100 thoughts on “Tom Chatfield: 7 ways video games engage the brain

  1. I really want to enjoy this talk. The information is really interesting, it takes forever for him to get to his point. Plus, the mic keeps picking up something like his mouth smacking during his pauses. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me.

  2. @TheInfinite91 I've watched this video about 20 times for just that reason! check out "Under the Ruler Faster that the ruler" by coolaun

  3. Sounds like he forgot he was supposed to do a TED presentation and just threw it together at the last minute. "uh, uh, I'll just talk about WoW and make some shit up".

  4. @leonidasx666 Exactly. This is why his philosphy will do more to cripple than to help. Unless he envisions the world becoming a place where consequence is eradicated.

  5. I think potentially mr.Chatfield's ideas are quite good, if not obvious. I say "obvious" because I think other people already came up with something like this eventually during time, I'm pretty sure of it, but what I think is the main flaw of his argument is circumstantial factors. Yes, players do a lot of effort to play, they even come up with their own economy and that's amazing (just look at World of Warcraft and Team Fortress 2's hat trading system), but [continued in next comment sorry]

  6. @Arudap but one of the main stimulations he forgot to mention is the fact that they get to do all that stuff while sitting on a chair, thus making for example his example of "reward for weight loss" quite improbable, though not impossible depending on the person. Also, this system is quite pessimistic despite the tone he uses: basically he's saying that we won't move our asses until there's a practical, material reward. It might be just me, but it kinda saddens me because [continued]

  7. @Arudap because I'd rather do some things for moral achievements. Also, he talks about how great these mechanics are in videogames, but in real life it works much differently: rewards? not punishing failure but rewarding success? the problem lies within two things here: limitation of resources (inexistent in videogames) and other problems that have to be solved first such as unwilling governments/industries/society/whatever to do such a thing, since it would imply a huge sacrifice of resources

  8. real dollars? lol – money is virtual as well – there is some understanding to be gained – but most of it is already understood – i also played wow for a few years and i often thought these data bases were worth studying – but the real problem of the world is we cant collaborate as fully as we can in games and thier are problems of differential advantage that cant be solved in the current paradigm – wouldnt it suck in games if some players owned and taxed your labor and owned all the weapons…

  9. … had all the authority and to play you had to submit to thier rules – this is a lesson we can also see – wouldnt it suck if someone could print money and loan it at interest and that if the world was ruinable by ecological damage by the "elite"- these are powerful reasons why people like really complex games -is there is no scarcity and no ownership of the games wealth – these are real reasons why people find more reward in games than they do in real life – for our serious problem solution..

  10. another thing or 2 that would suck in games would be if items were patented and couldnt be duplicated with out fees or if the poor players could steal from the other players who had all the power -"earned" or not

  11. hmm now i have to ask myself some interesting questions – because in wow you can steal – "ninja" things – this might be something we might need further study in real life –

  12. This was very interesting thanks. Seems the need to gather and more importantly analyse and understand the data is key to the success of any gamification system. The example of how players created a separate website with points system to overcome a games weakness shows the power of getting people excited and bringing out their passion. I guess this is what gaming is all about.

  13. There is nothing wrong with video games
    Video games have inspired me to illustrate fantastic scenaries.

    We just need to exercise moderation
    1-2 Hours a day is enough to do everything you'd ever want in a lifetime.

  14. To make a long story short, This is the way they addict people to video games, And they are admitting to intentionally doing it. You sure they don't own the cigarette companies too?

  15. Your implying that addiction itself is a bad thing. That's cause your linking addictions to only bad things, like cigarettes. But supposed you were addicted to a good habit, wouldn't that be a good thing?

    He isn't saying that being addicted to video games is good per say, but is saying that we can use the method that video games use to get a player addicted, hooked on a positive activity.

  16. European Space Agency is making a adventure MMO based on exploration and education.. So Video Games is the world most succesfully financially industry and it keeps evolving into education means serious fucking new ways of doing business in that Model..

