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Good morning, everybody. I am going to vlog today I hope I think. I am going to aim for that. I am just putting on some makeup as you can see. I thought I would vlog today because I thought would be interesting to do like a JUST DO IT that involves getting out of the house and being outside the house pretty much all day. I am going to a digital marketing course today and it goes from 10 o’clock this morning until about 4 o’clock this afternoon and it’s about half past eight at the moment. So I’ve got a little bit of time just to get ready sort myself out and I thought I would show you guys what I do to get ready and what I take with me and how I manage to sort of prepare and also how I manage to spend six hours with strangers, but luckily for me today I do actually know the building that I’m going into I’ve been there before I have done a course in this building before so I kind of know what to expect you know and where I’m going and what I’m doing but it was only a two hour course that I did before. This is a six-hour course. That’s really where the big difference is. I don’t really know anybody who’s going but I know of people. I’ve never like sat and had a conversation with any of these people but I kind of know their names and their faces because I’m familiar with the building so yeah, I I do feel quite good on that respect because if I didn’t know where I was going, if I didn’t know what I was doing when I was getting there and if I didn’t know anybody I would be a little bit nervous. I still am a little bit nervous because I always am whenever I leave the house because that’s the joy of being me. I thought I would take you along with me I don’t think I’m going to be able to film like the actual course but funnily enough we are doing a section on filming in the course today so maybe I’ll whip my camera out and be like, hey, look how professional I am and how prepared I am for this course. But the whole point of this video isn’t really to vlog like the course it’s to vlog my journey getting there and how I’m feeling and what I do to kind of chill and make sure I can get there in one piece as opposed to a crying mess. Let’s try and do that today shall we? So I am dressed I have put on something fairly comfy just to to get me through the day. You don’t want to be wearing anything that’s gonna be really annoying or that’s gonna get on your nerves like two seconds into the day when you are out all day. So I’ve just worn something casual, but still fairly smart and something that I’m gonna be comfy in and now I’ve got to pack my bag so I’m gonna just plop you down somewhere and I’m gonna pack my bag. It’s times like this where I really love using the Wired Differently messenger bag available from the invisible i clothing range link in the description box hashtag I get paid if anyone buys anything from that link because it’s my range. So I’ve got my laptop already in here and my charger because I’m pretty sure my laptop is dead. It’s an interactive course, so I need all of those bits and bobs. I’m gonna take a little notebook to make some notes and and gonna try and find a pen in here somewhere. My sunglasses in here as well, I need to try and find my headphones. Emergency kit. Purse. Headphones for my laptop. Headphones for my phone because Apple are really annoying and they’ve changed them. I’m gonna take my orange wallet just in case I get the train there and back. Oh, and I’ve got my keys because the place where I’m doing this course, is kind of linked to my office a little bit so I do need to take like my pass and my keys along and I put it on the Chewigem lanyard today with the camo skull so pop those on so I don’t forget got my phone… Okay think that’s everything that I need from up here apart from my camera let’s go downstairs and sort out everything else. I also try to allow like five minutes just before I leave to just tidy my room up a bit because whenever I get ready my room turns into a massive bomb site, so it’s not looking too bad now I’ve given it a bit of a tidy and just cleaned up all of the mess that I made when I was getting ready because the last thing you want to do when you’re out like all day is to come back to a really messy room and have to sort all of it out like around dinner and like your nighttime routine you gotta… ugh no. It’s just it’s not for me So I’ve cleaned that up and gonna go downstairs now and sort out the rest of my stuff. Let’s grab my keys Yeah, I haven’t decided if I’m driving or if I am getting a lift or from going on the train I don’t know, so I’m gonna just take everything for every eventuality. And now I’m gonna make some lunch because I don’t really know what the set up is gonna be like for an all-day course, obviously, we’re gonna have a lunch break, but there is like a place where you can grab food on the site but I just I don’t know, when you have like a day like this when everything’s a little bit uncertain you don’t really know what you’re gonna be doing, how are you gonna be doing it when you’re gonna be doing it, I think just trying to get rid of – let me put you down somewhere, where can I put you… When you’re in that situation and you just don’t really know what to expect in lots of different areas like you don’t know what to expect in terms of the course you don’t know what to expect in terms of food and people and the set up I try and just like eliminate any of the unexpected stuff that I can. So food, I can eliminate that because I could take my own. I know what I’m having. I know it’s there with me I know I’m gonna like it and I don’t have to worry about all of that, so I try and just always allow time to sort that out, which I have and even if I get there and I find that there’s a better food option for me if there’s something there that I like or if I can dive into the canteen or something, you know doesn’t really matter I can have this sandwich as like a snack or a second lunch because who else does that? Second lunch. Hands up. The other thing that I always do when it comes to food is that I will always take something sweet with me as well because there are times when my blood sugar just drops – Sorry for all the noise. My blood sugar will just drop and even having like a sandwich will not help I need something sweet so got some nice gluten free Hobnobs which I absolutely love. I’ll just grab a couple of these. Just to stick in with my lunch as well. Checking how much time I’ve got – yeah no I’m ok, I’m all on track. When you’re trying to vlog and get ready I don’t want to lose track of time! Gonna take a bag of crisps as well. And sorted out a water bottle. Another really good tip wherever you go, take some water with you because you never know when you’re gonna be able to get like drinks breaks and just again it’s just getting rid of those uncertainties like when you’re going to a place like this where, where’s the water going to be? Are you gonna have to buy it? Are you gonna have to get it from like a tap, are you gonna have to get it from a filter. Like do you need to bring your own bottle like? It’s just it’s just decreasing all of those unexpected eventualities and just taking your own water does that for me I feel so I’m gonna grab a banana quickly. Always eat before you eat – if you know, you know, I’m gonna go and sit and eat this. Pack up this into my bag and the I think I’m kind of ready to go then. So I’m just about ready to go now I have had my breakfast and brushed my teeth. I’m just double-checking that I’ve got everything because I had an email through about this course and I was just making sure that I’ve got everything that I need in terms of like laptops, all of that kind of stuff. It was really only my laptop that I needed so yeah, I’m just double checking that I’ve got everything for me I’m gonna take this little guy with me because I’m addicted to him at the moment and I thought he’d be a nice little um aid to have you know for six hours when