What Happens When We Aren’t Home? ~ Brothering Autism

[Music] what’s up guys welcome to the vlog mall Jaguar doubt mom’s all Jaguar doubt is we’re going in the game guys guru so we’re going to two games is here we got to go against go to the Texans game it’s today I told Purcell I’m not going any games when it’s like I’m gonna degrees out not doing that it’s not happening it’s gonna be like in the 70s today like high 70s at best right yes it’s amazing I’m still wearing shorts though because it’s like direct Sun in that Stadium so super excited to do that go to the Texas game and then we have to go to the Redskins game because Isiah and I Redskins fans but I’m representing for the wife’s team today that’s right yeah I’m not getting booed walking in there wearing something else but when the Redskins come to town better believe it I’m gonna leave you guys in the capable hands of Brethren autism [Music] bye I love you my mom love you have fun thank you love you okay bye dad see you all your time bye guys yeah hey don’t get too crazy just cuz you have an uber okay alright see ya the parents are away and now the kids will play Abby look at his eyes so much fun oh my god you’re gonna sing okay guys having do you know what time it is yes you do you know what time it is is the sensory time we got all kinds of stuff laid out and Abby’s already started going so I’m just gonna let her go I’m just gonna let it happen oh man so a pro tip if you um did you like to do sensory stuff like this whether by yourself or with your kid wherever you’re doing it with clean the table first because when you have things like slime you get dirt in your slime and that’s just not a positive always clean your your surface because I’ve made that mistake plenty of times hey let’s try and keep it on the tray I brought out the tray for a reason you know all that kind of thing how are you already making a mess we just started you know last time we did this I had to clean kinetic sand out of the cracks you love it don’t put it on the tray though cuz it yeah we want kinetic sand mixed with a slime blur to do okay be careful why oh there’s kinetic sand in that slime this is why we appreciate you guys sending us so much slime because then we get to destroy it and we always have a reserve this time we’re gonna try and not get any sensory items in our mouth that is the goal I’ve set for myself right AB yeah hey do you want to listen to some music no you you want to go we’re not going yet well go in a little bit okay yeah it’s this one I think my favorite is this stuff the Orbeez type deal look how satisfying that looks this could be put on one of those um those YouTube channels or they do like it’s like an ASMR video you ready hey guys Barbie’s making noises thank you for listening to the brother and autism and some are video everybody’s so nice [Music] [Applause] you see this now you’re trying to wrestle me on the floor trying to get me to go down to your level I won’t have it I will not rest him I won’t fall into that have he’s a mean fighter to you she kicks she’ll kick you all day like that mom and dad are at the game we’re not doing so hot hey do you want to go eat like a goof right now let’s give you some food all right we are going to get us some food Abby you ready hey yeah we’re ready okay let me grab my keys and such last time you were and I went out by ourselves we actually did not even get to get out of the car Abby was finding me so much to stay in the car because she loves some music she knows I will crank up the music to whatever she wants to be so we’re hopefully gonna try and get out of the car this time if she’s really not having it that’s fine but I’m gonna do my best so here we go huh is it to hand operation so bye I remember if dad mentioned in the vlog my car is currently out of commission it is at my school so we are driving the the terrain today the fancy terrain so better air-conditioning and better sound system and we’re just gonna have a grand old time right Abbi you ready to go inside yeah come on let’s go you don’t want to go you sure I knew this child would do this she the mole we get in the car and we start listening to music she doesn’t want to get out all right looking the drive-through we just got home I’m super tired she over there is acting all giggly we’re just gonna hang out I’m gonna finish up this homework I have hopefully I think this might be the end of othering autism this episode of course come back next time folks stay a while we might bring the kids because they’ve got a family section now there’s no profanity no drinking yeah opposite of that section yeah hi fathering autism is that my daughter hi guys hi kiddo did you no fool you better get up did you have fun yes good good she like won’t come out of her room yeah I’m like fight nurse wants to chill in her room she’s a teenager now so we’re just like normal siblings like you’re like typical siblings you know people like like what do you guys do well now should we don’t do anything like she just hangs out i watch football and she plays in a room with a toys house the mess I think we’re gonna clean the house for the rest for this afternoon yeah yeah what watch the football game and do little housecleaning and stuff like that yeah get it all squared away get ready for the week yeah yeah Paxton week I’ve said it before I’ll say it again my mom likes football more than I do yeah it’s true great all right guys that’s it for us they hope you enjoyed more brothering autism tell me what do you got left over 40 bucks Wow 20 bucks Wow you can keep it really yeah you know pay you to babysit cuz I need no we’re gonna give you lunch money too you dork yes that’s even better that’s so cool okay have you gonna close it out say bye to everybody hey come here okay close it out say bye to everybody fine okay guys make sure you hit that like button if you like the the brothering autism segment I know you guys do everybody always asked for more of them there are a lot of fun to dance yeah see you next time bye right oh my gosh this is really funny I didn’t Abby [Music]

