Visible Body | Musculoskeletal Pathologies in Courseware

Hi everyone, Laura from Visible Body here! I’m going to show you how to add an assignment
to a course using content from Muscle Premium. First, let’s look at an assignment I made
earlier for Hip Labral Tears. It’s got two 3D views and an animation from
Muscle Premium. I’m going to open up the first pathology
view here so we can look more closely at it. Students can walk through the 3D views on
their own, looking at the structures involved and reading about the pathology by clicking
on the book icon in the content box. Here’s the acetabular labrum. Let’s move the model around a little bit. And here’s the normal anatomy: the hip joint
with no labral tear present. The animation features narration by a physical
therapist specializing in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine. She discusses how hip labral tears occur and
what kinds of symptoms patients experience. Okay, now that we’ve seen what a pathology assignment looks like, let’s head back to the course page. Now, I’ll show you how to make your own
assignment. Let’s say you want to teach your students
about sciatica. To do that, we’ll hit the Create New Assignment
Button at the top of the page. Then, we’ll select our content source—Muscle Premium under Visible Body Content—and press Continue. Now we can select the assets we want from
the Muscle Premium app. I’m going to select Pathologies, and then
Spine and Back to add Sciatica and Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc to our assignment as 3D views. Then we’re going to add some videos by going
to Media, then selecting Sciatica on the left and the two Common Causes for Sciatica videos
on the right. Once we’ve got all our assets selected,
then we’ll hit continue, and name our assignment. We can also add a short description, pick
a due date, and put our assignment in a folder. Clicking Publish will show us our shiny new
assignment! The Back button will take us back to the main course page, where we can click and drag the new assignment so we can put it in order with the others. Now you know how to create an assignment using
Courseware and Muscle Premium! If you want to put your new knowledge into
practice and you don’t have Courseware yet, contact our Education Team for a demo!

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