48 thoughts on “The UnXplained: BRAIN ALTERED BY ORGAN TRANSPLANT (Season 1) | SERIES RETURNS 2/29 | History

  1. When a person gets a transplant the organ contains quantum genetic memory of the donor that gets incorporate into the recipient

  2. There is a similar story about a German guy who had a heart transplant and got a heart of some Serb and he felt the need to visit Serbia and he somehow knew the language and moved there. Pretty interesting.

    Edit: There's a book about it called "Serbian heart of Johan's"

  3. Human beings Harbor an innate amount of multi-dimensional capabilities and abilities that often only sits dormant.And can only be accessed sometimes through accidental injury.

  4. Glad her donor sounded like a good cop, but now her liver is 30 years older than she is. Would that potentially shorten her life span?

  5. Florida – man jumps off building.

    His kidney is put into a recipient.

    The recipient…

    Committed suicide from the same building, on the same day just 2 years later…

  6. She learned she liked to work with her hands after a surgery, I don’t think her liver transplanted wood working memories to her. And the guy who’s liver she had was a dude of course he worked with his hands

  7. Read the Biology of Belief. Written by Bruce Lipton. Doctor. Researcher on stem cells. Medical school professor. Through physics and biology he realized that every cell we have has memory. Life changing.

  8. This was clearly referred IN Indian Mythology. That our body contains tremendous memories not just the brain. You guys ate discovering this now only.This is said clearly in yoga.

  9. Intriguing, OMG I had the same transplant she had & all of a sudden, I've been smoking marijuana & doing cocaine since then & never had done them before since highschool over 4 & a half decades ago, WTF I don't even drink alcohol & then I found out that my donor was a recovering party animal, holy shoot!

  10. our brains are influenced by hormones and neuro-chemicals. liver in other hand produce chemicals, secretes to our bloodstream ending up to our brains that pass through blood-brain barriers

  11. This stuff is legit… For the entirety of man's history, burial is the complete body. They didn't take the organs and hand them out, they were stored with the body in Egypt. They have reasons to not do it and transplants are high science when the scientific community didn't believe in a soul. The body is the vessel and the soul is the cargo that was specifically made for that specific cargo. Imagine taking the hill from a tugboat and retrofitting a tiller handle motor on it for fishing in a creek… It's going to prefer deeper water and function as intended.

    Here's a good question… Do they actually allow life sentence prisoners with an affinity for violence or even a regular innate with less than life sentences to donate their organs after they pass?

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  13. Se o corpo e o cérebro interagem intensamente entre si …O organismo e o meu ambiente também …não serao estas relações mediadas pelo movimento do organismo e pelos aparelhos sensoriais?? O ambiente marca no organismo da estimulação neural…não será um jogo as interacções mútuas cerebro-corpo!!? É muito intrigante mas muito interessante este assunto!!! Obrigada ao canal História pelo tema deveras emocionante!!Este é um caso como há muitos outros!!

  14. Cause obviously whoever that organ belong to was an unwilling donor at the time of death meaning they were robbed of organ which led to death by organ trafficking so the spirit roamed that organ until it can find peace by the murder being solved obviously this is a murder that have not been solved yet. So you got yourself a roaming spirit who got to live life again from its disruptured past cause it was not its time

  15. We all scene tunnel vision we just dont remember cause of brainwash techniques when they take your new born to the back after birth they brainwash the souls memory cauae memory carries energy just like outer space. So you are then brainwashed. Just like when a baby turns two and start to mimic copy abd learn speech from whats heard they know the meaning of words they use but when they go to school for the first time its like they somehow forget what they've learned human studies is so interesting

  16. DNA of the person got unique info , the brain reads them as it's own with the new person , we can change DNA with words ! It's like when we listen to sublimonals!

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