Wild Surfer With Autism

– Hey guys! Welcome to the vlog. – What’s up, guys! Did Nanny just give you more donut? (laughs) Abbie. Did you just take Nanny’s donut? No, you are done. – Abbie, you’re all done. Hey.
– Summer. – Sit down.
– Summer and I went, Summer and I went this
morning to the beach – Set up the tent– – and we went and set up
the tent and all that. – Don’t do that! Don’t sit on the bed. Don’t sit on the bed! Just eat it! – Do you see the chaos? (vocalizing) – [Priscilla] Are you so excited? Look at this! Okay, so I’m super impressed. (vocalizing) Look at that! So y’all always had the
puzzle pieces all over your — (crosstalk) Okay, well maybe we
need to move here then. – On the truck? You see the ladder? – [Priscilla] That’s so cool! – Hello there! – [Priscilla] Hey, how are you? Good, that is so cool. (vocalizing) Hey, Sky! – How are you? – [Priscilla] I’m great! How are you doing? – I’m well, thank you! I just graduated. – [Priscilla] I know, I saw your speech. I am so impressed with you, girlfriend. – Thank you. – [Priscilla] Do you want
to say hi to the vlog? – Hi, My name is Sky. I’ve had (mumbles) autism since 2011. – [Priscilla] And you just graduated! – I just graduated from
high school as valedictorian of my graduating class. – [Priscilla] So awesome! You’re impressive. And where are you going to college? – Stetson University. – [Priscilla] What do
you want to major in? – I have not decided, so I’m
doing the Discovery program. – [Priscilla] Very cool! So that’s awesome! Well thank you, Sky. – Well, you are welcome. You have a grand day. – [Priscilla] You too. Are you back in your element? (vocalizing) Go have fun! Isaiah already got you a board. – Hi! – [Priscilla] You want
to say hi to the vlog? – Hi! – [Priscilla] You gonna
introduce yourself? – I’m Alex. I live in Fort Pierce. – [Priscilla] And you
found Surfers for Autism through the vlog, right? – I found it through the vlog. – [Priscilla] That’s awesome! So you went to Deerfield,
and now you’re here! – Yeah. – [Priscilla] That’s so cool! – I went to Deerfield, and now I’m here. – [Priscilla] We’re so
excited to meet you! So Abbie’s out here with Isaiah and Summer being super difficult,
but they’ve got the GoPro. – [Isaiah] Go girl! Woo! (energetic music) (laughing) Look at you. Ready? One, two, three. You ready? Are you ready? Hold on tight! Hold on tight! There you go! Go Abbie, stay on! Keep that leg up! (energetic music) Oh, Abbie, come here! (splashing and laughing) (energetic music) – I look like I’m Abbie’s hands. (laughing) – [Priscilla] Lookin’ dark! Go, Summer, go! (laughing) Holy cow, so we’ve had like
five or six people come up now, and say, “Oh gosh, I watch your channel!” So thank you to all of you, I met you but it’s like
overwhelming sometimes. And that’s so cool! I never want to just throw
people on the camera. So thank you for coming up and saying hi, and that we’re helping you. Like, that’s our goal! So super exciting. Port St. Lucie really
watches Fathering Autism. You guys are showing us the love! So we’re going to sit up
here and protect the tent. Now, we wanna make sure
it doesn’t blow away. Because this storm looks bad, so hopefully it just passes over quickly. – [Isaiah] Mom? It is raining so hard! – Beautiful sunny day
in Fort Pierce, Florida. (laughing) – [Isaiah] Phil’s here. Hi, Phil! – Everybody loves Phil. – [Isaiah] Everybody does. – Team Phil! – [Isaiah] Yeah. All these
mothers that are like so… Phil, how are you doing? (laughing drowns out speaker) – Hey! – [Isaiah] What was I thinking? (laughing) I mean, where’s the ring? – I don’t have one. – [Isaiah] That’s a bad look! (laughing) Oh my God! – [Priscilla] Abbie! – [Isaiah] Look at her, she
is all the way out there. That’s her, right there. With her pants sagging. Uh-oh. – We got saggy pants. – [Isaiah] Hey, what you doing? (laughing) I mean, she can go in the water. Yeah. She’s all right. – Look. – [Isaiah] Oop, she’s turning back around. – I forgot my phone was in there. – [Priscilla] Sky. She’s coming back. (mumbles) – You’re like me. I was trying to pull them up. (Priscilla laughs) – [Priscilla] Abbie,
it’s your turn to surf. Hey, go with Summer. It’s your turn to surf. (laughing) This’ll be probably your last time today. – I went down to get the board. Come on. Yeah, that’s right. Come on! (grunts) (soft jazz music) Woo! – [Priscilla] Abbie, stand up! – [Isaiah] Go Abbie! There you go! – [Priscilla] Good job, Ab! (soft jazz music) You are the laziest surfer, Abbie. (soft jazz music) Good job! (laughing) (soft jazz music) All right, we’re ready for dinner. How many hours did we
hang out in the pool? – Oh my gosh. – Like, forever. – It was probably– – Like two, two and a half? – Mm-hmm, yes. – Yes, it’s been a long time. So Summer’s changing Abbie, Isaiah is going to get dressed,and — – Well, I get a whole fifteen minutes. (laughing) – We’re headed into the restaurant, and we’re gonna go get a drink. Yeah. And Phil says he’s with your women. – Yep, me and two women. (laughing) (vocalizing) – [Priscilla] Hey girlfriend. How are you? So Summer killed her with sunscreen today and she still got a bunch of sun. – Yeah, like the most I think
she’s ever had on in her life. (laughing) – [Priscilla] You look gorgeous! – Say thank you! – [Priscilla] Are you guys so tired? You all look kind of tired. – I’m pretty beat, yeah. – [Priscilla] Are you tired, Isaiah? – Yeah. – [Priscilla] What? (vocalizing) Now where are you, you’re
not going anywhere. (vocalizing) ♪ Lean on me ♪ ♪ And I’ll be your friend ♪ ♪ We all need somebody ♪ ♪ Everyday if you need a friend call me ♪ ♪ Call me ♪ ♪ Call me ♪ – Abbie!
(cheering) Can you give Phil another hug? Big hugs, oh! Bye! – We’re gonna miss you on the vlog. – Bye, Phil, say goodbye to the vlog. – Bye, vlog, love you guys. – [Priscilla] Okay,
we’ll see ya next time! (laughing) – Is this thing on? Guys, say goodnight, Summer. – Goodnight. – Goodnight, goodnight aunt and mom. Goodnight, Nanny. (beep) – You’re in charge of the batteries. – You got it. – Hey guys, welcome to the vlog! – Hold on. Hold on. – Welcome to the vlog. – Look. How does this work? – [Both] Push in and pull out. – Push in here. – Gosh, Dad gave us a training. – Hold on, let me see. Push in. – I think you have to push then pull out. – No, you can’t pull out. What’s up, guys? – You got it! – Welcome to the vlog. (laughing) – [Priscilla] Woo! Say
hi, welcome to the vlog.

