What are personal health budgets?

Personal health budgets are increasingly available for disabled people and people with long-term conditions These budgets allow people to receive care
and support that best suits them. Previously, the NHS would decide what form
of care and support a person received, and when they’d receive it. However with personal health budgets, the
recipient (or their representative) can decide what outcomes they want to achieve, and how
their budget will be used to meet these outcomes, with the agreement of their NHS team. That means people have more choice, control
and flexibility, over their care and support. It’s worth noting that we’re not using new
money for personal health budgets. We’re using money that’s already available for care and
support, but in a different way. The evidence shows that personal health budgets
help people have a better experience of care and support, and improve their quality of
life. To see if you’re eligible, visit www.nhs.uk/personalhealthbudgets or speak to your local clinical commissioning group.

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