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  1. The BioTechnology to transfer information from the brain into the computer shall be amazing. It will however create harsh issues to humans.

  2. This would only be a copy if it could be done. A large data file or data bank with only tenuous connections as to how one memory connects to another & how that connects to yet another, etc. it would be like a transcript of a transcript of another transcript. But it very likely wouldn't be much like the original " you ".

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  4. So your saying in a good few years our kids will be able to die in a car accident . . .
    But its no problem because last week, 'While they were sleeping' we covertly 'uploaded' a copy of their brains to
    'Tha Cloud' ….
    so we 3d-printed them some new bodies at HOME, minus some annoying habits, & downloaded their consciousness.
    Problem Solved!……[Skynet here we come!]

  5. Before we get into this, we have to answer big questions like ”what is YOU really”, and ”what is consciousness” and we haven’t done this as a humanity. Storing your brain without transfering what we may only call ”consciousness” is absolutely pointless.

  6. Not going to happen. They can't even stop Chinese hackers from getting access to all the banking information of Americans and you think something like this would be built? I have a really nice bridge to sell you. No really, it's an amazing bridge.

  7. Where did you (editor) get that image? I (we) have one in my YouTube channel and it is original. It looks not similar like yours; that I (we) can prove where we got it.
    Thanks for your response.
    (Jenny K).

  8. This is zombies… 4 real just not they way we're ment 2 c. This is crazy scary. I don't even like being in my own head. Wow

  9. This is a big example of when technology goes too far! The world will be destroyed again very soon because of our “advancements”.

  10. This is kind of pointless and if ever executed right, will only be used for important or famous people.. Becuase the brain is being copied not transported over to the robot so, it will not actually be the person but more so a souless programmed copy of that person.

  11. All one needs for consciousness is 'theory of self.' That can & will develop most assuredly with technology. Neuroscience has shown that consciousness is not really 'complex' per se, but our grasp is limited in ways that would not be limited by a powerful computer, especially one with quantum capabilities

  12. Great… Soros, Rothschild's , Rockefeller's satanic minds digitally crapping on humanity for ever …. no thanks . Ctrl , Alt , Delete these turds .

  13. One emp or strong magnet and the data is wiped, though. "Immortality" is a bit of a stretch. Extended mortality is more accurate.

  14. Lol this technology won't amount to much. Human consciousness is completely unknown to science, no other animal possess what we have. Human consciousness can't be replicated by a machine or the cloud, you can create an ALMOST exact replica of someones mind on a computer, but it will never produce the same outcomes as that human would. Why? Because consciousness is a spirtual thing, it goes beyond our current realm of existence. A computer is nothing like our spirtual consciousness at all, and will never truly understand the both amazing, and wicked things we think about.

  15. "YOU will be able to think and feel out of a mechanical body" Uhmmm no thats not how it works at all chief. Thats like saying a clone is the EXACT same as another clone. No. Clones can think for themselves, if you put my brain into 1000 USB devices that is just 1000 different versions of me, completely autonomous different people. They just think like me. They aren't me.

    If I die and my brain gets copied into a robot, I'm still dead. Its like saying if I cloned my cat, then killed my cat. My cat is still dead now all I have is a REPLICA of it. Like a digital version of me would be a REPLICA of me , not the same. Duplication isn't possible. Even if you used time travel to get a past version of me, or future version of me. Its still just a replica, a completely different person with different thoughts.

  16. but the biggest nope is that you seize being you, it's gonna be artificial intelligence machine after you die, it's not immorality at all.

  17. Well I think that downloading the data contained in a brain Would be just the information that has been stored throughout one's life .if it is kept as a digital copy then its nothing more than just information.not a person's subconsciousness.

  18. You can copy all data structure of brain, but it is tremendously hard to transfer the consciousness and enigmatic thalamus.

  19. I don't like my brain's info to be uploaded in to a computer 😈😈😈 we are already limitless but we need to train it to do so ! 💕💕🌷

  20. That's the stupid idea I have ever heard. If you upload your brain to a computer, you will never be able to cheap death, but instead, a digital slave to the person that is running the computer.
    Wake up guys, your memory inside a computer will never be the same as in the physical brain/body. One thing is for sure. Our brain is more complex than every computer on planet earth. You will become just a drive at someone's daily use to exploit.

  21. Lies and more lies,I thought the human race was about helping each other but no,it's a race to wipe each other out.sickening.

  22. Como é que podem separar o corpo da mente?? Especificamente a separação das operações mais refinadas da mente para um lado da estrutura e funcionamento do organismo biológico para outro?? Estamos perante uma.tecnologia de relojoeiro…Este vídeo faz-me lembrar o erro de Descarte!!

  23. This TV channel  have good documentary series but they kill it with every 5 MTS commercials during the main show about other series and keep repeating  same commercial every 5 MTS…. very boring

  24. I cannot accept that I will continue – that is, my consciousness will have continuity if I am copied to a digital brain all in one go. I do however accept the idea that very little of who I was as a young child is still the same me now. Both the physical cells and the connections in the brain have been replaced to make me who I am today. Therefore, given a slow and steady imprinting to a digital framework of all that is new to us as I live on, I believe we will be able to live on with a natural process of conscious continuity without losing any of ourselves in the process. We will only gain the capabilities that will come with this evolution.

    I look forward to many life extending technologies that will permit the time to delay this kind of slow transfer. I would wonder though when the best time to begin such a thing would be. Personally, I may wish to delay being less biological until there isn't a choice. Then again, the sooner I begin, the sooner I become something greater than I am. If the option becomes a reality, it will be a difficult thing to navigate.

  25. Then no need to go school or university if can implant a smart chip in my brain. Everyone can become Einstein. How is the economy going to be? That means Dictators like Kim Jun Un can live forever. U make me laugh about this….

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