Tony Attwood on Special Interests

Well the first topic is on special interests. It’s an area that I found fascinating in all my studies and clinical work in ASD. I have learned a lot about drain covers, dinosaurs, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc. But I’ve also learnt to use the special interest constructively as a measure of intellectual ability and thinking as a means of coping with anxiety. Also as a potential career, and it’s something that needs to be explored. Why do they exist? Many reasons for example: to give you energy when you’re depleted, that wow factor of appreciation from others, and respect, which may not occur in other aspects of life.

1 thought on “Tony Attwood on Special Interests

  1. Don't even get me started about pipe organs, or movie lines, or stories from the Opera Singers of the Bel Canto era!
    -Aspie here!😉

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