The Incomparable Joaquin Phoenix

– How are you doing, Joaquin? – Just great.
– Yeah, just great? I know you love doing
talk shows, so thank you for being– – This is my Styr–
packing peanuts. – Yeah.
[chuckles] – Yes.
– This is your Styrofoam? – Hey, you said it.
– I said it. I can say it
if I get through it. That’s what I thought
I would do when I– anyway, yeah. – Okay. – Do you have
one of those things? Do you have a thing,
or is this it? – This is it.
– This is it. – This is it.
– So why is it that– – This is very nice Styrofoam
though as far as Styrofoam goes. – Thank you. See, I can hear the word. It’s okay for you to say
the word. – Oh, okay. – I just can’t say it
or touch it. You know what I mean?
– Uh-huh. Yeah. – But now–and so– but I do appreciate you
being here, ’cause I know that
you’re not really– – I had to.
– How come? – Well,
my family insisted on it. – Okay.
– Yeah. No, I have to tell you, it was my birthday recently,
and my– – Happy birthday.
– Thank you. And my sister and my mom
came out and visited. And we had
a really nice birthday– like, hung out,
a little dinner. And I didn’t want
the party to end, and so I said to my sisters
and my mom, “Listen, why don’t you guys
stay in my bed, “and I’ll stay on the couch
in my room, and we’ll watch a movie,
and we’ll just hang out.” And so we ended up watching
your comedy special. And it was this amazing time.
I went to sleep. It’s kind of
a backhanded compliment, ’cause I did fall asleep. But it was really
towards the end though. I mean, I watched–
I’d seen it before. – Okay, all right.
– Right. So don’t–you know.
Several times. – How many times
have you seen it? – Two–well, I want to say
three or four, but it’s probably two–
maybe one. [laughter]
No. No, no, no, no. Several times. – You have watched it.
What’s the name of it? – “The Beginning.”
– Yes. Okay. – [exhales in relief]
– All right. [chuckles]
– Oh, God. – So you watched
“The Beginning.” – I watched “The Beginning.” – That makes me feel good,
even though you fell asleep. – And I went to sleep
with my sisters laughing. It was really nice.
– Well, thank you. Well, that’s a big compliment, and I believe you. – It’s true.
[laughter] You said “I believe you” like– – Because you have a tendency
to make things up. – What do you mean?
How? What? I–what?
What do you mean? – You lie on talk shows
every time I’ve ever seen you. – Everybody lies on talk shows.
What do you mean? – No, they–no.
– Yes, they do. – No. – Nobody’s ever–
that’s what you do. – What’s the last thing
that you– you said you were engaged to– you told Letterman
you were engaged– – [slurping]
– [chuckles] [laughter] – I’m sorry, what?
I couldn’t hear you. – Did you think it would just be
a good story to say you were engaged? – I wanted the audience
to like me, and they always like you
when you get engaged. Everyone applauds, so… – That was hilarious. So you said you were engaged
just to get applause? – Sure.
– See if it works now. So I understand you’re engaged. – I am.
I actually just got engaged. [cheers and applause]
Thank you. Thank you.
Thanks so much. – You’re right. – Amazing, right? So, you know… – You’re right.
It does work. No, are you shy–
would you say in general as a human being out in life
you’re shy, or is it just a situation
like this? [laughter] – I just wanted to see what
it was like if there was a lot of time… – Yeah, that’s okay.
– It’s interesting, right? It was real quiet.
– When it’s quiet. A lot of people don’t like
spaces and pauses. I don’t mind it.
– Okay. [laughter] You look great.
– You look great too. – Thank you.
– You look really– – I don’t know if I– you know, maybe I’m shy. I don’t know. – And this movie– it was directed by
Paul Thomas Anderson. – That’s true. – And it takes place
in the late ’60s, hence the pork chop sideburns
that you were wearing. Like a hippie
private investigation going on to investigate a drug cartel. And the character– there’s a lot of pot smoking
for that character, and I know that you get heavy
into, like, preparing for a role. [laughter] – Yeah.
– Did you prepare for the role? – I actually started preparing
in the late ’90s. [laughter] But I don’t prepare
in that particular way gearing up for the movie because it can get in the way. – And then you were barefoot
a lot in the movie. I find it hard, personally,
to walk barefoot ’cause it hurts my feet,
but did you– did you mind walking barefoot? – You know, it was all right. I mean, there’s something
kind of fun about getting up and not having to worry
about shoes and just walking out the door, but I did have, like,
some meetings at, like, Beverly Hills Hotel,
and that was strange. Did you notice that
I just turned into, like, a Valley girl? [laughter]
Did you notice that? I was like…
[as a Valley girl] “I was at the Beverly Hills
Hotel, “and I was, like,
walking around barefoot. It was so weird.”
[laughter] [normal voice]
That’s weird. I don’t know–
– I did notice that. – Where did that come from? – It did–totally changed
just a little bit. – [as a Valley girl]
Yeah. – No, you know what
I was thinking about is that you said
there’s something really amazing about getting up and not having
to worry about putting shoes on. Like, is that a big hassle
to put shoes on? – Oh, yeah.
Are you kidding? That’s not for you?
– No. – You got to find them. You got to put them on
and tie them. Notice–
see, I don’t really tie. I leave these loose just so
I can slip them on and off because the tying part gets
very, very confusing. – What a hassle.
– I know. – And, anyway, it’s over. Wasn’t that so–
it was harmless. Wasn’t that easy for you? – Oh, completely.
It was great. – Yeah, great.
It was great. – It was.
It was great. – No, and I want to–
’cause I want you to come back ’cause I love you and I love
the films you choose and– – That’s my New Year’s
resolution. – To come back?
– Yeah, all the time. – Oh, good. I’m glad.
[cheers and applause] All right. Anytime. Uh-oh. Did you want to see more videos? Hold on. [static hisses] – These two girls got up in the middle of my Q&A
and left. And I have a mic– [screaming]
Oh, you– [cheers and applause]

