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Hey everybody, happy Thursday. Now today I’m doing an FAQ and I have two questions that I am going to answer. And both, I haven’t really talked about that much so let’s get going. And if you are new to the channel welcome! And how you ask me questions for a potential video like this in the future is below my Monday video So the video that will come out this coming Monday, in the comments below you can ask a question using the hashtag #KatiFAQ or just hey Kati got a question I always look through them, I have to approve them all. Or you can hop on my website katiemorton.com under Kati’s videos on the tab across the top scroll down for Q & A for videos hit it and ask your question there. So let’s get going. First question says “Hey Kati, I have questions about ECT and its side effects and/or effectiveness. What is it like to get it and why do they recommend it for some people?” Now, ECT for those of you who don’t know is Electro Convulsive Therapy. And I’m just making sure I said that right because when I was looking at it earlier I kept in my head saying it wrong. Now, ECT is something that has been used since the 40s and 50s, but the thing that people I think misunderstand is how it’s changed over the years and how much more human they’ve made it. I know in the movies like if you watch A Beautiful Mind and stuff they have them going through ECT and his body shaky and they put wood in his mouth, all this stuff, but it is very different now than it was then, although it is still one of the most effective treatments for depression and the reason that they do it is when people have severe depression, they’re a danger to themselves, or have been in and out of the hospital and have tried all these treatment options and everything, and nothing worked and the depression’s getting worse and it’s just not looking good in the future for them, they’ll offer them ECT. So ECT is something that is usually…obviously everyone’s situation is different and if you are extremely suicidal and they’re really worried about you, they try medication, it doesn’t help, they may refer you to ECT earlier rather than later, but it’s usually one of the “later in the game” kind of things that they will refer you to do. And there are places that specifically do ECT treatment and you’ll go there for it. Now the way that it kind of works, I’m just reading from my notes so I don’t forget everything, is that they place electrodes on your scalp and a finely controlled electric current is applied while the patient is under general anesthesia. Now, I want to make sure that you understand that you’re under general anesthesia. So your muscles are completely relaxed, and your kind of asleep, for lack of a better term. And therefore, the only way you’d actually know that someone that’s getting ECT nowadays, while watching them get it done is maybe slight movements by their hands or feet, there’s no full-body convulsion, I believe they still put something between your teeth just so you don’t bite your tongue potentially, but it is very much not as horrific as they have shown in movies, it’s not what we used to think it is. It’s much more controlled and much more just humane looking in general. Now, the way it’s usually given up to three times a week for a total of 2-4 weeks depending on the severity of your depression. And what we know, the way that it affects our brain, is it stimulates the parts of our brain that aren’t usually producing enough dopamine or serotonin, which is leading to our depressive symptoms. Obviously everything is theorized, you know, we can’t look at a brain exactly while we’re doing it, but the controlled impulses help bring us out of depression and this has actually one of the highest success rates of any treatment of depression. And, so that is what ECT is, and why they decide to give it to certain people. Now it may… the side effects of it, as far as I know, and if anybody has any more information about the side effects, let me know because I’ve only had 2 patients, well I guess…2 patients that were mine, and when I was in the eating disorder treatment center, we had a lot of patients who had been through it, and the most common is short term memory loss. So usually around the time you get the ECT and the actual memory of receiving ECT may be really difficult for you to recall. Some people get headaches and that’s about all that I’ve heard from people and all that I’ve read about, those are the most common. It’s not like it’s wiping your memory from forever & ever, it’s usually just right around when you receive the treatment, people have trouble recalling when they went in, and for how long, and when it was, and what it was like. So those are the two most common it’s been very successful for my patients, so if your doctor’s recommending it I would encourage you to go. Okay? Now the second question, “Hey Kati, I have a question that could possibly be answered in one of your upcoming videos.” Well hey, here it is. “What do you do when your parents don’t believe in or support counseling for you? They’re just like ‘pray, pray, pray’ and exercise. They’re constantly talking down to those who struggle with depression and in an indirect way, talking about me. I hate it and I want help but I can’t get it at the moment.” That can be really, really difficult. The best thing that I would say, if you are young and you’re underage and there’s nothing that you could really do to get help on your own without your parents’ approval is online. That’s why katimorton.com exists, is because not all of us can get help when we need it and it’s a great resource to get support, to print out worksheets and workbooks, to kind of get your self-help game going. Now, I would encourage you to still reach out. Like I said before in other videos, if you’re over 12 years old, and able to participate openly and well in therapy, like emotionally participate, and whatever, let’s say your parents have insurance, or the person works on a sliding scale or you go to a free clinic, however you’re able to get there, you’re able to pay for whatever the fee is to see the therapist, and there’s a reason to not include your parents, like they’re not supportive and you’ve asked and they won’t get you help. You can still get help. If all of those things are happening, you can still find a therapist that will work with you. They’re just going to ask you about those things, and I would make sure they know before you actually go in for the appointment. When you make the appointment, let them know, but you can still get help. And also, school counselors are a great resource. Teachers are a great resource. And, like I said, the online community in general. If you have questions about depression or worries or things like that, my community has been very supportive. A lot of people have wonderful insights, I have a ton of videos on it, and I know that it’s not always perfect, but sometimes that’s the best we can do. And we have to start somewhere. So that is what I would do and I would also start journaling as a way to vent out what you’re feeling and going through, and know that you’re not alone. And if any of you have, you know, helpful websites and groups, and things, let us know below, I know there are a ton of resources out there and available to those of us who need help and support, especially in the summertime when we maybe can’t get a hold of our school counselor. But know that there are resources available. There are people out there to help, you just have to reach out and find them. And, the sooner the better. I love you all, I’ll see you, I don’t know, Friday or Saturday with a journal topic. Bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati is it normal to lie to my family about my depression because I feel as if they won't understand me even though depression runs in my family and they have gone through it, i just cant open up about it but I can admit it to myself that i have a problem? What should i do?

