Taking My Theory Test | Vlogmas

Hello everybody! So it is December 1st so
I thought I would get out my camera – or my phone – and just vlog a little bit in the
every rare chance that I will probably do a bit of Vlogmas. If you’ve seen that I’ve
set up my channel all Christmassy cause I want to film some Christmas videos at some
point during the next few weeks – I’m hoping to anyway!But I thought because you guys loved
the vlogging so much that I would vlog a little bit and, I don’t know – ooh busy! Yeah, just
show you a bit of what we do in December and maybe vlog a little bit each day and maybe
do weekly vlogs – I don’t know! So yeah, December 1st – Happy December! I’m officially getting
Christmassy now and I love it. So it is freezing at the moment here, everything is really frosty.
Not sure if you can tell but you can totally see your breath! So yeah, I’m just walking
Meg. I had a driving lesson this morning which went quite well apart from someone nearly
hit me – not hit me, like, in a fight – hit my car! But it was their fault and took me
back a little bit but their fault, you know, you can’t control everybody else’s driving
and they were driving like an absolute…… I am quickly walking Meg now I got to get
back because I’ve got to go to the Pharmacy to pick up all of my prescriptions because
all of my prescriptions have run out – my Amitriptyline, my Vitamin b12 and my Vitamin
D have all run out so I need to go back and pick them up.
Right, I think I will get back, do the drugs run – that sounds really weird, I’m not a
dealer! I’m just trying to get my Chronic Illness drugs! I’m back with my drugs now! Sorry for the really bad lighting, it’s gone really foggy
all of a sudden – it went really foggy when I was driving this morning and then it cleared
and now, all of sudden, it’s come down on us again. But yes, got all the drugs – they’ve
actually given me a lot more this time. I think because it’s Christmas they’ve doubled
me up so I’ve got 2 months worth of drugs when normally I just get 1. But I got this
massive bag and I was like ‘that’s huge! What is in that?’ and then I could feel this, like
paper and I was like ‘what have they put in here?’ because sometimes they put, like, blood
forms in there if you need to have a blood test or things like that. So I thought ‘ah
maybe I just need to go in for a check or a blood test blah, blah blah’ and I could
feel around in this and then I got this little Christmas Card – which was addressed to ‘Miss
Gough’ – and it’s from my pharmacy. That’s bad isn’t it? that I get Christmas cards from
my Pharmacy and it came with a little 20% off discount code for pharmacy services and
stuff like that. So I’m going to go and splurge on some drugs! But yeah, I thought that was
really, really nice and I didn’t expect that, so that’s really cute – my first Christmas
Card! So we’re getting Christmassy now but yeah I will talk to you soon! Good Morning, guys! Happy December 2nd! So I’t just come back from dropping off our shoe
box to the drop-off point for the ‘Project Shoebox Cardiff’. So if you haven’t seen the
video where I spoke all about Project Shoebox Cardiff – I’m sure most of you have by now
– I will link it down below for you. Project Shoebox Cardiff is just a big charity and
it was like a little appeal that I did to give back this Christmas. So I’ve just dropped
all of my donations off and did a bit of shopping and I’ve no idea what we’re doing for the
rest of the day now – probably doing a little bit of editing.
So I am just about to take Meg out for a walk and we just had her tablets delivered because
– I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about this – but Meg has a problem with her liver, her
liver function is basically non-existent so she pretty much doesn’t have a functioning
liver. So we have to give her a tablet everyday to make sure that the tablet is doing the
function of the liver to basically keep her alive. We’ve been doing that for a little
while but our insurance – our pet insurance – doesn’t cover it so we have to keep repeatedly
buying these tablets from the vet which can get really annoying and pretty expensive.
But they are a bit cheaper if we order them from a Vet UK website – which is called VetUK
– and we got the little parcel today and look what came with it! We won a little competition
– which we didn’t know we were entering – and they gave us a nice free bag of chew things!
