The TRUTH about ADHD & Autism Accomodation Needs/Education in Schools I’ve been in

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miss any notifications as I post .So, today is going to be a quick video
hopefully from what I’ve watched based on Haley’s Comment or what have you to
get, I thought to share my experiences about the accommodation of what I used
and how it has worked for me be it even though as we know before my diagnosis, it was a
a long battle you know I’m trying to find it out, fighting a healthcare system here
in New Zealand. Especially as well as in saying this; that
there were some good schools leading up to the point of you know helping me
out but then again on the downfall here in New Zealand at the moment there is a
bit of a lacking of teachers with that can help with children with special needs
especially be it autistic, cystic fibrosis or any other learning disabilities as
well to put it out there. So, like growing up as I said in one of my videos when it was coming down to my education- it was pretty much
darn hard and I have shared this a bit based on my diagnosis as well as my
education while I was transitioning from young preschooler to you know a young
adult going into Polytech. Because, obviously my parents were fearing
right now at that time based when I was younger especially I think when I was
about going on to three years old, I was struggling with speech. So the very first
thing that was required for me to do was going through speech therapy to
hopefully string out some sentences, help me with my reading and comprehension as
well as some like cards that like the speech therapist will bring out to me and actually trying to pronounce or say as well as
maybe matching the words to the actual the picture that represents the word, if that
makes sense? Like a word match or what have you. Another thing, was also was well what it was coming down to this through my speech
therapy like they had to access me in a lot of areas obviously especially it led up to a really young age so that I don’t miss out on any opportunities of what was
going on. But, I see this right now as well as maybe my mum and dad basically
that while I was growing up especially when I was in my preschool years that
there was something going on and I was totally different but they didn’t pick
up on it until later to date when I was in my like early teens, late teenish a bit
15- 16 after getting the diagnosis of what I’ve got today as Aspergers Syndrome even
though in the jurisdiction as I said before Aspergers Syndrome is now
classified in the book of the DSM-5 as Autism apparently in that umbrella as Autism or shall we say different types
of autism out there. I have I think spoken about the different types how it
can affect people but just the signs and symptoms
and whatnot. Another thing is for my accommodation needs as I was
growing up as I said I had speech therapy through from that
transitioning into primary school and in lecturer everyday help. Because obviously
at first from primary – intermediate especially they thought I needed extra
help due to my learning needs because they classify me as an ADD/ADHD and
dyslexic and some other learning disability I can’t recall right now. But
I’ve got the book somewhere I think or something -I think it was about spatial awareness and whatnot at the time as well as just just recalling stuff you know like Executive Function Disorder obviously does come into play, right now with my, you know
short term memory. Sometimes, I tend to forget things but I can recall short
bursts of certain things and it pisses people
off to the core especially you know in terms of events- be it if it is good events that I’ve had in the past of what happened to me in my achievements versus is
you know maybe past history what I can recall just in general about what
happens in the world I can be good or sorta you know just basic general
knowledge stuff you know um. Moving on as I was progressing into my primary-
intermediate as I said I need more attention obviously well not just attention but just more accommodation needs to meet my needs of that timeframe. So, what happened was I had some learning support staff on board, helping me with some of the stuff that has to come on board, they wrote down notes, they had to write down the curriculum obviously of what’s going to happen or
shall we say a timetable and extra time hours -especially outside hours of schooling basically sometimes like thirty minutes to an hour
after school I’ll be you know still at school instead of at home you know doing my studies sometimes some planned and just get the
accessibility out of that and through my time like some of this stuff like
basically maths to this day is still my weakest point especially when it comes
to trying to remember the GST and stuff when it comes down to you know money
situations um that what they did there was trying to make maths fun as well as
some other subjects fun. So to speak, because obviously was some kids
with special needs they might need it to be a bit fun so that they can engage
with you or what have you. Many times though throughout my school though many
people or shall we say many teachers especially thought that I was a troubled
child because obviously you know I was wreaking havoc sometimes, not
wrecking havoc as such but I was a disruptive kinda student because I
wasn’t paying much attention at one stage because of my attention span and they just then like most people’s attention span- most likely you know one minute you’re up as
a high as a kite and then all of a sudden just decreases you shall we say. And, with
saying that though, like I used to get a lot of you know
yelling sometimes if I’m not paying attention but then again I used to be in
my books day in, day out anyways, Because of it all I thought to myself despite my you know learning difficulties and whatnot
before the diagnosis of Autism came about basically some of these needs ah –
accommodation needs were similar to what I’ve seen what Haley was saying before I
transitioned from you know young, young young child to young adult and trying
to you know do it in the real world as an adult even though it’s really
difficult but in saying this though when it came into like schooling, primary and intermediate especially I felt that it was kind of really really really hard
especially basically I didn’t fit in much. I tend to get bullied a lot.