you’re doing like classroom-style learning I thought I would take something just small, silent. I do have my skull Chewigem as well. Just to keep me fidgety and fresh! That should be my new catchphrase. I have decided that I’m gonna drive so I’m going to just get in my car and drive, that’s normally how that works. Okay, so I’m parked up, I’m here. I just did the most beautiful rendition of Set Fire to the Rain by Adele, but I wasn’t recording so I’m really really sorry that you missed that I mean it was it was on the same league as Adele. So if you just imagine that I mean, yeah. So yeah, I’m gonna go and head on in now, um got about ten minutes so I think I’m just gonna go and head in, I’m not gonna like procrastinate or go and get a coffee or anything I’m just gonna go and get straight in and set up, especially because I do think my laptop is dead which is never a good thing when you’re going into an interactive digital marketing course. So I’m gonna hopefully get set up and just grab a space somewhere next to a charging port so fingers crossed, right I don’t know how much I’m gonna be able to film obviously when I’m in there but hopefully I’ll talk to you when I’m on lunch break. (gentle music) Okay, so I’m back I am in the comfort of my car. It’s been a long day. It’s about, oh I don’t even know, a quarter to four so we’re a little bit early actually I think we were expected to finish at four. I’m gonna put my sunglasses on because it’s really bright, I’m sorry. Yes, we’re a little bit early which is always nice but it was a really good day I really enjoyed it, learnt a lot. Spoke to some really nice people, you know, it’s really good if you want to try and like you know, none of these people you know, I haven’t suddenly become friends with all of these people and been like yes my social life is just increased by like six notches but I do feel like today I’ve been social and if you just want like short term social interaction especially if you like work at home self-employed and you don’t get to see a lot of people on an everyday basis doing a course like this as intimidating as it can seem is a really great way of socialising without having all the small talk and the awkward like, what do you, what do you talk about because you talk about the course you talk about why people are there you talk about what they do and you know, everyone there today was all sort of self-employed built up their own businesses so we could talk about that and yeah, and we all had a lot in common and we’re all there for you know the reason that we want to learn a skill and we want to learn new things. I’m wondering if you guys are sat there thinking why on earth did you do a digital marketing course Katy? I just fancied it. It was something that was sort of linked to the field of work that I’m in. Marketing definitely seems to be the direction that my career is going in for various reasons um, you know, it’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that you guys don’t know about and you don’t see and marketing is a huge area of interest and passion of mine and I wanted to take this course to just you know start a little bit of a foundation of knowledge and see if it’s something that I’m interested in learning more about or going forward in so yeah, it was really nice and I just got to meet some really lovely people as well so what I do at this point to make it more of a JUST DO IT as opposed to just a vlog is I will ring my mum because I always let someone know I’m on my way whether that’s my mum or my dad just so that someone knows roughly where I am because it’s always good when someone knows what you’re doing and roughly where you are. So I’m just gonna ring my mum and let her know that I am just leaving and I will be back very soon, hopefully (phone ringing) -Hi sweetheart! Hello! You okay? -I am, are you alright? Yes, I’m good. Thank you. Yeah, I’m just leaving. -Are you? Yes finished a little bit early, which is nice -That’s nice! Yeah -Was it good? It was really good, really interesting. Yeah, I got to meet some really nice people. It was nice. -Good Yeah it was interesting. Yep. -Oh good you can tell me all about it when you get back. Yes, a bit information overload now, but (laughs) -Yeah I bet, you probably just want to sit in a room on your own A little bit yeah! -Are you gonna come home for a bit of peace and quiet then? I am looking forward to getting back. So I’m back now I seem to finish off every vlog in this setup cuz it’s nice and it feels like we’re having a nice catch up at the end of the day. So yeah, I got back Was this video any fun? I don’t know. I really don’t feel like I filmed anything Was this a helpful video? Did I give you guys at any kind of tips in spending the entire day outside of the house? I’m not really sure. Um Summary: Wear something that is comfy Allow yourself a lot of time to get there and find your bearings, be early You’d rather be early than late Take some food with you, even if there’s food being served just to make sure that you’ve got something there that you’ve know that you’re gonna like and you’re not gonna go hungry, include in that something sweet if you’re like me and you have really low blood sugar at certain parts of the day. Take some water with you to keep yourself hydrated Make sure you’ve got all of your equipment if you need anything, laptops, notebooks. Take some sensory aids, fidget aids with you. I think that’s about it. Oh and think about how you gonna get there transport-wise, are you going to be driving? Are you gonna be taking public transport? Are you having a lift with someone? Make sure you keep in touch with your family members or a friend to let them know that you’re okay Always a good thing I think about it. That’s, those are my top tips. What was that 8 or 9 tips for doing something out of the house for the entire day actually, no, I will add to that tip number 10 bonus tip when you come back if you’ve brought your own lunch, don’t forget about it because I always will eat my lunch when I’m there and I will always have like leftovers like crusts or a little bit of cheese or something and I have always got it in my Tupperware box and I will get my bag out like three weeks later and realise that the Tupperware is still in there and it’s still got like leftover cheese and bits and yeah, no, don’t do that so as soon as you get in take your leftovers and stick them somewhere, wrap them up, put them in a bin if you don’t want to eat them just don’t keep your food in your bag. Sort all of your perishable items out. Don’t be like me because I’m always like that, but I did do it today. So I’m all good. Let me know if you’ve enjoyed this video by giving it a big thumbs up. I’m sorry it wasn’t really long and interesting and detailed, but maybe you guys like these kinds of quick glimmers into… what “quick glimmers”? of all the words I chose “quick glimmer”. A quick little glimpse! That’s the word I was looking for. Into my life and my work and things that I do on a bit of a daily basis. Let me know if you want to see more like this, more short vlogs. I hope this may have inspired someone to go and do a course or go and push themselves and spend the whole day out of the house or do something that they may have been anxious about or, I just hope it’s inspired someone to do something. Let me know if it has inspired you to do something or if you have any tips about leaving the house being out all day. Let me know in the comments section. I will leave you to the rest of your day evening, afternoon, night… whatever time you’re watching this, um I’m delirious. Oh my gosh. It’s like ten to six, I must be hungry or something, I am actually very tired. That day did take it out of me. I’ve got a bit of a migraine. Which you probably wouldn’t tell because I’m acting like a bloomin person who’s hopped up on sugar. I’m gonna go and have some food and then go to sleep I hope you had a really really good day, and I’ll see you soon. Bye guys! You

