Top 10 Bizarre Mental Disorders

10. Foreign Accent Syndrome A neurological disorder which causes a sudden
change in speech. The speaker may experience changes in timing, intonation, and tongue
placement, which makes it sound like they are speaking a foreign language. In 2010 a British woman went to bed complaining
of a migraine. When she woke up she found herself talking with a Chinese accent. Despite
having never been to Asia, she still talks with a Chinese accent to this day. There is
no known cure for the syndrome. 9. Zero Stroke Zero stroke was a mental disorder that provoked
dizziness and an uncontrollable desire to write endless rows of zeros. It affected some
German people during the time of hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic in the early 1920s. It was said that during the worst periods
of inflation, in the time it took to drink a cup of coffee the price of the coffee would
double. The calculations needed to make even the most simple of transactions would run
into the millions, billions, and even trillions. 8. Erotomania Erotomania is the delusion that a stranger,
usually from a higher social status like a celebrity, is in love with you, despite you
not knowing them. The sufferer becomes convinced that their
admirer is trying to communicate with them either through body language or the media. In 1981 John Hinckley Jr’s erotomania with
the actress Jodie Foster led him to attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, declaring
it would be a great love offering. Although no one was killed, Hinckley hit the
President and three others, leaving one victim paralyzed. He was found not guilty by reason
of insanity. 7. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome A distorted sense of time, body and space.
The sufferer will perceive body parts and external objects growing and shrinking to
abnormal sizes. The disorder is most common in children and
in most cases the victims grow out of it. One sufferer says it’s like looking through
the wrong end of a telescope. Taking its name from Lewis Carroll’s novel,
whose central character frequently changes size, the disorder is thought to be brought
on by migraines. There is no definitive cure. 6. Shenkui Specific to China, Shenkui is the fear that
a loss of semen will result in a deficiency of ‘yang’ (positive male energy), and
losing too much could prove life-threatening. This has led to some men in China to refrain
from sexual activity completely. The fear and anxiety associated with the disease
leads to dizziness, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction, with no physical cause. Attributed to a lack
of proper sex education, therapy proves the best cure. 5. Boanthropy Boanthropy is a psychological disorder where
people believe they are bovine. It causes them to live, behave, and act like a cow or
ox – for example eating grass on all fours. The most famous sufferer of the disease, according
to the bible, is Nebuchadnezzar II, King of the Neo – Babylonian Empire who reigned from
605 BC to 562 BC. He is said to have lived in the wild as an animal for 7 years. 4. Capgras Delusion The belief that a family member, friend, or
pet has been replaced by an identical impostor. It most commonly occurs in patients diagnosed
with paranoid schizophrenia and occurs more frequently in women than men. In 2011 an American
child had to be placed in the custody of child services after her mother refused to pick
her up from school, insisting teachers give her back her real daughter instead. 3. Genital Retraction Syndrome / Koro Every thought your love missile was getting
smaller? No me neither… I swear… but there are those who suffer from an overpowering
belief that their penis is shrinking or retracting and may even disappear inside their body.
Typically found in Asian countries, it brings on bouts of hysteria, even leading to some
men tying their love lance to other parts of their body or external objects for safety.
Indigenous treatments for the condition vary from exorcism to potions involving deer and
tiger penis. 2. The Glass Delusion A psychiatric disorder where the sufferer
believes themselves to be made of glass and thus liable to shatter. Particularly prevalent in the Middle Ages,
there are still some reported cases today. One of the most notable sufferers of the delusion
was King Charles VI of France who refused to allow people to touch him and wore reinforced
clothing to avoid accidentally shattering.. 1. Cotard’s Syndrome A neuropsychiatric disorder where a person
believes they are dead. Sufferers become disconnected with reality, may believe that body parts
no longer exist, and some even die of starvation because they feel they no longer have to eat. In 2015 a 17-year-old woman from Alabama USA
overcame the disorder thanks to the help of Disney movies. She spent 3 years thinking
she was dead and was only able to be convinced she was in fact living because of the warm
fuzzy feeling she got while watching movies like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. She now
hopes to finish High School and get a job at Disney World.

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  3. omyGOSH I have a friend who has the Alice in Wonderland syndrom. She complains about how things appear to grow and shrink. especially when she focuses on the for long periods of time. Her younger sister complains about it too!!! she'll be talking to me and then get distracted and say sorry my head just looks like it's shrinking then blowing up. I didn't believe her until now!

  4. When I was younger, like 8 or so, (Sometimes I start thinking about it even nowadays, but I know better and I can't really convince myself that they're an impostor) I sometimes thought my mom and dogs were impostors (Spying on me to find a way to kill me) but I still acted normal because I didn't want them to know that I know they're impostors because I was afraid they would torture me if they knew. (I never told anyone)
    Sooo.. Does this mean that I had that impostor illusion thingy???

