100 thoughts on “Understanding Histrionic personality- The Pain Behind the Drama

  1. Your explanations are very well thought out and bring clarity to these hard to understand disorders especially having traits vs disorder.

  2. I met a girl who has histrionic personality disorder, she loved to be the center of the attention and being the star of the gym class.
    What I found odd was that the people around her did not seem to see her game. For years, she revolved around my bf, until he cheated on me with her. She was crying for him, doing a lot of drama but cheating on him at the same time. She left him overnight to engage with his best friend. She seems to have many faces and adapts her personality according to others, she tells them what they want to hear to be loved like a thirsty dog.

  3. You're the very best at explaining this stuff. I have a histrionic mother who is drop dead gorgeous. It was a problem. I'm 48 now and accept my mother for who she is. But it sure did cause issues growing up with her that way.

  4. The comment about she would look absolutely stunning with (purple hare 😁), she's stunning (already). Now that you have chewed me up and spit me out with this latest analysis, would you be willing to if you already haven't, cover some Male issues. Testosterone, thyroid, gynecomastia, vit d, cholesterol, diabetes and their roles pertaining to social behavior, mental health, physical health, medical health ECT. Thank You. (Oh by the way), please leave the purple stuff to Jimi Hendrix and Prince. 😂

  5. Dr. Marks, have do you deal with a person desperately needing psychotherapy but lacking the motivation or insight to do so. I think this is the biggest challenge for closed-ones of people with self destructing behaviors as well as any health care givers.

  6. You know how in each population there's some cross section inhabited by narcissists, there's those and, then there's some remainder of lives, not the narcissists but they who would assist the narcisssts' actions through like-behavior or compliance, then there's a remainder still, not the narcissists, not those who assist, but the ones that stand or sit by idly while the narcissist does their work, and where's the alternative to those involved there, where you can surmise that out of that slice of the people present, the perpetrators and the non-perpetrators alike, they largely likely lack any measure of Independent Self-Concept, which probably helped the case along, and would tend to be the primary tragedy wouldn't you think ?

  7. I really understand some of what you say, and I do think you give exceptional understanding when you speak about a topic. However, I really don't put much faith or belief in many of the DSM diagnosis, with the exception of maybe a very few, because man studying man doesn't quite do it for me. How do these so called psychiatrists make their conclusions, and I'm sorry, although I understand some of the information may be relevant, it's way too much of a gray area for me to truly believe most of these things are really disorders.

  8. ive been misdiagnosed with histrionic personality disorder and borderline, when ive been in kids psychatry at age 13, when my parents gave me away or lost the right to care for me and got into fostercare/childrens homes (? i dont know the right terms in english). I was behaving unconciousley sexual provocativ (and dressed superslutty) (they noted about me that ive been "promiscious", even thought i behaved unconciousley like that, i did not try to hook up/ or actually hook up with anyone) and they thought i lied about what been going on at home. Later it turned out i have adhd, bulimia and c ptsd or some trauma induced issues. i NEVER wanted to be center of attention, especially not back then, and i was socially anxious, scared to speak up, super shy, i remember how insulted i felt when they told me they think im histrionic. my parents said im a really great actor and theatralic. i guess combined with my erratic behaviour on the meds they put me on, that didnt do me well. also borderline. the only borderline thing ive did was cutting myself in that one year in which i got taken out of my family, but…come on. doesnt make someone a borderliner, they must have known.
    so, now im an adult, and i do very well mostly, despite still struggeling with food, adhd, depression and to let people in my life/or create closeness. but im working on it. im still pretty uncomfortable to tell anyone in reallife about me, my past, or when i feel sad ; i dont want anyone to think i do things for attention, like ive been constantley told back then, when i been 13. btw, purple suits you so well ! but your really stunning to begin with. Im kind of interested in what kind of skincare/diet you do, im mid 20s (and a smoker) and, you got better skin then me lol have a wonderful day 🙂

  9. I SO Appreciate Your knowledge Dr Marks…Thanks for all your information and helping others with Mental Illnesses 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  10. Wow.. Alot of Fluff To It!!! Always informative. I and I'm sure other's no people of this Nature! He'll even family 🤔… Thanks don't stop in the words of Les Brown.

  11. Have you spoken on pathological liar disorder or personality behavior. I find myself meeting more and more people suffering from lying.

  12. I work with one of these. Imagine me, INTP personality vs. this textbook histrionic. I just want to stuff her mouth full of socks, and tie her to a chair. In the desert.

