What Social Anxiety Feels Like

– I can’t talk to people because I have severe social anxiety. They just assume I’m being rude. (“Facing East” by
Warner/Chappell Production Music) – All I’ve ever wanted is
to know what it feels like to have self confidence. Social anxiety ruins me. – I have severe social anxiety. If I initiate a conversation with you, know that it takes every
ounce of courage I have. – As someone with social
anxiety, getting ready to go out, feels like getting
ready to go into battle. – I can’t get a job because
my social anxiety has me too scared to leave the house. – Social anxiety, skipping
lunch because you’re too afraid to ask your co-worker to take
theirs out of the microwave. – My family members are all
very outgoing and can’t even begin to understand the social
anxiety that things like talking on the phone and
using a drive-through give me. – I’m sick and tired
of only being known of as the quiet girl. I’ve had social anxiety my whole life, but there’s a lot more
to me than my silence. – When the term, “social
anxiety” surfaced, I was finally able to identify my issues so
that now I can overcome them. – I have social anxiety
disorder, and not long ago I started a job in retail. I thought I would have
a hard time with it, but surprisingly I think
it’s helping me open up more. – I went out by myself today. I watched a movie and had
lunch in a cafe afterwards. I think I’m finally getting
control of my social anxiety. (“Facing East” by
Warner/Chappell Production Music)

100 thoughts on “What Social Anxiety Feels Like

  1. Hearing my own voice speak out loud makes me extremely shaky. Especially during… Oh should I even say the word….. PRESENTATIONS!

  2. I have social anxiety and the worst part of meeting/talking to people is if they suddenly ask me for my social media(insta, sc, fb etc.) because i have none, im afraid theyd think im a weirdo. When in reality i am just so self conscious that i dont even upload to my insta anymore.. It sucks

  3. School is the worst

    Im the quiet girl at school

    -The teacher always calls my infront of the class i panicked because im scared ppl are gonna laugh at me

    Im cant talk to ppl because im scared of being judged

    I hate presentations

    All my classmates are selfish and they think im rude just because im quiet and always alone at school..

    wHy dOnt you tAlk?
    wHy are yOu so quiEt??
    why cant you talk loUderr?

  4. Wow this comment section makes me feel like I have friends I could sit here all day reading these comments, jst makes me feel better

  5. Social Anxiety ruined my life…I can't go to school because i feel like everyone hates me..i remember my last day of school,
    i had to do a presentation for the whole class..While going to school i felt my heartbeat race and i started to get really dizzy.
    I sat by 2 friends waiting to get into the classroom and i started to have a panic attack 🙁 I couldn't even walk..i felt like i was gonna pass out.
    I don't go to school because of my anxiety…I also quit my job 🙁 I lost all my friends to because im just not a fun person lately 🙁 I can't have a conversation
    becease im constanty overthinking negative thoughts inside my brain. My family thinks im lazy and overreacting…It hurts

    My everyday life:

    -Waking up, feeling really tired even tho i slept 8 hours or more
    -then i go to my room and start watching youtube all day…Noting can make me laugh..i feel lonely and empty..
    -eat dinner with my fam..we eat in front of the TV because my dad doesn't care..
    -More youtube and then go to bed feeling so useless because i did NOTING again..

    I wanna get out and do stuff but my anxiety holds me back! There's just so much to say…Sometimes i think..
    Maybe i should just kill myself because im tired of living this way! But i can't…I still have hope 🙁
    I do go the the gym now <3 Even tho i feel super anxious I NEED TO GO! I wanna live again 🙁 🙁

  6. Everything was fine until i went to highschool..I came from a special school where we had small classes and extra attention from the teachers,
    so this was a big step for me..I was meeting all my new classmates and all i could say is hey..Nobody wanted to sit next to me because i didn't say a word..
    I was to affraid to speak up. Almost everyday my classmates talked about me being so quit and boring 🙁 And from there my self-esteem went extremely down hill…
    Look at me now…sitting home all day doing nothing 🙁 No school and no work because of my anxiety…I tired of living this way.

