Try These 5 Tactile Illusions

– Today, we’re gonna blow your
mind with tactile illusions you can do at home. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical summer. – It’s time that you faced
the fact that the world is a dark and chaotic place
and your body can’t be trusted. – Oh my goodness. You’re talking about illusions, right? – Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. – You’re trying to make it scary. And here’s the thing,
illusions need not be limited to the auditory and visual variety, because nowadays they can get tactile. – Nowadays
– Nowadays, well it’s the hip new thing to
have a tactile illusion where your brain is psyched out with what you’re feeling,
what you’re feeling. – Now you’re creeping me out. – I’m sorry. The point is we’re gonna
– And them. – We’re gonna do some
tactile illusions, y’all, it’s time for Feel The Illusion 2017. – That didn’t make it any better, now I feel like I’m going to some kind of conference for illusions. – Exactly, and it’s just two guys. – Two guys, uh, weird. – That’s right, we’re gonna be feeling each other’s illusion. – So we’re gonna be submitting each other to different tactile illusions,
and seeing if they work, and you can play along at
home, because you can feel. (horn music) – Okay Rhett, I’m gonna go
first, I’m gonna walk you through a tactile illusion, it’s
gonna be so haptical, it’s gonna be happening. Move your thingamajig over there. – Could you not be that voice though, because it’s scaring me a little a bit. – I will not be that voice. – I don’t like the idea of you touching me and talking like that. – Alright, take three fingers,
hold ’em up, close your eyes. Move this hand off the table, and, – Scout’s honor? – I don’t think that’s
how scout’s honor works. – I think it is, but I don’t know. I wasn’t a scout, did
one day in Cub Scouts, too hard, you had to do
stuff to get the badges. – Okay Rhett, open your eyes. Now you see before you
there are three quarters, it’s a US standard quarter. – One of ’em’s wet, is that part of it? – No, and then, so what you’re gonna do is take those three fingers
and put one on each quarter, go for it, just relax,
you’re not gonna get hurt. Alright, tell me what you feel. – I feel coldness. – Yeah, how cold? – Well, I actually feel my
middle, my ring finger’s really cold, and the other two I think are just normal temperature, but at first, – You’re trying to figure it out, see, don’t think, just, is
it cold or is it not cold? – When I set them down, my first instinct was that they were all cold. But now that I really think about it, it feels like it’s just one. – So now take your fingers
off, and put your thumb on the two that you think aren’t cold. – It is cold.
– It is cold. What about that one? – That one’s not cold at all. – [Link] And then what about that one? – And that one’s cold. – That one’s cold? – That middle one’s not cold. – Okay, so you kind of fell for it. What is the
– Halfway. – What the typical response is, maybe you experienced this
is that because the two outer ones are cold, and
the middle one’s not cold, or really any combination,
your body knows that, okay, there’s an extreme temperature
here, this could be a threat. – So it gives cold to all of them. – It gives cold to all of
them, assuming that, you know, a normal temperatured coin
is not gonna be a problem. You know those normal temperatured coins. – Anytime I see three coins
together, I’m like look out! – The same goes for really hot
coins, close your eyes again. So now, one of, open your eyes, and put all three on there,
and one of these is boiling, just kidding, don’t touch it. I’m just kidding about the
whole thing, it’s not hotter. These are my monies. – I know, you did nothing. You literally did nothing. – I didn’t move around. – I was waiting for the joke, it was like nothing could get hot that quickly. – I was supposed to make it
seem like I had other ones. – But you didn’t go over
there, you just went like, – Well your eyes were closed, come on man. – But I’m not an idiot. – This is not a talent
show, this is a magic show. (horn music) – Okay Link, now we’re
gonna touch each other. And if you’re playing along at home, this is when you have
an opportunity to touch the person that you’re with, but you shouldn’t do
that without permission. – That’s a good point. – Okay, so square up and face each other. – Square up and face each other. – This is called the Pinocchio,
the Pinocchio illusion. – The Pinocchio.
– What I want you to do is you’re going to grasp my nose like this and then you’re, let’s
take your glasses off this will be easier, you’re
gonna grasp my nose like this and you’re gonna grasp
your own nose like this, and you’re gonna close your eyes, and you’re gonna move
your fingers up and down, rubbing the nose, you’re
gonna have to rub my nose, and you’re gonna have to be okay with it. – I’m not, it’s weird. – And then just let it, – I don’t even like to rub my own nose. – Well you’re gonna
have to do that as well, you’re gonna be rubbing your own nose, and my nose at the same time.
– I understand. – With your eyes closed, and
then do that for a while, – At least my eyes will be closed. – Until you begin to experience some sort of sensation
possibly, go for it. – Okay, so I should close my eyes and then try to grab your
nose, poke your eyes out. – No, you should grab first. – I’m grabbing your nose. – And it’s not really about grabbing, it’s just about stroking
it in exactly the same way as you’re gonna stroke your own nose. – And then close my eyes. This isn’t weird at all. You got a soft nose. – Give yourself over to it. – Give myself over to it. – I’m not enjoying this
any more than you are. Why do your fingers stink so bad? – You don’t wanna know. – Your fingers smell like you stuck ’em into a garden of garlic. Like you just like stuck
’em into some garlic and rubbed ’em all around
like what happened? – I’m smelling it too. – What in the world? – This hand stinks, too.
– It’s all I’m thinking about. That’s not part of the illusion. – I don’t know what’s
