Trump Insults Veterans Suffering From Brain Injuries

Donald Trump never served in the military. Donald Trump never went to medical school,
never studied medicine, and probably doesn’t know a whole heck of a lot about biology. And I’m mentioning those things at the beginning
of this because earlier this week, Donald Trump at the a world economic forum in Davos
was asked a question about the US troops that were injured in the Iran missile attack that
took place in Iraq just a few weeks ago, and Donald Trump had this to say about those injured
troops. I heard that they had headaches and a couple
of other things, but I would say, and I can report, it, it’s not very serious, not very
serious. What’s been reported by the military, by the
way, is that these troops who were injured, none of them died, but several of them did
experience traumatic brain injuries. TBIs, as the military calls them, traumatic
brain injuries, which is a life altering change to a person’s brain. And Trump here responded to reporters saying,
ah, I think they had some headaches or something, I don’t know, they’re fine, whatever. That’s bad enough. But then he continued. I’ve seen people with no legs and with no
arms. I’ve seen people that were horribly, horribly
injured in that area. I consider them to be really bad injuries. So I’m sorry that you got a little booboo
on your head, but at least you have both your arms and legs because that’s what really matters. Because to Donald Trump who is, I mean I swear
to God he has the brain of a child, because if he can’t see it, it’s not real. It doesn’t exist. Like the man literally is struggling with
object permanence, I guess, at this point. If he can’t see it, it’s not there, it’s gone. And that to him is what a traumatic brain
injury is because you can’t see it. You can’t see any outward symptoms in some
cases. But you can see if somebody is missing an
arm, you can see if they don’t have their legs. So for him, those are the only real injuries. Meanwhile, for 20 years now, we have seen
troops coming back from the Middle East with these brain injuries and sometimes the worst
things imaginable happen with these people because they didn’t receive the help they
needed. They harm themselves or they harm others. They can’t function in normal everyday life
anymore because they’re suffering from PTSD. We have to start acting like these brain injuries
and these other psychological injuries, they are just as important as losing an arm or
leg. But not to a guy like Trump and he just insulted
anyone, any member of our military who has ever suffered any kind of brain injury. That’s what happened here. Trump just gave them a giant middle finger
and said, oh well, at least you didn’t lose a limb.

100 thoughts on “Trump Insults Veterans Suffering From Brain Injuries

  1. Now, if this doesn't let all the American veterans know that Trump doesn't give a damn about them I don't know what will make them see it. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I forgot about the killer war person, trump not long ago pardoned for killing innocent people while he was in service. Trump is ignorant! Period! Ignorant! Ignorant! Ignorant!

  2. My husbands coworkers at the VA hospital were passing this clip around. Everyone was pissed to say the least. Trump is an embarrassment.

  3. JFK, a decorated WW2 war veteran, suffered a brain injury. Killed by ultra rightwing elements of the Republican Party. I guess Trump finds that funny and open to insults too – "Only Losers Get Assassinated".

  4. Is that what he said ass hole cousins and you make that news. I am sure once he heard the real truth he would take that back. That's why your show sucks and your a real ass hole.


  6. As a Marine vet all I can say is "Fuck you" to Trump. It is beyond clear that Trump gives less shit about American troops than he does about Eric.

  7. I suspect this isn't what the troops signed up for. Nor, do I imagine, did they sign up to protect another country's oil for Trump's personal profit. America already sucks at Veteran's care, and now the Vets get to be mocked by their supposed commander in chief. On live TV. At an International conference.

  8. Trump has TBI so how can he be expected to understand the same medical issues in other people. That means he would have to acknowledge his mental deficiencies….well that's not going to happen.

  9. He knows nothing about the sound of a ballistic middle. In 1970 I was in the Navy and we weren’t allowed out on deck when firing the big guns without ear protection, the sound made by the muzzle blast was deafening, I can only imagine the sound of a ballistic middle exploding near you, the concussion made by it enough to easily pierce your eardrums and cause concussion and even TBI.

