The Secret to Creativity

So I need you to answer a question – you
only have five seconds to respond and you can have as many answers as you like… Ready? How many uses can you think of for this brick? This is an alternative uses test, they’re
used to measure creative thinking and how flexible people are in approaching a task.
Here’s one of the tests I prepared earlier… “Yeah, you could um, you could make very
interesting cookie patterns, I guess?” “You could use it as you would a domino
in a rube goldberg machine” “You could put it in a tin can and make
a rattle out of it” Where creativity comes from has mystified
us for centuries. Throughout history, we believed that creativity
was rare and seen in a small elite: professional painters, poets, performers, and musicians.
For a long time, creativity was an enigma, beyond the reach of science. But today, we
know that it takes creativity to solve problems, it’s an aspect of human intelligence. We
find creativity in architecture, science, engineering and even in nature. Creativity is everywhere! And in the past
few decades, there have been dozens of studies exploring it using brain imaging technology. We’ve found you don’t just use the left
or right hemisphere of your brain when you’re thinking creatively. There isn’t one single
brain area or circuit for creativity – professional artists suffering from damage to different
brain regions continue to produce art showing similar creativity. Over forty different areas
of the brain are likely involved with creativity. I could list them all for you, but your mind
might start to wander… Which might be a good thing! Humans spend
an average of 30% of our day engaged in “mind-wandering.” A lot of these studies say that mind wandering
helps get our creativity flowing. But… why? How can we not pay attention and manage to
hit on an idea that’s just right? Some scientists think that mind-wandering
might distract you from your perceived obstacles or it may allow your subconscious to keep
working on the problem without your higher cognitive functions getting involved. Mind wandering may also promote your brain’s
ability to restructure the way you look at a problem, perhaps you’ll make connections
between two seemingly unrelated things and come up with novel, creative solutions. “Oh! You could melt it and then pour it
into a mould and sculpt something else out of it!” Ok, so everyone’s mind wanders. Then why aren’t
we all creative geniuses? Well, our biology may play a part too: In one study, families
who collectively scored higher on musical aptitude and creativity tests were more likely
to have an extra copy of “the glucose mu-ta-ro-taze gene”. The gene is involved in the release
of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes neural connections. The extra copy increases
the production of serotonin and the brain’s ability to reuse it. Researchers have also found that personality
traits such as risk taking and openness to experience contribute to creativity as an
individual ability. But creativity can also likely be trained, honed, or taught. In separate studies, professional dancers,
artists, and musicians were all compared against novices in their fields. During active or
mental improvisational sessions where participants were asked to compose a 5-note tune, mentally
compose a drawing, or mentally perform a dance, those who were professionally creative actually
thought about the task differently, engaging different areas of their brains than the novices. And then, there’s a point where nature and
nurture meet (which kinda happens all the time!). In The Genetics of Creativity, Barbot,
Tan and Grigorenko write, “it is important to see creativity not only as an individual
ability, but also as a cultural and time-specific phenomenon that is biologically grounded and
has a social purpose” They suggest that cultural factors, like the reception of creative
works, influences our biological factors, like how willing we are to take risks. And
the two have a dynamic relationship. Still, while some people may have small biological
advantages to be more creative, anyone can be creative. You just need to nurture your
creativity. Practice your craft, try approaching a problems in unique ways, and let your mind
wander. So, What could you do with this brick? “I love that neither of us have said anything
that has to do with actually building LEGOs” “Yeah! Maybe you could connect it to another
LEGO brick and then make something that way” You didn’t say we had many bricks! You just
said we had A brick… I know! Minimalist LEGO sculptures. Just one brick.”

100 thoughts on “The Secret to Creativity

  1. I spend about 90% of my day engaged in mind wandering. Often, I think about what health means to people. It seems people overlook creativity. What do you think?

