What’s An Empath REALLY & How To Thrive As A Sensitive Person

There’s a lot of information out there about
what it means to be an empath. And in fact, I made myself a nifty list of characteristics
that supposedly describe what an empath is. I’m going to read this list to you empaths
are too sensitive. Empaths are sponges who absorb other people’s emotions. Gross. Empaths
to be careful so they don’t get drained. Empath are targets for narcissists and energy vampires.
Holy crap. Empath must have strong boundaries with others? Or else what, they melt. Empath
are introverts who need a lot of alone time. Really? Do you know what I think of this list? Today, we’re telling a new story. We’re telling
a new story of what it means to be an empath and what the characteristics of an empath
are in this new energy. Maybe the characteristics that I just shared with you in this list were
true in a past era, but we are in a different energy. We’re in a different level of consciousness
now. And now there’s a new way to be an empath, and this is exactly what I’m going to help
you do in this video. So if you are extremely sensitive to energy, you may be an empath.
And in this video, I’m going to teach you how to look at your empathic abilities in
a new way so you can thrive in this world, not just survive. But thrive in this exciting
new world. Role trailer. Hello, beautiful soul. It’s so good to see
you. This is Christina Lopes, the heart alchemist here to help you open your heart, heal your
past, and live with purpose. In this video, we’re going to talk about what it means to
be an empath and how you can develop your empathic abilities so that you become more
empowered and more powerful as an empath, as opposed to feeling like you’re some kind
of fragile, sensitive being that just can’t stand the energies of a harsh world. That
seems to be the mindset that has been given to us about what it means to be an empath.
But I really don’t resonate with that at all. So this video was all about telling a new
story about what it means to be an empath and how you can step into your power as an
empath. Because here’s the thing, being an empath is a big gift. And it’s a gift that
comes with a lot of responsibilities. So I’m going to help you develop that in this video. This video is divided in four parts to make
it easier for you. In part one, we’re going to define what an empath is. Then in part
two, we’re going to review some of the top four myths of what it means to be an empath.
And we’re going to just bust these myths once and for all. Then in part three, I’m going
to share the two stages of empathic development so that you know right away what stage of
development you’re at and how you can get to the most mature state, which is the empowered
empath stage. And then in the fourth part of the video, I’m going to give you some tips
on exactly how you can become an empowered empath today. All right, let’s get started. So from the research, from blog posts and
videos that I did, I came up with a generalized definition. This is what the majority of blog
posts and videos out there have as a definition for what it means to be an empath. So here’s
the general definition. An empath is someone who feels and absorbs
other people’s emotions and energy because they have lower defenses than non-empaths.
All right. I don’t like this definition at all. So I’m going to give you a new definition.
This is the old, I consider this an old definition of what it means to be an empath, but now
we’re in new energy. So I’m going to give you a new definition. This is how I see empath.
empath are gifted at detecting, reading, and processing the energy around them. So the reason that I like this second definition
better than the first one is because first, it’s empowering, whereas the first one was
a bit disempowering. The second definition is more empowering, but it’s also more technical.
So it gives you a better understanding of what an empath is doing on a technical level.
On an energy level. An empath is a fine tune instrument, a fine
tune instrument of energy reading. An empath can detect, they can process, they can read
information. Okay. And the way that that impacts do, because you may be asking how the heck
does an empath detector process energy? While there are two main ways that an empath does
this. The first way is spiritual. The second way is more physical. So in spiritually, what’s
going on with an empath is that an empaths energy system, the quantum part of an empath,
the electromagnetic field of an empath, the energy system of an empath is more porous.
Okay? And the way that my guides showed this to
me is that they gave me the example of a glass door versus a screen door. So a non-empath,
a person that doesn’t have empathic abilities, they are usually, their energy system is kind
of like a glass door. So when you close a glass door, you can see outside, you can see
the flowers, you can see everything going on outside. But glass, it’s very containing.
So it means that if rain hits it, it won’t come in. It’ll kind of protect you from the
wind moving back and forth. Rain, temperature changes. Okay. So glass presents a bigger
barrier. But an empath on the other hand, their energy
system is like a screen door. So the screen door still has some kind of protection mechanism
in the sense that it doesn’t let mosquitoes in or it doesn’t let flies in. So the animals
are kept out, but the screen door doesn’t do much in terms of protecting you from rain,
or from wind, or from temperature because all of that moves in and out of a screen door. So a screen door is more porous than a glass
door. And this is the example that I was given between impacts and non-empaths. So empaths
have an energy system that’s more porous. It communicates more easily with the outside
environment. That’s another way of putting it. So an empath’s energy system is more porous,
it communicates more easily with the outside and inside. On a physical level, empaths are also a little
different from non-impact. And that is the empath’s actual body is a bit different, specifically
their nervous system. So the nervous system of an empath is extremely sensitive to changes
in energy. So the changes in energy are first perceived in the energy system of the impacts.
So that screen door. The energy comes in and then eventually it’s picked up by the nervous
system. The nervous system is the medium that translates energy into actual 3D manifestations.
The nervous system of an empath is extremely sensitive and extremely excitable, much more
than a non-empath. So these are the two ways in which the empath can actually detect, read,
and process energy from the outside world. As a side note, I want to distinguish between
an empath and empathy because I think that’s important. So empathy is an emotion that we
all have at any given moment in our lives. And what empathy is, is the ability for me
to understand, to imagine what someone else is going through. But being an empath takes
empathy to an extreme, because what the empath can do is the empath can not only imagine
or understand, the empath can actually feel on themselves what the other person is feeling. So I’ll give you an example of how this works
in everyday life. So if a client comes, if I’m working with a client and that client
has a heart bloc. For whatever reason, maybe they were heartbroken, maybe a relationship
just ended and they just shut their heart immediately. When they come to work with me,
I know right away they don’t need to tell me anything. They could just sit in front
of me with their mouth closed. But I know right away that their hearts are blocked.
Why? Because I start to feel chest pain. I start to feel difficulty breathing. So you see, my empathic abilities pick up
on the fact that that person has a blocked heart. I can actually feel in my body what
that person is going through. And that’s way to the end of the spectrum when it comes to
empathy. Okay? So this is the difference between empathy and being an empath. Now to part two of the video, and that is
the top four myths about empaths. The first one is a really pervasive myth that’s all
over the place still. And it’s the myth that an empath absorbs other people’s emotions
and energy. Okay? Now here’s the thing. I want to insert one
word in this statement that makes all the difference, and that one word is can. An empath
can absorb other people’s emotions or energies if they want to. The empath has a choice.
At any given moment, the empath has a choice to take energy in if they want to, absorb
it, or not if they don’t want to. And that’s something that that’s not really discussed
a lot because the majority of the belief system out there around being an empath is this idea
that the empath doesn’t have choice, that they’re just super sensitive and they just
have to learn how to cope with being an empath. And that means that if someone has this horrible
energy, you’re just inevitably going to take it on because that’s just your nature as an
empath. No, no, no, no, no. Okay? An empath can absorb
other people’s emotions or energy if they choose to. Okay. Please don’t ever forget
this. This is super important for your development as an empath. So this is a myth. This is wrong.
