Why do autistic people talk so loudly?

Why do autistic people talk so loudly or
weirdly? Do we even realise? We autistic people can’t always control our voices so we can speak too loudly or softly and use incorrect pitch tone and speed. Talking normally can require a lot of conscious effort. We talk differently because it can make us feel more comfortable, we don’t always notice, we may be struggling to hear ourselves and also because of sensory differences and even embarrassment. Can you help? Yes you can reduce background noise, use scales to help us learn the right volume for a situation and not make us feel bad for something
we can’t always control. Like this animation?
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5 thoughts on “Why do autistic people talk so loudly?

  1. Wow I didn’t know this at all no wonder I’m talking loudly when I play video games and I don’t even know I do it

  2. It would help if you could make this video loud enough to hear. I had to turn the volume up ALL THE WAY on my phone and still had to put the speaker on my ear to hear this.

  3. I have difficulty "speaking up" enough to be heard. I think it's out of fear of being too loud and over-compensating for it, though… I'm not really sure that's really why.

  4. Yep. People are always complaining about how loud i talk. Ive even been verbally abused and bullied over it and told to leave the room. Im really embarressed about it. But it doesnt sound loud inside my head.

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