The NFL’s Serious Brain Damage Problem – The Jim Jefferies Show

Trump had more to say
about the NFL. It seems ungrateful
black athletes are onlypartof the problem. Another criticism — not enough beating the shit
out of each other. Today if you hit
too hard, right — They hit too hard, 15 yards,
throw him out of the game. They had that last week. I watched for
a couple of minutes. Two guys just really —
Beautiful tackle. Boom! 15 yards! The referee gets on television. His wife is sitting at home.
She’s so proud of him. They’re ruining the game! Right? They’re ruining the game. Hey, look.
That’s what they want to do. They want to hit, okay?
They want to hit. Of course, Trump loves
the violent parts of football. He’s going to need as many
people with brain damage as possible
if he’s going to win in 2020. [ Cheers and applause ] Yes! That’s right, sports fans! The biggest story
of the football season, the one to watch, the underdog
that could go all the way — chronic traumatic…
ephec– epheciphalophophy. Chronic traumatic
encephalopathy. That’s hard to say,
and I don’t have brain damage. Allegedly. My doctor said…
“More tests needed.” Yes, CTE — It started small
but rose like a phoenix, capturing, if not the hearts, then certainly the minds
of NFL players everywhere. In case you already have CTE
and you forgot what it is, it’s a disease
that can be caused by repeated brain trauma
like this. CTE causes memory loss,
depression, impaired judgment, um, uh, memory loss,
aggression… and — and — Welcome to
“The Jim Jefferies Show.” [ Cheers and applause ] It’s been hard to study CTE because it can only be diagnosed
in postmortem. But luckily, it’s killed
enough people, we finally can. Man:
Now, a recent Boston University
study released this week showed that 110 of the 111
former NFL players’ brains that were examined had the degenerative
brain disease CTE. 110 out of 111? I guess my first question is, who is that guy
that didn’t have it? Something tells me
the family of 111 wasn’t entirely happy
about that. They just assumed
he had brain damage like the other guys,
and then it was like, “Well, congratulations. Your dad was just
a forgetful rageaholic.” The NFL has been denying
the obvious for a long time. Even when they set up
a task force to study it, it was clear
that the NFL commissioner didn’t take it seriously. Man: To lead it,
he chose Elliot Pellman, the New York Jets team doctor, a firm believer that concussions
were not a serious problem. My God, PBS, you’re drab! And that doctor —
not a neurosurgeon. He had no background
in brain research. He was a rheumatologist… which I guess means
he’s good at spreading rumors like concussions
aren’t a big deal. But a real neurologist,
Dr. Bennet Omalu, was studying CTE. He brought his findings
to the NFL, where he was greeted with
less than a friendly reception. Wait a minute, Will Smith. So you’re telling me that bashing your head
over and over can cause head injuries? All right, Dr. Voodoo. Next you’re going to tell me
that I shouldn’t be adding extra lead to my water! I like the crunch! But the new Boston study means the NFL can’t ignore CTE
any longer. Why did it take so long to admit
that there was a correlation? Why does it take so long
to do anything? You know, why did it take us so
long to put wheels on suitcases? Like, think back to the time
we were walking around airports like [bleep] idiots
holding a bag! We drove to the airport!
We knew about wheels! Just put them on [bleep] bags! [ Cheers and applause ] No, no, no!
It doesn’t stop there! Also, there should be a pedal
on toilet seats! You should put your foot down. The pedal should lift up.
You have a piss. We already have it
on garbage bins! We have the technology! Stick them on toilets,
for [bleep] sake! [ Cheers and applause ] Finally the NFL
is concerned about CTE. But that’s because
they’re worried about
their rosters suffering because fewer and fewer kids
are playing youth football. Mainly because
people love their kids and they don’t want them
to end up retarded. [ Laughter ] As for me, I won’t let my son
play football. Not because of CTE. I just get so bored
between the plays. I would never go to a game. I’d be like, “Oh, geez. Can he just get a concussion
so we can go home already?” [ Laughter ] Even worse, NFL players only get
five years’ health insurance after they retire. And that’s only
if they play three seasons. That’s not right. Maybe while football players are taking a knee
for racial injustice, we should be taking a knee
for them. It’s clear. It’s clear that the NFL
have a lot of problems. Fans look the other way when players are accused
of criminal behavior. The league knowingly lets
their players get brain damage. And your biggest problem is a few guys kneeling
for the anthem? Still, I think
we should watch football and keep supporting the players. If they’re going to put
themselves out there
for our entertainment, knowing the risks, we should at least take care
of them in their retirement. [ Cheers and applause ] And give them the best
brain damage money can buy. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Welcome to
“The Jim Jefferies Show.”

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  1. so is the show going from comedy central to the internet now? I mean thats great if so, no need to pay for a channel I don't watch, but if this is were the shows are going to be now, I really want a notification so I don't miss any episodes. Love you Jim you are the man.

  2. Call Dr. Amen, he can scan the damage pre-mortem. And yeah, with all the national attention on OJ, it’s about time we scanned him.

