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  1. I agree with him when it comes to people under 25 , although I would say 20 and lower. Just like alcohol and any other drug it will mess with your brain development if used consistently. Meaning every day , once a week etc .

    Both sides of the argument tends to take it to the extreme to get there point across. The fact of the matter is weed is not going to cause developing issues if you try it a couple times under the age of 21. At the same time weed will cause issues if used a lot no matter what age.

  2. Yes!!! Thank you very very much Dr. Phil for validating my thoughts. Because one time I got into an exchange of reasoning with a few people here about whether consuming marijuana has bad effects for the brain or not. Obviously these guys are users of cannabis and they kept insisting the opposite, that it has medical benefits. I dont have any medical background, I only trust my logic and common sense from being a voracious reader and I pick up what knowledge I get from reading. These addictive things are never good, period.

  3. A dude in the other video said "I doubt this has to do with marijuana." Lmao! Well we are talking about an 11 YEAR OLD! Even when I'm teens or adult.. unless for actual medical reasons don't use it! Please! Thanks 😀

  4. Anyone else feel bad for that dog? Look I smoked ALOT of weed when I was a kid and I never dreamed of acting like that! Weed messes with a child’s brain chemistry. But this is way deeper.

  5. Nope I disagree with that Dr. Phil,for children yes but adults no I'm highly intelligent and I smoke everyday but I also have M.S and Fibro.

  6. I am unsure about pot being a gateway drug,again,I think it's an individual thing. Also if you say….go to your dealer & he says he has no cannabis but a pill the individual may say sure if they are addicted to MJ
    That's how that happens I think.
    Others ( many) I've seen & seen on YT mix w alcohol which is stupid both are relaxants causing the heart to beat slower
    Get a sober friend,or a bus or taxi.
    I'm pro MJ for some not everyone def not children & too young teenagers whose brains haven't finished growing yet enough to make educated decisions……( meaning reg usage)
    I started @ 14 smoking till I was 40
    But I had a devil drug which I'm keeping private offline.

  7. it connects where its not supposed to exactly… blame the medicine but dont blame the system that causes the need for the medicine. dont smoke weed when your 10 but thats doesn't mean it is bad

  8. I have anxiety and ptsd and I have my medical card. I graduated from high school at 16 and college by the time I was 19 about to turn 20. So???

  9. He litteraly thinks weed makes you dumb. Does he not realize that an immense amount of successful people that run great businesses smoke every day? Even if they started off young.

  10. Hm. I smoke marijuana everyday and I’m 20 years old. I started smoking at 14 and I go to college. My motivation has not once fell short. I love hearing new things from Dr Phil, but this one…. I don’t necessarily agree with. Smoking at a young age is inappropriate, but smoking in general for adults isn’t that bad depending on the user. Some people will let it take over their life and others have a great control over it so it all really depends on who is using it.

  11. Anything that alters your brain and body is not natural. It’s really not that hard to understand that. It’s sad that we live in a time where people have become so ignorant to that fact.

  12. Dr Phil, what you saying about marijuana is fake. I've been smoking marijuana since 1997 and I remember my past and 90% approximately of all conversation I got with friends, family. I smoke before programming or anything and I can remember anything or almost in short time memory. I remember how to play all the instruments I learned in the past, I remember how to dismantle a car and most of the bolts torque by look I can speak 4 languages and mix the words to create multi linguistic phrases… Researcher are paid to sell pills, not marijuana. Everyone used mix of hashish and opium before 1920s and no one is really dumb or sick as Pfizer Nazi pills will make you. Btw the kid have serious problems because of what he see and ear everyday, movies,songs and no one to explain him the truth. He truly said he wants to control his behaviors, maybe more responsible than many adults. The real problem it's the parents, teachers and some people that are trying the wrong way to explain teenagers life.

  13. All of you people defending drugs. Just to let you know you can't know the long term damage until later. I hope for your sake there isn't any but you never know.

  14. I've been smoking weed since I was 13. I graduated high school early at 16 with honors, graduated college magna cum laude and have a very functional and healthy life with a great job. I think if you allow yourself to become a cheeto eating, bong smoking, unemployed adult in your parents' basement, that's on YOU, not weed.

  15. What does cannabis have to do with this kid acting like a punk. The kid needs to be taught a few lessons his momma ain't teaching him. CBS must still be desperate to have dr phill on since oprah Winfrey left.dr Phil is just like trump he knows everything..dr Phil ain't lived in the real world either since he been on tv.