I think they’re like minty chew sticks for oral care and stuff. So yeah, I’m going to
enjoy giving those to Meg – she loves those types of things. So thanks, VetUK! Good Morning, everyone! So it is the 3rd of December – Whoop Whoop! Yeah, you can probably
tell from that last clip that you saw that I didn’t have a great night. I was up a lot
of the night. I didn’t sleep very well. I was not very well. I just went to bed last
night at about 10pm and then I had a really awful stomach for a good hour and a half / two
hours after, didn’t actually get to sleep until about 12am and then I was up quite a
lot of the night. Just couldn’t sleep, wasn’t great. I’ve been feeling really off recently
– I hate this bit of Fibro – I’m not in pain, I’m just feel a bit weak but I’m not sore
anywhere. But I just feel really off, I feel really under the weather. I’ve been feeling
not with it, I’ve been feeling like I’ve got no appetite, I haven’t eaten a lot, I’ve been
feeling really weak because I haven’t eaten anything and it’s just been ugh really hard
to deal with. I hate these bits of Fibro where you’re sort of in that in-between stage of
‘Am I ill? Am I having a Fibro- flare?Is it going to go away?Is it not?’ So I’m a bit
yuck. But I think the best thing to do when you’re feeling like that is to get up, put
your face on and just see how you feel because if you stay in bed all day and feel sorry
for yourself you’re going to feel awful but at least if you get up, you have a chance
of feeling a little bit better – so that’s what I’m doing. So we just got back from doing a bit of Christmas shopping and I went a little bit mad – check
this out! Um yeah, I kind of love it. I think I’m going to be wearing this permanently now
so if you see this a couple of times in my Chronically Christmas videos, you know that
I’m literally stitched into this cause I love it so much! I also got some little Christmas
accessories for my Chronically Christmas videos to wear to make them a little bit more Christmassy
but I’m not going to show you those because you’ll have to watch the videos to see what
they are. Hey guys, so happy 4th of December! It is
late in the afternoon now. I slept in until about 11:30am this morning – the joys of Fibro
– I clearly needed a really, really long sleep and that is what I did. So, I am getting some
lunch now and then we are heading up to see my Grandma – I think we’re taking my car but
I can’t drive it because we have to go on the motorway and I’m a learner and I can’t
go on the motorway. She lives about an hour away so going to have some lunch now and then
we’re going to get on the move to go up and see her.
So change of plan, instead of going to my Grandma’s, we decided to come Geocaching.
Last year, my dad and I found 100 Geocaches in the year and we’re trying to do the same
thing this year and we’re on 94 we said didn’t we? 94! So we’re trying to find the last few
for the year. For all the really mad Whovians out there,
you may recognise this place. If you watched Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in The Eleventh
Hour, this is where they did that little running scene with the duck pond that wasn’t a duck
pond so fun fact of the day for you there! Found it – yay!
Hey guys, so we are back from Geaocaching now. I hate that it gets so dark so early
now cause then I have to turn my light on and the lighting just is not good! So anyway,
we were semi-successful, we found 2 of the 3 that we went looking for. It’s been really
cold today but it was really nice to get out and I did a load of driving so I am really
proud of myself for the driving that I did today. I think I id really good considering
I am not feeling 100%. So I think we’re just going to have a nice chilled Sunday night
now and get ready to take on the next week. Hey guys, welcome to 5th December. I’ve just
filmed a proper sit-down video for Chronically Christmas, hence the gorgeous hat. You probably
– am I going to put that up before this video….. no I won’t – so you’ll be seeing that one,
you’ll be seeing that one in the next video. If you wanted to know what my little sit-down
video set-up is like,, this is what it looks like. So I use my jewellery box as a tripod
and then I’ve got my Christmas hat, bobby pins in case my hair goes wild, more Christmas
accessories, y lens cap and then I’ve got my phone and my YouTube book with all my notes
in in case I get a bit flustered. That is what it essentially looks like behind the
camera. but I’m not sure what we’re going to be doing for the rest of the day – I feel
like I’ve said that so many times in this vlog but literally that’s how my day goes.