All right? Always remember the can, you can absorb emotions or feelings or energy if you
want to, and only if you want to. Now to myth number two, and this one gets
me fired up. Myth number two is that empaths are introverted. So this one I learned from
personal experience, but also in working with countless and countless clients. I have a
hypothesis. I think, it’s unverified hypothesis, but it’s still a hypothesis and I’m going
to share it with you. I believe that the majority of impasse on the planet are actually not
introverted naturally, we’re made to believe that empaths are in the majority of their
time. They are introverts and that’s their natural tendency. But here’s the thing. I don’t think this is
true at all. It wasn’t true in my case, and it’s not true in the case of countless clients
and people that I’ve connected with all over the world already. So I have enough of a sample
size to be able to confidently say that I think my hypothesis is correct, but it still
hasn’t been verified or unverified. So here’s the thing. I think that empaths
become introverts as a coping mechanism because they don’t know how to deal with the energies
that come their way, especially really powerful, really intense energies, really negative energies.
So usually they empath usually early on in their life, they really don’t know how to
cope with being an empath. They don’t have the skills very frequently, especially if
they’re not raised by empaths or if they’re raised by people who have no idea about what
their sensitivities are. The empath has to learn how to cope with being an empath early
on in life. And usually what happens is the empath will find that if they’re in a social
situation and they start to feel horrible physical symptoms and they start to go into
anxiety or panic, or they start to feel the energy and it doesn’t feel good, the empath
finds that if they just run home or isolate themselves, that they feel better. So the
empath has this learned behavior of isolating themselves simply because they don’t know
how to work with their empathic abilities. So that’s my hypothesis. My hypothesis is
actually that the majority of empath are in fact extroverted naturally on their soul level,
and that they’ve simply become introverted as a coping mechanism for the fact that they
don’t know how to deal with the energies around them. Now why do I say that I think the majority
of impacts are extroverts? Because an empath comes to this earth, your soul chose to have
empathic abilities for a purpose, for a reason. And the reason is empaths are here to help
the planet to transition energy, to help people transition their energy and to help bring
more light, to help ascend the level of consciousness on the planet. And you can’t really do that
if you’re isolated in a cave, can you? So the empath very frequently, more often
than not comes not only with empathic abilities, but also with the ability to mingle, to connect
with others, to be with others, to be extroverted. Now, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t introverts
that are empaths that there are a lot of natural introverts that are empaths, but I think that
it’s less common than what we’re told by countless articles and blog posts and whatever. I think
that there are in fact more extroverts naturally than there are introverts. The third myth is that empaths are a target
for narcissists and energy vampires. I get fired up with this one because I really don’t
like it when I read this or when I hear this anywhere. Because here’s the thing. This statement
is giving the impression that the empath is a poor little victim and they’re attracting
this big bad wolf narcissists that are just coming to take advantage of them. Isn’t that
what that sounds like? It’s very disempowering when you read stuff like this. And here is
the spiritual truth that if this has happened to you, if you keep bringing in narcissists
and energy vampires into your reality, this is super pertinent for you. Because I’m talking
to an empath. You are an empath that I am training today. So empaths, narcissists, and energy vampires.
Empaths are not targets of narcissists are energy vampires. If a narcissist or energy
vampire comes into your reality, it’s because the empath and that narcissist have lessons
to learn with each other. The empath and the energy vampire have lessons to learn with
each other, because that’s how the spiritual world works. So the bigger picture here is
for you to realize that the empath attracts the narcissist through some kind of unhealed
wound that they have. And usually the unhealed wound is it’s an empath that’s disempowered
that keeps giving away their power easily. So if you keep giving away your power easily,
if that’s an unhealed wound that you have, of course you’re going to attract someone
who likes to take power. That’s technically what a narcissist is. Although I don’t really
like to use the term narcissist. Because again, this is really rooted in separation consciousness
and it gives the idea that the narcissist is like a horrible person or whatever, and
I really don’t like to label things like that. I’m just labeling it for the sake of having
this conversation with you. But spiritually, a narcissist is just someone
who consciously or unconsciously derives their power from taking it from others. Okay? Whereas
the empath and unhealed empath has the opposite pattern. An unhealed empath gives away their
power because that’s the way that they feel validated in the world. Okay? So an unhealed empath can attract a narcissist
for sure. And unhealed empath can attract energy vampires, but this is not a given.
And this only happens when there are unhealed wounds on both parts of the equation, the
empath and the narcissist. So an empath is never a victim in a situation. This isn’t
about being a victim. You must empower yourself and realize that if this is happening to you,
there are unhealed wounds that you need to look within. Those need to be healed. Okay? So this is this myth about empath being targets.
This has just got to go, okay? It’s got to go. The real reason that an empath would bring
in a narcissist or an energy vampires simply because there is an energetic resonance in
that situation. And if you heal yourself as an empath, if you heal those wounds, you won’t
keep attracting souls that take power away because you’re wound of giving power will
be healed. So I want you to remember this because this
is an important myth. I want you to remember this. Narcissist and energy vampires can only
remain connected to when empath who is unhealed. Okay? So it’s time to heal. Myth number four is empaths are fragile. Oh
boy. These myths get me fired up. If you haven’t noticed, these myths really get me fired up
because they’re so ingrained in our collective consciousness that it’s taking a while for
us to free ourselves from these really detrimental beliefs. So here’s the thing, I want you to see a difference
between being sensitive and being fragile. Okay? An empath is anything but fragile. Now,
it may seem like an empath is fragile because if you have developed certain habits of running
away from social situations for instance, when you feel energies, I used to do this.
The majority of my life, this is what I did. I was such a sensitive empath that I developed
this introversion. I isolated myself. I remember I got to a point where I would go to parties.
And without my friends realizing, this is what I was doing in my head, I would go to
parties and I would immediately look around and I would be searching for two ways out.
One, the bathroom, and one the exit. So I wouldn’t go to a bar. I wouldn’t go to a club.
I wouldn’t go anywhere unless I knew where the bathroom was, or where the exit was. I
would immediately pinpoint it. Why? Because if the energies got really intense, I would
run, I would bolt. That was my coping mechanism at the time. Unbeknownst to my friends, nobody
knew what was going on. But this is how I unconsciously coped with being an empath.
All right? And the reason that I did that was because I believed that I was fragile.
All right? So this is a belief that’s ingrained in the
old way of us looking at empaths. But no more. Remember we’re telling a new story. Empaths
are sensitive. They are not fragile. There is a huge difference between fragility and
sensitivity. They are not synonyms. And I’ll give you an iconic example so you
never forget what the difference is. Okay? I’ll give you an iconic example. Even if you’re
not Christian or religious, you’ve probably seen the image of Jesus nailed to a cross,
haven’t you? And what does that image portray? If you look at that image, and if you look
at Jesus as a spiritual master, even if you know nothing about Christianity or not much
about Jesus, you probably know that he was a spiritual master. Jesus was a highly sensitive
spiritual master who actually performed what was called at the time, miracles. Okay? And
he performed miracles, why? Because he had extreme sensitivities. He was an empath. All
right? So Jesus was extremely sensitive. But if you
know what he went through before he died, if you haven’t seen Passion of the Christ