  3. I thought these players earned way more money than the average fan, yet they have to feel sorry for them if they need to pay medical bills

  4. how come this show have so little views…this guy is even more funny than stephen colbert..he is even more funny than trevor noah….and thats true..

  5. This is why I respect Ryan Fitzpatrick he’s amazing at football but he sucks intentionally so he gets pulled out payed good money and not get brain damage

  6. How about acknowledging the fact that it isn't even just a pro footballer problem, but causes deaths in college players too? If a college player gets CTE, he doesn't have the monetary power that an ex pro has. You haven't even started your post school life and you're already f***ed.

  7. We were driving to the airport, we knew about wheels!!!! (Sitting alone in my house I almost never laugh out loud, but now I truly did LOL )

  8. I hear what you’re saying, but being these guys make millions and millions. I’m sure they will have the best doctors telling them when it’s time to quite. And they just made enough money for a lifetime. It’s not just the nfl not taking notice, it’s the players not wanting it as well.

  9. Can the NFL just learn from rugby…. no head impacts are allowed; it's a red card, The game protects the players safety. Please note the players are not even padded at all. Raw muscle but still safer

  10. A common mistake (propagated by many movies and video games) is that if the outer armor (e.g. the skull) doesn't crack then everything inside will survive.
    That's the equivalent of saying if I put a hamster in a metal box, throw it against a concrete wall, but the box doesn't crack then the hamster must be fine.
    A football helmet and a skull may not crack, but the g-force of the brain hitting against the inside of the skull can still kill you! And that's just a direct hit. It doesn't even address the much more dangerous forces associated with a sudden twist of the head that no helmet can protect you from!

  11. I dnt consider American Football as a sport. It more seems like big strong guys get to be themselves and test their strength out instead by trying to kill everyone else on the opposite team.

  12. I would love to see an episode where he actually Likes this country. Moves here to make millions he couldn't make anywhere else and the proceeds to stick his nose up at all Americans and tell us why we suck so bad.

  13. These players get paid millions, if you don’t like the risk, don’t play. The players for the most part, aren’t complaining about it. No difference between a football player, boxer, MMA fighter, you know the risk going in.I still watch football, because it’s basically touch football now

  14. Not to be crude but these players do have seven figures salaries I'm I right. A cop or a fireman can lose their life in a second for far less money

  15. All black athletes should quit the game en masse and only let the white athletes ram their heads together. Lets see how long it takes for the NFL to take action on brain damage and CTE then.

  16. plays (and cheats) at golf, watches Fox news to get stirred up, tweets a bunch of hate , then sits back to laugh at the response and outrage…
    goes to sleep and starts all over again. How do I get this job?

  17. Started to mislike Jim Jefferies alot from a really good and funny comedian, but now that he is really just an sellout for left wing politics for easy money for hosting this shit show. No longer accepted as a good comedian, but sure a good actor, and easy money for him, no doubt 'ey

  18. Btw

  19. LOVE the fact you have the balls to stay retarded in this BS, pussy cancel culture! I hate your Trump bashing though. Please, be more neutral like journalist should be.

    Thanks Jim, you Aussie Fuck!

  20. i designed a custom made; helmet with a disposable, crunch zone layer and sent the design description and drawing to Honda in response to a design contest and they never responded, but farmed out the idea to some guy in Northern Ca. Screw them, but it hasn't been adopted, and properly made, it would reduce collision brain damage mightily.

  21. So this is why you Americans like football so much? Cuz of the violence and injury? Man, maybe toxic masculinity really is a problem.

  22. By "we," you mean the taxpayers? That's crazy talk. We're already paying for their damn stadiums, of which they talk ALL of the profits like they own it. Football makes a ridiculous amout of money, they can take care of themselves.

  23. From what I understand this isn’t as big of a problem in rugby. So why don’t we either a. play rugby since it’s better anyway. Or b play without pads and helmets. Also bans for football tackling at least until high school. Although to be far to football cte has been found in soccer and baseball as well.

  24. Idk which one is worse the wwe not giving wrestlers health insurance and having insane amount of early deaths OR the nfl with this CTE problem where athletes are just now becoming aware of the consequences AND kids across the country work their whole lives to make it to the nfl (most definitely don't but still take enough hits to get CTE in alot of cases) and if they do make it they'll play and develop CTE over their career! the crazy part is there is no fix for it because its not just about the big hits they show us on replays its the small every play hit linemen take in practice that add up and cause CTE…we dont have padding in our skulls that prevents our brain from impact the helmets only pad the outside of our skulls. point blank period.

  25. Damn Jim…. Every time I see some of these clips I get really sad how you took your career… I mean a pay check is a pay check I suppose.

  26. Imagine how many brain injuries are the result of just trying to get into the NFL. Get this–> "Overall, NCCSIR captured 16 fatalities among football players of all play levels (5 college, 9 high school, 1 middle school, and 1 professional/semi-professional)" 15:1 ratio for DEATH. Looks like middle school is just as rough as the pros. Reference:

  27. Really? Your criticism of the NFL is that they don’t give their players health insurance after five years? You realize these people are millionaires right? They can afford health care.