  2. Is there anything in particular that could increase the chance mutation of an extra Glucose mutarotase gene ?

  3. Jake (VSauce3) and Vanessa (Brain craft) are together!? I know everything now. the universe is clear

  4. Joe from "It's Okay to be Smart" proposes using the lego to make a rattle….in the end he limits the lego to only one lego. So, a one lego rattle……exciting.
    The true meaning or creativity is taking the resources at hand and molding them to either solve a problem, or otherwise enhance your…..(you fill in the blank)
    In the beginning I had a "mobile home". The sliding door had a key hole. It was in the dark at night….BUT there was the street light. Solution: soft metal strip with holes (hardware), plywood octagon, and a mirror. Add a couple of screws, attach to aluminum frame window screw, adjust… and wa-la, a keyhole illuminator!!! No need to leave a porch light on all day. Free and effective. Everybody has their own level of awareness. I see the physical world. I watch the air currents in the room and the heat transfer. I strive to fluidly understand the physical world around me and how I can best master it for my advantage. It is who I am……it is my passion.

  5. I thought:
    Use it to keep a door from fully closing.
    Use it to scrape off nail polish (there was a close-up).

    That's it for 5 seconds.

  6. Omg the first thing I thought of was to melt it and turn it into something else. When I heard the other chick say that I was blown away😂 like, wtf?! No way!

  7. I think a big part of creativity is not trying too hard, if nothing comes to mind don't force it out and move onto something else then maybe something will come to mind later, if you view it as something that instantly needs to be tackled you won't come up with anything

  8. 1. poke a hole on it's longest sides (or use the round shapes above it) and insert a metal wire an tweak it's end to make hooks or loops, you have a portable electric conductor.
    2. it's plastic so it can hold tiny amounts of hydrofluoric acids to pour in places that needs tiny amounts of it and with precision. (although it can do it with any liquids)
    3. poke a hole in it's bottom insert a stick poke two other holes on it's longest side and insert feather and stick it to the ground in a grassy plain. And you have one of those thingies that sense the wind direction.

  9. I am not creative when asked to be creative. It is sth I don't do mecanically. I think good creations have to express sth and not simply be some rare random thought.

  10. 1- put it in my little sister's throat
    2- burn it if you want to make someone's room smell bad
    3- use it to some shapes in a sand castle
    4- hide candy in it
    5- use it's holes to make little food
    6- use it to masturbate.

  11. So, if you want to boost your creativity and focus. there is a secret weapon to help you to just do that. It is an very simple iPhone app call "CoffeeAM", which recreates various coffee shop ambiences to increase listeners' creativity and focus (the usefulness of the white noise is backed by a scientific research from University Chicago). I found it every helpful listening to it while doing my creative works; I always feel calm and it makes my creative juice flowing! The best thing is that it is free to download from app store. Hope this helps!!

  12. As soon as you said our minds might start wandering, I realised I wasn't paying attention to the video because I was concocting a story in my head about an artist's model…

  13. With creativity, you have to think outside the box though thinking inside the box is useful, thinking outside the box helps in the creation of new ideas

  14. I would totally melt it and use it for art on canvas! I love the fact that everyone's creativity leads them to different answers! Great video❣

  15. if you find yourself uncreative consider for a moment the severe lack of creativity in the world. don't you find it strange that every advertisement on youtube atleast 98% feature a song with a ukulele xylophone and whistling? its as if people are incapable of stepping outside of the box

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  17. Jesus Christ.
    I'm quite a creative person, but the only things I could think of for the Lego brick, was building Lego, and hurting my foot.

  18. For the lego think I had only time to think of 2 and one I am not even sure work
    Building a lego structure was my frist…
    that I had that weird melt it like the women said but at the same time I also tought well can it really melt and but use after and I was there whene it finish so i didn't finish the melting idea.

  19. Is it weird that the first thing I thought of doing with the bricks of lego was to make them into shoes?
    …or is that sadistic?

  20. Hey… don't know if this is the place to do it but I'm a very nerdy rapper and I want to sample this video in an upcoming song. Here are the lyrics:

    Used to write
    Hard to admit that I used to write
    Satire, Parody, Fantasy
    Sci Fi spliced with a little slice of life
    words mimick the feels I've lived
    Growing up in these hard knock streets
    The tears I've wept
    As my father told me to give up the written
    “It's demonic” he said
    “It's psychotic and I don't understand it”
    and I gave in and regret everything
    every night trying to sleep
    what could have happened if I had of been published?
    Could I have ever made it big?
    Reached geek kingdom with all my friends
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    I'd have self worth, perfecting
    something for the first time
    it's a start I guess.
    Trapeze tightwalking this stress
    Kannibal on the beat I guess I'm blessed
    Writing made me this MC
    A mess, a jester, Blake Sean Shithead Turner
    I guess.
    But for now, I'll retire the fire inside and give it a rest.
    Spit fire on the mic mixed with a little lemon zest.