You know I did get bullied a bit while transitioning from primary – intermediate
to high school especially like my parents and I or the little family
of mine, we moved a lot when I was younger just to try and find what it’s
worth you know with my special needs versus my sister’s especially her needs
probably more than my special needs help of the accommodation needs that she needs but moving on aside from that um like it was a hurtful time for me because
obviously you know not many people understood me I felt anyway because
being different- dressed up weird and stuff and so on and so forth in my time and
whatnot you know how bullies are they tend to pick someone different. Someone
new. Someone as a fresh bait you know “aww let’s attack them, to see if they would get a response you know cuz a few times as I said in one of my videos or just a
video over that I did try to stand up for myself a couple of times through
these bullying processes in school- high school – intermediate and I’ve got called into the principal’s
office so did my parents even though my parents
did find it funny at one point when I shared with them, “Well I’m only self
defending myself, you guys taught me to stand my ground, you know not to take no
shit” Hearsay but moving on from that though while I was in that primary-
intermediate stage basically what happened was yes I needed extra help.
Sometimes, I needed like during my exams times especially when they trying to
prep me trying to figure out what level I am at for my reading, writing, maths, you know the typical kind of stuff before NCEA came out in 2000 and what are we now? 19 so roughly about 2006 I think roughly here in New Zealand the new
the education system of NCEA came out which is the that’s just certificate of
educational achievement.You know of level one, level 2, level 3 It took out this
they obviously swiped out the school certificate and now they’re debating
basically is: was it worthwhile for some other students to actually have that NCEA versus the school certificate of that curriculum to be put back into
place so on and so forth. Because um at that time basically while they were
juggling up you know where I’m at in my reading, writing, comprehension and
everything. I went through a series of having to go through like especially
where I was at the time before my parents decided to move on from where I
am living in the Manawatu region which I didn’t go and expose too much is
basically, I went through a service called SPELDD which I can’t remember what it stands for right now but it’s helping with you know children with ADD/ADHD and stuff and getting a proper diagnosis and whatnot through their learning
difficulties and whatnot at that time. Because, obviously the specialist that I
was under during my time at intermediate I think it was the first time I met him
was that we were doing some testing similar to what I did based on intermediate and primary school age level. Because, obviously at the time they thought
I was a slow learner in school you know couldn’t catch up obviously
so also in saying this in this jurisdiction in that time period for me
especially was as said needed extra teachers on board so I had to either a) I
had extra time out after school instead of going home to study or stay at school
for an extra thirty minutes to an hour some of the lecturers while
transitioning from high school to polytech one of them did actually do
that for me as well as in having that timeframe to do that for me too which I thank them.
