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  1. it doesn't suck its just doing what it always does.. show us hows and whats if its in our general interests thats what makes it good or not

  2. Howcast sucks now because they're informing us about diseases and eating disorders that have killed other people and they're informing us about it so we're better educated about it and know what to do if we or someone we love has an eating disorder?

    Yeah, Howcast really does suck, doesn't it?

  3. Cure for anorexia: Attractive man walks up to girl with anorexia and says, "Sorry girl I like big booby bitches" and dances away

  4. My cusin has this but she wont listen to us or her docter and shes very weak and too skinny you see her ribs and arm.bones and im very worried about her my howl family is:( 🙁 🙁

  5. English? we aren't all professionals you know guess not and I for one have no clue what this lady in the video was talking about :s something about cores, cool I can sleep easier thinking about cores, cores of what exactly so confusing ¬¬

  6. Everyone says I'm anorexic , because I'm very skinny . I'm 13 almost 14 I'm 4'11 and weigh 64 pounds . I'm under weight yes , but I eat a lot . My body just doesn't take in the weight from the calories as much as it should . My doctor even told my mom I'm not anorexic (she was worried I was ) and he said I'd just be very small . I'm just saying no one needs to be called anorexic or be a cussed of it unless you really are (then you need help . I'm not making fun of anorexics because sometimes they have good reasons to why they don't eat (you aren't just born anorexic .)

  7. To the majority of the comments: anorexia is not a weight, it is a mindset, a psychological condition. Just because you are underweight DOES NOT mean you are anorexic. In fact, you dont need to be underweight to have an eating disorder. Also i hope nobody wants or should 'try to have' anorexia because its not as glamorise as you think. It kills you. Please just stop with all the comments like these

  8. Guys have it too, all. No one believed I had an eating disorder because of my gender. It's not always a thin-faced girl in a white dress.: http://elitedai.ly/1mWt9M1

    Any sort of share or mention would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time. Keep on being awesome.


  9. my friends ask me of I eat because I'm really skinny an can see an feel my ribs but I eat a lot! like no joke

  10. idk what i have but i just dont feel like eating and i feel like im sick bc i LOVE food and i haven't told my parents about this. i usually have been starving myself bc i don't want to eat and when i do i feel like i bloat and makes me want to throw up but i dont. anyone help? idk what to do

  11. so, to be diagnosed you have to have destroyed your body to the point that it is giving up? you have to be underweight? that should be the criteria to being admitted to a clinic, not to just be diagnosed and get help outside a clinic (like regular meeting with psychologist).
    there are enough girls who starve themself and are not underweight, maybe even overweigt

  12. Wh does everyone always think that you alreafdy have to be underweight to be considered anorexic? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. People should be getting diagnosed as anorexics then getting the appropriate help with it before they become underweight, way less people would be dying that way.

  13. How can I help my friends with anorexia? I know very little about it so I don't know what to say to them and it's really horrible

  14. i have starved myself a little i stoped eafing breackfist and. somtimes lunch and somtimes i used to eat snakes but kbow i dont ita rair i do im fat peaple say im not but i am

  15. 0:30 of this video
    Okay, anorexia is when you stop eating. Anorexia is not just when someone critically underweight refuses to eat, those who are overweight and refuse to eat ARE ALSO ANOREXIC.

  16. ok so i have wanted to be skinny since 2015, and i finally am skinny, but it was because i ate less. i isolated myself. i now know that it's not good at all. what i've done to my body is have painful bones stick out of me and my knees hurt when i walk. my hip bones hurt when i lie don, my back bone hurts when i sit down, and my hair thinned out and i'm probably getting bald spots. i don't do the "calling therapist" thing. i try to fix myself on my own. i'm hoping i will recover. ♥️

    edit: ignore my mis spells 😛

  17. What? I'm 60 pounds and I can see my ribs if I inhale I also have 2 spots next to my belly. I don't have a fear of gaining weight too, I also try to eat to gain weight .
    Can someone PLEASE explain to me? I'm only 10! 🙁

  18. Thank you for the video, I'm anorexic and really underweight I'm 23 years old 5'3 and weigh 41 kgs, Ive been enjoying being petite for a long time but now Im paying attention to the consequences and Im trying my best to gain some weight back but im struggling cuz Ive got used to not eating enough so now when I try to eat more I just end up sick and give up

  19. This is why you shouldnt be bothered about what other people say either your fat or skinny. But this mostly accurs with people who think they're fat "and they start to exercise and go on very tiny diet. Its like they starve themselves because of what people say. Then when they are TOO skinny but they still think they're fat they go to the extreme stage were there body develops a condition and they pass out. And wake up with tubes.

  20. not anorexic here I AM NOT. ok now i eat a lot or you could say normal and i really want help in gaining weight i weigh 55kg and i dont move or anything and still burn food how to i gain weight what food (ready to eat dont want to cook or assemble anything) that i can get to help me HELPP

  21. I feel like the underweight are underconcerned for, but if someone weighs 579 pounds, they great praised as a beautiful hero

  22. I'm like SOOO FATTTTT
    My parents tease me that I'm fat and all…
    I've been skipping meals since last week…Idk what to do

  23. The fact that you have to be a certain weight to be diagnosed is the reason so many Anorexic patients never get treated, or get far far worse until they do get taken seriously, often when it is too late. If anyone with Anorexia is watching this but doesn't have a very low weight, please know that your illness is still serious and please please get help. You can have Anorexia at ANY size! Anorexia is a MENTAL illness, NOT a body type!

  24. At meal times i’ll just say I already ate, they get mad at me for already eating but it seemed worth it at the time.

  25. I hate the fact that I like starving myself… it is truly unhealthy but i can't help it…🙁🙁🙁 I was 55 kg last month and now I am 49 kg…

  26. One of my friend was
    diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa. He consulted various Allopathic Doctors but
    not much relief was there. Then I told him about Planet Ayurveda. He visited
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  27. Can you get anorexia from not being able to eat? My friend can’t eat as she feels “too full” and “sick” to eat anything, she knows she’s not fat or anorexic but she hasn’t eaten anything for 4 days and we are having an argument about it because she is saying that the only way you can get anorexia nervosa is by refusing to eat, but I think that you can get it from not being able to eat anything and also refusing

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