or any movie about the crucifixion. I can’t watch those movies because they’re too bloody.
But if you look at the crucifixion scene, you would never in your mind say that Jesus
was fragile. You would never look at a picture of a man nailed to cross as he was. And you
would never say, “Oh man, that dude’s fragile.” Would you? He wasn’t fragile. He was extremely
resilient and extremely strong, but he was sensitive. So that iconic image of Jesus nailed to a
cross is the example that I give a lot of times to show you the difference between fragility
and sensitivity. Okay? They are not the same things. Sensitivity comes with a lot of strength.
You cannot be open and sensitive unless you’re strong because you would crumble, you would
crumble with the pressure of all of the energy. So a sensitive is automatically someone who’s
extremely resilient. So you my friend are not fragile in any way, shape, or form. You’re
not a fragile little wallflower that falls over with every little bit of negative energy
that falls your way. You are not. You are a sensitive, strong, powerful empath. Your
empathic abilities are your superpower. Now to the third part of the video and that
is the two stages of empathic development. The majority of empaths don’t know this, but
there are actually two stages in your empathic development. And it’s really important that
you know these two stages so that you can get yourself to a more mature stage and develop
yourself and have a better understanding of what it really means to develop your empathic
skills. So the two stages of empathic development
are the disempowered stage and the empowered stage. All right? Now I’m going to give you
some key differences between the empowered and the disempowered stage. And the one key
thing to remember is that those characteristics that I gave you in the beginning of the video
with my little funny lists, those characteristics are coming from empaths that are teaching
from a disempowered stage. Okay? So if you’re teaching from a disempowered stage, then you’re
going to give definitions that are disempowering, all right? But that’s only one stage of being
an empath. You can be in another stage. You can be in the empowered stage. So I’m going
to compare them now. So the disempowered stage, this usually occurs
early in your life from childhood on when you start to develop certain coping mechanisms
that turn out to be negative later on. So this is when the empath will start feeling
the energies. They know they’re really powerful, they don’t know what to do. So they’ll start
running away from people. They’ll start spending a lot of time alone because they don’t know
how to deal with the energies of other people around them. But here’s the thing. People
can stay in a disempowered stage their whole lives if they don’t know their power and if
they don’t develop their own empathic abilities. So being a disempowered empath doesn’t just
occur early on in your life. You can stay in that stage your whole life if you don’t
develop your inner power. All right? So usually the disempowered stage starts early
on in life and it can carry through until the person or has a spiritual awakening. Or
maybe they’re just surrounded by people who know what it means to be an empowered empath
and they teach them these skills. So the person is able to break free from the disempowering
stage and move into the empowered stage. The empowered stage usually occurs later on
in life, or when the person has had a spiritual awakening or when they start to develop their
inner power, and they start to know who they are. Okay? So this is kind of the win of these
two stages, usually disempowered stage earlier on and powered stage sometimes later on. But
it can be earlier, and earlier, and earlier. This is why I’m shooting this video, because
if you’re 18 years old and watching this video, you can jump into the empowered stage today. Here’s another characteristic that distinguishes
disempowered empaths from empowered empaths. And that is the one core belief that each
of them have. Okay? This is, if you could write this down, if you have a notebook, write
this down because this is going to be transformative in your own journey. The core belief that
a disempowered empath has is this one. The energy that presents itself in front of me
is stronger than I am. You see, this is the core belief. Whether
the empath is consciously aware of it or not, a disempowered empath will hold this core
belief. The energy that presents itself in front of me is stronger than I am. That’s
why you run. That’s why you isolate yourself. That’s why you lock yourself in your house
and you don’t want to go out to parties, or get togethers, or whatever, because you’re
running away from the energy because you believe it’s stronger than you. Because if you didn’t
believe it was stronger than you, you’d have no reason to run. Okay? There’d be no reason
to isolate. I did this for so many years until I came to the conclusion that yes, this was
a core belief that I had. I kept running away from energy because it scared me. I didn’t
know how to deal with it, and I thought ultimately that it was stronger than me. The core belief that an empowered empath has
is very different. Listen to this core belief. The core belief of an empowered empath is
this. “There is no energy stronger than me.” Do you feel the power in that? I’m going to
say it again. “There’s no energy stronger than me.” This is the belief of an empowered
empath. And if you have this core belief, just switching from the disempowered belief
to the empowered belief, it will change your life as an empath. This happened to me. This
happens to tons of my clients. Your life shifts just in a snap by switching from one belief
to the other. Third characteristic that distinguishes disempowered
empaths from empowered empaths is choice. So a disempowered empath doesn’t believe that
they have choice in the matter. So a disempowered empath will usually run away from social situations
or they’ll just kind of shrivel away when they’re presented with negative energy. They’ll
do all kinds of things because they believe that they don’t have choice in the matter.
They think, “I’m just an empath. That’s just me. That’s just naturally me. I have to find
coping mechanisms for this.” So the disempowered empath doesn’t see choice in the scenario. The empowered empath knows that they have
a choice in any given situation of whether they want to take in energy or not. Whether
they want to absorb and interact in dance with the energy and have fun with it, or not.
Okay? And this is key to the empath’s power. So I’ll give you a couple of examples to illustrate
how this choice plays out in everyday life. So let’s say that I go somewhere, okay? I
go somewhere. Let’s say I go to a bar and I’m coming up with the idea of a bar because
there’s a lot of dense energies in bars. So especially with alcohol, any kind of substance,
there’s a lot of dense energy. So I walk in a bar, all right? And I immediately feel really
strong, really heavy, really dense energy coming my way at that moment because I’m an
empowered empath. I say, “Nope, I’m not taking that. I’m not taking that. I’m not interacting
with that. I am in this moment going to become a living fire.” Okay? Now the choice and the image that I want you
to keep with this is that the empath that that moment chooses that the energy is not
to their liking, they won’t absorb it. Because why would you want to absorb anything negative
into your body, anything dense? Why would you want to do that? So they decide that they
don’t want that. That’s not something that they want. So they become a living fire, meaning
that any negative energy that comes their way is immediately burned and transmuted.
It’s turned into love. Okay? That’s what a living fire is. It’s love. So the empath that that moment I walk in the
bar, I don’t really care for the energy. It’s a bit heavy. So at that moment I become a
living fire. I’m not taking any of this energy. It’s coming to me. It’s coming into my energy
system. Sure. But it’s only staying there for a fraction of a second because I’m burning
and transmuting it. That’s part of my mission as an empowered empath. I go into a space
and I clean it out. I don’t run away from it anymore because I wouldn’t be empowered
if I did that. So instead of getting to the door of the bar and then running home because
there’s heavy energy, that’s not what I do. I walk in the bar, I detect the dense energy,
I become a living fire, burning everything that comes my way, transmuting it into love.
Okay? This is scenario one where I choose that I
don’t want to absorb the energy. Now scenario two, let’s say I go to a satsang, or I go
to an ashram, or I go somewhere where there’s a group of people and maybe a really highly
ascended energy, maybe in the form of a spiritual master or just to get together with really
lighthearted, joyful, beautiful people. Okay? So I get to this get together. And immediately,
because I’m an empath, I start to detect the energy. Remember, I’m a fine tuned detection
machine. So I start to detect the energy and it’s delicious. So at that moment, because
the energy is ascended, it’s delicious, it’s beautiful. At that moment, I don’t need to
