72 thoughts on “The Role of Pesticides and Pollution in Autism

  1. Good thing on January 25 the EPA withdrew air pollution policies that will loosen regulation on toxic chemical emissions such as benzene and asbestos. https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/reducing-regulatory-burdens-epa-withdraws-once-always-policy-major-sources-under-clean

  2. Cherry picking your studies on Vaccines? Thimerosal (Mercury) is 200 times the EPA limit for humans ,,,yet it is injected in pregnant women and babies …Not to mention vaccines contain Aluminium , Formaldehyde, Animal DNA and their viruses, etc. Also Drug companies never test against a placebo.,,,they know the outcome is not good….Dr Greger, do more basic reading on the subject please.

  3. Thinerosol has been removed from most but replaced with aluminum. Why don't you review the study that Dr. William Thompson exposed which the CDC has put under the rug.

  4. Isn't it "funny" how the human specie loves to self district.

    "Just add a couple of teaspoons of poison to that soup" :))!delicious :—-/

  5. Autism Explained Synergistic Poisoning from Aluminum and Glyphosate, by Dr. Stephanie Seneff

  6. i had blue eyes until i was 6 months old
    i thought "hm my mother maybe ate too much shitty food or something"
    but then i thought:…maybe….just maybe its the vaccines
    i checked my vaccine pass
    i got a vaccine at 6 months old
    since then i got green/brown eyes
    sounds…strangely…coincidental – if u ask me
    rip me

  7. Not saying that there is or isn't a connection but what were the ages of the kids that they polled for their study? I remember having to hunt down thermisol free vaccines for my kids and that wasn't that long ago. There is a theory floating around that the vaccination connection is tied to the large amount of vaccinations that kids are required to get in a short period of time and its cumulative effects versus 40+ years ago when there were only a few. There were a few pediatricians that put kids on a spread out vaccination routine instead of all at once, so the data might be there. It would be interesting to get a video on that topic.

  8. 3:23…i mean….3 showing that MERCURY has a positive effect on autism just shows how reliable "scientific evidence" to determine whats good and whats bad to consume

  9. my face/tongue is a pretty reliable pesticide indicator
    it goes all tingly when i eat stuff that has pesticides on em

  10. You can't poison people on purpose? Ask big pharma, big tobacco, big FMCG, big government, globalists, eugenicists etc., they all do it daily, for decades and fully in the open – did you take your daily dose of fluoride laced water?

  11. Thimerasol is still in some vaccines and that is mercury. Multiple other studies including from the CDC show this is a direct cause for autism. You can watch the documentary http://vaxxedthemovie.com/ to find out.

  12. Dr.Greger, your solution instead advising patients one by one is for clinicians to band together and take a leadership role, but advising the dangers of chemical air fresheners, toiletries, clothes softeners, etc to pregnant women would have a massive impact on cleaning our environment.

  13. Unsub. You can't deny all of the testimonials of women taking their child in for a vaccine and then that day the child shows a changed behavior and is now diagnosed with autism. What about the family with triplets who takes them in for vaccines and then all three THAT DAY are now diagnosed autistic? You're full of it and have now become a shill for the pharmaceuticals. Quote whatever weighed study you want…but this battle will we will win.

  14. Andrew Wakefield invented the link between autism and the mmr vaccine. He manipulated the evidence and he was taken off of the UK medical register.

  15. Why would the chemicals in air pollution show such a large impact, but not the chemicals directly inhaled during smoking? Including dad, whose sperm may be messed up before the baby's even made?

  16. A lot of pesticides are either estrogen or opiate based from what I've heard, opiates might result in similar characteristics as autism sufferers.

  17. Nobody wants to do anything about traffic air pollution, as it might inconvenience people and the industry.
    Where I live every socker can afford a car. So most people rarely move their asses anywhere without a motor vehicle.

  18. Please… It's aluminium and formaldehyde in VACCINES! Dr Greger is uninformed! It is even written on papers included with vaccines written by the producers – they contain more than 100 times daily intake. For ex. polio vaccine.