  2. They do put something between your teeth because with anything with electricity, your neurons freak out and fire repeatedly causing muscle contraction. It is so you don't bite your tongue and so you don't hurt your teeth.

  3. Also, Kati I want you to know this; I used to use The Trevor Project as help line for when I needed someone, but they have not been the best. The reason I say that is because they called the cops and my school on me multiple times for non emergencies. Even when I told them I will not do anything to danger myself, they still called them because I had suicidal thoughts. They also called the cops to my dorm because I had self harmed. I just want you to know that they have made things harder for me and I found it difficult to trust any help lines.

  4. I think my grandma got this done to her. She has had mental problems her whole life (and the 2nd world war didn't help that!) and was always in and out of the hospital. My mother told me that grandma got that done and it really helped her! I was shocked at first because I thought that then treatment was barbaric but I understand it better now. My grandma also has minor schizophrenia which she takes mess for. She's at a happy time in her life now. I think it's horrible that parents would refuse to get their child treatment! Isn't that abuse/neglect?! ):

  5. Hey Kati, Do you have strategies for breathing when having a Panic/Anxiety Attack.Breathing Through my nose nearly never works.Its really hard to control it for me,please help (: x

  6. Hey Kati! I was wondering how do you know it's time to see a therapist/counselor? I've dealing with anxiety for a while now. I'm trying to decide if seeing a therapist would be helpful or if I should keep working on it on my own.

  7. Kati I was a total zombie thu-out my ect therapy and I had to lie about how I was feeling about cutting just to make them stop. I did stop just because I didn't want to got thru any more ect so in a sense it did work but in the same way as if someone said they would beat you if you did it again.

