Top 10 Great Ways To Hack Your Brain

Top 10 Great Ways To Hack Your Brain The human brain is the most crucial reason
behind our absolute dominance on Earth. We may not be able to fly, have the best claws,
or run particularly fast, but thanks to the capability of our brains, we have trained
to climb our way to the top of the evolutionary hierarchy. Thankfully for us all, scientists are consistently
working on coming up with hacks to overcome our brains’ limits, as there is still a
lot we don’t understand about the essential part of the body. Here are ten ways you can hack your brain
to your advantage, according to science. Number one. BOOSTING NAME RECALL. So you’re at a party and are being introduced
to different people, the problem is you’ve instantly forgotten their name as soon as
they’ve said it. It happens to anyone and can be embarrassing. There is a way to help trick your brain into
remembering the names of new people and it’s very simple. After being introduced to a new person repeat
their name back to them such as, “Nice to meet you (name)” and repeat their name in
your mind throughout the subsequent conversation. Repetition is key in helping you remember
anything and helps you pay attention. It’s akin to writing down a word 10 times
in primary school when you were learning to spell. Number two. Feed your brain. This is the first and foremost hack, because
if your engine doesn’t have the proper fuel, then it won’t be running at it’s best
speed. Little did the proponents of the low fat diet
know, our brains are powered and upgraded by fatty acids, particularly those Omega 3’s. Invest in high quality fats – coconut oil,
almond butter, grass fed beef, grass fed butter, wild caught salmon. These healthy fats will give your brain the
best supply of energy it can get. Number three. Do Yoga. When I was still working a desk job I always
felt tired, groggy and unmotivated no matter how much cardio I did, or how many Paleo meals
I ate. Then, I started hot yoga. This simple practice (I prefer YogAlign, a
low impact type of yoga) helps to stretch out the body, rewire your brain with your
body, and to also help you gain a better perspective on being present and aware. The exercises helped me to become rooted,
to be more aware of how my body felt, and what areas I needed to focus on. I realized that the way I was sitting in my
desk chair was causing my lethargy and immediately corrected it. Number four. Rewire your emotions. Some of the smartest people I know could be
even smarter and productive if it weren’t for the emotional baggage that they drag around. Meditation is a way of rewiring your brain
so you no longer have negative associations, and can unload the mental baggage that has
been a burden so you can move forward with your life. In my life personally, yoga and meditation
have allowed me to accept my failures, and in turn accept myself. Number Five. ACING A TEST. When exam time rolls around the best way to
remember all those colourful notes is to sleep! Sleep helps connect your memories and sleep
helps your new memories cement in your mind allowing you to recall them easier. So instead of staying up for an all-night
study session in a caffeine-induced haze sleep on it, get a good night rest and wake up refreshed
and ready to tackle that exam. Number six. CLEARING YOUR MIND
It’s hard to get your brain to relax sometimes, there are just so many things to think about. A simple trick to calming your thoughts is
a simple breathing exercise. By concentrating on the inhalation and exhalation
of air slowly from your lungs, random thoughts cease to clamber over each other as you concentrate
on your breathing. Your brain will still try to interrupt you
but just return to the breathing exercise to keep those erratic thoughts at bay. Number seven. Be More Attractive By Believing You Smell
Good It comes as a surprise to no one that smelling
good makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, as we instinctively associate smell with
hygiene. It’s a more understated cue of attractiveness
than other, obvious ones, like looks or personality, but it nevertheless plays an equally important
role in deciding the outcome of a date. We’re not just talking about how you smell,
but also how you think you smell. According to a study, merely believing that
you smell good increases your chances of getting with the ladies. (The study was only done with male subjects.) Researchers gave scented spray to one half
of a group of equivalently attractive participants and a generic, odorless spray to the other
half and took videos. They then showed the videos to a group of
women, asking them to rate the men on attractiveness. Surprisingly, the women rated the men with
the scented spray to be more attractive, even if they had no way of knowing how the men
smelled just from video clips.[1] It suggests that self-perception doesn’t
just influence the level of your confidence but also affects how other people perceive
you. Number eight. Use The Sun To Hallucinate
While we’d like to reiterate our stance against abusing drugs for recreation, we have
to admit that hallucinations are awesome. There are a few things as fun as making the
brain see things that aren’t there, but because illicit drugs seem to be the only
way to do it, many people never get to experience it. If you’re one of them and would like to
know how it feels without being on the wrong side of the law, there’s some good news. As one physiologist from the 19th century
found out, all you need to hallucinate without drugs is the Sun. Just close your eyes and point them toward
the sun. Then wave your hand back and forth across
the face while keeping one eye covered. Pretty soon, you’ll start seeing shapes,
and while the exact figures vary according to person, you can expect hallucinations like
spirals, hexagons, or squares.[3] Another way you can legally hallucinate is
by exploiting something called the Ganzfeld effect, wherein the brain fills in visual
information of its own after long periods of sensory deprivation. Just put a piece of white paper over your
eyes, lie down under bright white light, and use noise-canceling headphones to block out
any sound for 20 minutes. When you get up, you’d be treated to some
good old visuals (as they presumably call them in the world of illegal drugs). Number Nine
Chew Gum To Reduce Anxiety And Depression Apart from the approximately six seconds that
the flavor lasts, chewing gum doesn’t seem to have any benefits at all. Despite it not clearly falling into any category
of things—like food or activities—many people love to chew gum, and it remains a
largely successful industry. What gives? According to science, there are some clear
benefits to chewing gum, and it is one of the few proven ways you can force your brain
to behave that we know of. In a study, they found that chewing gum significantly
lowers anxiety levels. The effects were most pronounced after two
weeks of regular gum-chewing. That probably explains why that guy who was
always chewing gum in high school was so “chill,” though it doesn’t stop there. Gum chewers also fare better at battling depression
and fatigue than others. Number Ten. Smiling Can Trick Your Brain Into Thinking
You’re Happy People smile because they’re happy, as most
of us must have figured out by now. It’s a purely social feature of the body,
and its only purpose is to let other people know that you’re having a good time, even
if it’s fake. What most people may not know, however, is
that smiling isn’t just a response to being happy; it works the other way around, too. As many studies have found, just the act of
smiling releases a bunch of feel-good chemicals—like dopamine and serotonin—in your brain. It also reduces stress and anxiety in high-pressure
situations, lowers blood pressure, and may even help you live longer. More interestingly, it doesn’t matter if
you don’t feel like smiling at all; the mere act of smiling causes the brain to do
all of those things, regardless of any other factors.

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