What NOT To Say To Someone Who Has Depression – And What To Say Instead

Definitely don’t make it about yourself. A lot of people will say, “Oh, well, you’re sad.” “Well, you know, it could be so much worse,” or “Everybody deals with hard times.” It’s not a choice. Nobody wants to experience these things. Nobody wants to go through them. Definitely say, “I’m here for you. Please let me know how I can be a support to you in any way that I can.” Recognize that every person is going through something that you can’t necessarily understand. If you see something on social media where someone doesn’t seem to be one hundred percent well, check in with that. Simply by saying “Hey, how’s it going?” And letting them know that you’re there for them doesn’t mean that you’re trying to get in their business. I just would be happy if people listened, and were accepting, and non-judgmental, you know. Just say, “I’m here for you. If you want to talk, talk. If you don’t want to talk, we can just sit here and eat pizza.

30 thoughts on “What NOT To Say To Someone Who Has Depression – And What To Say Instead

  1. Thank you AJ+ I have dealt with depression multiple times and currently am right now. People think that being judgemental is the way to go. I'm going to say it like it is, IF YOU DON'T DEAL WITH THIS YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT'S LIKE!

  2. I remember back in the day we have a saying: stick and bat may break my bone, but words can never hurt me.

    I don't ever remember seeing people being depressed when I was growing up. I guess the more things you have the more depression you get huh.

  3. this was actually in our health book at school. It was about how to deal with depression and what NOT to say if people you know have suicidal thoughts.

  4. Most of these things apply to anyone who is sad. If people implemented the things they saw in this video when dealing with people that are just on hard times or have depression then the wolrd would be so so much better.

  5. When you say "I'll be here" mean it. It doesn't help to just say you'll help, then make excuses to be anywhere else when they take up that offer.

  6. I had depression and I disagree with this video. My depression was mostly caused by medications so it was psychological. I do have depression now because my grandfather died and I have other issues but I realized that I need to stop being a little bitch and find something else to do. I am still not happy with my life but I, at least, find shit to do like hang out with friends or spar.

  7. This is how to approach a female when their depressed. By telling a male "I'll be there for u" makes us feel like we're less of a man and ultimately failures. Although this is stupid thinking, you do wether you notice it or not become pretty damn ignorant when your depressed.

  8. I haven't been diagnosed but I know for sure that I most likely have depression. The reason I haven't been diagnosed is because I'm scared. I'm scared what others will think, I'm scared what others will say, I'm just scared. My friends know about how depressed I am and cutting and stuff but I'm scared to tell my nana. I have a feeling she'll be understanding but she's likely just going to have a talk with me then dismiss it. I don't want to have a long talk with her, I just want help. I just want professional help.

  9. A person I know I've never hung out with but from what I've heard from my friends. They said he talks about crippling depression, and just being sad. Being abused all the time. I want to help him, but idk what to do? I've had this other friend who was really rude, and just mean. She says she's depressed, and liked showing me her cuts. I didn't like seeing them, because it made me sad. She see's it as a joke, and doesn't want to get better.

  10. I hate when people make It about themselves it just makes things feel worse I understand everyone goes through things ok I get that but understand I’m a human to I also have feelings and I handle things differently.

  11. Having depression and suicidal thoughts have made me learn how to lie and make stuff up on the spot, it really isn’t a good habit to have, I wish I could talk to my parents about it, but I am just too nervous about what they will say…

  12. Maybe this helps some people but I don’t get why people support this phrase

    Suicide only transfers the pain to someone else

    Obviously it looks like the people who support it don’t know the pain

    Or no that we already freaking know that. How is that supposed to make some of us not depressed anymore

    It’s like not that different from saying think about the harm you’ll cause by relieving yourself from the pain

    You’re being selfish don’t you care about your loved ones.

    You’re only hurting us so just keep the pain to yourself and keep going with your life

    I’d rather have someone tell me. Don’t die, I care about you

    Or your life is just as valuable as anyone else’s

    Being reminded of the pain I’ll cause my family brings me more and more into self doubt and esteem

    It’s like. I’m a burden alive and dead so what am I supposed to do

    Maybe this does help some people but I wished people would think. If you had felt that pain would you be happy to know that your chance at escape will just hurt the people you’re trying to help by commitment suicide

    Like I said I’d rear her have someone actually listen to me and tell me that it’s ok to feel the way I do. That my life is valuable. That I’m not a burden instead

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