What Are Photons? What’s The Electromagnetic Spectrum?

hi in this video we’re continuing story about photon before we start if you want to get whole picture watch our previous video about sun in light year photon is elementary particle he’s like transportation vehicle for electromagnetic forces like all elementary particles photons are best explained by quantum mechanics because they exhibit wave particle duality considering that photos don’t have mass they will almost always move with maximum speed in the universe that is equal to the speed of light 299 792 KM/S kilometers per second in this video we are talking about the light that is only visible for human eye sight in electromagnetic spectrum the visible part of spectrum for us and the most animals is placed between 380 and 760 nanometers of wavelength in this length you can find all seven colors from which human eye can make up to 10 billions of different shades and because evolution didn’t provide us with organs to detect other wavelengths we are trying to fill that deficiency with machines that can see for us human inventions help us learn about our environment in our place in universe in which we live I hope you heard something new in my video and you can now share this knowledge with your friends and family by sharing the video on your social media and that way you will help us in making more science videos like this thank you for a time you

15 thoughts on “What Are Photons? What’s The Electromagnetic Spectrum?

  1. In what way are red, blue and yellow the basic colors? they seem like pretty arbitrary spots on the em spectrum to me.

    "Noting in space travels faster then light"
    πŸ™ come on, you can do better
    Β "Nothing in space travels faster than light"

  2. Thank you for sharing this interesting video. I saw some interesting videos, with new theories aboutmotion and colorfulness of photons, on SALEH THEORY-com chanel.

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