  13. People should be avoided because of the human feel, people operate based on their feellings and it's stupid and scary. They lack logic and they judge you based on how they feel, for example if you are quiet people often think that you are stupid when it's vice versa, people who are quiet tend to think more and people who are depressed tend to be smart when people often think that depressed are stupid because they feel so. So peoples feeling doesn't nessery have any relation to reality or how it actually is and that feeling becomes way they treat you and that's stupid because it's just a feeling.

  14. What an interesting subject, thank you.
    My ex sister in law fits this description very well 😕
    May just ask, are you still following madettireninan diet? Maybe is the lights but I think you face looks less puffy ( please read this in a good way 🙏🙂) When I minimized wheat in my diet, I have noticed similar effect.

  15. My friend Chad said sometimes people are just born a psychopath but I'm in denial of that and me and my therapist says that there not born but they are either made or learned behaviour and I'm also triggered by people saying there born with some thing because often times my mother would always say things like that about me and my brother inorder to hide the fact that she has done anything wrong and I feel like every parent says that about there kids rather if it's true or not ussauly inorder to cover up the abuse or whatever because parents often try to make terrible exscuses to try to look inocent and blame someone else often times there kids so rather if it's true or not that there born with that stuff or not I probably will never admit to it because saying there born with it triggers me it reminds me of my parents who have said that about me inorder for them to get away with abusing me and no one would exspect anything just think that it's all what I was just born with and that's partly why they got away with abusing me for so long because they just thought it was something I was born with so I am triggered by the term born that way or born with it and I don't know if I believe it either but even if I did I would probably be to triggered by it to mention it

  16. Thank you Dr. Tracey. Another awesome and educative video.
    For a long time I have suspected a family member has a mix of Histrionic PD and Narcissistic PD. I didn't knew if that mix was possible, until now.
    It's sad because I used to really like this family member, but now, after seeing very awful behaviour, I stay away from that person. I feel affection and I hope it's the Personality Disorder what makes this family member to act rude. This family member has always been kind to me, but it's easy to see the Histrionic characteristics.

  17. What an interesting video – I feel so normal 😂

    I have a hunch that this personality disorder is more prevalent in women. Is this a correct assumption?

  18. Fascinating… my coworker fits this to a "T". Thank you Dr. Marks for your precision and clarity of concepts. Love your necklace 😍

  19. In my country there is a “socialitè” that is like the Dr said: always dress way too sexy, she had a lots of relationships where when she met a man, in a few days she says he is a boyfriend and a few weeks later she will say they are planning the wedding…. and that’s when the guy run for his life 🏃🏻 When the guy is gone, she then gives interviews to local press talking about how guys can’t see how a wonderful woman she is… and then the cycle starts again with the next guy. Social media is always laughing at her and making bets about how many days her relationship will last.

  20. You are very informative, while also being empathetic. The way you provide your audience with concrete examples of traits of HPD is amazing!

    I have cerebral palsy, with diagnosed cluster B traits (histrionic and borderline). I remember my symptoms kicking off around 15, when I had a friend that I was attached to in an unhealthy and ineffective way. I took my whole bottle of Prozac in front of her.

    I’m in individual DBT, and I hope to get into my group DBT again. I had six months under my belt, and I hope to complete it soon.

    Thank you

  21. Hi Dr. Marks! I enjoy your videos and find them helpful. I was wondering if you could cover executive function, how it works, and how a lack or low (?) quality executive function and create problems for people?

  22. One of my cousins is very melodramatic, exaggerates anecdotes for dramatic effect like a tabloid gossip columnist, seems to want to be centre of attention and gets into arguments with almost everyone who knows him. I did wonder if he could have histrionic personality disorder but actually a lot of your descriptors don't fit. He isn't flamboyant about his appearance (and doesn't change his look much). He isn't overly affectionate. He talks and talks and talks and talks which tires everyone around him and many of his family members no longer have the patience for it. He's in his 40s and he's always been like this. He doesn't mess around in terms of drugs, women or dabbling in anything dangerous, he's well educated but can't work due to anxiety.

    He definitely has a personality disorder but I don't know which one. He has dyspraxia and I suspect he's not entirely neurotypical, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is he has.

  23. I have so many mental issues, and finally i couldn't relate to this personality disorder or traits at all. That's good lol. Not judging or anything of course. Last person to do so.