  8. Hey Kati! I talked to you I believe it was last week saying my verification email for your website didn't send to me and I've tried a bunch of times, how can I fix this? (:

  9. Great video! Rachel Star is a youtuber who has schizophrenia. She talks a lot about mental health… and she talkes a lot about her experiences with ECT. I´ll link you a video of her! In this video she talkes about the pros and cons of that therapy. I can only recommend it!
    Here is the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjpmYSoApC0&list=PLxh4BuS77FZSxj5sHCamHEhAKmjBFK1VX&index=30

  10. hey kati great video! i was wondering what are some of the things that you may do in a manic episode of bipolar disorder. woupd sending out of character messages to friends you really care about?

  11. When I spent a year at a private psychiatric hospital in Dallas I saw ECT do a lot of good. I've sometimes wondered if my psychological infirmities would yield to it. I'm in the public system now, so I guess it isn't available to me.

  12. Hey Kati, I remember in one of your videos you said you like Florance and the machine (I think it was shake it out) and I wanted to let you know she's out with a new album! It's amazing one of my favorites is Various Storms and saints! Hope you like the album! 🙂

  13. Great channel "Fixers UK", they oftern show short films or documentaries about all topics of menthal health, they also raise awareness.

  14. Hey Kati. I love your video's. They've really helped me realize that I need to go to a therapist or counslor. I've been struggling for 6 years and finally want help. But I will be leaving soon for collage and will be 6 hours away from home. Should I start therapy now and just stop when I leave for school or wait until I get there? I'm not sure what to do. 

  15. I had a friend who had ECT and it mess her up. She end up having been misdiagnosed in the first place and I think she had ECT 3 times and it didn't work and she barely remembered anything from that time.

  16. Hey kati, I asked on your website, so i'll ask it again on here: Can you cure homesickness? My mother passed away recently, and I'm now living with her friends since she was single. Now I find myself really homesick all the time. Someone said I may be grieving, but my T tells me I'm not at that stage yet since all my emotions, minus this homesickness, have disappeared and I'm in a strong set of denial. I'd love to not feel homesick anymore…so is it curable?

  17. Someone I know had ECT back in the early 2000/late 90's. And he does have probs with short term memory, but I think it changed him and took a while to get the real him back.

    As for the second question I am one that took full advantage of counselors in high school…but the "state" people they sent me to..they were horrible. One said I was lying to get attention..which was the most ridiculous thing ever. Everyone NEEDS to be aware not all  therapist will be a match for us. It might take a few bad apples til you find one you click with.

  18. Hi Kati! I have a video idea for you. Maybe you could do a video that is basically a video that you can watch while you are having a panic attack. Like you would basically talk us through having one. It could include deep breathing techniques, distraction and whatever else you think could help.

  19. I am about to start EMDR (this Thursday) and would also like more info!!! I will alternate weeks w my regular therapist but am nervous. And YouTube doesn't say enough that I've found. Thank you for everything you do Kati 🙂

  20. Hello! I was wondering if you could do a video discussing Psychotic Depression (signs and symptoms and when to look for help). I love your videos by the way! <3

  21. Hey Katie I was wondering if you could do another video on Aspergers and how to deal with the intense anxiety, worrying and difficulty communicating with others? For example just today I was with my parents visiting my elderly aunt in another state about two hours away from my home. I got a wave of anxiety and panic. I couldn't calm down and was super paranoid and scared. My parent tried to ask me what was wrong and tried making me feel better but nothing did. What should I do in times like this? Thanks Katie! ~Tori ❤️ #KatieFAQ

  22. In relation to online self help its not Such as getting help but if you want to find out about anything a good website and app is Quizlet hope this helps someone

  23. Brilliant video! This was actually released on the day of my 11th ECT treatment, hence why I never saw it until now. Unfortunately it didn't work for me, but I saw it work for several other people. And for anyone reading this who may be about to undergo ECT or who is considering it, don't be scared – I know I was terrified, but it's nothing like how it was in the 50s and 60s. Really, it's just like going to sleep for half and hour! Thanks so much Kati for putting this information out there, for the people who need it 🙂