– Where’s it coming from? – It’s horrible – Did you experience anything? Let me do it to you, because
I haven’t done this yet. – I experienced smelling garlic. – Okay, be still. – Nothing happened to my nose. – Oh okay, there it is.
– What? – I begin to, one of the things that could potentially happen is you
begin to think that your nose is far away from your face. Some people can think, Pinocchio illusion, that it’s a long nose. – Let me try it.
– But I began to think, oh those garlic fingers. – It’s so bad. I honestly don’t know why. – Where’s the garlic, man,
where do you find the garlic? – In my pockets, I got garlic pockets. – Just trust me, it works. I don’t want to put
myself through that again. – Make your nose feel like it’s
floating or getting bigger. – Yeah. (horn music) – Alright, now I’m gonna present to you two tactile finger
illusions, and you don’t have to have garlic fingers, but it does help. – Ol’ garlic fingers. – Alright, this first one is called the imaginary string illusion,
so what I want you to do is I want you to clasp your fingers, but then keep your index fingers apart, not touching one another,
and then point ’em straight out there, and just relax, okay, don’t overthink it, you’re
safe, don’t fall asleep, though. I have a string, right
here I have a string. And then of course, I’m
just gonna start wrapping the string around your fingers, wrapping the string around your fingers, and making it tighter, tighter, oh, gotta pull even more
because they’re not moving yet, but I bet they will starting
moving closer togeth-, relax, relax and let the string
pull your fingers together. The more you think about it,
the more you wanna fight it, but you know it’s gonna happen, and there it goes. Now I just think you’re an
overthinker, but I did see the fingers coming in, and
if you were able to fully give yourself over to the garlic, maybe, that’s what it was, there
wasn’t any garlic on there, then the fingers would come together. – I should’ve stuck my fingers
right into a bunch of garlic. – Because what I, I didn’t
actually have a string. Here’s another one.
– Oh really? – Let’s act like we’re giving
each other a high five. Let’s not actually give each
other a high five, but let’s act like it.
– Act like it. Hey.
– But then still hit. – Oh,
– It’s just, – That’s actually giving it, that’s actually, this is a five. – Yeah but we’re holding it here. – Oh okay,
– And no one in their right mind, would do that. – Yeah, nobody would
do that, this is weird. – Alright, so what I’m gonna ask you to do is what I’m gonna demonstrate right now, which is to take your index
finger and your thumb, and then you’re going to, rub up and down our two fingers. – Don’t look at me like that. – Yeah, let’s not look at each other. – Just keep,
– Oh yeah, I remember this one, this
is a grade school thing. – [Link] Keep rubbing up and down. – [Rhett] It feels like you’re dead, I’m touching a dead person – Which finger feels dead to you? – My feels dead.
– Yes. – My feel dead. – Your finger feels dead,
but my finger feels, – Yeah I feel like I’m touching, like, oh, my finger’s asleep. – Yep, your finger fell
asleep, but what happened is my finger is very much awake. Well so is yours. It’s got garlic on it.
– Yeah, we’ve been sticking it right in some garlic. – So what’s happening is
your brain starts to think that this is just one finger, so there’s no reason for
it to feel two fingers, so then it starts to make, – You spread it to me man. – The finger on your own hand
– You spread your freaking garlic to me. – Feel dead, so it gives
you a dead finger sensation, doesn’t get rid of the garlic, though. (horn music) – Okay Link welcome to the couch. – Thank you for having me couch. – What I want you to do
is to sit all the way up against the back, like
put your butt all the way against the back of the seat, feet fully flat on the
ground, and I want you to cross your arms like this. – Okay, this is how I
normally relax in a chair. – Okay, now, stand up. – Come on man. Let daddy, let daddy out of his chair. – Oh, here comes daddy, there it goes. Now stand up. – Oh, I did it. – Okay, but daddy had some trouble. – Daddy had trouble
getting out of his chair. – Daddy had some trouble, okay. – How hard are you pushing? – It’s just my finger.
– It’s just your finger. – Just my finger, stand up daddy. Daddy looks weird, daddy
looks weird when he stands. – What’s happening? – Daddy stands up like this. – Well you told daddy to go like this. – Well the reason daddy’s
having so much trouble, – Usually I get up like this. – First of all, do you wanna
be daddy or garlic fingers, because you gotta make a choice. – I wanna be Daddy Garlic Fingers. – The reason Daddy Garlic
Fingers is having trouble standing up is because we
use momentum to stand up. You kind of throw your arms forward, and throw your head forward
and that kind of thing, but by locking you into this
position and crossing your arms you don’t feel like you
have the opportunity to get momentum, and now
I’m only using my finger, which is not a lot of
resistance, but your brain actually perceives, oh
I’m not gonna be able to get the momentum that I typically get in order to stand up. – So I just give up. – You kind of just give up,
the brain says, don’t try to stand up right now Daddy, because Daddy might run into trouble if he
tries to stand up right now. – Daddy might run into a finger. – Yes he might.
– On the forehead. – Okay, so hopefully these
work for you at home, and we will see you on Wednesday. – Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Katie. – And I’m Emily. – And we’re UNC students here
in Chapel Hill, North Carolina – [Together] And it’s time to
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  1. If you read these comments there is one that works very well and that is if you lay on the floor and close your eyes the other holds your legs up and wait about 30 seconds then lower then really slowly it feels like your legs are going past the floor it feels super weird