be a living fire in that situation. I can choose to be a sponge, okay? So now because I’m presented with delicious,
beautiful high vibration energy, I can choose to be a sponge in that situation and say,
I’d like to take this in. So I take it in. I partake in the beautiful, beautiful light
energy. You see there’s a choice again. I entered a situation. The energy was beautiful
and high vibration, and I chose to be a sponge in that situation. So I’m constantly moving
back and forth between being a sponge and absorbing energy or being a living fire and
burning energy and transmuting it. You see, the empowered empath always knows they’re
toggling between these two states at any given moment in their life. They know they have
a choice and they know they have a lot of power when they make this choice. This is another good way to remember it also.
I love this statement, so that you can remember this and take this with you. An empowered
empath always knows that they have the choice between being an influencer of energy or being
influenced by energy. Okay? The disempowered empath doesn’t know this. The disempowered
empath is constantly being influenced by energy. They’re constantly taking it in. They’re letting
the energy influence them. Okay, so the disempowered empath doesn’t know they have another alternative.
The empowered empath realizes the power that they have to at any given moment become an
influencer of a situation. Meaning that when I enter a space, if the energy is really low,
really dense, really just down here, I am immediately going to switch into influencer
mode, meaning that I’m not going to be influenced by that energy. In fact, it’s going to be
the other way around. That energy will be influenced by me. Okay? Now do you see how important it is for you
to know that you can be an influencer in a situation and not always just influenced?
You can be influenced, but you also have the role of being a powerful influencer when you
remember this, when you remember that I can be a powerful influencer, you’ll never run
away from any situation ever again. Because if you walk into a situation where there’s
a lot of negativity and a lot of density, you turn on your influencer chip and you immediately
overpower with your own energy of love, of joy. You overpower the density that’s in that
space. You become the influencer of energy, and that’s an important part of your mission
because you’re not here to run away from negative energy. You are here to take negative energy
and transmute it. An empath is an alchemist. You are here to be an alchemist. You’re here
to grab all the negative gross energy, mold it, transmute it, and turn it into love. That’s
what you’re here for. Okay? So never forget this. An empath can be an influencer, but
they can also be influenced depending on what the choice and what the energy presented to
them is. I have a million dollar question, and that
is how the heck do I become an empowered empath? And now that I know all these things, now
that I’ve been through all these myths and I know the difference between a disempowered
empath and an empowered empath, how do I become an empowered empath? And that’s the fourth
part of the video. I’m going to give you some tips on how to become an empowered empath
today. So I’m going to share the three main ways
for you to become an empowered empath. There are many more, but these three ways are a
sensual, okay? The first way to become an empowered empath is to love and accept yourself,
okay? Self love is so, so important because it’s the self love that shatters the disempowering
beliefs that you held before about what it meant to be an empath. When you have a deep self love and deep self-acceptance,
when you have this, you realize just how powerful empathic abilities are and how you can begin
to use them, all right? If you’re not in a position of being self-loving, then you remain
in that disempowered empathic stage because you just believe you have no power. That’s
what disempowered means. It’s a person who doesn’t believe they have any power. The more
that you love yourself, the more that you accept yourself as you are. The more that
you realize that being an empath is just an enormous gift that your soul chose. Your soul
chose to incarnate as an empath. It’s a gift. It’s one of the talents that you bring into
this lifetime in the same way that a concert pianist comes prepared to be a concert pianist.
Okay? So you come prepared to be an empath. And the more that you love yourself, the more
your empathic abilities will develop. Second way is also key. And that is know thyself.
I actually have tattooed on my back, and this is a really interesting story because this
occurred before my spiritual awakening. I tattooed on my back the inscription in the
Apollo Theater at Delphi in Greece. There is an inscription in the Apollo theater that
says [Greek 00:34:07], I think that’s how it’s pronounced in ancient Greek. [Greek 00:34:09]
means know thyself. And I tattooed this on my back years ago before my spiritual awakening.
I to this day have no idea why I chose that, why that was attractive to me, but I put it
on my back. And then when I had my spiritual awakening, I just started laughing because
goodness gracious, it was my soul trying to speak to me in the form of a tattoo. So what I went through in the spiritual awakening
was that is essentially what I did. I began to know myself, know myself. You must know
who you are empath. Because here’s the thing. A disempowered empath. You can only stay in
this stage of disempowerment if you don’t know who you are. Because the moment you know
who you are, boom, cha-ching. You’re empowered because you are God. You are God incarnated.
You are the universe in a body. You are source energy in a physical body. You are so powerful
and you must step into those shoes of being powerful. So you see, if you realize, if you self realize
and know who you are, you lose all of the fears. You lose all of this need to isolate
yourself because you can’t cope with energies. No. Then you start to stand taller and stronger
because you realize wait a minute, if I am source incarnated in a body, why do I keep
running away from other energies? There is no other energy stronger than me. So the more that you know yourself, the stronger
you become as an empath. So know thy self empath. Your powerful spiritual being there
is nothing stronger than you, and just this knowing will make you an exponentially powerful
spiritual master, but also a powerful empath. And the third and last way for you to become
an empowered empath is simply to know what an empath is. To truly know what an empath
is on a more technical level. That’s why I shot this whole video. So if you’ve gotten
this far, you already know what an empath is. Okay? You know what an empath is from
an empowered place, not from all those disempowering beliefs. Okay? The more that you know about
the technicalities of being an empath, a lot of times people will comment, they’ll say
in my videos, “You have a really cerebral way of talking about spirituality.” And that’s
true. Sometimes I am cerebral. That’s just me. That’s my energy. But the reason that
I shoot these videos like this in a more cerebral way is because I want to give you actionable
advice and actionable information. Because when you know certain things on a more cerebral
mental way, that knowing just seeps into every layer of your being and you begin to become
more relaxed because the more that the you know the whys of certain things, the more
that you know about yourself, the more empowered you become. So that’s the third aspect is to just understand
what it means to be an empath. Know all of the things that I just said in this video.
You’re not fragile. You’re so strong. You’re sensitive, but you’re not fragile. You don’t
have to absorb energy if you don’t want to. You’re no target for narcissists and energy
vampires if you don’t want to. That’s not what’s going on here. Now you know that you
as an empath are highly, highly gifted at detecting, reading, and processing information.
So now that you’re almost done with this video, you’re on a whole other level of what it means
to be an empath. But now I want to hear from you. Do you struggle
with being an empath? What stage are you at? Do you feel like you’re in the empowered stage,
or are you still in the disempowered stage? Let me know in the comments below. And if
you have a question that you’d like me to answer on my weekly videos, leave them also
in the comments and add the Hashtag #AskChristina. This is something new I’m starting because
I used to have a question form in the comments, but I’ve been getting really overwhelmed,
so I think this is going to be an easier system. So if you have a question for my videos, leave
them in the comments with the #AskChristina and I’ll pick them right out of the comments
and answer as many as I possibly can. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel
here or go over to my website and join my email list where I share exclusive tips that
I don’t share anywhere else. And if you enjoyed this video, check it out. There are more over
here. I love you beautiful soul. You’re doing so well. I am out.