    Creativity only Slumbers, it never dies
    Like a lying wolf asleep, the fire resides inside
    And from time to time
    That fire will rise and you'll be surprised
    by the tears in your eyes.
    And your quivering thighes
    As you realise
    The artist inside you only ever sleeps, it never dies.
    It never ever dies

    Now I rap,
    And I can admit that I can rap
    I can spit boombap, ghetto poetry and trap influence
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    a splatoon of things
    Mixing nerdcore with a little bit of meaning
    Depth I can sing/I can rap/
    vocally can do almost anything
    Urban poetry/quoting socrates/Plato
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    Though it pains me 5 songs a day I must release
    I'm on the precipice of getting big
    They'll notice me and I'll be in your top 20
    But until then I need to breathe
    I need to let it be
    Or this isolation will consume me.

  21. Creativity of humans is definitely infinite. Where genetic plays a role is in the ability to imagine things precisely and as a whole at once. But everyone can train to name even incredibly „extraordinary“ uses for some things with a lot of training and will power use for making it a routine.

    So, to sum it up; only precise imagination and processing speed are limited in our brains.

  22. the first thing I thought of is using it as a replacement for stones with a slingshot, then shoot at your enemy's eye……….what a creativity for bad work!

  23. Stick/glue the brick on an angle in a shoe. When a person has been naughty, their punishment is to put the shoe on, then hop up, and down several times.

  24. Imo creativity can come from a hectic chaotic hyperactive mind
    OR from a perfectly serene and meditative one!
    OR in between

  25. Put the brick on the top of your house when it rains and storms outside, to see what happens when lightning hits plastic.

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  27. they listed practical uses for the lego block.. I was thinking, giant pirate ship, a troll, a skyscraper that looks like a double helix. 🙁

  28. Do more research on mental process behind creativity and mind wandering.. Then look back this video to see the flaw in your reasoning

  29. You can cut the upper things in lego and connect with small rod to make wheels. Then connect wheels with lego to make cars. Lego cars out of one lego.

  30. im not that creative but i really hope this helps..

    5 Things You Need To Boost Your Creativity:
    1. Think
    2. Imagination
    3. Visualize
    4. Practice
    5. Wait

  31. Legos tends to stick together every well, that’s why it would work great in hanging things.

    You can place the Lego on the wall and mount it with glue or adhesive tape. Then put another Lego Piece on an art work or even a hook, it’ll allow what’s being hung to be inter changeable and it can be very convenient without leaving a hole in the wall.

  32. You could turn it upside down and use it to hold pen's or pencils.
    You can use it to scratch your back.
    You could insert it in your door and create a peep hole.
    You could dunk /polish with ink or paint and create an awesome design on paper or wall.
    You could drill a hole in it and turn it into jewelry.
    You could use it to balance an object on top of it.
    to name a few… I was just getting warmed up

  33. Such crap… one lego really that you just label as a Brick, ok… use as a focus point… put two thumb tacks on the wall equal to the size of the one silly lego (horizontally) stick the lego on it and call it Art. The paper clip has way more options.

  34. make a mold out of it and make a bunch of legos and build!!
    or you can suck on it as a calorie free snack… yeah that works

  35. Put it in any LEGO sculpture
    Melt it down and draw with it
    Superheat it and burn something
    Cut a banana
    Choke to death on it
    Dig a splinter out of your skin in a horribly ineffective fashion
    Necklace charm
    Chop it into eight 1x1s and build a little tower
    Accessorize your dog
    Throw it at a police officer and get arrested
    Fake blood
    Photoshop YouTube challenge
    Trade it for something
    Small terrarium centerpiece

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