What food would you serve an alien for dinner? – Brains On! listeners weigh in

You’re listening to Brains On! from American Public Media. And today we’re talking aliens. Specifically if aliens came to Earth, what food should we serve them? We’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions. If I fed aliens a dish, I would feed them brussel sprouts I would feed the aliens a taco platter because they could have all sorts of things. There would be all the vegetables like lettuce, onions, tomatoes, avocados and peppers. Then you would have all that meat. I would feed an alien a banana because they’re very healthy and I think their radioactivity would give them extra strength. I would feed an alien zucchini because it is the color of most aliens and it is healthy. I would feed aliens green beans because they are green and aliens are green. I would serve them homemade minestrone soup because I think it is really delicious and it has carbs and vegetables and everything to make you strong and healthy. And if you put in beans it also adds protein. I would give them Cheerios because they look like alien space ships. I would feed an alien pizza because to bake the pizza.

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