100 thoughts on “What Happens When We Aren’t Home? ~ Brothering Autism

  1. Love you guys. Y’all have taught me so much. I strive to be as patient as y’all. Isaiah, your a wonderful brother who is blessed with a wonderful family. ❤️much ❤️

  2. Your son is the cutest! You guys sure know how to raise a gentleman! And I can’t tell how old he is but he seems super mature! Good job mom and dad! Been binge watch!

  3. It makes my heart so warm to know that people like Isaiah exists and they way that he handles her almost makes me cry❤️

  4. I use a piece of tape that doesnt hurt the table and the tray can be quickly moved, but it keeps the tray in place and slighly keeps whatever it is on the tray. Kinect sand is memorizing for my daughter.

  5. I just updated my job status on Facebook to working at a camp with special needs kids, and this inspires me. One of my campers last year was a girl with autism, and it was great! Great job Isaiah!

  6. I did Plato sensory therapy for my right hand and when I was little watching Isaiah and Abbie play with that brings back memories

  7. You have an amazing young man for a son. Bless you all from New Zealand. Would love to send something special for Isiah and Abbie, but to where?

  8. I have been ben watching these vids I can't get over how much of an awesome family you all are it's truly amazing 💗 😍 wonderful family Abby has an awesome supportive family it always makes my day to see another video and I'm new been watching for about a week b half now 😍

  9. I am from Indonesia and I really like this vlog because there is a lot knowledge that I get,thank you 😄😄😄

  10. I love her t -shirt! Great brother! My french bulldog likes to play with that sand too. I burry small objects and she tries to find them. I love your channel!

  11. I love the Brothering Autism!! 🤩💕 I’ve said it before—Isaiah’s a great brother and son!! 🥰😁💚

  12. Popping in to say I love y’all! I also want to say that Redskins is a racial slur and shouldn’t be accepted so openly.

  13. Thank you for letting so many people have a window into your life. I just started watching and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to see into my future a little bit. I have a non verbal severely autistic son who is six and a neurotypical three year old daughter. These videos bring joyful tears to my eyes. Sending your family lots of love.

  14. Loved this you guys were truly blessed with an older caring loving and gentle son that was perfectly made for Abbie ❤️❤️

  15. The BrotheringAutism vlogs are so cute!!!!! I really appreciate those segments a lot!! 😊😍😍😍💗💗💗💗💗
    Love when Abigail is all giggly, her smile very sweet, and the way she interacts with Isiah is super adorable, and how he interacts with her as well 😊😍😍❤💙💜💚 xo

  16. I think I'd be a different person if I had an older brother like that instead of one who made fun of me all the time.

  17. My kiddo loves slime and the sand .. ASMR😂 my guy with severe autism loves those videos and it drove me crazy hearing the eating noises at first.. You are an awesome brother and huge help to your parents !! My other two kids on the spectrum aren't into sensory things .. I literally take my guy everywhere with me . It's nice you listen to her body language and such as to what she can handle . Looks like your parents enjoyed the game mostly !

  18. I just had the most stressful work shift and this just instantly made me feel better. Thanks for being the cutest family ever.

  19. Why is the pup in the cone of shame? Poor lil guy. Great big brother!!!! I hope my son is a great man like him.

  20. wait I never knew kids or people in general with autism speak with sign language, or what I presume to be sign language. that's so cool

  21. I can't even begin to explain how happy it made me feel when he hugged her and she started giggling UGH

  22. I’ve been binge watching you guys all day (sick day)….I don’t think there are more kind, loving and genuine people on YouTube. It’s truly a pleasure.

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