The One Trait Every Genius Possesses

Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist.
-Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet-in our opinion of course Bob. Again as part of our self-improvement series trying to make ourselves better as we go along through our long lives, we’re gonna talk about the one trait every genius possesses, and what I like about this is you can also add it to your life to become more genius-like. Exactly and you know, it’s nothing, I don’t think it’s going to be a big surprise, but it’s something that’s not always easy to do. No it’s not easy to do at all but before we gotta keep people hanging a little bit here. If you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload everyday. Also, you’re gonna want to join us on some of our social media platforms. We just started on Instagram. We’ve got some cool pictures coming up here, cool pics as they might say. But it’s gotta be Official Bob and Brad-Official Bob and Brad yep, and we also have on Facebook, we’re gonna be doing a giveaway when we hit a million subscribers, which is coming up. January 2019 we think-I would say that unless things slow down dramatically, or we get a spike and we hit it before the new year-That could happen too, there ya go. Alright, so if we can put that down. All right, moving back to the topic at hand Brad. I’m a big fan of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and they actually gather together every year at this kind of conference thing. At one year, they ask all the participants who were there to take a piece of paper, don’t show the answer yet.-Oh no.-You want to be Bill Gates? Well, you know, I was gonna say I watched him on YouTube, they’re interviewing him. What I like about both of them, they’re like really down-to-earth people. -Yes, they are.-Like the richest people in the world and I saw Bill Gates, he’s driving an SUV that the average person drives and they’re both sitting there with you know garments like we’re wearing. Well and he’s dedicated his life to philanthropy too so, Sure yeah-giving away money-Yeah, thank you.-So anyway, they both wrote down their answer. Write down your answer Brad.-Oh, yes. Just wait. Alright give me-Oh you want a writing apparatus. Okay, and the answer was well, come on man, people are watching!-I’d like to underline it Bob. Emphasis, I’m focusing.-There we go. And that’s the answer, isn’t it? Focus-yeah, and they both if you read like their biographies, you will find out that they were focused on their specific topic for a long time. So, you know, this is something in our ADD society. It’s very difficult for most people to do but if you take the person non-focused versus the person that can focus, that person’s gonna have a great leg up on the others. So I’m gonna give you some examples. Steve Hoffman, probably never heard of him, unknown professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He solved a math problem that had stumped his peers for 40 years, and it was called Cato’s conjecture and this was like considered to be the Holy Grail if you could solve this. So he started in the year 1996, and he actually solved it in 2000, so four years and the thing that struck me about the article about him is that he would think about this thing all the time. He focused on it two to eight hours a day, while he’s in the shower, while he’s biking, he thought about it continuously. So here’s–I don’t know how smart this guy is, but I mean there’s been some really smart guys to come through in the last 40 years and they weren’t able to do it and he could, in like you said 4 years and they’ve been working on it for–other minds have been working on it for a total of 40. Focus. Yeah, I’m gonna give you an example from the animal world Brad. Okay-so I thought–I saw this, thought it was really cool. This was how they pick out dogs for drug-sniffing.-Oh, I thought you’re gonna talk about like you and I animals. I have no idea where you went with that but anyways, so they go into a kennel and there’s a whole bunch of dogs and what they’re looking for, they’ll bring a ball and they’re looking for the dog that just is so focused on that ball no matter where, no matter where it goes. They want it, they want that ball. And then eventually what they do is they actually substitute in drugs for that ball, and then of course when that dog, you know is set up upon a truck or something to look it over, he’s just–he wants those drugs because he’s focused. He’s got that personality. It’s oftentimes in their genes and you know, Yeah, either you have it or you don’t to some extent with dogs so, but if you yourself can become more focused and learned to you know, focus on your topic, you’re gonna become a lot more successful. We’ll give you another example. In 1944, Hans Asperger, you may have heard of Asperger’s syndrome. Hans or Hans?-Hans. You got it right.-There you go. He was an Austrian psychiatrist and pediatrician and he observed four children who had these social deficits and communication skill deficits. But what he did notice about him is that they had these obsessive interests in objects, to the exclusion of all others like they might be interested in vacuum cleaners or cars or you know a lot of people know the movie Rain Man and what was he all obsessed with? Well, he was obsessed with numbers.- Right.-He is obsessed with K-mart.-Right. He is obsessed with-Judge Wapner-Judge Wapner that’s right-and Wheel of Fortune I think to so, According again to the movie, kind of the key was focused on those areas to the exclusion of everything else, What I found interesting about this is though they considered–he’d call these kids little professors, because again, they became so focused on one area, they actually became very talented in the area, and I’ve known some people with Asperger’s. A friend of mine has a nephew and he got his PhD in Biochemistry because again, he loved chemistry.-Right. So you know, it’s not a death sentence, mean, with Asperger’s syndrome. In fact, they’ve thought for a while some of the great minds like even Einstein might have had Asperger’s but I don’t think they did. The fact that they even thought that shows you the importance that they put on focus.-Right. So, alright last example. Gotta give you a sports example. So maybe many of you older people may have heard of Pete Maravich, Pistol Pete. So he was one of the greatest scoring guards in history. He averaged at LSU in college 44.2 points a game. That’s almost unbelievable, and there was no three-point shot at that time.-Yeah that would probably bring it up at around 60 points. Yeah, who knows? I mean, I don’t know how much of a long–how much he took behind the arc but, so anyway, but what’s interesting about him when I read about him too is that when he was a kid, during the winter months he was going to school he’d practice four hours a day of basketball, which isn’t that unusual but during the summer he’d practice eight to eight and a half hours a day.-Just shooting hoops.-Just shooting hoops. I mean, what kid does that? You know, I mean that’s a focused obsessed kid. And I mean it led to success.-Sure So anyway-Bob-oh go ahead. You know, I think for the average person like well, not that well, I guess we’re average, right? Anyways focus is a good thing but you know, you have to focus on like four or five aspects of your life, so you can’t just focus on your work and forget about your wife. You can’t just focus on your wife and forget about your children, you know so. You can balance it.
-You can focus on the area and kind of give it you know, a little more attention than other things. I mean, I’m gonna give the example of YouTube Brad. I mean when we started with YouTube I was focused on it. -I brought this example up before, my wife was like, what are you doing up there? What are you doing on that computer? And why are you doing that?-Right. Right so we’re gonna take certain parts of the day and we’re gonna focus on this so that-Exactly if you can even take an hour or two a day and focus on one thing, you’re gonna be a success in life. I know I talked to you about if I can go to the library, or somewhere quiet. If I’m working on a video and my wife comes down and starts talking about me, I’m shot. I can’t–I have to focus it and let everything else go away. So-no that’s a really good example
-That’s why I go to the library. People thought libraries are dead. So, alright. Thanks everybody for watching. Thanks for focusing on us. Thank you.