  7. it really sucks, one of the worst thing from havig sa is that whenever i tried to change, and do the things that i normally wouldn't do, it would turn out really awlward and i'd get embarassed for a really long time

  8. This comment section made me cry. You are not alone fellows!!!! I'm one among yours facing hardships due to social anxiety.

  9. When you explain hardly to someone and they say 'You're Cazy' it's all in your mind and then you stop telling anything to anyone 😑😔😭

  10. It’s so weird my social anxiety is worst around people I know (not close people I know like friends or family) than it is around people I don’t know.

  11. My grandma: Wanna order your food at the drive through?
    Me: no, that’s to hard
    Grandma: alright..
    Grandma: You do have to push yourself to do stuff, ordering food isn’t that hard. Start with that
    Me: Mm..
    At a drive through again
    Grandma: if you want something you can order it yourself or starve. I’m not being mean I’m just trying to help you
    Me: Fine..
    Me: can I have a Messes up order
    Drive through person: I’m sorry, I think you’re talking about a different place, we don’t have those here
    Me: O-Oh, haha, Sorry..
    Me: Orders again but can’t spit it out
    Person: do you need a second to order?
    Me: yea.. On the verge of tears but hiding it well
    Grandma: I’ll order for you this time.
    At the drive through a couple weeks later
    Grandma: do you want anything?
    Me: Starving Ye-
    Me: remembers what happened last time I’m actually not that hungry..

  12. The worst thing is that my school is very small and i don't have any friends and i don't talk to anyone at all so i feel like they are all judging me for being weird.

  13. I guessed i failed to transition from birth cause I've had a huge problem socializing since childhood even my parents told me I didn't like hanging around with other kids since I first went to preschool
    By the way here's a great resource that will help you with lowering your anxiety levels: www.MootSpeak. xyz

  14. I hate it like I never FaceTime or talk on group and once I posted something on group I was so scared someone will say sonething or be rude and before posting it I checked it 15 times

  15. Do you think I have social anxiety?
    1. I am afraid of speaking up in class or being the center of attention because I feel like everyone is going to judge me.
    2. I'm really quiet and I struggle with making close friendships and starting conversations.
    3. At school, I sometimes don't finish my lunch because it's too crunchy and makes a mess and I don't want anyone to judge me for making a crumby mess.
    4. I'm afraid to tell my parents that I think I have social anxiety because I'm afraid they will just dismiss it.
    5. Not anymore, but I used to be afraid to go up to sharpen my pencil or throw away something in the middle of class because I'm afraid that people will notice me or judge me for some reason.
    6. I was afraid to post this comment because I feel like somebody is going to judge me for it.
    I really don't know, my family doesnt really care about getting officially diagnosed with things so I dont really talk to them about this

  16. I hate when people treat you differently because you have anxiety, like a child. Like the staff at school, my classmates, etc..

  17. do i have social anxiety if i keep hiding in the bathroom if there's like a group of people?
    it happens to me everytime :')

  18. I've overcame social anxiety over the years but I still remember as a child I used to sit as still as a stone in class because my teachers would shout at other kids and I just got so scared. I wouldn't dare move a limb unless it was for writing.

  19. I literally don’t show myself or talk on FaceTime with my friends because I’m just scared I can’t control it <_<

  20. Checking with 10 different friends that we’ve got a day off tomorrow, or that it’s a dress up day at school or anything where you could accidentally end up not fitting in….

  21. I have social anxiety but sometimes i even talk and dont care what will people think. So i hope ill get through this soon

  22. Is there a way to get prescription medicines for anxiety without your parents knowing? Is it something you can ask for on your own, I’m only 14 so probably not but idk. I really don’t want to have to tell them about my social anxiety. Mad embarrassing

  23. Hi, my 7 years old daughter have social anxiety. She is very good in home you can watch her videos, I posted on this channel. But she don't speak in school .please help me

  24. Social anxiety sucks😭 I have been with "Friends" the whole Day but My anxiety has been active and i had just an awful day with myself not talking much and i simply don't succeed in talking, even thought i really want😫

  25. Sometimes i feel like I'm the most ugliest person in this planet and sometimes i feel I'm the most handsome person on this planet.