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  3. Link didn't do the string one right. To make it really effective you have to pretend you're tying knots into the string 😛 I used to do this a lot when I was younger and a lot of people wanted to try it themselves to see what they'd feel it was great xD

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  5. Here's another cool one you can do. Flip your tongue over sideways in your mouth so that your tongue is upside down (like if you were to hold a sheet of paper at each end then twist one end over). Then stick your tongue out while keeping it in this position, then touch either the left or right side of what is usually the top but is now the bottom. Rub your finger from side to side and your tongue should end up feeling like you're touching the opposite side of your tongue, or rubbing in the direction opposite of what you're doing. Basically touching the left side should feel like something's touching the right side, and vice versa. I haven't looked into it but I'm assuming this only happens because your tongue's not used to being upside down.

  6. 6:34 at first i was like i wonder if it can make other things longer and bigger? 😉
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  8. You're supposed to do the Pinocchio illusion facing the same direction sitting in front of one another. You reach around the person's head and stroke their nose so the noses are facing the same way

  9. Here’s a fun one to try!

    Lay on the floor on your stomach. Have a second person hold your arms up for 30-50 seconds. Then, have person 2 slowly put your arms down past your head (Your head is up the whole time. Like your in a “Superman” pose). Did you feel it? Does it feel like you’re going through the floor?

  10. The parrot that at 56:34 sound just like marge Simpson. When Rhet was riding the green cow besides Links transgender dog

  11. Have someone lay on there stomach on the ground and lift there arms up to your waist, hold them for a minute or more then VERY slowly lower them and the person will feel like they are going through the ground.

  12. It’s almost too hard to watch these kind of episodes because of how much they interrupt each other and refuse to actually try the things they’re doing lol

  13. Irrelevant but just spent well over three minutes looking for my glasses only to discover they were on my face-

  14. There's one I've seen. There's this cup, around the room, it smells like orange, strawberry, etc… u feel it with water, u drink the water and the smell of the cup is meant to trick ur brain into thinking its drinking what ur nose is smelling

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  16. Rhett never said what he experienced when they did the nose illusion because daddy garlic fingers interrupted him! Can anyone tell me if they know what he was going to say?

  17. Dude link I got a joke made about me that the whole school knows about everyone that talks to me tells me I smell like garlick and I was so mad because I thought it was real at first then I relised it was fake and the people knew me as the garlick man all the way from 6-8th grade

  18. “This is not a talent show, this is a magic show.”

    “Magic? Charles, it’s says TALENT show”.

    Same energy

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