100 thoughts on “What’s An Empath REALLY & How To Thrive As A Sensitive Person

  1. EnFj empath. I am not introverted. I love your vibe, what an amazing chanel.
    Thank you for sharing your insights. 😀 I do find my own feelings overwhelming. I think that focusing on others feelings are easier.

  2. Lol….. none of these are insults….. but….. they are absolutely true and good advice…like.. im an empath and yes…. i have always been a huge target for energy vampires and narcissists…. they come in the form of friends or boyfriends….and to know that i am a target for them makes me feel like oh thank god.. im not just crazy or the most unlucky person in the world… the only one that sounded like a possible insult is the first one..empaths are too sensitive… but it may be true that they are hyper sensitive to energies and emotions… which… i dont see as a flaw or a desired quality… things just r what they r u freak psycho butch weirdo. Lmao…

  3. Realization transformation…I'm on the precipice between an unempowered and empowered empath. I love you fellow empaths whatever stage you're at. Christina Lopes, you are changing my life <3

  4. Oh thank god for being so tru to this vidio. The dark Elite fear the Empaths that they making as fear our pawer. We are tru warrior x

  5. You are telling the truth becouse the Elite is targeting as by trying to make Unempawered .we are pawerfull and nothing can being as dawn

  6. I also agree with you, when you say that not all Empath's are introverted. I am an empath myself and I consider myself a mixture of both. I can be around people and people sometimes get drawn to me. But when there are too many types of energies all around me, especially negative ones, at times It can become overwhelming for me and I have to withdraw and re-center and re-energize myself.

