terrible at football but they have the high SAT scores. It’s just a fun rivalry and all Duval County kids know this. Other schools in the area are known for things as well. No reason to be upset, I know no one here gets offended it’s just what it is.

  2. You guys can buy an antenna if you need basic news channels in the guest house besides Netflix. Hope this helps and have a great day!!!

  3. Hi! Anyone who would like to help support my channel I would be over joyed!! Come be a part of my family hit that red subscribe button and enjoy being a part of my family where you're not judged and everyone is welcome on my channel I am there to support food healthy eating weight loss and first and foremost autism awareness!!

  4. I have this throw blanket that matches your carpet. If I can find it again, you’re getting it. I take it everywhere with me and everyone loves it. I know you are Costco folk, but it’s from BJ’s. Sorry 🤷‍♀️.

  5. If nana wanted a hug she should not be baby talking so loud and slapping abbies leg. Then maybe Abby wouldn’t be as overstimulated. I felt that stress. She communicated so well and politely that she didn’t want a hug.

  6. Kittens have power hour just like Abbie. Our foster kitten's schedule: Wake the humans at 6am and demand food. Eat all the food. Power hour #1. Nap between 8-11. Wake up and "help" Dad work. "Help" Dad eat his lunch, he always makes too much. Nap 1-3. Wake to torment little humans. Snuggle/Nap 6-8pm. Go spactic from 8-10, I mean get into ALL THE THINGS. Start over tomorrow.

  7. I rarely comment on videos, but I have to comment. I, a girl (young adult) diagnosed with autism at age 16 (I am now 18), wanted to compliment your parenting. I just watched the video about the early signs that you missed and it almost brought me to tears. It moves me seeing such kindness, love and realness in your family. Thanks a lot. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  8. If you want Nala to not do certain things (e.g., jump on the counter, etc) use a spray bottle with water in it and spray her whenever she does something you don’t want to reinforce – unless of course she ends up liking it 😄

  9. first time I saw a football game! I' m from germany and nobody play this game her! 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  10. I love your vlogs don't get me wrong, but you shouldn't force someone into a hug if they don't want to. Even if it's family she should have the power to choose who she hugs.

  11. That's what is wrong with society today, everyone is easily offended! No offense taken here, Mass family. You are funny Asa, the way you fixed the little ac unit!

  12. Ugh, I felt that loss for Isaiah! I'm a high school athletic trainer and the team I work with lost 35-34 this week. The close ones stink! Heartbreaker for sure! Great tackle, though 😉

  13. I can understand you want to know about her day but her teachers are way too busy so maybe send notes home only when she wants you to know something that needs to be addressed.

  14. I'll come do Air B'n B with yall!!! (As long as Priscilla cooks a big breakfast!!!) I'd like her to show some gluten free meals. My daughter has Celiac Disease and requires a gluten free diet. I'd like to see some fresh spins on gluten free recipes.

  15. Hmmmm people are always going to find something to be offended over. I kind of agree that we are living in an age where we are so super Politically correct that we have to think before we say anything nowadays. I do agree that we should be aware of people’s sensitivities to offensive words and terms but smart schools is not offensive for goodness sakes. The “snowflakes”of the world ( and i use that term in jest but no doubt someone will call me out on it) are literally scouring the web looking for ways to be offended so they can troll and dig people out on what they say and how they say it. Sorry, but a high achieving school is a “smart school” and you should not be apologising for it either. My tuppence worth on the subject.

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