  16. Why on Gods Earth would you TAUNT your violent son holding a knife while he's saying he will stab you? Especially with the knowledge that he's had homicidal ideations… What the f….

  17. Are you sure he only smoked marijuana. I mean the drug is mostly used for relaxation, calming etc… this boy snorting some fat lines of coke.

  18. I like dr phil but I think the title of the video should be changed the kid has anger issues and you only presented us with a statement that it can affect the brain and back it up by saying its scientific fact. What is true about it though? the kid is nuts dont blame his problems on marijuanna even though he shouldnt be smoking so young imo

  19. I believe marijuana is medical and only people who need it should use it. You can tell the difference between someone who uses it to calm down and someone who uses it to feel high.

  20. Just because marijuana is not a narcotic and is technically not a big deal…it dosen't mean a child should use it. If you are over 21 …sure. but dont use it when they brain is trying to develop.

  21. Dr. Phil, please update JJ's progress after he gets help. I'm rooting for him. He's had a hard life & I pray he heals from all he's been exposed to.

  22. Sorry but I disagree, smoking weed has actually helped me focus on school a whole lot more. I never graduated high school and put off getting any certificate for 10 years. I started smoking one day and within a week from starting weed, I convinced myself to get my education. While completing my homework assignments, I was high. After 2 months, I got my high school diploma and I couldn't be prouder of myself and I have marijuana to thank for it. Now 2 years later, I am buying my first house. Thank you Mary Jane

  23. This is so sad, the child is clearly a product of his environment. He grew with no security and emotional stability, and they turn around and wonder why he can't control his anger? Some people should not be parents!

  24. Maybe the mom is the problem? That's not a normal reaction to tell your son to go ahead and stab you when he's in a time of need. He probably smokes weed because he's frustrated at home. Just hug the poor kid and show him he is loved even when he gets angry. Hyping him up will only do more damage to him.

  25. Dr. Phil has never been wrong yet! "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree". Discipline, discipline, discipline from the cradle on up is key in creating a well-mannered adult. PARENTS, if you are not prepared to discipline your kids, don't have any!!! Else you are contributing to the problems we see in the world today, which is largely out of control in every country of the world! Please see the bigger picture.

  26. Television rewires your brain. Sleeping rewires your brain. Learning rewires your brain. EVERYTHING changes your brain, jackass. It isn't the cannabis. He's trying to self medicate something else that is wrong with him. Self medicating with cannabis is a symptom of something else that is wrong. CATS have the wherewithal to self medicate, you don't think an eleven year old can as well (not saying they are making good choices but it is what it is…and it isn't the cannabis)

  27. Nothing about this video explains how marijuana affects the brain.

    If I pour water on my computer, it's gonna stop working.
    If I smoke weed, brain still works…

    This is a behavioral issue and possibly bad parenting. The kids using weed to relax.

  28. Agreed, no child needs to smoke marijuana. However his description of how cannabis affects the neurological system is nonsense.

  29. I started smoking weed when I was 11 and I’m 26 now and doing fantastic. Graduated as the valedictorian too, that whole IQ speech was complete garbage.

  30. But Dr. Phil our government said we don’t know enough about this drug to make any determinations despite the fact that it’s been used by the Chinese for 3000 years. And why are you applying your explanation to children when it’s supposed to be used by adults. Why aren’t you saying that alcohol should be banned again? Oh! Because adults are typically responsible enough to not give it to children. 😒

  31. I smoked pot EVERYDAY from age 11 to 17. I quit (Nov. '79) & my grades went from C- to A+ & THAT GOT ME INTO COLLEGE.. Psychologically i'm fine. Smokin pot in my younger years, i got horrible grades in school

  32. Wonderful Mother!!!! Letting he 10 year old use an “Adult Beverage”… Know WE KNOW why there’s no Father. Mom is a “Professional Victim” It’s like the Parent that keeps their kids sick, for attention.

  33. maybe she just keeps on interrupting him when he is trying to grind minecraft hypixel bedwars and his win loss ratio is going down so he feels insecure because all his friends have way better stats than him and the only way he can feel good about anything is by doing drugs

  34. Stop lying about weed im 17 i have been smoking evryday Since i was 15. I work a full time Job. How is this weed fault when a mad kid smoked weed.

  35. Every body know that dr Phil is dumb he Will say anything to get a scream reaction from his fellow women no its not a mistake Phil acts like a hoe

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