Why Isn’t It Getting Better Yet? Behavior Intervention using Targeted Social Emotional Supports

[MUSIC PLAYING] The next tier, Tier 2,
on the pyramid model is targeted social and
emotional supports. Research is telling us that
a greater number of our kids are coming to us needing
support in this area, social and emotional. So we have to be very specific
in teaching these skills. Really our thought as educators,
especially in early childhood, is we think we have
a social environment. We have these kids
that come to us. We put them all together. They’re going to
socialize and they’re going to interact with
each other appropriately. In reality, they don’t
have those skills. They don’t have the skills
to be able to interact with each other, how do you
even start an interaction. They don’t have the skills
to be able to share things back and forth. And they don’t have the skills
to give compliments or organize play ideas with each other. And so, we have to teach
these specific skills. Blue car. Blue car. He’s still exploring the room. Do you want to give
it to him or do you want to tell him to wait? Wait. Go to Christopher. Say, wait. Wait. Please, wait. No. Wait. Just like any other
skill we’re going to teach– if we want to
teach how to use a book, we’re going to teach kids,
you sit down with it. You open it up. You’re very gentle
with the pages. And we teach those
specific skills. With social skills, we
have to do the same thing. You have to teach the gentleness
of getting somebody’s attention to start that interaction. Hey! When you make that
noise, it’s loud. It hurts Adielle’s ears. You have to teach a couple
different skill sets that are involved in just sharing. And sharing, we break it down
into two different pieces. Being able to give
something away and being able to
ask for something. And then, play organizer’s
and giving compliments. So we have to take
time every single day to teach these specific skills
if we want kids to actually have the skills, just like
any other cognitive skill that we want to
be able to teach. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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