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Good morning, everybody. I am at the Welsh Autism Show! I’m back again I cannot believe it’s been a year since the last show. How… what is time, how has it gone so fast? You can probably tell already It’s huge. This room has like tripled in size this year Which is great because that was the one thing that was a little bit difficult last year with the size of the room. But yeah, I’ve got good feeling about this year. It’s gonna be really really exciting. I’ve been a little bit today We got our stand set up Are you excited for today? Yes Are we gonna have a good day? Are we gonna have a good day? Yes, but look at all this amazing stuff that we’ve got already set up this morning and we got Chewigems as well. So many Chewigems. That’s why I decided to come in my Chewigem little uniform Helping the guys out today with the Chewigem staff and all the info and getting the right products to the right people But Weird Triangle are also here because it’s a very exciting day – new merch being released today! I had such a lovely response on the video. So I’m really hoping… Yeah stressful morning already… how long have you been here? Oh I dunno… about two hours? This is what it’s like at events All hands on deck try to get everything sorted before the public come in. Yeah, it’s not actually opened yet. So it’s a little bit quiet which is nice Thank you guys so much for all of the lovely responses to the new items with the invisiblei range You’re just gonna photobomb me constantly today Flying baby! I wish you guys could feel this. It’s amazing, and it vibrates! My new favourite thing. So I’ve managed to grab a quick few minutes for lunch, it has been… BUSY. Oh my goodness me. The setup is so much better this year though. Like there’s so much more space. I am now eating lunch, and looking out onto the stadium, which is amazing – lovely view for a lunch! So yeah, it’s been really really good here. Lots of interest, lots of people buying Chewigem stuff, and Lilbits things, it’s just been non-stop. I’m not sure I fully explained the setup so basically I’m here with Lilbits today helping them on the stand, but I am also representing Chewigem and we’ve got a load of Chewigem products on the Lilbits stand and basically I’m in charge of making sure that people get the right Chewigem if they would like one and just chatting to people about Chewigem and yeah, just getting them the right product hopefully. So I’ve snuck away for a little bit to get some lunch with some food Having my nice gluten-free sandwich. I have changed my Emotichew to red. Just needing some time, feeling a little bit under the weather. I have been in the last two or three days So yes, I’m a little bit tired and a little bit like just needing a bit of a break and I’m not actually sure, if they have a quiet area in here today? They did last year. I found this little area just at the back of the show. Which is actually very nice as I can see over the stadium, like I said. But I don’t really know you know, what’s the set up is because I haven’t been able to walk around. Hopefully I will be able to walk around and show you guys around later on. It’s in events like this where I really struggle with like eating So I thought I would just like talk about it briefly now while I’ve got some time free, but I always take food with me I always take a load of stuff and I make sure I bring sweet and savoury because if you’re anything like me my blood sugar just drops so quickly. And in those times like I need something with sugar not just like a bag of crisps or anything like I will need chocolate, I will need like biscuits I need something. So I always make sure that I at least bring something sweet with me but also something savoury as well, to kind of fill me up. I hardly ever eat it, I’m just like, I try and sit down and have some time where I’m like, okay let’s focus on eating and you know get myself back and fueled up but it’s always so difficult, I just run on adrenaline in these environments, how I just end up not being able to eat much because it’s all so overwhelming and it’s just like, there’s so much I just can’t take it. So I thought I would like put a little note here to say that: Bring food with you to these types of things. But if it does decrease your appetite like me, that’s okay. So I’d put a little random note. Why did I have that conversation? That’s a really weird conversation. So with that being said I have had about half a sandwich and a couple of crisps. I’ve still got loads of sweet stuff because I need it which I probably will towards the end of the day, but shall we go and have a little look around the show and the stands and see who we can spot and go and say hello to lovely people? -Do you want to say hi to my blog, Craig?
-Hi! This is great. One of the brains and beauty behind the invisiblei range -You have an amazing talent
-Oh thank you so much Oh my goodness me So much love for the range I just had a lovely conversation with a woman… and I almost cried! It’s amazing. Oh, going over the mat. Ah but it’s… ah, that was amazing. So I am here with the lovely Lisa from The Autism Directory and we’re having a lovely chat about just the show generally, what The Autism Directory stand for, So these are the lovely people that if you buy one of our phone cases, either the green or the autism awareness one, the money will be going straight to these lovely people. So can you tell everyone, in like a couple of words, what The Autism Directory is all about? The Autism Directory is a charity based in South Wales, but for the whole of the UK, and we’re there for Autism support, for parents, families, people on the spectrum, organisations, -All about positive awareness
-Definitely -We like supporting positive awareness
-We do We definitely have similar views on that and I think we’re going to be working together a bit more in the future, I think Fingers crossed! Now I think I better go and get back to work What did you get?! -Hi!
-Look who’s joined us, we’ve got the whole family here So I am finally joined with Joely and I managed to drag her away from all of the people today so yes we’ve been super busy, both of us and now it’s quiet and everything’s closing down. We thought we’d finally sit and have just a little chat Check in see how you guys are doing see how we’re doing. So how was today? Today has been amazing and so busy I am very tired It’s been a long day It’s a really unique atmosphere here at the Welsh Autism Show because there’s so many like-minded people and everyone comes here – from so many different walks of life and they come here to to learn about autism and empower that understanding and that’s something I feel very passionately about myself, so meeting those other people just makes it so special And like you said there is such a, I feel like there’s a different atmosphere here. Yeah because well, yeah, I think you’re right people come here to really learn. I think a lot of people come to these events for very different reasons. See there’s like connecting people or socialise, or get some sensory toys and things like that, but there is like this overwhelming atmosphere that everyone’s coming here to like understand about themselves, or the people they care for and like they’re so willing to listen to people and get all the information and learn and then we have some really interesting conversations with people and to be a part of that journey of like another person’s self-discovery, it’s just… -Blows my mind
-It’s quite humbling It is constantly and it’s in these types of events that you really feel that. -So Jolie did a speech today didn’t you
-I did, I did a TedTalk, and I really enjoyed it. I talked about gas lighting, and masking in schools, and sort of autism quirks and things. I’m reading my speech and I look up and there’s like people crying and I’m like… should I stop? I’m so jealous of like your ability to go out and talk to people like face to face like that because obviously this is what I do I talk to a camera and that goes to people So I don’t actually see the effect that it has on people and this is really like these these types of events is where I see that. But I don’t get to see that side, and you go out and do lots of talks and meet lots of people and I can imagine it would be so humbling and special to just actually see people’s reactions to what you’re saying It’s quite magical You build up almost like a relationship with people that you’re talking to It’s heart-warming. It is brilliant. Yeah, so Joely and I are hoping to film again, very very soon. You guys saw… Fingers crossed! Joely will be back very very soon. Hope you’ll have a video coming at some point. But we did a poll on the community tab, which hopefully you guys have seen and we’ve suggested some topics for everybody and executive function came out as top. Executive dysfunction! So if you guys have any questions or anything that you already know that you want us to talk about about executive function, let us know, but hopefully, we’re gonna have a nice conversation about executive function How many times can I say ‘executive function’ in one video? Many more times Executive function, executive function! But yes, we’re going to do a video about executive function! And yeah, so let us know if you want to you know have any questions or if you want a topic specifically about that answered, or spoken about, let us know but yeah, I’m gonna be really excited about that I’m super excited Can’t wait! Come back, come back tomorrow, let’s film it now! Oh I just moved the table I think we both did Never mind, just play it cool, play it cool Like it didn’t happen Shhhhhh

