Tom, after feeling in a powerless cycle of anxiety and depression, talks about his thriving journey

Hello, my name is Tom, I’m 24 years old
and I’ve just completed The Thrive Programme . Before I began The Thrive Programme I was struggling for a right number of years with anxiety and depression, on off
for a couple of years, and it really affected me whenever. I live in
Australia and my parents used to live here with me and whenever they left and
I continued on to finish my uni degree it really everything that could have
gone wrong at that time kind of did and I got into like kind of a bad spin and
that kind of characterised the next couple years from me. I did try to get
help during this time. I went on antidepressants for about a year and
four months. I didn’t really solve anything you know. Using antidepressants really did make me feel, you know, happy and content with what I
had but he didn’t actually solve what was causing me to feel that way – which
was just myself which I later learned in The Thrive Programme. So yeah I was
really struggling with University and just motivation really and just really
took my eye off the ball and yeah just couldn’t achieve the kind of grades that
I wanted to achieve but then again that was just the perfectionist in me coming
out which, again, I learned and The Thrive Programme is unhelpful thinking
style that a lot of people think like. And it is possible to, you know, retrain
yourself to think differently which is very much what happened. So by the time
I came to The Thrive Programme you know I’d tried counselling, I tried you know
going on pills and a couple of other treatments but none of them were working for me and within the first session with Stevie I learned that the past was just not
very important to my future which completely just flies in the face of of
everything the counsellors had told me. Because you know you sit there and you
tell them your problems and anything that’s going wrong in your life so to
learn that it was really empowering because you know it meant
that I could move on. And over the next couple of weeks you know we worked on
self-esteem, really just learning how to enjoy things, see the
positive in things and another big thing to learn how, you know, self-critical I
could be. I’m sure a lot of other people out there are like this but, you know, I
could never celebrate anything, like I could always, I would always be focusing
on what I could have done better instead of actually, you know, feeling good about
myself at the time which, you know, if you go your whole life thinking like that
you’re not gonna find yourself being very happy because, you know, it’s
important to celebrate, you know, and be good to yourself. So I learned that the
internal dialogue that you have with yourself is really important and I also
heard that the words that I was saying to myself were very mean especially
compared to how I would get on with other people so essentially I just
learned to become my own best friend and in no small thanks to Stevie,
you know, he really he was really good with me during this Programme because I was only there for the first three sessions in person the rest of the time
he facetimed with me being in Australia and been in Portadown and yeah I was
really grateful I got the option did you do that with him because I
didn’t think that I’d be able to. So yeah, in short, I feel really I feel
really peaceful. I think that’s the word that I’m using to describe myself mostly.
Just because my mind at rest would have just been absolutely buzzing with
things before, you know, like good thoughts on bad thoughts. I just feel
really, you know, focused and I feel powerful. I feel like I can, you know, I
can do things and finish my degree and get out into the real world. Yeah I’m
just really grateful for what The Thrive Programme has taught me.

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