Trick Your Brain to Feel High

This episode of “Hard
Science” is brought you by Full Sail University. Hey. Welcome to “Hard
Science,” a show where we use just a
little bit of knowledge about the world to
bend it to our whim. I’m Anthony. I’m Tara. I’m Trisha. Trisha is on loan to
us from SourceFed. We promised Phil
that we wouldn’t injure her or burn
her or hurt her. I’m so happy to be on this show. You were a good kid
growing up, huh? Super good kid, yeah. Like super nerdy,
like mathletes, all that kind of stuff. Wow. Me too. Oh my god. We were wondering if there was
a way for good, honest kids to fool their senses into
feeling like they were high. To get a good, honest high. Just a good, honest high after
a good, honest day of American work. Mm-hmm. So how can we do that? What’s that way? Oh. Science, right? This is my part. That’s what she does. Great. Senses are an organism’s
physiological capacity that provide data for
perceptions, the stuff inside of us that lets
us experience the stuff outside of us. And the nervous system has
a different sensory system or organ for every sense. Aristotle is the man
originally credited with classifying the traditional
five senses, sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. It’s not dangerous. Just keep doing it. He’s good at this game. Yeah. In addition to those
traditional five senses that we all learn
in grade school, there are actually
additional senses that control things like
temperature and balance and pain and some
internal stuff that’s really cool like breathing
and some internal stuff that’s not cool like vomiting. [HIGH FIVING] Was that a high
five for vomiting? Yeah. Wait. No. So our knowledge of
the outside world depends on these various
modes of perception. Which is why it’s
really messed up that they’re super easy to fool. Keep spinning, Trish. We’ll tell you when. Got it. Come near me, bitches. All right. Touch– arguably the
best sense of all. Today, we are going to be doing
something called the Rubber Hand Illusion, and
this plays around with the sense of
proprioception, which is the thing that
allows you to distinguish your physical self from the
rest of the outside world. We have this board set up here. You are going to put your
hand on one side of it. And on the other
side we are going to drape this over this hand. And then we’re going to do
some things to the hand. And what’s going to
happen is your brain is going to start to associate
that hand with your body, and you’re actually
going to feel things that aren’t
even happening. Shut up. Yes. I want you to keep your
eyes focused on this hand the entire time. I’m just going to start
tapping you a little bit. We’re going to use
the paintbrushes now. Just continue to stare at it. OK. I am. Oh, god. That was so weird. I’m so glad I aimed right. Yes. I feel something right here. You do? Yeah. Yeah. It’s so weird. Basically, what happens is
when you detect discrepancies between what you’re seeing
and what you’re feeling, the visual part of your
brain sort of takes over and it starts to associate the
things that aren’t actually happening to you with
your actual hands. So what we have here
is the miracle berry, the miracle fruit. This is from a berry from West
Africa that has a protein in it that they discovered in the
’60s that they called miraculin. And the reason why they
called it miraculin is it is a miracle protein that
activates the sweet receptors on your tongue for everything
and then deactivates all the other receptors– Wow. –for about a half hour. Well, here we go, America. See how you feel in 10 minutes. Ready? One, two, three. Oh, that’s so good. It tastes like
straight up lemonade. Grapefruit is my most
hated of all citrus. Really? What? Ah, dude, it’s just this sour,
bitter thing for grandmas. Oh. It’s awesome. Mmmm. Except today. Except today where it
tastes like watermelon. You guys have no idea
how much I hate tomatos. One, two, three. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. And it still has a
tomato aftertaste. I know– It has the tomato aftertaste. How does anybody like these? Wash that down with a
little vinegar, right? Yeah. Mmmm. Balsamic vinegar. Cheers, guys. To your health. Yeah. That’s pretty good, actually. No. No. My mouth is telling me I’m
eating nothing but candy, but my stomach is letting me
know what I’ve been eating. Yeah. I don’t think this thing
makes you love foods that you already hate. Fruit– I think is what it
works best with. We all should’ve
seen that coming. Miracle fruit for other fruit. Yeah. My mouth is so high right now. All right. So let’s talk sight. Sometimes when you
look at something, it’s not exactly expressing
what’s in actual reality. So if you look at, say, a 2D
drawing, and it appears 3D, that’s called
perspectival anamorphosis. So that’s what we’re
going to play with today. So everybody take a piece
of paper and a pen– Yay, coloring. –and trace your
hand, like we’re making a turkey on Thanksgiving. OK. Boom. Boom. That’s a good hand. Pick up a marker,
and we’re going to draw on our
anamorphic drawings a straight line across. And when you get to the outline
of your hand, we go a hump. Now we’re going to
continue making those lines until the entire
page is covered. Oooh. Look at yours. You can pick another
color and just trace right underneath all
your lines, exactly the same but in a different color. So everyone hold up
your anamorphic drawing. And now we know that these
are only two dimensional, but when you look at them
from a certain perspective, our eyes will trick
us into thinking that we’re something 3D. All thanks to the
sense of sight. Thanks, sight. Well, thank you
for volunteering– Any time. –to potentially
injure yourself. Yay. Where can people find you
elsewhere on the internet? If you guys want to find me,
I’m on and And we have programming
seven days a week there. Or you can hit me up on
Twitter @thatgrltrish, no I in the girl. There you go. And the people who
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caressing, just like that. Right there. That’s the sweet spot. How’s that feel for you? Pretty good. Thanks. Pretty weird. Hold on. No. Oh. Sorry.

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  1. stupid cunts put a misleading video of "tricking you to be high" if they think that's what "being high" is then they should shut their asses up and smoke some good good for their own scientific research bullshit that they poison people's minds with

  2. You can get high on exercise dancing to loud music medtiation and prayers all of it comes from you natural dope realesers .. lets ride ma nigga

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  4. This isn't how it works. You've literally never been high…

    PSA: just fukin light a bong damnit.

    You should do your research.

  5. Materials Needed:
    – Rubber hand
    – Hammer
    – Two paint brushes
    – Some sort of divider
    – Sheet or cloth to cover arm
    – Miracle Berries
    – Sour and bitter foods
    – Colored markers
    – Sheet of paper
    – Pencil to trace


    Materials Needed:

  6. If this is what being high is like, why aren't meth heads rehabilitating themselves with hammers and rubber hands?

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