  24. Hi Katie. ECT looks very promising but the memory loss seems to be a huge issue. Some people say that even the "essence" of the person who has had ECT is temporarily or permanently altered. Example , a you tube woman who was an avid piano player never played again until a decade or more after having ECT. I Really like your videos. You seem trustworthy and down to earth. PLEASE, PLEASE find out more about ECT and the memory loss and post it. PLEASE

  25. Alos TMS. Transcranial magnetic stimulation. ECT and TMS seem like the only things to turn to for treatment resistant patients. Years and years of different meds, combos of meds and ulterior techniques with little or no relief causes the deepest sense of despair and hopelessness.

  26. Thank u for a such brilliant and most useful video about ECT. I was looking for a way to counsel patient for ECT coz I will have an exam soon and it ended me up here

    I just wanna add this comment for all

    Electroconvulsive Therapy :

    1)induction of a grand mal seizure using an electrical pulse through the brain while the patient is
    under general anesthesia with a muscle relaxant
    • unilateral vs. bilateral electrode placement

    2) indications
    ƒ depression refractory to adequate pharmacological trial
    ƒ high suicide risk
    ƒ medical risk in addition to depression (dehydration, electrolytes, pregnancy)
    ƒ previous good response to ECT
    ƒ familial response to ECT
    ƒ elderly
    ƒ psychotic depression
    ƒ catatonic features
    marked vegetative features
    ƒ acute schizophrenia unresponsive to medication
    ƒ mania unresponsive to medications

    3) side effects: risk of anesthesia, memory loss (may be retrograde and/or anterograde, tends to
    resolve by 6 to 9 mo, permanent impairment controversial), headaches, myalgias
    • evidence that unilateral ECT causes less memory loss than bilateral but may not be as effective

    4) contraindications: increased intracranial pressure

  27. The stories I've heard of people going through serious severe depression and then getting ECT. It almost brings a tear to my eye to hear how much better they felt after it and that they recovered from such a dark dark grizzly place. It literally pulled them from the edge of the cliff for some I've talked to.

  28. I'm getting Biotempo electroconvulsive therapy. it WORKS I'm getting my 30th treatment by the end of this month I'm actually in tears writing this because I'm so mad I didn't here about this treatment 6 years ago when my depression all started. ECT is a slow process it takes a few months to completely wake up from depression but it's SOOOOOO WORTH IT AND IT WORKS SOOOOOO MUCH FASTER THAN ANTIDEPRESSANTS you can notice a large difference after you wake up after every treatment . ECT SAVED my life i was losing hope because i had tried everything and nothing was working but ECT changed everything. I still have my depression but I have the hope and strength now I had lost and desperately needed to win this battle . my side effects arent serious just temporary memory loss but it COMES BACK! and it doesn't bother me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ECT for any mental illness

  29. I take ECT and all the passwords after the ECT and emails ,phone numbers where gone , but that therapy was magic for me all began to work they estimate the zerotonines of the brain with a little of electricity and you don't feel absolutely nothing after the act you feel for me like the happiness comes to life ,the medicines began to work again ,to much things
    I suggest you make a list of all your passwords ,phone numbers , emails ,important things.
    but you wake up feeling you but much better.

  30. My stepdad abused me as a child. I was thrown in a psyche ward and forced to have ECT.
    Now I suffer from memory problems that cause me to have trouble at work.
    My depression is gone because I'm no longer being abused by that man.

  31. Bringing all the DSM 5 information to my psychiatrist on my next visit. This could be the start to getting my life back after 21 months . Checking my insurance as soon as I finish your post . Thank you

  32. I really want to get into contact with others that had the bad ECT-experience in their teens. I'm right now getting my life back together, trying to get into university and finally making the most of my life. ECT messed up my memory permanently, it's been ten years and I suppose it was a blessing that my brain hadn't developed fully when I received the shocks at age 15 as it improved slightly after. While some skills(comprehension, long-term memory) stayed unaffected, my short term memory, navigation and performance under stress or with distractions suffered greatly. I also strugle with finding common words while talking at the same time. I'd love to share tips and tricks on coping with the brain-damage and stress. Please send me a message of you want to talk!