  7. I have only stumbled on empathic videos over the last couple of months, and have been very grateful for them.
    Unfortunately, much of the first list is true for me. I labeled my self an empath about 20 years ago because of a star trek episode. I thought, "I am her". IT didn't really help to know that, I had to make myself small, just to be around people.
    I tested the waters with people occasionally. Asking if they felt the feelings of others, or places. I was always amazed that they didn't, or they tuned it out. I have felt like a freak.

    I knew I was different early on, but have never understood why, or why I was I so alone in this.

    I have grown, secretly, but mostly, I am a disempowered empath. I never believed that I had a choice, I thought that was just my imagination to believe that, until today. Thank you!
    Your viewpoint is just what I was looking for, to identify many aspects.

    ALthough I have been quit disempowered, I always thought that life wouldn't be worth living, if I didnt FEEL everything and every one.
    Thank you for this video, and thank you for being YOU,Christina. Mary

  8. This is helpful forsure but I gatta say I'm introverted in part because it takes alooot to attract my interest most ppl n things bore me and even half hearted conversations get dry

  9. I am not introvert. Yet, I am selective about the people I allow myself to get close. When I do get close, I am curious, supportive, and because my empath abilities, forgiving.

  10. I have a theory about empaths and highly sensitive intuitives that they were aloud to connect with mother earth. Nature which unconscious ly taught us our gift. This is important cause others need to understand how they can develope these inherent abilities. I just realized after 30 years of thinking i was empath. That despite the fact i am deeply empathetic but not directly. Unless i choose

  11. ##: ASK CHRISTINA. 🎵🙏🎶🎵👁👁🎵🎼🎶🎵🎼

    WOW! Im beginning to understand more about how twin flames came in the pic..now. Ahaha.

    I'M IN THE EMPOWERING STAGE. 💃👁👁🦉 👾 🎼🎶🎼🎵

  12. I didn’t know the word “empath” or what it meant to be one until my identical twin sister pointed it out a year or so ago. Your videos make a lot of sense and you highlight how important it is to not mark ourselves as weak or fragile or that we are victimes of our own abilities. Both we and my identical twin sis struggle. We are stuck somewhere in the middle between empowered and vice versa. We have gone through a lot in our child to this very day and could really use a spiritual guide. We are religious, but we are seeking a way to understand this gift and to protect and harness this ability

  13. #AskChristina Hii awsome video! I loved it wery much. It helped me alot about emapt! Is it a empath ability to sence energy of spirits/ghost? Because thoe I am super sure Im an empath. But I can sence in the air something there like a energy who goes around. And it gives me pictures in my head. And I can comunicate it with asking yeas and no questions.

  14. We are also living in the era of the spiritual ego. I’ve seen so many ‘empaths’ who are selfish and egotistic and would cut people out just because they are ‘messing with their energy’. Lol.

  15. The first couple minutes in i knew this was going to be a good video, but after hearing the rest of the video, I am completely amazed. For 26 years I’ve been an empath; big shift the day I turned 21, and weeks after I turned 26 this year April 3 gifted with more sensitivity to the overall world. It’s a process and struggle but it’s going good. But honestly; from the deepest part of my heart, this video was SO well done, you explained everything that can be very understood; you BROKE IT DOWN so precise! Absolutely AMAZING job with this video!
    Newly realized empaths : PLEASE take this advice and remember; being MORE SENSITIVE is NOT a CURSE, but an absolute blessing. The world NEEDS you guys, especially NOW! It will take time to fully get control over this power you have; it will be ok. If your going through it, you can be empowered to get through it! Trust the process….
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  16. usually loving empaths cook excellent meals, while you cook your energy is transferred into the food like healing energies. you can cook me a soup anyday

  17. Thank You so much!!! I loved your video and your advice and information. I was living untill now in such a dissempowered way, I recently just discovered I was an empath since nobody even knows what that is in my home country Mexico or at least nobody on the circle of family or friends. I had a vague notion that I could influence others with my energy, but as you said at the end about your cerebral explanations, I believe the same that our brains need the basic logic info for us to be able to fully process everything we learn and put it into practice, I totally needed this info for my brain to understand all of it and leave me alone with the "old ways on thinking" and putting me down with old useless logic ideas. I resonate with you! Thank you do much for being a guide and sharing this! Much Love!

  18. Halfway through the video, it all now make sense why i behave the way i do. But, the thing is, actually i act accordingly. If people are kind, i'll be kind to them vice versa. Sometimes, i get intimated especially if i am not prepared at all in whatever circumstance that may be, but almost all of the time, i feel good and optimistic. The only downside about myself is that i get affected emotionall in such a level that i sumtimes couldn't recover easily from any negative news i heard or have seen. I tend to lose myself also when i fall in love. But don't get me wrong, i have never begged for affection in my entire life. That's total bullsh*t! If people show they value me and i can sincerely feel it, bhoy they can bend my knees – that's my weakness. However, if they screw me, forget they have existed. I really hate it when people take advantage of me. They think im so naive not to see it, but damn, I see everything with my overly sensitive nature. So i know if sum1 is a total jerk, a fake friend or a piece of crap. I can either be your best dream or ur worst nightmare.😂😂😂

  19. I am a 57 year old man, and I've been crying for about an hour. I thought it was over. Seriously. GOD bless you Christina, and all that you do. Empowered I WILL be !!!

  20. #askchristina. Firstly thank you for this video. Im 38 and have struggled with unhealthy coping mechanism for instance drug abuse for 18 odd years. I've never heard the term Empath or that such things as Empath's exist. Ive been on a rocky road my entire life, but its much to much to get into now. Thing is Ive only presently in the last 2 years stared coming into this spiritual awakening of my life and much of is due toe the drug psilocybin, for those who don't know aka "magic mushrooms". I've always had extreme gut feelings especially when Im being deceived, but because of my substance abuse I never knew if these were trust worthy feelings or if its just my brain thats overly alert because of the substance which by the way uppers was my drug of choice and even if presented with downers I will not be interested in the slightest that includes alcohol. So going into this spiritual awakening, my gut feelings have been killing me, i have a very good memory and my timeline is extremly accurate, and I have countless moment in a week where something triggers a memory within me and I get this gut feeling and its identical to how I felt at that time and I knew at that time I tried to brush it of as fast as I could I never acted on those cut feelings cause what if I was wrong and the drugs were starting to make me crazy. Anyway is this normal is it true that we could be referred to as human lie detectors. This is something Im really struggling with, cause I being very hard on myself for not listening to my gut and that voice inside me and because I ignored it, it has caused me s great amount of pain and getting knocked down to many times I would have liked to cause if wasted so much of my life getting back up and I think I'm feeling resentment directed towards me.

