Why Java is a Bad Language

Do you know why Java is a bad language? Java was one of the first object oriented
languages. It is widely used, but it is rather verbose if not clunky because it hasn’t been
streamlined like newer OO languages like Clojure. What is OO? Object Oriented. And programming in Java is
called OOP or Object Oriented Programming. My proposal to use Java for a programming
project was DOA, dead on arrival. They said it was a bad language. One of the advantages of Java is how long
it has been around and how widely it is used. That means there is probably a code module
in a third party library somewhere to do what you want. That’s why I advocated for using it. Java has very different semantics, which makes
it hard to properly integrate as a module in another program though Java is promoted
for that purpose. The Java Virtual Machine is so good that it
is used by other languages like Clojure. I think you can think of Clojure as a new
and improved version of Java. I thought there were already new and improved
versions of Java. My computer’s Java updates often enough. Java updates regularly because they keep finding
security holes in it. That’s one reason why people do not like using Java that much. I thought it was because the language let
you shoot yourself in the foot a lot. No. It has a number of features like requiring
you to initialize all variables and methods having to have return types to minimize errors. And yet I see a lot of Java errors on my machine. They have to keep plugging security holes,
altering how variables and references to other modules are referenced, which adds a lot of
conflicts when new Java versions come out. The constant churn can make the large libraries
of code almost useless. You might as well reinvent the wheel then. And the wheel is a lot less likely to get
stolen or fall off the cart if you use something other than Java.

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