  33. Hi kati can you plz tell me how i can get ECT in greece i cant find where they do it i am desperate ><!!!Thanks

  34. I had several rounds of ECT last year. It was definitely a last resort for me. I lost about a 2 year range of memory and things will come back to me in little spurts. It was really frustrating at first because during the treatment (which was harmless in and of itself, in fact I really looked forward to the part where I got the anesthesia because even though I could only experience that state of going unconscious for literally seconds it was so releasing knowing that in that moment I could "feel" at ease) I pretty much slept from visit to visit and was pretty useless. One side effect I experienced that is very rare is a condition called Olfactory Hallucinations. It is this very strange sensory issue that takes over your sense of tastes and smell. EVERYTHING smelled and tasted like fabric softener.
    I know that sounds like that wouldn't be so bad but it was horrible. Every breath I took was even effected. I couldn't eat. Typically this issue presents itself with a rotten, putrid odor so I am VERY thankful mine wasn't that kind. Naomi Judd wrote about experiencing this in a book she recently wrote but hers was the putrid kind and it lasted two and a half years. Like hers, it ended as suddenly as it began. Mine only lasted a few weeks. My doctors had never heard of such a thing so I had to do all the research on my own and it turns out it happens to people who routinely suffer from seizures. The doctor that preformed my ECT treatments had never heard of it. I don't know if no one had ever experienced it or if they did and weren't taken seriously.
    The memory loss was very difficult because for the first few months I had such severe memory loss I couldn't even remember the names of my children, I couldn't drive because nothing looked familiar. It was, in and of itself, very depressing. But with time I have been gaining back my memory little by little. It was like learning to walk again. I had to ask my kids where we kept things around the house (Which at one point I had running like a well oiled machine). It felt like the only thing I could say was IDK about everything, I felt so lost. I am not completely over that but I will say my suicidal thoughts are completely gone. So, that can be counted as a success. I was completely off all meds (having burned through about every kind on the market. My body was simply resistant to depression meds.) The anxiety of having to relearn my life came with a new onslaught of anxiety issues, which had never been a problem before treatment. I see my therapist once a week, take meds for both depression and anxiety now. I can't say I am all better because the slightest change in my routine is very difficult for me to push through but I seem to be able to do it. That's in huge part to my supportive husband who is really good about not pushing me and understanding if I am simply having a day where I need to peace out and know that the next day has new opportunities. The same can not be said for other members of my family who see mental illness as a "Just get over it" issue and as if I had a broken leg and my cast was removed I should be totally healed and running marathons. It's not a sprint, it is a long winding path with peaks and valleys but at least I am not wondering around aimlessly looking for the nearest cliff to jump off of!

    ECT WAS NOT A PIECE OF CAKE, IT IS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK OR A QUICK FIX, but I would definitely recommend it to others, barring they have someone in their life that will care for them during and after the treatments. Someone who loves them, can remember who you can be and hold out hope that you will one day return to your former glory. No matter how long it takes.

    Above all else, I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for walking along side me. He never said we won't have troubles in this life, because we will but its not the fact that you have faced troubles but it's what you do with what you have learned that matters. When the time comes, I am going to write a book about this and many other journey's I've been on in this life. Hopefully others will read it and find hope and healing.

  35. I'm interested in rTMS. Can you do a video about this form of treatment and how it compares to ECT. I have treatment resistant depression and if I were to try a form of extensive therapies such as ECT, DBS or rTMS, I think I would prefer to try rTMS first, if that didn't work, I'd try ECT then and finally DBS. What are your thoughts on these forms of treatment, comparatively.

