19 thoughts on “Teenager now fourth U.S. survivor of brain-eating amoeba

  1. just actually watched the full clip and, gotta say, nice try.
    Stop trying to spread fear and confusion

    Only a dumb ass would believe this crap (trump supporter even) as that doctor was trying to explain lol

  2. Dear anyone who is dissing this video. Yes it does have a high fatality rate, but before commenting that the people don't know what they're talking about and saying that CNN is trying to scare the general population, look into it for another 5 minutes. That's all it takes to realize that there have only been 138 cases EVER since it came around (back in 1978). As common as it is in the water it's very hard to get it. But from the people who have it, 4 people have survived, hence the high fatality rate.

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