  19. Dr Greger's just pure class. He doesn't tell anyone what to do, or ever gives an opinion. He merely vulgarizes data most can't comprehend or don't have access to. Blaming Dr Greger for study results says more about our own critical mind than his actual expertise. Taking into account he ALWAYS points out when a study's funding or might be biased by industry intentions; all we have to do is tally up the conclusions and make up our own mind,  not argue with a very well educated, always factual messenger. 😉

  20. Omega 3 to 6 ratio due to factory farming techniques everything is fed on 100% roundup ready corn and soy, all vegetable oils are omega 6, also 2-4-D, dicamba, DDT, Dioxin and especially glyphosate.

    All conventional, non GMO dried goods (all beans, all grains, all grain based flours) are glyphosate desicated.

  21. Why would one trust these studies, when the top Editors of the top Scientific, peer reviewed journals say that they don't trust them, that at least half are falsified?

  22. I watched the documentary Vaxxed and its very convincing….and I'm a nurse that has administered thousands of immunizations myself. I'm still confused…

  23. So basically, everything we eat, everything we drink, everything we breath is somehow toxic.

    I try to live healthy, to avoid certain things, to read labels but I wonder if this is enough 🤔

  24. Hello dr. Greger. Read your book and saw your speech about veganism. It seems to me you are cherry picking studies you like and do not mentions any study that contradicts your agenda. That's why i invite you to a public debate here on youtube. I'll use pubmed, ajcn and a few european sources of info for studies. I tried this in the past , but you didn't answer. I wrote emails and got no response. I wait for an answer even if you don't agree.
    My email is
    [email protected]

  25. Robert F Kennedy Jr run an organization on vaccine safety…. https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/caveat-emptor-science-versus-cdc-on-scary-flu-shot-promotions/

  26. If you still do not know what causes autism you should resign, you are a failure. We do know the rate of autism as of few decades back. By you claiming the opposite (to keep it safe) you have denied the truth seekers the relevant comparison which is what they seek and everything for making the case against autism-causing agents prevalent in vaccines, and pollutants. Shmuck-ish attitude like yours about the topic as if you are above it all and your lack of passion about an epidemic destroying the nation gives you away as the demented self serving ego who is useless to any cause. The issue is of such urgency you should be screaming your head off. Your attitude and the likes of it is the real problem. You are big pharma's whore and don't claim to care about children or anyone for that matter except your need for approval by your perceived masters. Only FREE PEOPLE CAN FREE OTHERS.

  27. Okay, we can't agree on vaccines, but can we at least agree on pollution being a significant contribution?
    Or are people just going to hold onto this one vendetta while the planet goes up in flames?

  28. Not so long ago, I wrote this article “Is it really the air pollution? Plausible risk factors for Autism Spectrum Disorders and what pregnant mothers can do about them” — in it, I provide some lifestyle recommendations.

    Hope this helps some of you:

  29. That was an exceedingly poor overview of an incredibly important subject. I will no longer view your videos as being as credible as I used to.

  30. interesting. The Hep B vaccine that is given at birth has mercury in it. Does anyone know when they started giving it to newborns?

  31. And air pollution being such a large cause for ASD should show up in a large increase in ASD in places like Beijing and Delhi. Is that happening faster there than in the US? For that matter, at least in China, smokers are a higher percentage of the population than in the US so they DEFINITELY should be seeing higher numbers than the US. And yet, the top ten countries with ASD are: Japan, UK, Sweden, Denmark, US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Portugal. Not exactly the most polluted places.

  32. I wish you went hard on the anti vaxxers as you did with microwave truthers. They’re an affront to veganism and science

  33. Can you make a video on how to treat TMAU it affects hundreds of people but the heath community doesn't care to find a cure. Please look into it. It's a socially debilitating condition that ruins people's lives.

  34. His evidence reveals that Hep B vaccination during pregnancy produced a huge increase in autism. Something you've conveniently forgot to say because he's been brainwashed into thinking all that things are good for you.

  35. Systemic Toxicity of Aluminium Adjuvants [in vaccines]: Prof. Christopher Exley — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSgk5m3tds0

  36. The role of policy makers is very often forgotten, but scientist and PH worker have to stand for evidence, and have to work toward a public perspective. Thank you for remembering us our role!!

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