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  2. Isaiah is a wonderfull bro Priscilla is beautiful mother Assa is a. Great dad I love this family

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    Of course Isaiah was handsome too, when is he not though. That boy doesn't have a bad angle.

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  9. I am blown away at how beautiful your daughter is. She doesn't look like the little girl I started watching.. she looks like her mommy

  10. I am blown away at how beautiful your daughter is. She doesn't look like the little girl I started watching.. she looks like her mommy

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  15. and anything thing, father autism has helped me with my future, I really want to be a behavioral therapist.

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  19. Out of curiosity, does Abby learn new signs often or do you stick to the main few that she is familiar with? We are currently in the process of teaching my brother how to sign as a form of communitcation and we don't want to overload him

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  27. Hey. I am always supporting those who are autistic (I’m sorry if it’s not the wrong term). I photographed a show that benefited a local organization, Fight 4 Autism. As well as their annual walk over the weekend. I’ll be putting out the video soon. I’m glad to support a great cause. Also, thanks for the content. Much love 💕

  28. I'm hoping in a few years time I will go to Florida and do Surfers for Autism. Xoxoxoxo I wanna trry surfing

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  34. Surfers for Autism
    Great job Abbie Summer and Isaiah. Great job manning the vlog Cilla and Nana. Lots of great info!

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  37. I absolutely loved this vlog; it's my fav to watch Abbie with Summer & Isaiah! I was so impressed with Abbie in the water, she has no fear at all. Could you do a video on how you taught Abbie to swim? I am having such trouble with my son who has SPD, he has developed this fear of going under water. We also live in Florida so I have many opportunities to take him swimming, I just need some help in how to encourage him to enjoy it.

  38. From MA but currently studying photography abroad in Italy. Still watching you guys!!! Love you guys!!!!

  39. Aww this vlog made me smile so much watching Abbie have so much fun 😊 you guys it rains so much here in Ireland so I know how you feel having to ride out the rain storms lol

  40. I am having a rough time today with my kiddo who is special needs due to trama (foster momma here that takes kiddos with elevated behaviors) and seeing Abbie grinning and dancing to lean on me made me smile so much. Thank you for sharing your life with us because it brightens my day.

  41. I just went to an event called A Walk On Water AWOW. in Spring Lake NJ. Surf lessons for special needs children. My daughter is an OT. and volunteered. It made me think of Abby. I have watched all your videos, to see an event like that in real person was great. Yes I was told by my daughter Ed that
    the water was extremely cold, but all seemed to enjoy it anyway.

  42. Man…I just love seeing so many people coming together for autism. I have two younger brothers, and all three of us have varying degrees of autism. When we were young, there were no programs to help us. It was through the love and dedication of our parents that we were able to become skilled, productive members of society. To everyone who works hard to help people with autism I say a big huge THANK YOU! This vlog has been a Godsend to so many!!! You all rock!!!

  43. Great videos of all of you. I have Asperger's Syndrome which is on the Autism spectrum if I'm not mistaken.
    When I was growing up teachers were always telling me that I need to keep my goals realistic. I believe that anyone can do what they set their mind too.
    I subscribed to your channel.

  44. Skin cancer is no joke, ya'll need to slap on more suntan lotion. Gotta let it dry first to absorb 30 min before going in the water, then re-apply every 2 hours especially if you are light skinned.

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