  21. I'm a empath and we protect everyone and we don't talk behind people's backs and we're not on social media or Facebook because it makes us sick and when you love yourself it's all good

  22. #AskChristina I want your verification, it might sound odd to you, but I think and I believe I can control situations, like events. I really felt that had happened many times to me. It's like before I do something, my mind is already giving me a foresight of possible outcome. I'm a Libra, year of the tiger. Nonetheless, you're 100% correct.

  23. I love how you explain it but I don't think I choose to absorb their energies. Maybe I just don't know how to deal with them.

  24. Shoo, I am 56yrs old and have had this experience for years and have been trying to understand why I am feeling that way. You are making so much sense. Thank you.

  25. Never in my life new anything of such I use to call it feeling, I don't know if am an empath but sometimes I can tell when people are real or fake, there was a time a lady was killed in France while jogging and the news was on tv nearly every day but from the first day I just new it was her crying husband that killed her whenever I see him crying I instantly say you kills her I don't trust your tears,and after a week or so boom he confessed I have hard so many feelings like this that later became a reality those this makes me an empath

  26. Oh wow thank u for explaining myself..i have been wondering this feeling being an empath.. feeling the others..especially the one that God given to me to help them heal..i thought i am crazy when i tell that the minute that person is thinking or feeling miserable, then i will feel him right away..the connection is so strong..i hate it sometimes because it’s so hard on my chest and sometimes i feel like a candle flame burning out..i got so very tire..and mostly i ask God why? Then i started watching some videos describing being an empath and finally I understand now..it’s so hard to explain how i feel when you’re an empath , they don’t believe it sometimes..
    My question is why do i have this being empath?hope i can get an answer..

  27. DING! Forced introversion becuase I don't know how to transmute the negative into positive and reflect the positive back outward. This has affected my Lightworking for years. I hear it all the time. "When you're happy you light up a room. Everybody loves you. When you are sad, it resonates and is felt by everyone." Since I have had a very hard time, I have isolated myself to protect others. Well, that's part of the issue anyway. Narcissist: My problem is that I have a detrimental cognitive behavior pattern that attracts them. Not my empathic abilities. So, you are correct. ok. I'm going on this journey. Thank you for presenting it to me. I can rely on you for constructive guidance.

  28. People tend to think of us as helpless to filter the negative energies. What’s the point of having the ability if every evil energy has authority over you. They don’t. We have no enemies and we can’t be used against our will.

  29. Awesome video Christina. As I moved through the video I was fistpumping and laughing. Your empowered beliefs I said out loud and I felt the shift in this new empowered understanding viscerally
    #askchristina. Have you got some techniques to calm the nervous system. I meditate deep breathe say calming affirmations but am in new phase of learning not to take on dense energies . Feel I am still bouncing around energetically when in crowds with hyperawareness.

  30. Is an empath and a highly sensitive person the same thing? Im definitely both. And my main problem is not dealing with peoples energy but dealing with my own… dealing with the changeability and intensity of my own emotions… i just cant seem to stop being a slave to them. Im always acting on them and come across as emotionally unstable… which i guess i am:/ its a torture! And i do practice observing emotions, naming them, meditation etc…

  31. Omg,this is helping to bring me full circle. I’m turning 70 and you have helped me understand what has been going on with me. I’m claiming my power more fully and loving myself even more. I feel as though something even bigger is around the corner. 💕💜

  32. When you the "energy 🔋go intense" and you would bolt, is that more about being an introvert? Was kind of energy was it? Was everyone too excited and feeling amped (really happy) or were fights breaking out and the energy 🔋 was negatively charged? #AskChristina


  34. I respect your opinion on extroverts/introverts but it sounds like your implying that introverts aren't social. Some introverts are very social and some extroverts are shy it's not about how much they talk it's about how they get their energy and talking isnt the only way to get a message out like for example writing. That's just how I see it.

  35. You made me cry. I'm currently seeing two therapists due to my depression and trauma. I found your video because yesterday they both told me that I'm an empath. You told my truth in this video and it moved me to tears. I've felt suicidal so many times during my life and I now feel empowered to move to another stage in my life. The idea that this is a controllable gift is freeing and I cannot wait to become the empowered empath that I now know that I can be. THANK YOU

  36. She's right. I can choose to feel something deeply… or keep it at bay. It's like a gateway I can open myself up to or close myself off to depending on what I want to experience in that moment.

  37. What if other people trying to manipulate and taking advantage and fooling you?what is the best thing to do first?pls.answer my questions!thanks a lot!God bless you and your videos!

  38. Thank you. Thank you. For years I have thought that there was something wrong with me but only because of how others treated me. I already knew I was just different and weeks ago I accepted my difference. It's good to know that you I was right. I accept being an Empath. So happy I've been on this journey.

  39. What's interesting is I felt empowered as soon as I realized I was an empath. I just never knew what it was before, but I realized that for so long I had been experiencing others emotions and making it my own, when In reality I was far from the hard and sometimes vile energy that I was perceiving and taking in.

  40. Hi Mrs Lopes,

    I’m french, 49 Yo. I just start to understand how I am really.

    I knew very early I was different. No answers!!! Lots of pb, Too many wrong experiences.

    But how much trainer!

    But, alone, against all my family, friends, I grew. (pro and head)

    Lots of different experiences. Each time, another step overcome.

    Never mind. But since 3 years, I started to boost me !

    In all and different directions. All supports, alone. (my wife doesn’t understand my children too)

    I understood, too, that, in my life, I met few important people (different)

    3 or 4 only !