    Oh, but most players aren’t stars and the average career only lasts three years.

    Ok, the NFL minimum is 500k. That’s the top 1%. That’s 1.5 million, more than a good amount of people will see in their life times for playing a game. The less time you spend in the NFL, the less chance of long term injury. Why does the NFL need to pay players health insurance for more time then they spend in the league? I didn’t know liberals were so concerned about giving more benefits to the one percent. I’m sure the fact that the NFL is disproportionately black has nothing to do with it.

    You know what? Fuck it. Why don’t we just come out in favor of paying NFL contracts over a 50 year annuity so black millionaires will be able to budget out a health insurance premium. God damnit, this is so transparent.

  28. You think it's bad for the NFL, think about all the highschool kids that want their dad's approval so bad that they will do almost anything to play in college. At least MMA isn't sponsored by high schools and colleges.

  29. I have to agree with Trump on this, they have pussified the game and it is much less exciting to watch. It's a risk you take to earn millions of dollars and have the opportunity to get to do what you love to do. I'm not persuaded by CTE because the affects are not apparant when these players are alive. Look at retired NFL players, many of them are articulate, analytical, and show no signs of compromised cognition.

  30. CTE is scary as fuck and I dont think a guy should be allowed to get to spear a guy head first. so I'm cool with penalties for those hits. But I'm seeing way to many calls on guys using the shoulder to tackle though.

  31. He was discredited by national health institutions, after which he went on a delusional victim march. "they BASICALLY called me the n word!?" WHAT? Really try to grasp who it is he ascusing here.

  32. Jim, you would screw a puppy for a nickle. What's it like know how hated you are by your fellow comedians? Yeah, they don't tell you, they just play the game. Putz.

  33. I have CTE I can think straight. Some how I made the biggest mistake of my life when I married that gold digging wife of mine.

  34. i played football in high school i only had one concussin, that i can remember. i would have never played if i knew the real risks

  35. when you get paid hundreds of millions of dollars to play football. A little brain damage is just a workplace hazard. So who cares. The fans don't give a shit.

  36. someone needs to make trump play one game in NFL and someone tackle him hard ,, a memory loss would be a much easier way than the impeachment process

  37. Whoever named it football definitely had brain damage.
    They just carry it and run😂 the only way it would make sense is if the so called ball was in fact actually shaped like a foot

  38. All 111 of those people were choosen because they already showed signs of CTE while alive.

    There is no data accurately showing the rate of CTE.

  39. WWE performers get no health insurance coverage ever, travel 300 days a year, and typically make a lot less money than NFL players.

  40. Holy Shite, I hate the sound of his voice. And no I'm not some super lib or a conservadick neither. Once upon a time, not so long ago, most American's use to vote for the best person, not a party. The orange orangutan was never the best person, per popular vote

  41. Why does it take so long for a business corporation to admit that its practices are damaging its employees, and fixing the problem would cause a loss of profit? This is an American corporation – ONLY profit has ANY meaning, the lives and fortunes of its personnel are legally not allowed to factor into the Profit <genuflect, genuflect> equation. If it cost more than it brings in, it is The Enemy and will be fought 10-to1: the company will spend UP TO TEN TIMES the amount to prevent the loss. This is called "being principled" in business-speak. We can't allow things like humanity, honesty, reason or rationality to enter into the quest to own every single item in the fucking Universe, from that paper clip to the Bootes Nebula..

  42. Like that asshole Trump knows anything about football the reason he attacks the league is because the team he brought in the shitty league the UFL went bust & he tried suing the NFL he's a fucking moron

  43. If I remember right the study Jim's talking about sufferes from a selection bias because the families donated their bodies post mortem. That means it's difficult to determine just how damaging CTE is or weather it's just a correlate with something else. Hopefully more research can be done and organizations like the NFL will prioritize lives over money(that second parts unlikly)

  44. Teach Football players how to tackle and problem solved. Learn from rugby. How is tackling with your head even remotely logical to start with ? Come on

  45. For what football players get paid to play a game professionally, they should get brain damage. THAT'S THE TRADE OFF, "We'll give you piles of money, but you will get permanent bring damage.

  46. A friend of mine tried to enlist in the army and was denied because of recently being admitted to a hospital for a concussion. He had to wait until later to try again. Even the military takes concussions more seriously.

  47. Such a bizarre sport. I have ADD& OCD; football stops every minute so it never kept my attention. That's why only ice hockey keeps my attention…..non stop action.

    No we shouldn't take care of them after retirement- THEY chose it. Humans need to suffer the repercussions of their own choices 🙌🙌🙌

  48. American Football, like Basketball, is the most boring sport ever invented. Please America, do like the rest of the world, watch and play the real Football, maybe then you guys could actually be contenders in the most important world cup there is.

  49. Shouldn't it be called handball, cause they run with teh oval Ball In their hands? "soccer" instead is played with feet, that's football!

  50. Maybe he shouldn't act like a psychopathic child with brain damage wearing a tie that a candy land creature threw up on.

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