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  1. That looked fun, maniac but it's an event so craziness was to be expected ๐Ÿ˜‚ Yeah I remember last year's vlog and it looked really cramp but it looks like you guys had a lot of space this year which is fantastic to see!

    Great vlog Katy!

  2. SO lovely to have met you, Katy! I was telling my cousin about you and said "we need to find her but I probably won't know what to say" so I'm glad my shirt did the conversation starter, haha! There was a quiet area but it wasn't very well labelled. We saw one sign and then kept going and missed it a few times, but we were so determined to find it to have our cup of tea there that we ended up finding it and honestly, it was so needed. I must say, the Lilbits stall looked sooo busy! We tried to pop by a few times but so many people were trying to get to the front that we waited until later and then I picked up 2 stim toys and my chewigem bracelet and I was so pleased with it all. I wish I could have gone to more talks but I was also feeling a bit poorly (side effects of my flu jab) as was my cousin, but fingers crossed that next year I'll be fighting fit and ready to learn more!

  3. Ew kinetic sand is revolting. I touched some at a toy shop and my entire body felt like death! I got my partner to touch it but they didn't care. xD

  4. Looks like it was fun! Have you read The Kiss Quotient? Itโ€™s an adult book with some smut. The main character was diagnosed with high functioning autism. Itโ€™s very good. ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Omg I completely get you. At school I can't eat much cos my body goes in overdrive due to all the loud experiences you have in school. ๐Ÿ™

  6. OMG. If I travel to that show I would need to buy a suitcase to pack all the things I'd purchase (why oh why did you have to show that ball … I need it in my life now)
    Anyway, all is Welsh so all is well. I love yout channel!

  7. Hi Katy, is the Walsh Autism Show on the same date every year? If so I defo come as it be good to meet u as I watch ur vlogs & I also have Autism but only got diagnosed 2 years ago & Iโ€™m 24 ago, ur vlogs have really helped me x๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

  8. I have a question for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ how do you handle people you don't know coming up to you and wanna talk and you really don't want to? (not like people watching you wanna talk).
    Let me give an example. There's always people from the red cross walking around in town trying to get people to donate and i get sooo much anxiety when they come up to try to get me to donate and i just don't know how to handle that. I don't even want people i know to come up to me on the town so how do i handle strangers!? I am also a easy sell since i don't wanna disappoint people.

  9. This video is waaayyy too loud for me and I feel that if I continue watching I'll enter sensory overload

    So I'll leave a like and disappear.

    As always, love your videos X

  10. Yes! Executive function video!!! Ah, I want it now! Lol. I do SO many things I donโ€™t understand (nor do other people) and itโ€™s so difficult to explain how my brain works! Grr… But you guys! Everything looked great! I wouldโ€™ve had a meltdown or shutdown for sure. โ€œLOUD NOISES!!!โ€

  11. Last convention I went to was TwitchCon 2017 in America, but they didn't allow outside food inside, which made no sense to me (except if I think they forbid it, in order to make more money). I had to tell them I needed my own food due to medical reasons, so I could bring in my own food.
    Good thing that convention let you bring in your own food… I wish I knew of Autism Conventions in America. As far as I know, we don't have any. Nice to see what goes on in an Autism Convention. I wish I could go to them.

  12. Helo Katie. Sut dych chi'n siarad am autism neu Tourette's yn Gymraeg? Os dwi'n i'n moyn dweud "I have Tourette's", ddylwn i ddweud "Mae Tourette's arna i" neu "Mae Tourette's gyda fi" neu rhywbeth arall?

  13. Katie how do you supposed to do you supposed to tell your mother or parent that you don't want the room that they want you to have you don't like you don't

  14. I said how are you supposed to tell your mom that you don't want that kind of room if you don't want like a regular room like with regular colors and regular in grown-up World room and you don't like it what how you supposed to tell her that you don't you don't like it and you don't want it without her getting mad at you and angry of you

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