  10. Hell tRump never went to school his daddy purchased him a education. Well if tRump ever went to war there would be zero brain matter to destroy since he does not have one

  11. Perhaps those troops and others with TBI should beat trumps head in and say “oooo it’s just a headache you’ll feel better”, this scumbag has no sympathy for anyone with a mental or physical disability so he needs to be gone NOW

  12. Since Trump knows nothing of medicine but this we do know about Trump he's heartless unemotional brainless and bone spur up his ass and a boner that can't get up anymore because of his tiny hands can't do the job for him He eats to many fast foods maybe the reason he fat as a hog He think only of himself and he is forced to sleep in a separate bed not getting a damn thing from his wife and last of all a FIVE TIME DRAFT DODGER and he can't read or write worth a shit

  13. The brain is not a big priority for Trump. This is horrific – he sees US troops as collateral damage not actual casualties. This is why Pete – among a million other reasons – is the one we need to take the reins and bring real brain power and empathy and sensitive reality into the White House!!

  14. How is Trump's own damaged brain is supposed to recognize other damaged brains when you need special requirements, like having a normal brain, to do so ?

  15. I know someone who, having come back from Afghanistan, suffered horribly with a TBI. Visits to clinics were ongoing and whenever we visited or talked, somehow the
    topic of 'suicide' seemed to be a reoccurring topic in our conversations. So sad for any person to have to endure such trauma. What's even sadder is that your president
    is absolutely clueless as to how a TBI can change a person's life. (Taking 2 Advil doesn't make it go away.)

  16. WTF is dump da trump on talkin shyt bout us active and inactive service members who have experienced the shock waves from H.E. ordinance when its exploded in a close proximity. They also found out the shock wave can detach retina disrupt heart, liver, and kidney functions for a period of time. Also permanent hearing damage wit intense ringin in the ears which i have now from bein out in a impact zone wit a F. O.

  17. How about someone drag his fat orange ass and toss him into the middle of Iran with nothing but a helmet, a carrier vest, a standard issue rifle and sidearm, a few mags for both weapons, a knife and no back up. See how he still thinks. He says the soldiers just have headaches and thinks that they can still fight since they aren't missing a by limbs. With what he said and thought, he HIMSELF has "bone spurs" in his foot yet walks perfectly fine and not missing any limbs himself, so he should have no problems fighting a war

  18. Trump is all for the troops, up until the moment they are caught by a bullet, explosion, or other enemy force. That must be nice to know, as you head into enemy lines.

  19. This "president" has got some things to learn about how servicemembers can be wounded. If he can't speak intelligently about wounded soldiers, maybe he should go back to talking about dishwashers and toilets.

  20. Trump is an old fart!!!!!!No if it didn't hurt Donald why would it hurt our boys!!!?????? The old tart needs to fart of into outerspace!!!! Get our troops out of Trumps oilwell and poppy countries!!!

  21. Do we really need to hear statements from someone who can't remember which foot he had "bone spurs" to avoid the draft for Vietnam?

  22. I wonder how the Veterans in his Cult45ers are going to react to this? I hope they realize now that Orange Nero cares ZIP for them, but they're so soaked in orange kool-aid, they'll probably agree with him. "It could have been worse." Yeah, you can say that about ANY injury, if you have absolutely NO empathy. Because it isn't the point…and it's Orange Nero's actions that led to this attack, if he hadn't killed Soleimani, this most likely would not have happened, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, promised retaliation . But does Cheeto Von Cheeto feel guilty? Nope. Because they're all just his toy soldiers and have no importance.