24 thoughts on “The One Trait Every Genius Possesses

  1. Great talk guys. I have an obsessive personality which just means that when something interesting grabs my attention it REALLY grabs my attention. I've always felt like the word obsession often gives a negative connotation to something that can be wildly positive and productive, which is focus, Focus or obsession is really a prerequisite for greatness. Nobody ever did anything truly great without focusing and obsessing over it to a degree that other people think is too much. They will call you crazy, they will tell you that it's a waste of time, that it's impossible, that the things we already have are good enough. It's a shame when a person's natural tendency toward brilliance is crushed out of them but it happens to all of us I'm sure. On the other hand, focusing on one thing too much can cause problems. It can kill you if you forget to drink, eat, sleep or exercise. In this age of technology and entertainment it seems like everything is constantly vying for our attention. We divide it between as many things as we can possibly manage because the advantages whether social or economic are abundant. If you want to start a business and have it be successful you have to start a website, a facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, reddit, and on and on. An enormous danger particularly for young people is that media and games are designed in such a sophisticated way to grab and hold your attention for as long as possible that it's easy for your focus to be lured down a path that leads to nowhere. There are teams of experts designing these systems and perfecting their ability to draw and retain our focus, and they're so good at it that adults can hardly regulate their own usage of them. What chance does the mind of a child or an adolescent have? But you can't entirely take away the technology because the kid needs to learn how to use it too. I heard about some interesting research on games that highlighted the benefits to neuro-plasticity when you play a variety of games, and the harm when you play the same game for too long. I bet that's true for our everyday jobs too. If you've worked a repetitive job you can almost feel your brain dying day after day and it makes you do crazy things you would never do just for a new stimulation. The brain needs exploration apparently. It isn't optional.

  2. Not true! I have a high IQ and ADD. I have the intelligence, but not the consistent focus. It is very common for those with ADHD to have a a very high IQ. I am now working towards a grad degree in Physics.

  3. Bill Gates wants only the wealthy elite to roam the earth. He is working on genocide via vaccinations. It is easily researched. I am not a fan. Buffet and Gates never have enough and want it all.

  4. As far as intelligence in dogs, you need to be looking at the swhorle direction in the hair formation of the coat πŸŒžπŸ’“πŸŒπŸŒŽπŸŒπŸ’“πŸŒž you lost me at you worship of Gates…

  5. Was watching the thing you did on ibuprofen, Aleve, and Tylenol. The first 2i can not take reflux but I can't get help as to what I can take to replace these. I have a bulging disc 3and4and pain is not my friend right now. Doing physical therapy is some help. Running out of ideas to help.

  6. I had a stroke 3 years ago. My leg and foot on my right side feels like they fell asleep and never woke up. I walk everyday, and stretch it. At night it gets sore. I’ve tried to rub a dry towel upwards. Nothing helps. I’ve learned to live with it. Maybe you two can help.

  7. I have been studying the Gospel message, and after 38 years, I know what it is, I can explain it, I can read a bunch of scriptures showing what it is, and I can tell you millions of people think the gospel is summed up in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, but that is only 1/6th of the gospel message.

  8. Hey guys. Just recently found your channel and subscribed. I was convinced I was suffering from Piriformis Syndrome but the stretches seemed to have negative results to the point I was not able to walk upright. A visit to an orthopedic I learned I have a herniated disc. Your simple exercises gave me almost instant relief. Thanks. Now my pain is more in my back and I have trouble sitting. I start PT next week. Question. Do you think carrying my gun in my waist ban could have caused or triggered my problem?

  9. I know a genius with the measured IQ of 152 according to the Whisk. While they are a focused person this is not what makes them a genius. This person was just naturally faster at learning new things and retaining them. With a parent who made sure to try to teach them as soon as they thought they could learn how to do things.

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