  24. My momster to a T (and she's a covert narcissist). So why was I the only one not surprised that after she had her knee replaced at 80 something, it hurt just as much as before?. It's hard to feel sorry for someone with this mental disorder when they torture you and make you take care of everything most of your life, then give all their hoards (including what they've stolen from you) to your sisters and brother-in-law (who openly say they're waiting for her to die).

  25. Literally got diagnosed with this last week. Got told to look at it and learn about it. I went over because I had psychosis came out with Bipolar, Histrionic and Anxiety. I thought I was great 😂

  26. This has been my mom my whole life. My dad had custody though so I didn't have to always be around it. It has never gone away and humiliates many aspects of my life. If I have a certain interest/musicians she latches onto it and will get to know everyone , calls them her best friends or family. I will no longer have an interest or show up to events because she's made it about herself. She has used me as an accessory and exaggerates things about me that aren't even true. It's always fishing her compliments on her weight or appearance nonstop, she makes even roommate situations turn into love triangles so she can create a dramatic exit and wonder why everyone is "obsessed" with her and how she makes everyone fall in love with her magnetic personality…. I love my mom but she's severely ill and when I mention that her behaviors will warrant negative things, she says "that's their problem not mine!' on and on……

  27. That's another disorder I don't have. Phew! What I'd really like to know is, is there really such a thing as a "highly sensitive person"? As there seems to be a lot of new age religious talk about it on the internet I can't really take the term – that Dr. Elaine Aron came up with – seriously. It just looks like a mild form of BPD to me.

  28. Reasons are not excuses, ALL cluster b's are child abusers and ALL child abusers SHOULD be in nut houses! Time we undone the damage to society of making excuses for child abusing cluster b's!!! Save kids and lock up the child abusers!

  29. This is all so exhausting. I don't have this but I do have bipolar disorder. It hurts to alienate good people. They just don't understand what I go through. How can I blame them? I would react the same way if I was them. I didn't give a damn about people with this disorder until I developed it. This world is so messed up. Now I do my best to never judge anyone. I want to understand why they think the way they do. I feel so alone and so many other people do too. We will never be forgiven by the people we care about. The only part of the body that can't be unique is the brain. People see it more as a limb than an organ. In some ways they are right, but it's like our joints are completely different.

  30. I used to have a friend like this. I didn’t see it at first then after awhile it became apparent to me that there was something…off about her. She would praise people that she barely knew and say how they are such a good person and so amazing and the person wouldn’t even know who she was. Or she’d greet me and hug and kiss me as if I was her long lost relative she hadn’t seen in years. She’d constantly tell me she loved me and I started to realize she was saying that because she wanted me to praise her the same way but it just didn’t seem natural or appropriate to me. She was beautiful but every time we would go out she would question if she looked good or if she looked fat to the point that I wondered if she was just fishing for compliments because it didn’t make sense otherwise. She would try to discuss “deep” topics and try to seem profound and sometimes if just let her talk until she’d stop and say “wait, what was I talking about?” Or else, when I wasn’t understanding her I’d ask her to explain and she just could not. Nothing she said made sense, it just seemed like a bunch of excerpts from self help books and inspirational quotes jumbled together to seem intelligent, profound, or interesting. When I discovered what HPD was, it all made sense.

  31. You are looking lean and healthy. I’m curious about SSRI and drug use in mid life. I noticed that mood boosters seem to be the new normal in my peer group at 45 years. I’m regularly seeing marijuana, alcohol, and or prescription medication. I wonder if I’m just more aware or if these things, or have they become more prolific in contemporary times. I’m guessing the confluence of increased availability and (due to technology/connectivity) higher stress levels in modern times?

  32. I love how clear and explanatory you are. Thank you for making this channel because I'm learning a lot. Ad blocker off and Subscribe/like "on." lol

  33. I worked with someone with a lot of these traits. It was draining to be friends with her and had to set very strong boundaries.

  34. Hi Dr. Tracey Marks, I have a question about personality disorders. Why isn’t generalized anxiety disorder a personality disorder? Why don’t we call Antisocial people psychopaths ans sociopaths anymore? Is OCD related to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder? What is schizotypal personality disorder? And through out your career, have you seen every single mental disorder, what is the one that you’ve seen the less and the most?
    Thank you, I’m a big fan!

  35. Hi Doctor, I have a question about Anxiety and Existential OCD. Which may be a good video:

    Can anxiety cause you to feel detached from reality and constantly questioning your own existence or is this more of an existential OCD?