  23. Just when you think Donald McRonald has hit rock bottom, our "President" keeps digging.

  24. He is despicable throw him out and let him fight!! He is a disgrace to America!!! No compassion no empathy. REMOVE HIM!! TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY IS SERIOUS !!! VOTE BLUE ACROSS THE BOARD REMOVE HIM AND THE GOP THEY HAVE TO GO……

  25. trump is TOTALLY DISGUSTING! Why does he think soldiers with brain injuries have no injuries? He's not a doctor, not a neurologist, a medical doctor trained in diagnosing & treating brain injuries. Brain injuries ARE REAL donny trump! Our military deserve so much better than you as a Commander in Chief. You're just a coward. Ol' bone spurs- you NEVER even had bone spurs! Don't ever dismiss injuries our military receives while protecting your fat ass while you're on the golf course. NEVER DISMISS them. You aren't qualified to sell peanuts on a street corner. A monkey would be a better & more honest President than you. Have you raped any more little girls lately?
    Your son, dj, said you like little girls for your sexual pleasure.
    Again, YOU ARE A DISGUSTING HUMAN, as well as a TRAITOR !!!

  26. If Trump served in Vietnam I'm sure he'd be shot by his own troops.
    Trump is too chicken sht to serve yet bans and bashes those brave enough to serve.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  27. Wouldn't expect any different from an individual who's first thought after 9/11 was his building is now the tallest in the city.

  28. Yeah, well…what else is new with this guy? He doesn't have a clue how to act like a human being, let alone a decent one. While yeah, it's good these guys didn't lose a limb, they still are injured and suffering – maybe in a worse way than a physical injury. Brain trauma is nothing to sneeze at.

  29. He knows his incompetence in foreign policy caused all those deaths and these injuries. Yet no outrage. If this situation had been due to Hilary they’d be calling for her to be hanged.

  30. His PROBLEM with the veterans is HIS SHAME that he FAKED his bone spurs to get out of the service!! Now he plays army man with his fake coats and such making it like he's important to our service men. When in reality he IS A COWARD.

  31. The Republicans have always downplayed the realities/consequences of war… It's no surprise that trump is just like them… Donald has had it easy since day one

  32. How any military person or veteran could by now, still support this moron who plays a "Commander in Chief" on reality TV is beyond me. Every time he opens his mouth it's a lie and how do you go into a battle or war with a liar??? He is dangerous to our national security and our way of life and needs to be removed now!

  33. Americans should be insulted that they have a president that dodged the draft because he wasn’t a fan of defending this country.

  34. I know some stupid supporter has or knows someone that was injured in that incident but wont come foward nor will admit the toddler president is a dumba$$

  35. Imma say this right now. If you're a veteran and still support Trump, you're contradicting yourself. There's no other way to put it.

  36. And just wait so he’ll cut their benefits more than he has. He doesn’t care. Unfortunately his cult members think he’s the most wonderful sensitive caring man ever. What I’ve noticed is the people he hurts the most are the people who are the most loyal to him. Fucking creepy.

  37. When you suffer from a blast of a missile you get what is called the butterfly effect , your brain and organs are ruined by this , there is no recovery , just suffering till you die

  38. My husband was in the AF for 19 years got a TBI and had to medically retire. It is very serious they need treatment right away and should not go right back to work. If left untreated they will not recover from that injury.

  39. And this is Degenerate Dorito that so many cultists worship and claim was sent by God to be our president. The Gross Trumpkin has proven more times than I care to think about that the only person he genuinely cares about is himself. Everyone else is expendable in his eyes, especially soldiers sent to fight and die in our wars for resources and profits.

  40. Its funny how no trump family member has ever served in the military as far as I can tell. That should say it all!

  41. How can his supporters still be so stupidly in love with him? That boychild is such a bad person! Does he have any feelings left except of the effects of Adderall?

  42. My husband is a Vietnam Vet and he said he is not
    surprised about Trump's
    response about injured
    soldiers, because of his
    insensitivity to humans no
    matter what or who they are,
    let's not forget that he CAGED BABIES and CHILDREN INDEFINITELY!!
    How INSENSITIVITY and how INHUMANE is that ?!!
    the TRUMPTURDS need to
    be publicly made embarrass
    and ridiculed for continuing
    to LIE, DECEIVE, PROTECT and abandon their OATH OF
    OFFICE for this EGOTISTIC,
    what this country represent,
    MUST vote for Trump's
    REMOVAL and if Republi-
    cans deny what over FIFTY
    per cent of AMERICANS
    want, they MUST be removed from office or
    AMERICA is going to go
    through this same old shit
    VOTE for a BRIGHTER future
    that's BY the PEOPLE and that is FOR the PEOPLE.
    TRUE meaning of leadership
    for the world American.
    VOTE BLUE in 2020 !!!!