I think some of the ones that actually did in polytech and in high school and
whatnot they did actually trying to come on board and actually, support my learning
because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today using these tools that I feel
is right for me. Another thing was also in saying this like as I said before with my Executive functioning disorder especially this probably runs with ADHD
and autistic children that I needed lists! To do lists versus lists of achievements versus
also not just lists than general but just diagrams and that to match
with some of the notes that I was taking so with the note-taker that I had at the
time we made cue cards, we made basically with the cue cards the keywords, the
definitions, with the keywords we mixed and matched the diagrams with that like
actual stages of life . Be it if we were doing science and stuff. Some of the stuff we did, we did like a not just as a brainstorm but a mindmap with these diagrams to
match with the words or keywords you know of the life cycles of certain you know um animals that were being taught or insects or what have you in the animal
kingdom. Another thing that helps me was basically like for me anyway even though
I was struggling with art like I learned basically okay we we he said
just to focus on the imperfections and flaws on whatever as it was at that time.
This was in high school while I was transitioning from intermediate to high
school especially I think also it happened not just in high school but in
an intermediate stage that some of them did help there but moving on aside from that I needed extra helping with that and then they realized that okay
despite a lot of repetitive tasks of what I was doing with these notes came
about like I think like in Polytech especially with this support person they
ended up introducing me a dictator phone to take to my classes, record them
and then plug it back into my USB port on my laptop, download them and listen to
them in my spare time if I can go over them and then if need be you know write
down some notes from that with the help of some of their other notes that was on
board like that we had got given and set books you know of what the classes is about or the subject is about. Because at that point of time, I
felt the course outline was more important as well you know figuring out
okay this is what I need to do and that because obviously some students might
want that kind of like a little class outline, what that class is going to
cover for the day and hopefully in saying this that they can follow through that tough
and objectives through that course outline. Because that’s what happened
with me, I felt that had to happen also in saying this, though, despite my bullying and everything like you know I felt like you know I thought enough is enough I thought to myself at
the time to just trying to ignore them as much as possible regardless even though
I’m the kind of girl that wants to try to speak out regardless at that time. I
was still struggling to try to speak, trying to put my, you know words into speech patterns.
But, another thing was also for these accommodation needs despite the lack of
you know teachers that help with children with special needs
you know, I believe that one person first and foremost in a form of advice that
there need to be more teachers on board that just needs to be aware that it’s not a
behaviour problem and that and then kids are just you know being destructive and stuff in class. There might be a reason behind why they’re being disruptive though,
you call it a disruptive kind of behaviour patterns. You know maybe the
teachers need to ask themselves basically as a bit of advice is okay why is
the student not paying attention? 2) Is it the way I’m teaching that they’re not
paying attention and if so how can I actually, fix this so that they can
engage with me? You know because obviously you know at the end of the day
they say that school has to be a part of life for most of us you know and whatnot
I believe. And, yeah um also from what I can recall with some of the helpings to
just to tie it up is through my like in my intermediate and polytech years especially like with this extra help after school and that especially
when it came down to test that one part was that they took me to another room
and gave me at least an extra 30 minutes- an hour or try to make sure that I start
before the rest of the you know members of the class in the next room over to
me. The reason why they did this even though at this point I got picked on
because they thought I was a teacher’s pet. I was a troublemaker. There was a lot of
assumptions about this or misinformation about the reason to why I
was in a different room. But the reason for me was it helped me in a way to stay
in a different room because of all the distractions with white noise and
everything around me especially at Polytech it was super busy, trying to drown out all the noise especially for the sake of my you know autistic brain especially basically trying to really, really, soul focus on that task at hand and um I was fear of basically you know failing so to
speak, you know like most students but when it came down to me in those stages up
to Intermediate to Polytech when I was put in that or another room. They made sure to also have my special aids teacher or as they call it reader/writer with me at the time if I need that assistance from them to you know
come back in and help me just to read through that, you know the test and whatnot sometimes they’ll test me verbally before I put it down to paper as well for these pop
quizzes sometimes before the big major exams that came out. Umm *coughs* but in saying this also, regardless that um I felt that some of these accommodation needs that I did of
the accommodation support system that came into place did help me and that
regardless of it all that you know like I said I still use this to this day. So, like hopefully this has helped you guys to understand me better as an
autistic advocate slash you know educator whatnot? Please feel free to comment
below before I leave today, is if anyone of you is
watching, if you have any learning difficulties or special needs basically
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