Week 3: Special Interests (Autism MOOC)

Swinburne University of Technology. Welcome to week three of
Swinburne’s Autism MOOC. – My name is Mick Grimley.
– And I’m Emma Donaldson. This week, the topic of interest is
special interests. So Emma, can you tell us
a little bit about this topic? I can. So in autism,
often people on the spectrum have a very focused interest and that can vary. So anything from vacuum cleaners
right through to AFL or a football team and it’s very diverse. So we explore special interests from both the positive
and the negative sides of the special interests
in the scenarios this week. And do people with autism
always have a special interest? For the most part. Again, we see the individual, but it’s normally described
as a passion or an extreme focus. A special interest is another term
that’s been used but it’s better to use that than
‘an obsession’ is the way we like to look at it. And also again we are going to
move on with our skills this week, and the skill this week
is entitled ‘what if?’ – Yes.
– Tell us more about ‘what if?’ Well, that’s a really exciting one because ‘what if?’ means we are
actually going to explore the… ..what we’ve put in place already
with our person first. We’ve stepped into the shoes
of the other person, we’ve started to define what problem
is it that we’re trying to solve and now we think, “What if? “What if I actually do
implement something here?” And so, thinking about
what those outcomes might be if I implement that ‘what if?’, and that really is the skill
that we’re focused on this week. Sounds great. And that wraps up
our introduction for week three. See you next week. This has been
a Swinburne production.

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