  43. Clearly the man did not care enough to find out what the impact of brain injury has on a person's life … I work with patients with acquired brain injuries from a variety of causes, and it can destroy their lives,, they can be robbed of the ability to walk and talk and to even think or act rationally .., .. a lost limb might be more visible, , but only an uncaring ignoramus would suggest it were worse than traumatic brain injury

  44. This idiot really thinks they had headaches. Trump is the most corrupt administration in the history of our country. Plus he is a career criminal. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Trump is in danger of hurting himself and others. 25th amendment.

  45. As I've written in the past, the only kind of handicaps that are valid to many people are one or more of the following:
    1) blindness, (using a white cane)
    2) in a wheelchair, or
    3) missing large portions of one's anatomy. (Just missing an ear, like I am – due to Goldenhar syndrome – doesn't count.)

    All of these things fit neatly into the limited understanding of disability many people possess. No thinking is needed.

    Drumpf knows this, and is exploiting this marginal level of understanding for his personal gain.

  46. Fuck Trump. During the Vietnam War this fucking coward made up a medical injury to get out of the milltary draft.

    Not only that but this draft dodger had the fucking audacity to insulted Sen. John McCain, who was a Vietnam Veteran and Prison of War. When he was being regarded as a war hero. Our "President" makes this asinine remark "I like people who weren't captured".

    What. The. Fuck? I don't care who this guy is. He weren't there, he didn't go through the utter hell these men went through in Vietnam. So he had no right to say that. Nor what he said about the soldiers who came back mentally scarred and damaged.

    I'm just going to stop here man. But damn it this President is a real piece of work. Fucking coward.

  47. Wait! Didn't jr Trump just say not to long ago they are all "MILITARY". what about hearing loss ?. That's okay too.

  48. Trump and Republicans never apologize. Remember because of Trump and fat pig Pompeo cost 176 souls shoot down airplane by Iran 🇮🇷.

  49. Donald tRump's grandfather got booted out of Bavaria, Germany because HE refused to commit to the two-year stint that every German male had to perform. Too bad he chose to come here. tRump would never consider anything happening to someone's brain as a serious problem. Why? Because tRump's brain is just as "missing in action" as his OWN military service is. My son spent two stints in Iraq and suffers from PTSD to this very day. People like tRump don't value things that they did not have to participate in, themselves.

  50. Trump is too much of a narcissist to care about USA soldiers. Trump disrespects troops because he is a 5 star draft dodging coward.

  51. Not surprised. Were this World War 1, Donny would be the type arguing against combat helmets for troops on the "grounds" that they were ineffective and promoted cowardice. The only thing that's surprising is there are still people who think this orange boob views soldiers as anything more than life size action figures for him to play with.

  52. Since it’s a family tradition going back at least three generations to abuse the military why should anyone be surprised about this latest tirade. He’s got yellow hair to match the streak down his back. Unless the majority of citizens wake up you’ve got this dodo for another four years.

  53. 5-time draft dodger, captain bonespurs is in his classic fashion. Malignant narcissism, ego freak that only likes the soldiers that weren't caught. He defiled john McCain even after he died. He's pure evil. He mocks what he doesn't understand, and aside from being a career criminal, nothing else

  54. The GOP terrorist group, Chump included, have never cared about Veterans. They don't even care about the Military. They have consistently used the Military in their pathetic schemes for world domination. Hell, during the Obama Administration, the GOP terrorist scum decreased or cut funding for Veterans.

    The GOP are ONLY Pro-Terrorism and Treason.

  55. This is an insult to all of our Veterans plus civilians that have TBI. They can result from direct impact to the head also, car accidents, falls, sports injuries, etc

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