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  7. I had alice is wonderland syndrome when i was about 6 now im older i dont have it anymore oh and my name is alice

  8. Glass delusion sounds like that syndrome that one guy from spongebob had:
    "I was born with paper skin and glass bones, every morning I break my arms, and every evening I break my legs, I lay awake at night until the agonizing pain of my heart attacks put me to sleep."

  9. I used to have Capgrass delusion, I even did a video on it telling my story, If you wanna know more about it you know where to find it.

  10. I suffer from cotards syndrome and it sucks…. The internet alcohol and bad drugs are to blame. One day during a nasty trip I went through all scenarios of my possible deaths and came to the conclusion I'm just a ghost or something and If I'm alive then I'm a doppelganger. I thought…. Damn all those times you blacked out coming home from the bar, heck just being unconscious and ending up in a different spot than where you lost consciousness. Then I thought about the car accidents I had been in. Then facebook started showing me strange things, so i got rid of it… Then YouTube started feeding me philosophy videos on death amd afterlife and that crap, past lives etc…. All signs point to I'm dead but only in a parallel universe or I'm still tripping on a big bag of shrooms I ate when I was 15…. I have had horrific auto accidents, woken up in a jail cell (i still have lucid nightmares of dying in jail and being stuck there for eternity) , I have been knocked out, several concussions…. I'm pretty sure I'm in purgatory for accidentally killing myself unless someone can prove me otherwise…. My purgatory is I'm forced to live in a society that operates on corruption, capitalism and segregation…. My suffering is a paradox of misery where I'm suffering and my family that cares is forced to witness me struggle being myself and be chastised for it which in turn makes me more miserable. Another thing everything is like a horrible play on words example….. conspiracy is just a cons piracy…. The united states are attention junkies because it's never just about you it's about US….. My entire life is word ambiguity. My life is a joke and I'm being laughed at…. Just one big matrix inception or inception matrix…. I'm gonna wake up a different species on a distant planet….. Why? because I died…. But I wasn't supposed to so my soul and spirit are forced into this crap which is just like the real world but with a few tweaks…..

  11. All these comments of homosexuality and Religion….for people who don't like them, y'all have alot of knowledge about them.

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  14. I feel like I experienced Cotards Syndrome about 2 years ago.. I thought I was dead and no one could see me for about a month. I wasn't feeling any hunger, pain or sleep.. I couldn't feel my heart and my pulse beating.. I wasn't able to talk.. and my body was turning black, just like a corpse.. or at least that was my sensation (you can imagine how freaked out I was).. but I was walking "dead" all day long through town, observing other people living their own lives.. until in one day when I was hit by a car, almost deadly. I didn't felt any pain so I was still convinced that I wasn't alive.. I was convinced that it was just my soul that was hit by a car.. I was hospitalised for about 45 days and then I felt alive, again.. I never told anyone though.. so I was never diagnosed with Cotards Syndrome.

  15. My mom has erotomania, thinking she's in love with a popular youtuber. Its terrible. She won't believe anyone but him.

  16. i had thought i was dead i had to go to the er my lungs were not working right and i was diagnosed with a sleep disorder so i wasnt sleeping until i got a c pap maschine.

  17. Watched this video for fun, finally found out that when I was a child I had Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. I remember starting screaming in the middle of the night because I saw ship shrink small and I think pencil or something like that becoming huge. I was afraid that it will kill me.

  18. I've had the Zero-Stroke before, and sometimes I have something like it, but scribbling unknown character-like things.

  19. I was in a mental health ward with a woman displaying Cotard’s Syndrome. She was terrified and we all felt bad for her. She was undergoing ECT which helped immensely.

  20. Number 8 reminds me of that one girl on doctor Phil who believes Michael Jackson wrote smooth criminal was about her, she thought she was Annie

  21. When I was younger I used to see/think the 4 squares on my door in my room were growing and the toys on my floor were floating ;-; and I grew out of that but by today when I close my eyes well when I put my head in darkness and open my eyes I see darkness and little dots and if I focus on them they shrink turning into a tunel…idk why and my parents don’t know this yet ;-;

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  23. "overcame Cotard's delusion with the help of Disney movies" I have never, ever been one to believe in conspiracies; but this makes me really really really question Disney. Like I know they hire psychologists to observe focus groups and such but I never knew their power of the human psyche was so strong. No one company should have that much sway in human dev. EDIT- and she's now working for DIsney? WTF?????

  24. there is also some disorder I have that when you feel paper it feels like sand paper ;-; I had it my whole life its awful nobody knows that i have this disorder

  25. Make a video about brain resurrection in 4 year.. day by day.. include reptilion and dyfram and l&r hems….

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  27. 1. Close minded syndrome – being too stupid to understand that people are different and you cant tell them who they are and how to live their lives 🙂 hello we liv in 21st century

  28. Many of those disorders are part of the dissociative disorders. Some are most definitely mind control programming such as through hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming.

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