  26. My social anxiety is so strong, I will feel nervous and keep sweating if too many people around me and it makes me don't want to touch my phone and hide it away, in class I always keep my head down to avoid eye contact or look at someone else for less than a sec cuz it is awkward to me and when I went back to class, going home, asking to go to the restroom, I will feel paranoid, feels like everybody is watching even though they're not and it makes me feel guilty for no reason, when going to the mall I will squeeze my hands tightly and telling myself "nothing is going to happen" when meeting my group of friends at mall or somewhere I will start sweating again and start feeling cold, so I always prefer to be alone

  27. I had this too, well i still having it but it is not so bad like past years, i know what it feels and when i see someone with clearly social anxiety symptoms i dont even look him and keep doing my stuff, that is i would wanted if i were in the same situation.
    Sorry for my bad english by the way.

  28. Thing is I think that people hate me but I don’t know I just have like I know it and if you hear my nucleus crack I’m nervous so my hands get pretty swollen

  29. I swear because of social anxiety everyone assumes that I don’t wanna talk to anybody, but I’m actually really funny and find it hard to express that😭

  30. And the worst part is u realize u can never be with your crush or anyone else because people just tend to not come at your way and when they do u accidentally push them away by being awkward.

  31. I don’t want to diagnose myself with social anxiety but everytime my teacher discusses and calls out on other students, I keep praying that I hope it’s not me. Seriously I overthink what if my teacher calls me? What would I say? And whenever I have to speak in front of the class my body feels very hot, I shake a little and my voice shakes too… sometimes I couldn’t breathe

  32. When people think I'm rude, stuckup, selfish and much more when it takes me between a week or even a year to reply to a message.
    Sometimes it feels like you are giving a part of your soul or using up all the energy just to replay

  33. Making the first step to overcoming social anxiety is always very important–whatever that might mean to you. This helps a lot. Thanks so much As/Is!

  34. Do you ever wonder that when you look around wherever you are, and you have social anxiety, you will only find yourself with that problem, and everyone else is joyfully living their lives without any problem (they do have problems but not as bad as social anxiety) and then you find a video like this and while scrolling down the comment section, you feel like you are not alone but at the end of the day it doesn't matter since you will never meet someone commenting on YouTube and eventually have to live with the people in your real life around you. Life's not easy, but it is not unfair. Someone else who has a confidence of reaching skies might sadly be in bed due to a broken leg, and people like us have no physical problems, but we have mental problems. Hope you take care of yourself. Everyone is fighting, even me. Gotta keep fighting my friends. I wish I could meet people like me and share whatever we want to. 😍♥️

  35. Today we went to amusement park all were enjoying there, but I was just looking everyone cuz I can't take any ride bcz of my fear I tried to overcome it but I lost, I was sitting in a corner feeling so lonely even in a huge croud, after coming back to home I felt so bad that I wasted my many hours on "should I take this ride or that or not" I cried so hard how will I spend my life in which I have to face hard thing & have to make decisions😭 now I wanna die…

  36. I always refused to present something in school and I dont know if I have social anxiety. But my teacher noticed I don't have self confidence and asked my classmates to help me build up my confidence or else their grades will be affected. Lol I feel pressured but a little touched that my teacher kinda understands me more than my parents does.

  37. Social anxiety stops me from moving forward in my life. I quit college and can't continue my study because it was so horrible. Doing presentation in front of the class was a big issue and slowly killing me. I was shaking, trembling, my body was frozen cold and i wanna just die instead of doing it. I cant sleep and so anxious. I can't fit in and mingles with others. I don't want too though. I don't want to be there. I don't feel safe. My chest was so tight and it was so hard to breathe. But no one knew and assumed i was just a quiet person. Now I have low self esteem because I am the only one who don't go to university and unemployed. I just staying home for years.

    I tried working before but it didn't work either. I barely talked with other employees so they just ignored me eventually and they seemed to dislike me one day and I got shocked. Because I was in my own invisible bubble, doing my own things so I didn't realized that it must be annoying and weird to them for me not being friendly and normal. They must thought that I was arrogant or rude or too serious. So I quit and kinda traumatized by that experienced. Going to work, I don't think I can do it again anymore.

