THE FEMALE BRAIN Sofia Vergara Trailer (2018) Comedy Movie HD

Hey, babe What um Nothing, how was um, just asking. How are you? You haven’t asked me that in five years I remember because that was around the time. I started taking father than this seriously, yeah That’s so not cool That makes me wonder. Do you think maybe we just like stop trying a little bit? What do you mean? well… Well what? You’re wearing Crocs with socks
so are you
cause they’re flats Oh, I got some bad news for you, babe Mm. I Feel like maybe we just stopped trying, maybe we need to connect a little bit. I stage houses for my job I make all things look new and shiny, maybe that’s what we need in a relationship Sounds expensive Yeah, yeah, maybe a little bit, but do you remember? How we used to dress up? How we used to go out on sexy date So it’s probably not surprising that females have a more active system for emotional memory Which means we recall feelings not just facts something that’s harder for a man to do This is why it seems like women can access visceral memories with search engine like speed After years of research we discovered the male and female brain is wired very differently to him I’m basically a blow-up. Doll. Oh my god. That is what you look like Thank you. Well. You know that grooming releases endorphins in the female brain let’s not forget the christmas present I gave you like the Brazilian straightening. I like my hair it looked like those dudes from the Dukes of Hazzard I don”t even know who that is
I’m a it was my American accent. You mean, you don’t know the Dukes of Hazzard? The area responsible for defending your turf is larger in the male brain. I’m a physical marvel Oh, try me throw something I mean anything okay? So I wasn’t ready for that Women are also more likely to recognize flaws the hell you’re wearing I threw that thing out like three years ago I take out the trash so now
it’s back live in effect (Women want to be MMA fighters but they still want us to hold the door open for ’em) These gender roles they’ve been in us for 20,000 years You like this look? how’s it feel to be dating a magician? Relationships take work want me to work two jobs. Why don’t we take the drug morally? It’s not the one to make you eat people’s faces Shall we turn some music on? (crickets) There’s no music on? Three let go one two, three … ah, you son of a Knowing your brain makes life so much easier even though people have been complicated Nobody can deny our ability to get back up. Yeah. Yeah, yeah You just said yet nine times yeah Can I tell you something? Yeah sure I think you’re a physical marvel I? See and she thought jelly jellies not really something you catch jellies some bread eat. Yeah. Yeah, you ready Those were two peppers in a bag he’s like kitchen nunchucks

100 thoughts on “THE FEMALE BRAIN Sofia Vergara Trailer (2018) Comedy Movie HD

  1. I never understood how people always say man that movie/TV shows theme was horrible and the acting was juse as bad. Unfortunately now I don't understand. It looked so fake and forced.

  2. What's happening to Good old Hollywood? churning out trash this year. Most of the movies seem like they were made by a bunch of drug addicts. Asinine actors, stupid screenplay, mundane music and cockamammy content. God burn them all. We need an immediate purge of all the shit clogging the pipeline.

  3. The people on here is trashing the movie before it comes out damn lighting up people it's just a movie it's an opposite of what do women think when Mel Gibson played it

  4. This movie is a disservice to the gender equality we're fighting for. The people that created this need to socialize more, they certainly don't know enough men and women.

  5. idky but there was too much talking in this trailer. just felt weird, think ive watchd this one already +watchd this1

  6. Theres something called neuroplasticity… your brain adapts according to the parts you stimulate more. In other words, if you make it socially acceptable for the 50% of the population to show and express their emotions and restric and punish the other half, their frontal lobes will be more/less enlarged and developed.

  7. Esto me dejó perplejo, es un documental o es una película sobre un documental? Se supone que esto es gracioso?

  8. Crazy that this movie is drowning in negative comments.

    I actually deeply enjoyed it. Of course I have my suggestions of what I’d also like to see (like a black woman).

    All you trolls have so much to say but where is your work? Let’s put your creations on a chopping block.

    Kudos to all who contributed to this movie and the efforts that went into it. Definitely has provided insights to help me in my relationship.

  9. Why do we need to spend millions to show women’s brain? Why all this attention… oh I forgot, women lack of self confidence and balance

  10. I know the trailer is short but I got no chemistry between the couples in the scenes except MAYBE the Lady GaGa lookalike British actress and the Marsden guy.

  11. Well I studied anatomy.. A certified Dr… N i can assure you there's so called female in that trailer…deceiving the masses. Before you come at me… Google and educate yourself on male skeletal system.. Pgfffffffffttttttt.

  12. It’s so weird to see Sofia Vergara as not Gloria with her hair up and not wearing super tight clothes I don’t like this version

  13. This whole fucking movie is stupid.I just started watching it and I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s not good either.I find this movie hilariously bad and quite ironic at the same time.A woman who supposed to be a doctor thinks she knows about males and females brains.Makes a lot of inaccurate points about females and males brains and is terrible at dating.

  14. My advice for any male who wants to watch this movie.Should watch it with a female either while their in a relationship or while their married.

  15. I liked it until the drug part. Why do they have to promote drugs like such a normal okay thing to do. I’m not watching it or promoting it.

  16. Cool. A movie against homosexual . Men and women are not the same 😆
    Guess they don't teach that in school anymore

  17. So the clips of one guy throwing things for the other guy to catch are some of the highlights of this movie?? WOW.

  18. Really bad trailer but the thing that really stuck.. And this might reveal the effort they put into this movie.. Is he saying nuMchucks at the end?

  19. Can Sofia Vergara do any other accent than her own? Literally everything she's in she never plays someone with an accent different to her own.

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