    In last august, I recontacted one of them. He is a coach now!

    Before we have worked together. (my chief during 2 years)

    In October, in a seminar for unemployed people (48h)

    Something Happened. What?? In the seminar, an ‘alien’ like me! (Female)

    After this meeting, exchange of mails. Just in pro approach.

    3 Years later, 3 months after, after 3 mails exchanged with this ‘alien’,

    No calls, no mobile messages, no date, just mails

    During these last 3 days…. I read books, went hikking (more than 30 km/day), listened music. Explosion of feelings !

    Yesterday night at 11 pm. You Tube suggested me your videos about

    Empath ans hsp ! What you describe, it’ s me

    I’m certainly one of them and the alien too.

    That was The secret!! Thank you Christina

    It ‘s a pleasure to see your advices

  41. When you're an empath and a child you realized to stay away from certain people just by The Vibes they give off and then you get older and you realize why you get the certain vibes it's because you can tell that they're not good people and that's why people don't like empaths because they can tell you what you are by your body language and the things that you say and how you say them it's just kind of spooky

  42. There's more than two stages to being an empath I'm 1 so I definitely know that there's more than two stages I'm not really sure how many stages there are but there's more than two you can know things about people they've never told you and you're the only one that knows them except for that person

  43. It’s wonderful how you explain things. Such welcome information. I work at a metaphysical center and I come in contact with so many different levels of energies that it can be difficult for me at times as an empath . Your guidance is so beneficial. Thank you!💖

  44. When you talked about narcissists, it gave me a lightbulb moment. Is there a way you could create or link me to a video where you guide healing narcissistic behaviour? Not about how an empath can heal a narcissist, but about how a narcissist can heal themselves. 🙂

  45. I think that it's important to discuss energy as children grow up so that they will be able to recognize and deal with situations as they emerge. There are so many things that I wish I knew (with respect to encounters) and the dangers associated with them

  46. Hi Christina.. I am new with this empath thing.. would u share with us more about how to transmute this negative energy to positive? #askchristina

  47. Oh wow Christina, I literally have bingewatched your videos since i found you Yesterday!
    Just a question: you talk about being an influencer… my problem is usually that i take a lot of RESPONSABILITY on my shoulders when there’s a heavy or awkward energy in the room, which is very exhausting but it’s like i cant help myself, i HATE people being insecure or shy around me, i feel like i HAVE to put them on ease or change their mood. Do you have a tip for me to protect myself from that – or even while doing that? (other than being a Living fire) THANK YOU

  48. I am a Empath who knew something was up from a very young age and now in my later years have found that there is a name for what I’ve experienced and tried to ignore for the longest. As soon as she said we have a choice to absorb energy and emotion I clicked subscribe because out of the countless videos I’ve watched in my journey of understanding this…It was the first time that the content matched what i perceive to be the truth or at least my truth. I’m looking forward to more content and more enlightenment.

  49. That is so true about the introvert I am an extrovert made introvert by The world around me .
    But I wish I could by like a kid again because When I was a kid I was an extrovert .

  50. I was never an introvert. Yes, I drew myself apart from crowds when I felt overwhelmed and bored. You're right, being introverted at times, is a temporary safety mode.

  51. Thank you for telling people about me and my ways are greater than people think about.us. we you me please.text me about this beautiful planet i need SOMEONE to talk to about this project please text me sometime thanks have a beautiful day or night 💘 our GOD'S THAT MAKE ME SEE THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS AND MUCH MORE PEACE OUT

  52. Thank you, so very much. I understand now very clearly, more so than ever! I have always felt like I needed some direction. This was it. Your description of a living fire is truly epic to me! Bless you and anyone feeling a bit much some days =)

  53. I subscribed right away and I'm laughing……………with you.I go around trying to give a bit of insight as to the power and potential of an empath. Great job in clarifying and re-framing this subject.Nei Kung could be learned ,as this is the discipline of controlling and changing internal energy.It allows you to change dark to light,sick to well and so on.This came natural for me but I found the terminology from a book.I hope this can bring forth your best self…………………………..You are correct about being the extrovert,but an appropriate place and time is worth waiting for and staying unavailable until then is advantageous for all.lolly

  54. I love this so much!!!!
    Thank you for putting this out there. I was so in need of this awakening to become an empowered empath as I have been struggling for years to try to cope. 💗👏

  55. Yes I'm Empath I have been doing which one friend that I think was an energy vampire that had a narcissist as a boyfriend, I couldn't be around him he was always draining me,and it felt like I kept trying to give energy to my friend that way she could deal with him, it's the wrong thing to do, now neither one of them are in my life now,because in the last 6 months I'm trying to awaken to my higher self, I was looking for the tools for empowerment, which I just got from your video thank you so much

  56. I'm only beginning to understand my abilities just recently, but I am quickly developing. I can be empowered and disempowered at times because sometimes I just forgot that I can block those negative energy. Thank you so much for pointing out the myth part, especially about being an introvert. In my teen years, I was introverted. As an adult, I'm very much extroverted.

    Recently I developed a sensitivity towards metallic clanging or grinding sound. It doesn't physically hurt me, but I do feel convoluted like I would curl up as I heard a high pitch metallic noise. Do you know what this means?


  57. Thank you. Nice analysis and take on the whole matter. As an empath that's been overly exposed to narcissists (and is not particularly "healed") I find it refreshing to see empathic qualities not as weaknesses but strengths. Carry on, Gentle Warrior.

    Without getting too spooky, I am curious as to how much you think telepathic communication is part of the natural empath. Once I realized that I had some of this natural ability and started honing it, it quickly became clear that there are senders and receivers, that they tend (on average) to be male and female, respectively, but that one can cultivate both modes of communication. Empaths are natural receivers, but it seems to me that "empowerment" roughly translates into, not only taking control over what you take in, but also using your gentle fire to transmit messages the same way one is receiving them. Does that make any sense to you?

  58. Thanku for such a lovely explanation..This is so helpful..now I understand how to empower ourselves as an empath🙏🙏

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