    I can't believe my life becomes like this. Sad, pathetic and lonely. I am so scared of the future. I hate myself so much because I'm not normal. Something is wrong with my brain. I used to get panic or anxiety attack while sleeping at night but now I don't.

    P/s – I tried my best to write this, English is not my first language.

  38. I’ve been shy my whole life. But social anxiety hit my life like a wall. I can’t even hold a conversation for more than 10 seconds without wanting to jus let walk away. I feel as if everytime I give eye contact to someone they judge me badly in some way. Isolation is a relief to me and is the only thing that gets me through the day. I put ppl before me even if they have done bad things to me and don’t expect anything back without even noticing it.

  39. It’s like my mind is telling me to say something but I just can’t and I feel so rude but I just don’t what what to say anymore.

  40. I'm 34 and I've struggled with most situations described in the comments. Now I know there is no secret, if you want to live normally, you need to go out and do what you have to do like a normal person. You're gonna shake, you're gonna sweat, you're gonna have a hard time to talk or think clearly, you're gonna think you get ridicoulus, but it's not gonna kill you, it's gonna make you everytime a little stronger and more confident. I have been seeing a psychiatrist, gave me some drugs to help but told me that is not the solution. The solution is to beat the fears in real life situations everyday. Good luck folks.

  41. How do you live or adjust with social anxiety someone let me know I'm trying to become a better person but feeling this society anxiety is holding me back in my day to day life

  42. It's painful when you have a talent but you're too afraid to show some one due to social anxiety

    I think I am not the only one

  43. Going to people wearing masks, technology security, physical security, identity security, etc etc no detection in any way!!

  44. This disorder instigates me to involve in utube comment section discussions and finding people there who are just like you in the same boat relieves me a lot and drives that loneliness away to some extent. I am glad i can type at-least without any fear more importantly.

  45. -I’m afraid to say hi to people at work, even tho they’re chill but i feel like an outcast
    -I’m afraid to be judged. Constantly feel like i am and eyes or on me
    -I’m afraid of relationships because I don’t know what to do
    -I hate myself because when a girl likes me I do nothing because I don’t feel good enough
    -I don’t like going to family events because I feel judged by them
    -I’m afraid to open up and express my feelings. I bottle up my emotions
    -I sometimes regret talking, but also regret not talking
    -people always tell me i look mad or i’m come across as rude
    -I have low self esteem
    -my face turns red, and my back sweats a lot
    -i’m afraid to talk to supervisors or managers at work

  46. Any body else prefer to be single because theyre too afraid to text them or talk on the phone with them or even worse see them in person

  47. Always sit alone in class and wondering if anyone would come up and talk to me and at the beginning of every semester trying to plot ways of making friends but failing lmao

  48. Dropped out of high school in 2013 and also haven't left my house and had friends ever since due to social anxiety… hoping I'll leave this situation one day.

  49. -scared for the teacher to call on you
    -don’t like compliments
    -only talk if you absolutely have to
    -never put up your hand in class
    -pretend you don’t care
    -pretend to listen to music
    -can’t order my own food
    -pretend I don’t hear what you said
    (So I have time to think of a response)
    -hearing someone laugh, the gut wrenching feeling that they’re laughing at you.

  50. “I don’t want to be known as the quiet girl”

    Hit me. I just want confidence, why can’t I talk? Is there something wrong with me?

  51. I wanna make new friends and talk to others but i can't
    I wonder what it's like to live a normal life and go out with friends. Have a good paying job
    My mom told me my social anxiety got worse when i turned 13

  52. Just recently I went to an ice cream parlor with my dad and he told me that I was gonna ask for my ice cream because he knew how bad I am at social interactions. I faced the lady at the other side of the counter and nothing came out of me. I wanted so badly to just stop worrying and do it but it felt like my mouth was sewed up. Unable to speak, I just started crying. I felt like such a disappointment because I couldn't even do that simple thing. My mind began going everywhere and I grew dizzy. My hands were sweating and my breathing was heavy. This is what it's like. :/

  53. I am facing this every day it really sucks sometimes I hate to get up and go to my college I get really embarrassed when my professor call me even when I know the answer i can’t speak and i just say “I’m sorry i have no idea” it’s effect my academic life my grads!!! I can’t do anything about it

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