  36. I've been tru the grinder. Very much diagnosed. I must I've improve from watching ur videos. But i feel paranoid about liking things on social media about "mental illness" .should that be an issue tho? Or im jus overly paranoid

  37. Histrionic personality disorder is what you get when you study history for too long, changing your perspective so far away from contemporary reality that you begin to no longer fit into society, right?

  38. What can you say about this..please.
    In my case , I wait for 5or 6 pm to ggo outside of our house to buy something in the store, because I'm confident with less people. Before I'm going to a party or just outside, I'm making sure that my lipstick is on and my face is clear and my clothes are presentable to people,
    It's been 8 years since i left my family and friends but i can't go back because of my thinking,i should be rich first,or i should have plenty of money, first before seeing them so they will not hate me or judge me.

  39. Just wanted to show up and give you a virtual HIGH FIVE Dr. Marks – from one doctor to another (I'm a criminal psychologist) your videos are a gift to the internet – thank you for all your content, education in a way that laymen can connect with, I feel, is the key to moving society's dial from fear to compassion/empathy for those living with mental illness.

  40. Does this people REALLY exist? Is hard to imagine someone like that
    Something I feel like personality disorders are just a way to pathologise behaviors that our society doesn't like

  41. can you do a video on Pure O OCD and Intrusive thought OCD and ASPD?

    For the OCD video it could be discussing the things about it that no one ever talks about, how ocd can be intrusive thoughts that cause your body to physically react to them , like sexual thoughts that actually cause arousal amongst other things. I've read some testimonies like that and no one seems to talks about it and how it would be treated, exposure therapy usually doesn't work well for that kind.

    Maybe a video discussing the scale of aspd how someone can be diagnosed and how major or mild their symptoms can be while still having the diagnosis. How they can turn their life around and be a high functioning 'good person'. A lot of people just assume if you have aspd you're just evil but i've heard some stories of people with the disorder having successful families and family life and careers.

    I'd so love to hear your perspective on these topics!

  42. Cluster B's are screwed… I'm a Borderline and having these other 3 guys in the cluster with me make me confused as to how completely different these 4 are, yet we share a cluster.
    The other clusters, A and C at least have similarities to the point that you can tell they at least live in the same house together.
    Cluster B's are put together, but from different neighborhoods in my view… the cores are sooo different… Theres only some overlap into another. Scares me… If you put all 4 cluster B's together….. It would be very bad from a core content standpoint.

  43. Wow, this is awesome! I hadn't heard of this before. Now I'm going to be up all night trying to figure out who I know that has this disorder. Lol

  44. Is there a label for someone who thinks the end of the world is right around the corner and lives their whole life believing this?

  45. Hi, I love watching your videos! Thank you for all the Infos! by the way, can I suggest that you do a video that discusses the distinctions between grief & complicated grief vs depression? how to differentiate between those and when to get help? can grieve leads to depression? what about situational depression? I hope you can take my suggestion into consideration. Thank you so much, Dr!

  46. Is it possible to have this in adolescences and grow out of it as an adult?

    I feel like I was like this in my teens and early 20s but now as an adult I can care less if people like me or I’m the center of attention.

  47. I know that this question has nothing to do with the video, but is it possible for a person to lose track of things if they don't sleep well for months, like four hours a day? is it possible that a person ends up going crazy for not sleeping well for months?

  48. I have a cousin with this behaviour – I've thought for years that she ( or more rightly the rest of us) suffer from her having this Histrionic personality disorder . A friend's ex wife also displays this . Interestingly both are nurses . When I think of someone with this disorder I use the character Elaine on Seinfeld or my afore mentioned cousin . Everyone immediately knows what type of behaviour I'm referring to . Thanks for the video – there seems to be little discussion of Histrionic behaviour as I think it isn't really regarded as being particularly serious as other Cluster B afflictions .

  49. I had a friend like this, she had BPD and met me through a boyfriend. One night were at a bar talking and then suddenly I'm her best friend and she wants to go out to lunch with me all the time and have me hangout. She got attached really quick. She was often very suggestive even with strangers and made me pretty uncomfortable when we were out doing things. It made it seem that she deliberately wanted to embarrass me when I was with her. I eventually had to drop her as a friend. About a year or so later without communication she reached out to me and asked why I couldn't be her friend anymore and my explanation pretty much boiled down to hystrionic personality disorder even though at the time I didn't know about it. Thanks for the video! Really put things into perspective and so did your BPD vids.

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