Tame Your Brain with TFAM and Get the Results You Deserve!

Hey folks! Guess what? I’m about to share
the secret to achieving your academic goals that no one has ever told you. Has
anyone ever told you that sometimes your brain tells you things about yourself
that are completely false? Well, here’s the secret you can tame your brain by
choosing the thoughts that help you get your work done and graduate on time! In
my post this week, I’m going to tell you about this thing called the Think-Feel-
Act model or TFAM. TFAM is based on the idea that your thoughts create your
feelings, which cause you to react in a certain way and that produces your
outcome or your result. Those results then become your reality. You can totally
de-stress your academic journey by learning how to use the Think-Feel-Act
model. So sign up for my Office Hours blog at www.officehoursdrmario.com and let me teach you about TFAM. And if you like what you’re reading there I want to take
it to the next level, then let’s work together. Let me coach you so that you
can get the results that you want. So head on over to the blog at www.officehoursdrmario.com and sign up for a free consultation. I look forward to helping
you tame your brain so you can graduate on time!

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