Types of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) NOT WHAT YOU THINK!

I’m a clean freak, I’m a bit OCD! I like
order and organization, I’m a bit OCD! Perhaps you’ve heard this said before or
have said this about yourself. Well in today’s video, I’m going to be breaking
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back to another video, my name is Linda and I had people all around the world
transform their mental health so before we dive into today’s video on the different
types of OCD we’re gonna just look at quickly what OCD is. So OCD or known as
obsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder. It involves obsessions
and compulsions. Obsessions are recurrent images thoughts and urges that cause a
person severe distress. Compulsions are repetitive behaviors or mental acts that
a person does in order to alleviate the anxiety. This behavior actually creates
temporary relief but in fact it actually reinforces this compulsive behavior so
that’s a brief overview of what OCD is. If you would like a full in-depth video
of what OCD is please comment below, let me know and I would be happy to do a
video. Also please check my previous video on What OCD feels like my personal
story, which is in the cards above and I will also link it in the description
box below. ok so let’s dive into the types of OCD.
So for me personally, I experienced obsessional intrusive thoughts of harm
and with these thoughts obviously came severe anxiety and
generally will have a compulsion with these obsessional thoughts. The compulsion
gives us temporary relief but also keeps us in this loop of OCD. For me
personally, I didn’t have any initial compulsions, the physical
compulsions that we might know of but I did have mental compulsions so that’s
where we might do something mentally that there might be a mental ritual in
order to alleviate the anxiety. For me it was kind of analyzing the thought and
trying to dissect the thought, trying to go into it step by step and that would
initially give me some temporary relief. I then moved on to some physical
compulsions that we might know of which would be checking and for me I started
doing a lot of research online so I would have this really intense obsessional thought
and I’d need to go online very very quick in order to feel somewhat better.
It did give me temporary relief but again it’s keeping us in this loop of
reinforcing these behaviors. I then moved on to looking for reassurance so
when we start looking for reassurance of somebody close to us to say that I’m
experiencing these thoughts and I’m worried about them and the person might say it’s
okay they’re just thoughts you won’t act on them, that does give us some reassurance
and it did give me reassurance but it’s only temporary and it’s only a temporary
kind of relief but it helps in short-term but it does lead us into
doing more and more of these compulsions because it reinforces this behavior.
Again for more information on my own personal story of OCD please be sure to
check out my previous video. I will leave a link in the description box
below for you to check it. So from working with a range of different
clients the various types of OCD they have experienced is, the first one
we’ll talk about is contamination OCD so A particular client had a very deep
ingrained fear of getting a disease so in other words getting sick from this
disease and also been responsible for her family members well-being so passing
any germs or contamination onto her family members and therefore they would get
sick so she would feel responsible for that. This involved her taking a lot
of control around her own environment .So this involved her cleaning a lot, washing
a lot. She would also be very anxious about people coming
into her house and would clean a lot after they have left her house. She would find
it very distressing to be around people and if she was she would then come
home, wash our clothes and potentially then would throw them out and would never wear the same clothes again. There was a lot of cleaning and a lot of avoidance of
situations so she would try to avoid public social situations, avoid
public toilets and avoid touching handles, maybe she would use her
sleeve to touch handles. This caused her an awful lot of distress. This
caused her to wash a lot. To be thinking about her environment, she felt safe in
her environment but she also felt like it was under threat when someone came in
to visit her and this would cause her severe amount of distress. So the next
I’m gonna move on to is checking OCD so This is where the client spent hours
every night before she went to bed to double-check the locks on the door, to
check the taps to make sure that they were turned off and to check the cooker. This was done in a specific manner and a specific pattern and I wasn’t just
checking it once, it was checking it a number of times.
So the person had obviously a thought, an ingrained great fear and this caused anxiety
and had to keep checking these particular gadgets to make sure to give
themselves reassurance that it was okay and obviously this creates more of the
loop of these behaviors because when the feel anxious they will check it but some days
they can feel anxious more than others and it will involve them doing it more and
more times and it causes the person a lot of distress because when do they feel
enough is enough and that’s when it will lead into, maybe they started off doing it
ten times and that’s their specific number and then it’ll lead into 20 times
and it gets it gets more and more progressively worse. So the next one
we’re gonna move on to is OCD intrusive thoughts. As I talked about before
intrusive thoughts I had was of harm. Harm of family members. They can
range from various different degrees and various different severity so no one
fits all. They take various different themes so there is harm OCD so
fear of doing harm to others. Sexual OCD, fear of being sexually attracted
to someone of the same sex or to a family member. There is religious OCD so
this is where a person will have various rituals around the need to say
prayers and fear of cursing towards their religious organization that they
follow. There is a very wide variety of
intrusive thoughts, that I have worked with and I’ve seen so it’s not
about the thought, it’s actually the reaction to
the thought but it’s the thought that gives the person the deep instilled
fear and distress so if you would like more information on my clients huge
transformational stories of recovery please check out my testimonial page. I
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