Void Destroyer: Steam Greenlight Early Access Quick Look

Hey guys, welcome back. I’m happy to be
bringing you a new game today called Void Destroyer. You can find it on the Steam Greenlight
program. It is a real time strategy game with elements of 3D space combat. I contacted the developer through Reddit and
he gifted me a Steam key so I would be able to bring you guys this small review. So thank you! So like I said,
this game is a combination of Real Time Strategy and 3D space shooter. It has elements of RTS like shipbuilding, resource collecting, base building, sick
micro skills, all that Civ 5 stuff that some of you love so much.
But what I’m excited for, and I know that some of you are excited for too, is blowing stuff up!
You can fly small ships in dogfights, blast things out of the sky with huge death
ships back by bloated defense budgets! The controls are tight, and for a game I’m
playing at an early access stage it just feels … good. It just feels GOOD, man!
I’m excited for what it brings to the table and I think it fills a niche that every other game
like it touches but doesn’t quite reach. Besides, if you get bored blowing stuff up
you could always go back to building more ships.
… Boop! This game is in an early Beta stage, so
many parts of it aren’t complete. But, I have high hopes for it.
If you want to take a look for yourself, click on any of the pretty pictures – They’ll take you where you need to go. Thanks again for the opportunity to try this game and throw out my initial impressions.
Keep up the good work, man! I think you’re on to something here.

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