  17. An addiction is more often perceived as a characteristic where one is almost unable to function normally without that certain stimulus, and is dependant on it for psychological sustenance.

  18. no the system still very much aplies to minecraft. its modeled differently but its still the same system. for example if you kill a mob you know it will always drop loot (exp, arrows, pork, etc) but there is a small chance for some of them of you getting something special. a enchanted item. or how about the idea of short term and long term rewards. in the short term you are gathering iron ore and coal or building a wall. in the long term you are creating a castle. or a underground base.

  19. love these TED videos as video games should count as actual school credits towards graduation as there is history, math, strategy, communication skills, teamwork etc.

  20. While I do credit games for a portion of my vocabulary and trivial knowledge, there are very little games that actually TEACH you what you need to learn in school after around a third grade level.

  21. Eagle-eyed viewers may (or may not) be interested to know that the tauren/orc error in describing the slides is because some of the slides for this final video cut were slightly modified compared to those shown during the talk…

  22. i've watched about three videos hearing peoples mouths clicking cos they're dry and it's making me cringe ):

  23. 13:26 and on: Im calling Bullshit here ^^ DKP are hardly ever used at all nowadays since most guilds and raid parties have different systems in place and the games themselves only rely on rolls for loot 99% of the time. Maybe some guild in WOW still applies the system but thats of no interest.

  24. He didn't actually say anything -.- it was just a load of bullshit rehashed tbh. Im all for gamestudies and motivation analysis, but he basicly went: "Games Good! Look at them! They do something! I think we should look at them!" -.- srsly dissapointed.. also, hes getting his "facts" wrong sometimes …

  25. The longer I keep watching this vid….the longer I keep thinking he is explaining team fortress 2 to people.

    You keep opening crates to get the stuff you want.

  26. it would be interesting to see jobs inmplament an xp bar so like every day you work you get xp or somthin like this        so we know when we get a pay raise/promotion

    ithink that would be cool

  27. "With an orc on its back", please mate that is a tauren, there is a very huge and obvious difference between an orc and a tauren

  28. Speaker : Pls give us at least a 50% effort in the future .
    This presentation was extremely boring and much to do about Nothing ….outdated .
    It comes across as Unprofessional & a Misfeasance of information .
    Suggestion watch other Ted Talks like Neuroscience & gaming vids …very well done .
    Learn from the criticism
    And it's not your accent
    Walking around & hand gestures do not make a good presentation .
    I think seated w a clicker done properly & at right moments enunciation w be fitting .
    Emphasis on Emotional & Brain dev . Should be key points
    W scientific data points .
    You don't have to be a neuroscientist to properly deliver nor a business degree .
    Pardon my shorthand .
    Respectfully a Ted Talks fan

  29. I know this may trigger a few gamers, especially ones that use their computers to game but I see the exact same behaviors in cryptocurrency miners. Yes, I know that miners are driving up GPU prices and gamers hate miners because of this but putting that aside for a moment, miners are constantly recalibrating the overclocking speeds on their gpu cards and switching coins and algorithms to try and reach a high sol per watt ratio and find the right coin to mine at the right moment to maximize profits. And profits are important but it isn't so much the profit as it is the game of reaching a higher number, reach the milestone of 1k, 10k. 100k reach the milestone of 3 cards 6 cards 12 cards 24 cards 100 cards. The goals are much like a game and I believe the gambling aspect involved makes it even more like a video game. I think gamers and miners have many things in common and miners could spend a bit more time gaming and vice versa.

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  31. Most people say video games are bad. And the few non gamers that say they are ok is only when they see that the games are good, but only want to use us through these. They never say they are good and just let us play

  32. Make no mistake people… Gaming is drug trafficking. They are f… With your brain. One day we will pay the price for this…
    This guy is like a drug addict trying to convince people of advantages of using drugs…

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