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  1. Omg I got a DNA stress ball from lilbits also!!! Isn't it great!!! This vid is SUPPER helpful thank you ♡

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  3. Looks like you had a successful day, i find what works for me is to pace myself throughout the day and take each section of the day as a goal.

  4. Thanks for the video. It was really interesting. It's ALWAYS very interesting to get an insight into your life and see how you manage different situations. By the way, I often forget putting out my food outta my bag as well. 🙈😂

  5. What is an emergency bag/what is in yours? (Second part mostly out of curiosity/ looking for examples) thanks!

  6. For me, most waters dont agree with me, so I take Small Gatoraide or other non-carbonated drinks. I dont take carbonated drinks because walking around makes it fizz up, and a make mess if I were to open it.

  7. For me, getting my bag ready the night before and my clothes out helps me because then I just have to put my phone in- basically I have less to worry about in the morning.

  8. Sod’s law dictated this video would come out 3-5 days after I could have used it XD I went on a 3 day residential course last Friday-Sunday and the first two days were 9am-7pm including lunch and breaks. It was so intensive, in an environment where the more stressed/fatigued I am the less I can focus or even stay awake, and on top I had a massive IBS flare up the whole time which meant I was in pain a lot and wanted to throw up.
    It’s such a good thing the mentors on the course were absolutely wonderful and accommodating when they found out I wasn’t doing so well, but I must admit the sheer length of that course and the amount we had to learn/do in that time was not the easiest for anyone, let alone any disabled or ill attendees.

    Thank you so much for this video, I’m sure this course won’t be the last that I do and want to be prepared next time!

  9. Yes, yes it was a helpful video. I love your planning–cleaning your room, packing enough food. Did you start with a checklist?

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