  36. Hmmm… I get depressed, but I'm not letting some doctor electro-shock my brain! Sounds barbaric! It should be illegal!!

  37. I went through around 6 years of severe depression that didn't respond to drugs and suicidal ideation. I was told ECT was my last option and I took it. At first it seemed great but my depression kept coming back requiring to have more ECT. It eventually damaged my brain so severely that I have been diagnosed with chronic encephalopathy– sometimes they say dementia– and I'm being monitored in case this is progressive. My doctors denied ECT was the cause– I couldn't get rehabilitation without a doctor referral. This this almost led to my suicide. This was in my early 20s. It's been 11 years and I still struggle with everyday actives, processing emotions and communication. I can't work enough to support myself. I'm not alone in this– I help run an ECT survivor support group with close to 200 people who have been permanently disabled by ECT. Few if any had doctors acknowledge the cause, nor have they been offered appropriate testing or rehabilitation. If you are considering ECT, please, please talk to people who have been injured by it first so you can make truly informed choice.

  38. I did 200 rounds of Ect I lost my whole memory and have frieands and family tell me who I once was past two years I been figure things out.

  39. I’m still so upset that I got ECT for 7 months and it didn’t work for me. Just to let people know, ECT doesn’t help when you have personality disorders like me. Unfortunately, they found out about my personality disorders after I had undergone ECT for so long. I also have depression and bipolar which ECT is known to help but it didn’t work sadly.

  40. I had 11 ECT "sessions"(?) still as depressed as ever but now my memorys fucked (more so than before). But the statistics are still hugely positive so i still recommend it.

  41. Just because it looks more presentable it is still barbaric. The brain is the most complex organ and not fully understood. I read a neurologist state it's like doing surgery on a computer with a chainsaw.

    That being said I love you Kati your a good soul

  42. People is so stuped they whant to fix their lives with a pile or by doing nothing. Do exercise thats the best antidepretion.

  43. You seem nice, but you are basically just advertising for doctors here. The reality is it's still killing brain cells, causes crippling memory loss and cognitive dysfunction. It is nothing more than a closed-brain lobotomy. Yes, the brain can heal from trauma, but most people need repeated treatments, which will eventually result in permanent brain damage. The fact is this is a terrible last resort, it's lazy and irresponsible to believe this is the best we can do.

  44. Definitely should exercise and pray but counseling is nothing different than talking to somebody. I would be so surprised if anybody in America said you shouldn’t talk about things that are bothering you especially to someone who is professional. Maybe they don’t want you to take medication and you’re leaving that out. As long as no one wants to apply religious people don’t except counseling because that’s very biblical to do so or medication when needed.

  45. Lane, there are 1 million churches that would offer free therapy to people. That’s annoying your parents won’t help but you can go find it

  46. My own mother had an ECT done on her cuz she attempted to kill me so the doctors forced her to get an ECT and she got it and when she came out of hospital for it she was perfect! But then she started to go down hill then she got worse. Her attempts at my life got more and more too close for comfort! Then her final attempt, cost her own life.

  47. WASTE of time and money for me, didn't do a damn thing, didn't even give me memory loss. Woke up disoriented gained orientation in 10 minutes. I'm still depressed and suicidal so obviously the issue isn't brain chemistry for me though when I take ketamine or subtex the world is bearable for a few minutes to an hour or so thank goodness for that I'd have shot myself along time ago.

  48. I used to work in a psychiatric center and one of the patients there was going through ECT he did not seem to like it very much and it didn't seem effective I think that most patients would prefer talk therapy.

  49. Kati, have you ever heard of clinical trials using Esketamine to treat major depressive disorder? I've been through two of the Esketamine trials and both did amazing things for me. Unfortunately, this was many many years ago.