100 thoughts on “The Incomparable Joaquin Phoenix

  1. Actually I'm expecting to him to pull a gun out and shot her in the face..

    Sorry..all i have a negetive thoughts 😁

  2. He seems like a very sweet guy…I'm an introvert and struggle with social anxiety so I kind of get where he's coming from. I think I would feel hugely uncomfortable sitting and talking in front of a large group of people, or indeed, doing anything in front of people, ever.

  3. Joaquin: Have you seen what it's like out there, Ellen? Do you ever actually leave the studio? Everybody just yells and screams at each other. Nobody's civil anymore. Nobody thinks what it's like to be the other guy. You think men like Thomas Wayne ever think what it's like to be someone like me? To be somebody but themselves? They don't. They think that we'll just sit there and take it, like good little boys! That we won't werewolf and go wild!

  4. For a moment, I actually thought that this interview was post Joker release, but I later realised that this video was uploaded in 2015

  5. I love this man. He's a unique actor and an artist. As a great character actor I would put him up there with Philip Seymour Hoffman. Seriously, there is no one like Joaquin and I wait for him to get an oscar ever since Walk the Line.

  6. Is it just me, or does he act in this talk show more normal here than he does after he played the joker? ( like on Jimmy Fallon talk show)

  7. Do they get good expensive coffee on talkshows? how do celebrities drink their coffee? or do they drink tea? or is their nothing in there. ☕🙄🍵🙄

  8. I think Joaquin is an actor that wants to act but not do all the other things they do talk shows, interviews, press conferences, media etc. I think he just wants to do the art and then just go home and relax for the day.

  9. I'm sensing the scene of joker movie where he said you're aweful… You are just like rest of them… You've invited me on the show just to make fun of me 😉

  10. You know what, Joaquin has always been around but only now people are starting to notice, I guess Joker’s quote also implies in reality for the actor: “In my whole life, I didn’t know if I even really existed. But I do. And people are starting to notice”

  11. this is way different then the other talkshows because shes joking with him not embarassing him. no shade but @Jimmy Kimmel

  12. So for years, people have asked, "Who is your favorite actor?" I immediately say that I think Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton and maaaaaaybe Anthony Hopkins are the most talented. Oh but I never leave out Joaquin. For years I have thought he is ridiculously hot. LOVE LOVE LOVE that upper lip and those gorgeous eyes.

  13. Joaquin is an extremely difficult person to interview so kudos to ellen because she clearly is a great interviewer…

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