The Autism Advocacy Affair

[Upbeat music playing] The Tribe is a group of nonspeaking autistics based out of Herndon. They work together with the speech pathologist and occupational therapist at Growing Kids Center. So today our conversations are focused on actions we can take to spread awareness, and to change the perception of autism that’s out there. It is . . . As . . . What I’m really looking forward to is being able to talk to the policymakers. This is where it really matters, and we can talk to people who can make a difference. Once we start opening their eyes to what autistics can do, we can start changing the policies so they can be more capable in our communities. We’re kind of working on ways, brainstorming ideas of how we can reach the community and reach the politicians, and make reforms in both policy and in mindset and thoughts on autism. Every day, every interaction, every conversation I’ve had with them has broken the stereotypes of what people think about autism. Just because something appears different, it’s just an expression of a common human trait. So something like attention, we all express that differently but that doesn’t mean that we don’t all share it. We are unstoppable. We are loving, we are capable, we are unstoppable.

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