I don’t really know what I am doing, I just go with it, see how I feel. I think I need
to go food shopping because I think I have run out of Gluten-free bread so that is probably
one thing that I need to do but apart from that don’t know what we’re going to be doing
today. Hey guys, so sorry I haven’t vlogged much
today. It’s been a really quiet day. I haven’t really done anything. I did go and get some
Gluten-free bread from the supermarket but that was about it. So yeah, I filmed that
proper sit-down video and I edited that and got that all ready to go live. So you will
be seeing that one Friday but yeah, I am just running myself a bath, I’m going to have a
bit of an early night because I’ve got something very exciting tomorrow which is I am taking
my Theory Test. So of course I will vlog it and take you along with me but yeah, wish
me luck! Good Morning, everyone! It is the 6th of December
and – as I said yesterday – today is quite an important day because I am taking my Theory
Test. So yeah, a little bit nervous. If you don’t know what that is – I’m sure you all
do – but the Theory Test is the written part of my driving test so it counts for 50% of
my driving test. I have to pass it so fingers crossed I do! But it’s one of those things
that you can only do so much preparing for and then it just depends on what comes up
on the day. So it’s split in to 2 sections.The first is 50 multiple choice questions. The
second is a ‘Hazard Perception Test’ which is when I am shown 14 clips of standard driving
as if I am the driver and there will be hazards that will be shown so either a car pulls out
in front of you or someone runs across the road or someone overtakes you and you have
to hit a button as fast as you can as soon as you notice a hazard developing. You get
more points for the faster you click that button so you get a maximum of 5 points and
if you hit it a second late you get 4, another second late you get 3 and if you don’t notice
the hazard at all, you get 0. I have to pass both aspects of this test to pass the whole
thing and I have to pass the whole thing before I can book my driving test – my proper practical
– so fingers crossed. I’ve done loads of work for it so I hope, hope, that it goes well
but I’m going into town today anyway – the test is in the centre of Cardiff so I am going
in there to finish off the Christmas shopping. So even if I don’t pass, I am going to have
a good day anyway because I love Christmas shopping. I just got out – I passed! So thank God for that! So now I am just going to do a little
bit of shopping. I don’t think I’ve ever vlogged in the centre of Cardiff before – here I am
vlogging among people! But yeah, I’ve got a bit of Christmas shopping to do and then
I am going to meet up with my mum – I’ve already told her I’ve passed so you guys were the
second to know unfortunately! So yeah I am just going to do a little bit of shopping. Please get in focus – maybe I should take my glasses off.
I am back now from town. I did film quite a few little Christmassy shots in down but
I am not sure how many I will be able to show you because, basically, I did loads of Christmas
shopping for my mum and where I was in the centre of Cardiff, she would know what I got
for her because of where I was. So, I hope that I got a few nice little clips that I
can show you of Christmassy Cardiff but yeah, I’m not going to give the game away for my
mum because I love surprising my mum! So yes, I passed, I passed, I passed, I passed! Thank
God! Took me ages to figure out that I actually passed because they handed me this – I guess
it’s like a certificate but it’s not really that special – it’s just a bit of paper to
say that you passed essentially. But they hand it to you in such a way that I had no
clue whether I passed or not and they handed it to me like all folded up so I could just
seem my name and address and they were like ‘can you confirm that those are your details?’
and I was like ‘Yes but have I passed?!’ I got 46 out of 50 on the questions and then
I got 64 out of 75 on the Hazard Perception which I am actually really, really pleased
with. Yeah, I’m just pleased with it overall, I mean, I passed and that’s the main thing!
So now I can get on to booking my practical but I probably won’t get a date for that until
after Christmas because it’s got a really long waiting list. So I am probably going
to get in middle to end of January hopefully unless there’s a cancellation. Yeah things
are on the up now, I’m really, really pleased. I feel like I am a inch closer to getting
a bit more independence. So I am just walking Meg now and I thought
I would just finish off this vlog because I’m not planning on doing anything else today,
I’m going to have a chilled day after that eventful morning. I really want to quickly
edited this vlog and get it uploaded so that you guys can see it hopefully tomorrow – fingers
crossed I can get it all done! But yeah, to do that, I need to edit it all, finish it,
upload it and then hopefully subtitle it as well. So who knows?! So I thought I would
quickly explain what I am going to do this Christmas, cause I don’t think I’ve really
sat down and spoken about it. So, every Tuesday and Friday up until Christmas is going to
be our sit-down, Chronically Christmas videos and then Vlogmas will hopefully be a Wednesday.
I think I am going to carry on with Vlogmas, i think I’ve done well. I wasn’t really planning
on doing an everyday vlog and I was never going to upload everyday but I think doing
it this way with weekly should work out well. Let me know if you were surprised about Vlogmas
or if you are enjoying it and you’re happy that I am doing it – let me know if you’ve
enjoyed this vlog so that I know to do more! So yeah, I’m still taking questions for my
Christmassy Q&A, I am planning on doing that but it won’t be until later on in the month.
You’ve got loads of time to get your questions in but if you have any questions about Christmas
regardless of whether they are to do with health, mental health, neurological health,
Chronic illness, invisible illness – you can just ask me anything about Christmas! I’ve
got a load of questions that have already come in that are just very random so it’s
just going to be a random Christmas Q&A. So let me know any questions you have in the
comments below and I think that is about it. Hope you’ve had a really good day and I will
see you soon – bye guys!

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  1. well done on passing the theory i did my car and heavy goods tests in cardiff when i was an RAF firefighter now mod i was 16-3/4 yrs old passed both first time take care stu :)x

  2. Congrats on passing your test! Loved the video. Q&A question: how do you deal with sensory overstimulation during Christmas?

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