Tiimo crowdfunding campaign video 2019

Tiimo started out when Melissa and I were writing our master thesis at the IT University. Our focus was on ADHD, and if we could use technology to support children and families living with this diagnosis. To research that, we collaborated with families, and this is how the concept of Tiimo started. All of this was actually just supposed to be for the thesis. But then one day, one of the families went back to us and asked, “when can we download the app?” And that’s when we actually looked at each other and thought, “Let’s just do this.” Brushing your teeth, eating breakfast or taking your medicine. These activities might seem simple and straightforward to many. But for a person living with ADHD or Autism, daily routines can be hard to remember and overcome. Memory loss, anxiety and inattention makes it difficult to develop, to get an education and to have a normal family life. Tiimo is an app used on a smartwatch. It’s discrete and it helps me and my son through the day. The alternatives were too analogue. They were not so flexible. And they were also too boring and difficult to carry around. Tiimo has made a big difference for my son and also for me. He is more happy and much more independent. And I am too. Our business model is really simple. We offer a 30-day free trial, followed by a monthly subscription price of €10, which gives acces to all the Tiimo features. Our app is already available worldwide in English. And with more than 15,000 downloads, 1400 subscribers, and with 60% of new subscribers coming from 49 different countries. We have proven international traction already. Hey, my name is Dan Jones. My brandname is The Aspie World. I make fun and educational content on Autism and ADHD and the likes, because I have those conditions. I mainly use Tiimo when I’m travelling around and doing events. I need something that’s gonna keep me on track, makes sure I get to meetings on time, make sure I’m eating at the right time. Because with my condition it doesn’t really lend me to remember to do those things. So, how I use Tiimo logistically is, my producer and I sit down at meetings, and we talk about all the things I need to do. Then he can actually go on and schedule all the things I need to do. And then all of a sudden I’m going about my day and I get the alert on my watch and maybe on my phone aswell. And it reminds my of all these things and it is just fantastic. That actual team capability is just way beyond anything I’ve seen before. And It’s something that I find most useful about the app. The app shows an overview of all your activities during the day. And increases focus on the one you are currently at. It shows an icon, a text description and a visual timeline, that tracks exactly how much time is left of the activity. Alongside, it gives motivating reminders, vibrations and a notification if anything new in the activity happens. I invested in 2017 and again this time. Firstly, because I love the purpose of the company. I believe companies with a purpose are the longterm winners. Secondly, because it is a really talented team. They improve how they work everyday. And thirdly, because the product actually works and helps a lot of people. And there is a huge potential for Tiimo, as there has been virtually no innovation in this field. The proceeds from Seedrs will go almost exclusively to marketing Tiimo, to increase our costumer base in English-speaking markets. We also wanna grow organically, by localizing the app into more languages. Finally, we wanna be able to hire one extra developer, and our current Partner and Community Manager Anna, on a full-time basis. We have big plans for Tiimo. Our product vision is to become the new global standard in assistive technologies, and to use machine learning to collect and analyse real-world feedback based on our users mood, habits and symptoms. This isn’t possible today, which is why it would be an absolute game changer in the healthcare industry. In order to improve diagnosis and treatment in ADHD and Autism. We want people to join us on this journey. To make an impact worldwide by creating technology that truly makes a difference.

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