This Video Exposes Hitler’s Secret Illness

NARRATOR: Theodore Morell
was the Fuhrer’s trusted personal doctor for nine years. Hitler heaped praise
and honors upon him. But there was one critical
condition that Doctor Morell was late in diagnosing. A debilitating disease
that mirrored the collapse of Hitler’s crumbling Reich. While the shattered remnants
of SS and army units made their last stands,
Hitler went underground in a vast concrete
bunker under the Reich chancellery building in Berlin. [SPEAKING GERMAN] It was one of the last times
the Fuhrer would have been seen alive outside of his bunker. The propaganda film was
supposed to show Hitler still in command,
decorating brave young defenders of the Reich. But a critical
part of the footage was deemed unfit for
viewing, cut, and presumably supposed to be destroyed. But this footage survived. It was found in an East German
film laboratory in the 1970s. The clip clearly
shows the shaking Hitler could no longer control. RICHARD EVANS: Hitler began to
show symptoms of Parkinson’s disease during the war. He had a shake in his left hand. And, for a time, that
was cured, as it were, by the bomb that went
off on July 20th, 1944. As he said, that’s not the way
I would choose of curing it. But soon after that, the shaking
came back in his right side. He began to drag his
feet and shuffle. He began to speak
in a more flat, less animated way, normally. Though fits of rage could
still bring out the old Hitler. NARRATOR: A comparison
of newsreel footage shows how Parkinson’s
disease took hold. To the left, in
1940, Hitler stands upright, agile, and in control. To the right, in
1944, the Fuhrer is stooped and relatively slow. Morell first noted
Hitler’s tremor in 1941 and put it down to stress. It was only in the
final days of the war that he made the
correct diagnosis. Shaking palsy, or
Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s can impair
thought processes, as well as posture and muscle control. But witnesses claim Hitler’s
mind was sharp to the end.

100 thoughts on “This Video Exposes Hitler’s Secret Illness

  1. Why do all of these major dictatorships climb under like coward under? He had hate and killing disease. Not write to offer this diseased monster with a named illness, it's disrespect to the disease that many suffer. He and his Hench men killed millions of men woman and innocent children. It's improper to diagnose a disease by a once living disease. You pitiful non human being.

  2. I do photoshop and can easily replicate the so-called "shaking" of the hand and slumped posture, even include some very "evil" eyes to make him appear more demonic.    just WHO is trying to fool WHO with this propaganda garbage?

  3. وي وه خيت بيا بيمن عوده بيكير وه خيت كه علي خان جؤده ري كير نياكياو تيب سورار ي سياربيه قنياس زي بينه كير كيره قيسه

  4. ئوقيسه تيب نيبابيه خير بنك بيئه هؤ هؤ قنيا س خيري زيرؤ هؤبي خيرزي زيرؤ هؤيه

  5. Total scumbag a true murderer a man with morbid views, psychiatric problems he had so many issues. this man should of been a mental ward not a leader

  6. Parkinson’s Disease : Fear and an intense desire to control everything and everyone. [Louise Hay, spiritual dynamic behind illness]

  7. Everyone shows good ones but never focuss on dark side of these persons .he was dark demon of world.due to him entire world is in crisis

  8. Hello this report shows the human part of him. He was venerable to illnesses just like you n me are. I look at this as a medical issue he kept from the public so he would be viewed as a strong person not weak .his image was more important then any problem he could have. My opinion Christopher Miller 11-30-2019-1:55.EST.

  9. For some imbeciles, Hitler's SOCIALISM and Stalin's SOCIALISM were not enough!

    Party of the whistleblowers want SOCIALISM in America! "Behind the closed door" – that's how the Central Committee of the USSR used to work. All they need is Commissar Hillary now.

  10. losing a war is a little stressfull. souls of the dead screaming at him to die so they may have him. they still have him.

  11. Most of the boys he was talking to had to do stuff that only adults should have been doing because they were running out of adult troops.

  12. i like this video so much.if you dont mind,i would like to ask your permission to share this video to the other website in china for embarrassing reason that youtube is blocked from accessing in china of course i will give sources of the original website thank you very much

  13. Hitler's doctor was simply his personal drug dealer… And he was on some major stuff. Kinda explains his slipping further into madness and a world of paranoid delusions, somewhat.

  14. That is not Parkinson's that is drug withdrawal. My mother had Parkinson's and I suffered from drug withdrawal many times so I know first hand that it was of lack of methamphetamine

  15. Look up videos on shellshocked WW1 veterans. Some of them shake a lot worse and fall on the floor. That was a brutal war, pretty much everyone who survived had PTSD.

  16. Does no one know that he was literally taking methamphetamine? That was a common "medicine" in germany during those times.

  17. Put together Shaking , Schizophrenia, fits of Rage Joint pain. EQUALS LYMES DISEASE.
    THink about it LYMES is a spirachete just like Syphilis

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