  50. My sister was on medication for many years is there 70s 80s my sister had ECT several times that also did not work for her she is now past she also was institutionalized for 13 years she still suffered after she was released due to medications and our family cancer finally took her life at the age of 65 due to all the different types of medications that she took throughout her lifetime which never helped her due to the ECT not helping her she did not die from overdose of medication she did not take her life she died from cancer at the age of 65 she suffered terribly with depression and cancer finally took her life.

  51. It might be humane looking during the procedure. But I have had it. It was 15 years ago and my mental functions and emotional life are still very much damaged. Thats not humane. I dont care so much about how it looked during the procedures.

  52. In two days, I have to "voluntarily" check myself in for a 72 hour psych evaluation, all because I made the mistake of telling the wrong person that I have my suicide planned out. Either that, or I'll be admitted against my will.

    I'm going to request an ECT treatment, because pills do not work, and I can't take the side effects. I've read that the success rate is between 75%-83%. I need for this mental anguish to end soon, or I'm going to end it, myself. I've been dealing with this since I was 5 or 6. I'm 44 now, and I can't fight this off much longer, nor do I have anything in my life to fight for.

  53. I had 12 sessions of ECT for bipolar depression. I had tried several different drugs and didn’t respond. I needed to go back to work and heard this was extremely successful. I understood that I might have memory problems for up to 6 months around the time of treatment. My husband didn’t really want me to do it but I had a successful career that I wanted to get back to. Well, I suffered permanent brain damage. My husband describes it to people as he would have thought I had Alzheimer’s if it hadn’t started at the same time. I have problems that my dad did after his stroke. I don’t remember some people, events, spelling problems, sentence structure, searching for words, problems reading and recognizing words. I used to be able to do complex math in my head and now I have difficulty doing simple math. My husband said I could do it in my head faster than he could enter it in a calculator. I may watch a TV show and the next week say the new episode doesn’t make sense because I couldn’t remember the previous episode. I can watch a movie and forget ever seeing it. So many psychiatrists don’t want to confirm the possibility that it could be caused by ECT. I saw a doctor that didn’t say it was likely but later asked if it was bilateral, which it was, and said that it was most common in that type. He retired and I had to find a new doctor. This one believed me and had me tested. It actually showed how bad I am. I’m almost 10 years post ECT and I’ve never recovered despite everything that I’ve tried. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband who is so patient and understanding. He will watch TV shows or movies again, help me find the word I’m searching for, give me reminders and similar things. Hindsight is 20/20 and I would never do ECT again but I realize it is very helpful for some people. I really would advise people to try everything else first. I did it because I wanted to get better and go back to work but I tried to go back and couldn’t do my job anymore. If you decide to get ECT, find a very good doctor and never get bilateral ECT.

  54. This is disingenuous. People have SEVERE memory loss and memory impairment afterward.
    Its basically giving yourself BRAIN DAMAGE. DO NOT DO ECT unless it's the very last option… and I mean after YEARS of trying something else.
    Many who have suffered from ECT are not vocal about it because they are confused, doctors and insurance companies deny injury, and they are embarrassed
    They have lost IQ, ability to remember well, lost their jobs and livelihood.
    DONT DO IT !!!!
    I think they have another method called TMS that is better, and longer lasting, with none of the ECT side effects and trauma.
    If I could get ahold of the doctor that did ECT to my friend, I'd put a car battery to his head and see how he likes it!
    (He probably wouldnt even remember it was me who did it to him).

  55. It’s been sanitise so it LOOKS humane- it does unbelievable damage.
    It is common sense that zapping people’s brains inevitably cause brain damage.
    It may SEEM to work, short term, but long term…..

  56. I had the old fashion
    "Horror Movie"treatment ..fun times..
    "Bite this" plastic underwear, fish out of water thrashing about…

  57. I just began ECT. So far so good. No muscle aches, headaches, or anything else. I am half way to the 12 total treatments my psychiatrist recommended. I will update soon.

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