“Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger’s” (FULL Documentary) 50-Minute Extended Version

I’m different from other people. (Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger’s) But in spite of that, I’ve adapted well. I’m one of those aspies who have learned how to socialize, make friends, and blend in. I still can’t socialize as much as I’d like to, and I miss out on a lot. I have to take it easy to preserve my energy. And I can’t even go out in public sometimes because I’m very vulnerable to sensory overload. I often have a hard time understanding other people because how I experience the world is different. I may still be human, but sometimes I feel like I’m from another planet. (Asperger’s Syndrome is a mild form of autism.) (Asperger’s Syndrome is a mild form of autism.)
(1% of the world’s population is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.) (In the US, (In the US,
it is as common as 1 in every 68 people.) I’m Alyssa My name is Katie McKellar My name is Matthew Rhodes I am Demi My name is Bram My name is Adam Olderr My name is Miranda and I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I have PDD-NOS. And I have autism. (This documentary discusses…) (This documentary discusses…)
(Main Asperger’s Symptoms) (This documentary discusses…)
(Sensory Issues) (This documentary discusses…)
(Social Difficulties) (This documentary discusses…)
(Emotions) (This documentary discusses…)
(Coping with Asperger’s) (This documentary discusses…)
(Thinking Patterns) (This documentary discusses…)
(Imagination) (This documentary discusses…)
(Gaining Independence) (This documentary discusses…)
(Careers and College) (This documentary discusses…)
(Asperger’s Strengths) (This documentary discusses…)
(Advice for Aspies) It’s been agreed that a lot of the
(Alyssa Huber, Aspie

22 thoughts on ““Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger’s” (FULL Documentary) 50-Minute Extended Version

  1. got diagnosed with aspergers just 5 months ago. up till this point all my youtube vlogs where about social anxiety and spirituality. it's good to watch this again in its full extended version! i have an insane amount of respect for you Alyssa could i mention you in my next video? i thought id ask your permission first

    keep up spreading the awareness

    – Zac

  2. I wish i was in this documentary how far apart did all these aspies live during the shooting of this documentary

  3. Omg this is an amazing quality documentary (the editing and the research👌) how is your channel not way more popular??😂

  4. I've been meaning to say this for a while, the example you use of airplanes, IS ME! I build them, work on them (when I can), and have always loved them.

  5. Alyssa is like a big sister to other autistics shes just so awesome 🙂
    I can say her videos this documentary in particular saved my life at a time when Inwas ready to end it.. It showed me im not alone.. And I have another family worldwide ❤

    Thank you Alyssa and everyone in this documentary from the bottom of my heart thank you ❤

  6. Please don't take this wrong. You put a lot of time and effort into this and brought up many important and interesting points. But the title is misleading. If I wanted to make a documentary on men who die from breast cancer, (yes it does happen), that is what I would call it. I wouldn't make a breast cancer documentary where half the victims are male and give the men two thirds of the face time. I've seen gender ratios of 12:1 or higher for males diagnosed as Aspies. For me, the most difficult part of coping with the condition has been its impact on my social life. While there is a lot of overlap, men and women by their nature have significantly different problems in this area.

  7. As a fellow aspir I think it’s so funny we grew up quite near each other (I live in Illinois too currently in Batavia) but never crossed paths. But maybe we will cross paths one day 🙂 I also happen to live on my own in an apartment with my fiancé and am working in graphic design (one of my passions) so I’m doing very well

  8. I like the title. I have 2 kids on spectrum (who are unrelated by blood) and I wanted to see through their eyes, what they (may) experience, bcuz I have no reference point for it and I want to understand better, so I can help them succeed. So grateful for this wonderful, honest and thorough movie!

  9. Hi. My name is Gavin from Indonesia.
    I am so very inspired and blessed that you share your testimonies as an Arpie.

    According to my mom, I was diagnosed as an Asperger when I was a toddler. I had very hard and severe difficulties to make a friends during my high school and I was considered as hyperactive when I was in Kindergarden. That's why until now I'm speaking to nobody like a strange human, such as in my personal room (that makes my father often was so annoyed because of that).
    Funny is, that I'm also interested for the aeroplanes, especially when I see the wings 😀 I wonder how it opens and closes, and it has sound! 🙂

    God bless,


  10. Such excellent work…I think you should spread the word to the professionals who work with aspies. Your film should be seen. Show it around….

  11. Thank you for this documentary. My late husband was diagnosed with Asperger's in the tenth year of our marriage. It explained many of the marital issues that plagued us. We worked so hard to maintain our union. We managed to remain together until Anthony's death from renal failure.
    You are an inspiration to me. 🌻

  12. Hey! Thank you for sharing your experience. This has been able to help me understand my 8 year old son a bit better.

  13. Wow, this film is so good on so many levels. Alyssa is giving everyone a special gift by producing this inside look at what it is like to have Aspergers or autism. It's so personal and also really professionally done. I hope this gets a huge reach so everyone can learn about this perspective.

  14. Don’t use any of you hurdles. I’m the one with the power in me Av snapped and you have no idea what I can do m I

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